Question owners of drying machines

one.Who has a car with a heat pump, how much is the average drying time with a full loading? 2. Who has a condensation, whether many consumes electricity? 3. Are there any owners of condensation dryers Asko, how are pleased with? And as an energy consumption? Time drying? 4. Who installed in the storage room, as you have such a place placement? Standards or still I would like to move in the bath? Stopped while on Bosch condensation and with a thermal pump and condensing ASKO. I can’t decide. ¶

I just have a dryer, without a concept that it is like, how much consumes. Dried depending on the filling, herself sacrifies. Some school pants in 20 minutes can sue, and a bunch of bed linen for 1.2 h is ideal (TTT), stands in the storage room, there is the place in her place, but the storage room in the bathroom

The name and model in the picture attached, but she is ancient, in the happy 2014 bought more. In the storage room there is a ventilation window, without it there they will suffocate, probably

By time drying I am full of full download. And how much dry underwear in the mode in the cabinet, places are wet or completely dry? Bed linen, towels?

In my car in this mode underwear is completely dry. If directly full loading from the machine (the drying drum is greater), maybe 2 hours to dry

I have Bosch. I don’t know what type she. A bunch of terry towels to the state dries hours 2. Slightly less, probably in general, as the above they write, it from the specified program itself analyzes and changes the time during drying towels, bed linen and all clothes are soft. Wool, sheveryushki and that there is still collecting perfectly. I am satisfied as an elephant standing in a boiler room together with an eraser in energy I do not know, not significantly increased, so I did not consider

Thanks. And the modnal of what? Electricity Clear exact expense No one will say, it is interesting to many payments. You have ventilation in your boiler?

By time drying I am interested in full load, bed linen, towels? And how dry underwear at the exit when drying in the cabinet mode in this case? Wetted or completely dry? I have a wash with drying, but the full load is dried for a long time and can dry not completely. Therefore, I’m interested in these parameters specifically. Purpose of the purchase of a drying machine. So that the large amount of surrounded faster and was completely dry.

I definitely did not block the time, I turn on and all, forget)) on mode will be straight very dry. Towels. Bedroom will be dry in the cabinet mode

I am not ironing. I have no time for it)) if you immediately remove the lingerie fluffy. T-shirts hang at least back. We have no shirts. Dresses here are cotton slightly sapping before going out. I’m not annoying))

I have Asko, probably condensation, because it collects condensate to the tank. For energy consumption, I honestly I do not know, did not track. I don’t use it very often, usually when washing the outerwear and volumetric things, blankets, covered or if something urgently needs to be dried to put it right. But the dryer is pleased. Drying time depends on the program and volume and material of things. On average, a couple of hours with full loading of the drum, if west cotton, for example (bedding, towels). I have on a washing machine, not in the bathroom, but not in the storage room. Can be said in the hallway big, in niche, hidden in the wardrobe. Especially the place for them was laid there.

And the model do not know? Dries big volume. fully in the cabinet mode? For a long time she has? Heats greatly around him while working? Condensation also collect condensate, there inside the principle of the other.

Asko T754C Butterfly Drying model dries completely, the truth is no closet. I land either on the “normal drying” (dries completely) or “delicate drying” (slightly wet if a lot of things). Things sushi on delicate mode, because at first a few children’s things got from me after normal drying. Machinery 5 years, the space around warms, but not much, the wall of the cabinet is warm, not hot, nothing critical.

I have Bosch with a heat pump for 8 kg. I usually put 2 washing (not under the knee), such a number on a towel mode (I like this mode more than this mode) is dried about 2.5-3 hours, the outlet underwear is completely dry, soft, air. I pull out and immediately in the closet is still warm. Stands on the balcony insulated.

bedding, drying, machine

I have Bosch 4 series 83001 8kg I really like the washer loading 6.5kg usually underwear bedding and still children’s things dry about 1.5 hours for electricity I can not say, but it seems like not a lot of underwear soft, sushi on the program dry in the closet. Everything successed on perfectly. black things like new after the dryer stroke ceased at all, the main thing is to immediately pull out and the T-shirts hang on the hanger, but we have no shirts, shirts can and need to iron after drying

I have a similar. Bosch 4 series. Bed linen, towels Sushi on cotton Very dry, this mode Machine changes depending on weight linen. T.E a lot of linen. there will be all 3 h 50 min. Sew, little. much faster. Things sushi on a delicate, then time does not change, so if you download a lot. Lingerie at the exit will be wetted. I already understand how much laundry it dries. It also depends on how much it was pressed in the washer, what type of fabric. For example, fleece, synthetics naturally, will dry much faster than natural cotton, flax and t.P in general, you are prone it experienced)) about electric consumption. high-end machine energy saving, in my opinion. Therefore, normal.

