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Smart and powerful Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum vacuum cleaner with creating room map

Technologies do not stand still, every year new, useful gadgets appear, which facilitate our lives. The most interesting and useful this year for me was the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner of the first generation, the price of which was a little fell by the end of 2019. I decided for a long time with the purchase, but all these decided and bought, I will not immediately say about the purchase, I don’t regret all our basic functions, there are plenty of small disadvantages, but about it a little later. And today I will share with you a detailed and understandable instruction for installing various, Russian voice packages, as using the Android phone so with a computer running the Windows operating system. This instruction is suitable for the first generation and for the second. Let’s start with the fact that in the first version of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner from the box there is no Russian official language, but it is not difficult to fix. After you have taken out a vacuum cleaner from the box, I will advise you to put a station to the dock for charging, as if the charge is less than 20%, the language package will not be established. As soon as the vacuum cleaner charged, we can start installing a voice package, we have several options for this, we will start with the easiest.

Option with automatic definition of IP address and receipt of tokens.

Token. the unique vacuum cleaner robot identifier (after resetting the Wi-Fi settings changes).

  • Download and install the XVACUUM Firmware 3 program.3.0
  • Download the example official Russian language RU_OFFICIAL and unpack from the archive, as a result, a file with the PKG extension should be on the phone
  • Close on the vacuum cleaner two buttons for a few seconds until the phrase of the discharge of Wi-Fi settings (most likely it will be in Chinese)
  • Next, it is desirable to disable the mobile Internet on the phone and turn on Wi-Fi, in the list of available networks we must have a network from our robot to which we need to connect.
  • Now launch the XVACUUM Firmware program, select Flash Sound
  • Choose a voice package that was removed from the archive before.
connect, robot, vacuum, wi-fi
  • We are waiting for the completion of the installation process.

Option with manual postponement IP addresses and tokens

  • Download and install Xvacuum Firmware 3.3.0 if not yet installed
  • You will need to install the modified MI HOME VEVS on the phone, through which you can view the IP address and token, if I used Mihome from PlayMarket, it will need to remove it.
  • Download the official Russian language pack RU_OFFICIAL and remove it from the archive, the file must be in format.PKG
  • Open a modified Mihome, add our vacuum cleaner to the application, click on it, we will open a map with room and information about charge and previous cleaning, we are interested in three points in the upper right corner. click on them and select the general settings. additional settings. Information about the network and see the IP address of our vacuum cleaner and its token. Tokens allocate and copy, and I remember the IP address
  • Open the XVACUUM Firmware application and press the sodium horizontal stripes in the upper right corner, the menu will open in front of which you select SETTINGS,
  • In the IP field, enter the IP address of our router, which is remembered in the previous step, and in the TOKEn field, insert the token copied from the modified MI HOME application and click on the Save button
  • Restarting Appendix Xvacuum Firmware
  • We must become active Flash Firmware and Flash Sound buttons, now we will be interested in the Flash Sound button. Click on it
  • Next, we need to choose the unpacked language pack in PKG format, which was removed from the archive earlier on the phone.
  • We are waiting for the end of the firmware, this setting the language pack is completed.

Advantages of Mi Home

The MI HOME application is an international program designed to manage the “Smart Home” system devices manufactured by the Xiaomi brand. These device includes Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential vacuum cleaner. With its absence in the list of available aggregates, add a model to the application will not work manually.

The advantages that the user receives when installing the MI HOME application:

  • Ability to control the actions of a robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere.
  • Access to the data of a specific model of cleaning equipment, which will allow to learn all its functional features.
  • Control over the technical condition of each part of the robot vacuum cleaner, which will allow you to notice one or another malfunction in time.
  • Ability to track the battery charge level.

Before you set the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential vacuum cleaner, it is important to correctly synchronize it with the application on the phone.


It is more difficult for the task of how to set up a voice on the robot-vacuum cleaner of the Roborock models and Vacuum Cleaner, since it will be necessary to fully flash the device. However, this method carries and additional advantages, for example, there is a sufficient set of different voices that the device will “communicate”:

  • Winnie Pooh’s voice;
  • Package “Leather bastards”, which is allowed only for category 18, because it contains obscene vocabulary;
  • Male voice that will contact the owner of the device with exquisite and phrases, like “Your Majesty”, and this package is the most loud;
  • The voice of the robot from “Star Wars”;
  • Alice from Yandex, which will voice the work of the vacuum cleaner together with the cartoon hero of the Domoenkom Kuzey;
  • Package with phrases from popular Soviet film.

Before you know how to set up a language on the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, it is important to determine the moments that are subject to voice acting. In the standard version, the device will accompany the following steps of work at the request of the owner:

  • Start cleaning.
  • Creating a map.
  • Shaping virtual wall, possible docking with it.
  • Return to Charging Station.
  • The process of cleaning surfaces from garbage.

