Is it possible to close the gas boiler in the kitchen

Heat in the house and uninterrupted hot water supply are the basis for a comfortable life for any person. Performs these two tasks Heating equipment that is often installed in the kitchen. If the device does not fit into the overall design of the room, you have to search for options how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen and not violating the general rules for its installation.

Gas boilers are not simple devices and require compliance with certain rules in the installation. First of all, gas services are needed for its installation. When the equipment is properly, and the chimney is clean, then there should be no problems. Further, if you do not want problems with the control bodies, you must follow the following rules:

  • Gas boilers are mounted only in non-residential premises, which is the kitchen;
  • necessarily the presence of ventilation;
  • Kitchen from other premises should be protected by the doors;
  • The room should be at least one window;
  • Finishing, in particular the ceiling, should be from non-combustible materials. It is forbidden to use a gas boiler for stretch ceilings, In case of their ignition, additional harmful evaporation may occur;
  • By installing the boiler between the cabinets, you need to provide space for free air circulation;
  • If the overlaps in the house are wooden, then the wall behind the boiler is closed with a metal sheet.

Standards are also complied with distances between the boiler and kitchen objects:

  • from the boiler to the floor. 80-160 cm, from the ceiling. 80 cm;
  • From the walls of the “camouflage cabinet” on the sides. at least 5 cm, in front. from 10 cm. The boiler in the closet must be closed with a lattice door;
  • to household appliances and plates. at least 30 cm;
  • From the counter you need to be placed in the interval from 1.6 m or more;
  • The socket for connecting the device is located at a distance of 1 m.

Gas boiler in the kitchen can be hidden, but do not forget about the norms

The room in which the boiler will be installed must be at least 4 m 2. Ceiling height from 2.5 m. The power of the gas device is selected no more than 60 kW and it is desirable to install sensors on the alert of gas leakage.

Examples of successful disguise

Ways to design an aggregate and communications in the kitchen interior can be divided depending on the type of gas equipment in your kitchen in an apartment with autonomous heating, home or cottage. Can be:

With a closed camera. the most common and safest option. This type is found in apartment buildings. It can be hidden behind the door of the mounted cabinet or Penal, install in a niche.

In a mounted closet

The boiler is over washing. The bottom of the antlesoli is open.

At the same time, it is necessary to take care of the free influx of air to the aggregate. For this:

  • It is impossible to make a close adjacence of the walls of the boiler to the walls of the cabinet,
  • You can not put a column in a deaf cabinet. The upper and lower part must be left completely open.

This option is not the most successful, the lower and the upper part is not completely open. But depending on the type of equipment, this location can be permissible and comply with safety rules. See the instructions for the device or consult with gas workers.

In the penalty

Installation of equipment in the dishes in the kitchen solves at the same time two problems. masking of the device itself and its communications.

In niche headset

So that the boiler does not stand out in the kitchen interior, the headset should be purchased into the tone of the unit or buy a column with a beautiful panel.

In some cases, even in contrast, it does not violate the design.

In the corner

Niche in the sink can be beneficial for the installation of the boiler. Hitched row headset with an angular location, as in the photo below, can also hide the unit.

Masking of the boiler under the color of the walls of the kitchen

If the boiler is already available, and you are not going to change it or paint, you can enter the interior to the walls in the tone.

Disguise under the color headset

This idea is relevant if you order a headset with a finished niche for equipment.

In the style of Loft or others, with industrial motifs, a column with an open ventilation pipe will be responsible for the rules for design.

In storage room

Making a garage for gas equipment can be independently in charge of all safety requirements.

Decor painted

This method can be relevant for any styles:

How to hide the gas boiler in the closet?

Those who want to install the unit in the kitchen are interested in the question, is it possible to close the gas boiler by the cabinet. You can, if you comply with all security requirements. It is advisable to install the gas boiler first, and then buy or order suitable kitchen furniture under it. When choosing attached lockers, pay attention to their depth, length and width. These parameters must exceed the size of the device with regard to security gaps.

Planning a kitchen with a closed gas boiler, you should think in advance the device of the following moments:

  • placement height;
  • Wiring of heating pipes, water supply, chimney, connection of electricity;
  • Ability to mask communications.

note! Sourming of communications to aggregate and valves should not be closed.

Installation recommendations

Montage nuances depend on what is installed first. furniture headset or gas boiler. If you first install lockers, the block in which the boiler is planned to be hidden, leave without the bottom and the ceiling to ensure sufficient air circulation. Then they call a specialist who sets the unit inside the locker and brings the necessary communications to it.

If the gas apparatus has been worth a long time ago and cause gas notes, you can install the locker with your own hands. Before starting the installation, remove the door, roof and bottom, perform rugs for supplying pipes and hoses. To add rigidity to the walls, they can be copp metal corners.

note! The bottom and ceiling of the locker should be removed to ensure good ventilation.

If the kitchen set and the gas boiler are already installed, you can disguise the device with a homemade stove stove locker. For its production requires bars from wood (2.5 × 4 cm), stoves wood-chip and tools. The gas unit measure and paint the plan of the locker, taking into account the ventilation gaps: at the top and bottom. 5-6 cm, from the sides. 6-10 cm.