I know that time changes depending on the load and type of fabrics, something longer, something faster. I have a washer with drying, with the principle of work of the SNA, he is the same everywhere. I am interested in how much it will dry the whole tank of the washer (the dryer is more, so I measure the washing tanks). Not fleece, naturally)) and bed linen, towels and TP on drying in the closet. I have a goal for a large volume (full tank) dried better and faster than in my washer with drying. Saving time and as a result of electricity.

I have a DEXP thermal pump (DNS brand). I was looking for precisely with the thermal pump not at the price of the aircraft, similar dryers of eminent brands stand under 50 thousand. and higher. Everything suits me. The growth of payment for electricity did not notice, sushi only in it. Drying time about 1.5 hours, I exhibit a strong dryer. Linen soft, fluffy, not crumpled. www.DNS-Shop.RU / PRODUCT / 0B9C. Characteristics / I took the promotion for 27 thousand.

The question of the owners of washing machines with drying how it is to you?

Hello, I choose a washing machine with drying or without. Interested in feedback about your washing machines with drying. Did not regret what they took with drying? Strongly munt underwear after drying?

I also begin to look after a new machinery for 9 years already, I’m afraid that it is not enough for a long time. I look at the car with drying. It is said that of the minuses only that the long cycle, and the need is often filters to clean. And the degree of drying can be chosen. the straight is perfectly dry, or to stroke it easily. Towels, say soft as in hotels.

Drying usually choose when to dry the underwear. In principle, I have without drying, but my squeezes on 400 revolutions so that you can immediately stroke and dry. I didn’t even try to press for 1000 and 1200 revolutions, I do not know what will happen in this case, but it is clear that the prescript will be faster. And in my washtail there is a light ironing function, this is a very useful feature, the machine as it should shake the drum with a linen for 5 minutes, and after that the linen almost does not crumple. In any case, T-shirts, shirts, knitwear and jeans are often not necessary to iron, you can simply cheer on my shoulders and dry, well, except for underwear in some places to clean the conscience standing standing iron.

And what is your machine? I have 400 revolutions, in my opinion, very raw. On 1000 only relatively dry.

LG with direct drive, in 2005 they bought, now there are no such, and new, as they say, worse in quality. In general, you need to watch, of course. Well, and class watch, the prescript class is in, that is, it would be, then it would probably be generally dry. But it was more important to us a washing class and class of power consumption, and since it is where to dry where, then the spin of inequate and me, but it turned out that he was pressing to go nuts as a class in. And yet when brutally pressed. You understand yourself, friction contributes to the rapid wear of the fabric, especially when this effort is attached to wet fibers of the fabric. Here we have Otzovik.COM / Review_419279.HTML look at what to replace if there is nothing worthy now, even more expensive who.

The usual things are not sushi, sushi bedding and towels. underwear if not much. straight immediately in the cabinet can be (but it is only those who do not stroke it). If you smell a lot. It will be necessary to learn a bit on the ropes. Towels. Soft and fluffy even without air conditioning. a, recently a man’s sock has won. became children)

Did not regret. The only drawback that 99% of Ten cars are at the very bottom and there is very quickly clogged with drying dirt. TEN is burning. But this is a bug of all cars. 1500 and you have a machine like new.

I watch LG and Electrolux now the most popular cars though on the Weisgauf of the Otzy all the great, few people have such a machine

I can say about WEISGAUF that this machine is largely screaming with LG and all the details except the engine are suitable from it.They are inexpensive. Engine if dd. Also maintainable (in any case, I said so the master of repair), in fact I have not checked this question yet 🙂

Sixth year machine with drying. Differently will not work because there is no balcony. After drying colored linen or cotton, I put for 16 minutes (flushing), it happens that every day. I do not like to dry satin kpb, it is easier to the board in the dressing room in the folded form, it is later as ironed. And the other things do not imagine when drying. T-shirts, socks, underwear do not sit down. But it’s all cotton. Jeans softer after drying in a typewriter. But one moment, you can not dry things if the air conditioner was not used when washing.