It is important to consider that such packages are not available for any Xiaomi Idyrobot. How to set up Russian depends directly from the modification.

The most common method of firmware of the device can be carried out using a smartphone. There are also two installation options.

Automatic determination of parameters

Under the parameters, the definition of the I-P addresses and tokens. the vacuum cleaner identifier, which is assigned to it when creating, it does not change, if not reset to factory settings. Not knowing tokens and i-p addresses, Russify the phone will not work.

Algorithm, how to set up Russian to the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner in automatic mode:

  • Download XVACUUM Firmware 4 app.0.0 from the play market or apple storage, depending on the smartphone model. You do not need to run it. Then download the selected voice package, it should be with the extension.PKG.
  • On the device itself, press the two buttons on the top panel at the same time, hold for 3-5 seconds. During this time, Wi-Faya settings will be reset.
  • Next, you should turn off cell data on the phone and connect Wi-Fi exactly the vacuum cleaner.
  • Start the XVACUUM Firmware 4 program.0.0, selecting the Flash Sound tab in the main menu. Next, you should simply choose a package that was downloaded before.

Finally will only wait for a full installation. It may take a certain time.

Manual definition of settings

If it is impossible to automatically determine the xiaomi vacuum cleaner, before you configure the Russian language, you will have to set these parameters manually.

You can find out these data according to the following algorithms:

  • Remove the original MI HOME application by putting it modification from the developer VEVS.
  • Add the device model to the opened application. In the profile opened, select the “Access” tab, and then “Access to the device”. Tocken will be specified called the model. Enough will just copy it.
  • Next, you should learn ai-pi, for which in the original menu of the MI HOME application go to the “User Guide” section. The necessary data will be presented in the information “Serial Number”.

Enter the obtained data is necessary in the XVACUUM Firmware application in the Settings section, after which they should be saved and restart the program. Further re-flashing actions are similar to the algorithm in the previous section.

There is also a way how to set up the Russian language on the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner using the Win-Mirobo-1 Min For PC based on Windows. However, this algorithm is quite complicated, the usual user is more convenient to switch the device with the help of smartphone applications.

How to configure through the application

The algorithm, how to set the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner into Russian, includes the following simple steps:

  • To connect a robot vacuum cleaner to Wi Fai and to synchronize the unit with the MI HOME application, which is the official utility of the Chinese manufacturer.
  • Next, you should click on the robot-vacuum cleaner icon of the corresponding model.
  • After clicking on the icon, the performance of the characteristics, which has a specific Xiaomi Icon Vacuum Cleaner. How to set up the Russian language, tells the function “Cleaning Mode”, on the icon of which follows “swipe” up.
  • In the opened extended settings, the whole available for changing the functional, which has a robot vacuum cleaner, setting up the Russian language is possible in the “Voice Alerts” paragraph. After pressing this key, a list of available languages ​​for voice helper will appear. Opposite the required option, click the “Use” tab.

This is the easiest way to which you can change the functional of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Setting up the Russian language will occur a couple of minutes after change. However, such an algorithm is not available for all models, most of them are supplied exclusively by English or Chinese-speaking. There will help a little different actions, how to set the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner into Russian.

Connection of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Before installing a Wi-Fi connection for Xiaomi, first of all turn on the robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, just press the big button on the front panel. It is also necessary to make sure that the wireless communication module is activated. a special indicator is displayed on the last Xiaomi models for these purposes.

For phones on Android and iOS

Regardless of the operating system of the phone, for synchronization with a vacuum cleaner you will need to download Mi Home mobile app: For iOS it is available in the AppStore, for Android. in Play-Market.

Connecting the MI Home App To the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum (Updated)

Then follow the following steps:

  • Open the application and allow access to all the requested options.
  • Sign up or log in to the existing account.
  • Depending on which countries have a vacuum cleaner, choose a connection region. It is quite easy to determine the target country. just look at the inscription on the box: if the hieroglyphs are depicted there. choose China, if the inscriptions in English. choose any European country, if in Russian. Russia. If the selected region does not comply with the purpose of this particular device, most of the control options (or all) will not be active, and the program will propose to change the parameters.
  • On the main tab of the application, click the button with the sign “” or the inscription: “Add device”, after which you find a robot vacuum cleaner in the list of available devices (until the end of the synchronization robot distributes Wi-Fi as a router). If the existing Xiaomi model in the list failed, it will have to be driven into the search string manually.
  • Click on the icon of the desired device in the list, wait until the new tab opens, and then reset the wireless settings on the robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, it is necessary to clamp two buttons on the front panel at the same time: “Start” and “Home” (depending on the model, different combinations of buttons are possible).
  • Open the next tab in the application (“Next”) and in the list of available Wi-Fi networks to choose a homemade, enter password.
  • Return to Mobile Application.