The door must be separated under the style and color in the tone of the installed cabinet.

How to connect a warm floor to a gas boiler?

The volume of the room for the gas boiler and its features

How to hide communications

Kitchen design with a gas boiler implies not only the masking of the speaker itself, but also tubes, hose and chimney. When repairing work, in no case can not be stirred in the walls. All parts of the gas boiler must be easily accessible and is at hand. Communications sufficient to decorate in the right tones. Hide in special boxes and profiles with doors that are easily open if desired. If the kitchen interior is made in the style of high-tech, then all communications can be left open and in sight. Just tinkering some in the right colors.

Pipes and gas meter inside the kitchen module

Pipes in this kitchen are successfully inscribed in the loft interior, and the column is simply closed with a decorative panel

How to close the floor gas boiler

Wall gas boilers, compared to outdoor, more aesthetic option. So the last more often try to hide. If the kitchen space or bathroom allows, the easiest option is to raise the brickwork around the heating device. Such an industrial style in the interior of the house today is popular. At the same time, the brick wall is not just a way to hide the unit. This is excellent protection that is part of the system of fire safety at home.

The second option, how to hide the gas boiler in the bathroom or kitchen. install it in the pencils headset. In the bathroom it can be a separate penalty next to the sink or in any other place if the room space allows. In the kitchen, the pencils fits into the headset itself.

Third option. use drywall, plastic panels and other non-combustible flat finishing materials to hide outdoor model. The technology is the same as in the case of the wall aggregates installed in the rifle cabinet made of drywall.

Outdoor models. large-sized devices compared to Wine. They are trying to install, and then hide, near the outer wall with the street. Normal location. an angle of a room or a plot near the window.

Gas boiler in niche

This method is best suited if the boiler you purchased is similar to the color with the head of the head.

In this case, it is simply inserted into a niche as a conventional suspension cabinet and due to approximately the same color temperature merges with its “environment”.

By the way, if you have a column with an open burner, then use a niche for mounting. the most correct and safe option.

Location and decoration options

Gas column / boiler can be installed in different places. Methods of decor change from location, consider the most common.

Gas boiler is located in the corner: what to do

Often the gas unit is installed in the kitchen in the corner. Nearby there is a hire shelf headset.

In this case, an extension is done to the locker. Created a frame for which the purchase door is hung. It is only necessary to choose the right fitness and door facade.

The ceiling and the bottom of this design is missing. This will provide good air circulation and communications. There is a second option. the cabinet for the column comes to the table top, the pipes do not need to decorate.

Between column and mounted cabinet installed a narrow shelf penal

The boiler in the corner is the most convenient location. If it is between two mounted kitchen cabinets, the frameless design is created. The masking door is fixed on a bar, nailed to the adjacent cabinet.

Parapete gas boiler

The heating system of private houses can work on natural gas. Parapete boiler refers to the group of individual heating systems. The compact device is installed anywhere, in compliance with the safety rules.

According to the instructions, it is installed on the street at 3 meters from the house or on the wall with a gap of 30 cm. If you installed in the room, then there should be no curtains, upholstered furniture and combustible materials.

Large ventilation pipe and pipes that go to batteries can be masked by removing them in the box of wood-chip. The aggregate itself is desirable to leave open, so the combustion occurs in it and air access is required.

Options for placing the parapet boiler:

A photo Description
Option 1

The boiler is installed in a niche that can be closed with a lattice screen.

Option 2

When installing a small boiler in the room, all the eyeliner and communications are inhabited into the walls.

Option 3

With an angular location, you can disguise the side cabinet for eyeliner.

Option 4
disguise, wall, boiler, kitchen

Powerful boiler, designed for heating throughout the house, is installed in the utility room.

Despite the heating of the device, some owners hide the parapent boiler in the furniture. In this case, a design is made, allowing you to get to the valves and control panel without problems. In a cabinet with a gas unit, a household fan is installed to improve the circulation of air masses.

Placing a boiler in a penalty

Made to order wardrobe penalties, allows you to disguise the gas installation along with eyelid and pipes. It also remains a place to accommodate kitchen utensils. Such a cradle case makes themselves.

When creating a cabinet, the following conditions are followed:

  • the presence of air circulation;
  • stability design;
  • easy access for maintenance;
  • If necessary, dismantling.

The facade of the cabinet-polarla is divided not two vertical doors. If desired, two roll-out drawers are mounted at the bottom. In small rooms, wide facades are broken into two-sided doors.

How to make a boiler cover cupboard from Ikea cabinet

Wardrobe Pencil hides the gas column and communications

The kitchen goes to the balcony

How to organize kitchen planning with access to a balcony and a gas boiler? Here are considerable importance to kitchen and balcony parameters.

If the kitchen area is modest, up to 10 kV.M., logically apply the options described above. You can try to place the device on the balcony. Only with a summary of communications will be certain difficulties. Have to drill the wall, lay pipes. Yes, and the boiler itself on the balcony needs protection from the cold winter and overheating in the summer.

The optimal solution is to hide the device in the closet. Especially if the space indoors is limited to radiators, furniture and household appliances.

If the area is from 10 kV.m, the same disguise options work.