And what is the connection of the balcony with drying linen?) We have a balcony, but we are dry on the outdoor dryer, there is little space, the linen is placed a bunch. On the balcony would hurt much longer than in the apartment

Communication ordinary on the balcony is sunny and light. I’m talking about my former balcony, and not about littered loggias with trees instead of light. Outdoor dryers do not like, of course, if only a separate room is not allocated under them. Not in the room they stand.

And runs all at the same time? I have a laminate and cork (especially) sorry. Singing drying can do the most expensive linen, if the floor will start to swell.

After pressing in a typewriter, I do not eat anything from the linen, although I rarely hang, because I have a drying. But underwear waved on the balcony, for me is not very aesthetic.

what is there to flick after pressing? That’s if manually washed. then yes, flows, and after pressing the machine, even 400 revolutions there is nothing to drain. PySy: There is no balcony, everything will dry in the hallway on the laminate. 11 years already happening. 6 years in the same apartment and 5 to another, laminates and there, and there they did not swell

We have 400 turns pressing so that almost dry underwear comes out. I do not know which machine is pressed so that the droplets from the linen. There is a “without spin” mode. that’s yes, really, just a drain of water without push-ups. Well, or maybe a press class of some D.

Drying Bed Linens

Things will be very crumpled and tough, like wooden. Once accidentally forgot to add. But it concerns cotton. Jackets and shoes I wash without air conditioning, it is impossible to add it in principle when washing down jackets.

In the instructions for my drying it is written that things after the kondeya lay should not be put. And about other drying it read. This is a common one Fitch. I really have a separate drying, without washing.

On the contrary, it is impossible. Why I do not know, but the instructions are written so. But in fact, he is not needed with drying, after her things and so soft, and the smell after drying will not remain.

After the air conditioner, the towel as in the hotel fluffy, soft, and without him, as if they were given by something and dried.

Looked out the instructions. It is clearly written “it is impossible to add special, detergent and air-conditioning drugs during drying” it’s about drying. Just drying. We are not about washing. I do not wash cotton without Lenor or Verneel in general, 10 years old exactly, and even more so saw that it was with towels when I forgot while washing condo.

Maybe it’s only your machine so. I do not like air conditioners, put in rare cases, for they all smell very much. Towels just without air conditioning soft and fluffy after drying.

Unambiguously never take. Bought and less than in a year began to flow. I had to call the masters, he disassembled her to clean. In ordinary dryers there is a selected cleaning compartment, and here I had to call the wizard to clean. We have that electrolux

Question: Where to dry underwear, if not “on the rope”?

Editorial: As one of the readers wrote in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article about the drying of the linen on the Houzz, “first you have to get rid of the drying of the linen on the loggia in the head”. If it succeeds, you can proceed to comparing the technological options for the drying of linen.

What does it look like: it looks industrial, because “comes” from the industry. was originally used for drying overalls and shoes from technological materials. It is a metal cabinet made of stainless or galvanized steel with removable shelves and hooks. How it is arranged: a TEN, built into the ceiling or bottom, warms up the air inside the cabinet. Due to the circulation of air, drying occurs; Temperature is adjustable from moderate to super low. In industrial (and cheaper) models of temperature adjustments. And they also have condensate it is displayed directly to the room: for the house for obvious reasons, it is better not to buy.

The models of the average price category of moisture are given on a special sleeve right in the ventilation box. Elite have a closed circuit and themselves generate cold pairs, after which the condensate is going to the water tank, and the closet can be put just in the middle of a dressing room. it is not necessary to think about where steam leaves.

Industrial, for home. from 70 thousand (Asko) to 2 million (V-ZUG).

On the

The better the “rope” on the balcony: delicately dry sports and inventory. Simultaneously (!) You can dry and membrane suit, and underwear, and gloves, and shoes. Dear models have a function of accelerated and low-temperature (delicate) drying. for fur coats after wet snow, for example. And it is also proposed to “refresh” for smoky jackets. According to the manufacturers, the most expensive gadgets are able to neutralize influenza viruses from clothing. Some models at the same time make the arrows on the pants (there is a press on the door for this).

The better analog instruments: compared to the drying machines, the drying cabinets are less noisy. Things are dried in a vertical position (on a hanger). Due to which it is almost not wears, as it happens when drying in the drum.