Now the device icon appeared on the main screen and with it you can start a detailed setting of the robot vacuum cleaner: to switch modes, set the cleaning schedule, adjust the abundance of water supply when the floor wet and work with an interactive room wiring.


When connected to the iPhone, a situation may occur, in which the phone will persistently not see a robotic device, despite the multiple network connection reboots. In this case, it may be necessary to change the established region to India or China. Change settings by clicking at: Profile / Settings / Region.

Another feature of MI Home is that quite often servers through which connection occurs is not available. In this case, it is advisable to try to connect in a couple of hours or on the following day.

Connection errors

If 12-24 hours after the first attempt, Xiaomi servers still remain inaccessible, and the application does not allow you to log in to the registered account, you can try to connect to the server via VPN. Connection Algorithm Next:

  • Download the VPN Master, Express VPN or NORD VPN application on the phone;
  • Enable the installed application and select a country in it from which the connection will be connected (the optimal version is Germany or Singapore);
  • Open Mi Home and try to re-pass authorization or log in to the account.

After a successful login in the MI Home, the VPN program can be deactivated and return to the usual connection.

Another common technical error is related to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner cannot connect to the existing Wi-Fi network. The solution of such a problem is the change in the DNS settings. To do this, you need to open the “Network Properties” and on the Go to the Go to the following address: “Change Network / Advanced / Custom”. From the opening DNS fields rewrite numbers in a notebook. the old connection address can be useful in case the robotic assistant will still find a home network. Then erase all the numbers in the DNS field and prescribe new instead: After that, the robot vacuum cleaner in the overwhelming majority of cases is easily connected to Wi-Fi.

I am 29 years old, the last 8 years I have been working as a seller of equipment in a large retail MVIDEO network. Extensive experience in choosing goods and consulting buyers. Two years ago I ran into robots with vacuum cleaners and I really liked this direction. In one day, I realized that I want to create a personal site, where I would help readers with the choice of vacuum cleaners robots. This is my hobby. All materials of this site are written personally. For the consultant, contact your page.

How to use the app for a robot vacuum cleaner

In order not to carry a manually robot vacuum cleaner from place to place or press the buttons on the housing with each cleaning, use the application. With it, you can call Mi Robot from the next room or run it at all while you are at work so that he brings cleanliness to your arrival.

  • Through the application, the cleaning time is set: for example, you can customize the vacuum cleaner so that it will turn on every Tuesday and Friday exactly at 15:00.
  • In the application you can choose separate rooms or zones for cleaning.
  • If the garbage remains in a certain place, you can switch to manual control mode. In this case, MI Robot will turn into a radio-controlled machine that will move in the direction you need.
  • Mi Home come notifications about starting and completion of cleaning.
  • The application is going to statistics on cleaning, their periodicity and duration. It helps to change brushes in a timely manner and other consumables.

Setting up applications

To control the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi G1, the MI Home application will be required, you can download the “Play Market” or “Apple Store”, depending on the mobile device model. With this program, you can manage not only the robots-vacuum cleaners of the Chinese manufacturer, but also by the other units included in the Unified System “Smart Home”.

By downloading the application, follow a simple algorithm:

  • Open application, select Server and enter account. With its absence, registration is required.
  • Find a section of adding a device where model Xiaomi G1.
  • Click on the device Xiaomi G1 button with a picture of a house, hold for about five seconds until a characteristic signal appears. Sound talks about successful synchronization of the application and robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Next in the application you should select an Internet access option. Wi-Fi home network or mobile data mobile data transmission.
  • Set the starting location of Xiaomi G1, it can be any room, for example, a kitchen or living room.

Synchronization of the application with the Xiaomi G1 device will allow you to control the robot vacuum cleaner, being not at home and at a distance.


FUNCTION: SUCTION, SWEEP SELF CHARGING: YES SUCTION (PA): 1800pa Working Time: 2.5HBattery Type: Li-Ion Battery Capacity: 5200mAHPRODUCT WEIGHT: 3.800 KG PACKAGE WEIGHT: 6.650 KG Product Size (L x W x H): 38.00 x 33.00 x 8.00 CMPackage Size (L x W x H): 56.60 x 43.30 x 15.20 CMPackage Contents: 1 x Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, 1 x CN Plug Adapter, 1 x Charge Dock

12 different sensors. Mapping and laying a route. Automatic recharging. Continued cleaning from stop. Powerful fan. Floating Home Brush Dynamic Speed ​​Adjustment Bricks Performance Distance to Wall in 10 mm. Minimalistic design. Large battery in 5200mAh. Additional microUSB connector. Control using a smartphone from any place of the globe with the internet. Compact size.