Who will come in handy: the one who has a house on the ski slope. Or family. a solid kindergarten: At the same time, you have to dry a lot of hats, mobs, shaves and grooved boots (no “replaceable sets”, and free radiators are not enough for everyone). Replace dry cleaning for most of the objects of outerwear from delicate materials like expensive fur coats and cashmere coats.

Who is unlikely to need: poorly suitable for household needs like drying bed linen after washing. Definitely not for typical apartments. small models are only in premium rules, and stand up as repair and full furnishings of good dvs in the suburbs.

  • For shirts. the usual section of the cabinet not far from the washing machine (photo example). Dry on the shoulder in the conditions of natural temperature and humidity.
  • For wet after snowfall, jackets or a large number of shirts. suspended dryer with blowing (in the photo below) and electrical dryers for shoes. The mode “turned on and forgot” and delicate adjustments at the analogs, of course, no.
  • For one thing, on which there are no stains, but you need to regularly refresh or remove the following. invented refresher (Swash from Whirlpool in the photo). In 10 minutes it removes the bacteria, smells, smoothes clothes: cope with jeans, silk jackets, any delicate things that are shown dry cleaning. It costs 300 dollars, but as always there is a lot of “but”. read user feedback on the same Amazon.

The drying machine looks like: drum and appearance as a whole looks like a washing machine of the front loading.

How it is arranged: the drying machines are two types. Exhaust machines remove evaporation through the hose, right in ventilation. Condensation. converted moisture to condensate and discharge into a special tank or sewer. Exhaust type machines are considered outdated, but still sold.

If you select a drying machine simultaneously with a new washing machine, it is wiser to buy a combo for mounting into a column: the device on the device. Put the drying machine on top of the usual, previously purchased and installed washing machine, is unlikely to succeed.

(Asko, LG) and up to 200 thousand (kuppersbusch). Brands and models are very small. The better the “rope” on the balcony: dried faster, guaranteed to dry clothes to the desired time; There are modes “without failures”, “refreshments” (in the case of the balcony, the jacket will have to leave for the night, and not an hour). If you buy accessories like baskets for woolen things, coasters for drying shoes, replace the drying cabinet. The better the analog appliances: you can put under the sink in a typical bathroom. Vrowned with a washing machine. If necessary, you can hide for the furniture facade in the kitchen. Cheaper most drying cabinets (although quality models are comparable).

While the washing machine erases a batch of linen, the drying “brings” the previous one. As a result, the processing of large linen batches is faster than if you run the washing cycle in the washing machine and then in it the drying cycle. Who will come in handy: who has no balcony. To the one who did not provide for the laundry dryer in the bathroom or in the dressing room. And now forced by the “clamshell” in the middle of the living room.

In what situations will not help: in such a car it is impossible to dry thin and elastic fabrics (can be stretched), things with decorative trim. beads, rhinestones, embroidery or skin applique. Children’s t-shirts with “rubberized” pattern (melted). For drying woolen things, most likely will have to buy a special basket.

The one who erases (and dries) things often it is important to understand: the underwear comes with a drum and flashes faster than when drying in a natural way.

It will not be possible to refresh / dry jackets, coat. minute.

  • For things that can not handle a drying machine. dry cleaning.
  • For everyday needs. washing machine with drying function. Even more convenient: you don’t have to shift the wet underwear from the drum in the drum. If you are used to erase at night (and save electricity), drying will have to postpone until the morning.

Where to dry underwear in the apartment. nice

Permanent author Houzzru, art historian, journalist, blogger. He graduated from the Russian Peoples Friendship University, Moscow State Art and Industrial Academy.With.G.Stroganova (Stroganovka), RGGU. Main Professional Interests: Decorative and Applied Art. Design, Fashion, Cinema, Sport.

Drying linen. a household moment that infrequently falls into glossy photos. And this is the last of the problems that the owners of apartments are conceived during independent repairs.

Designers are paying attention to practical quite a lot of attention. Lay in the project if not shopping premises (post-first), then at least corners / devices with such an appointment. Drying linen or interior aesthetics. as architects solve this task in projects for their customers.

  • If on the floor, next to the washing machine, there is no place. we put the second next (for this you need to look for special devices that integrate into the column).
  • If there is no place in the bathroom. we are looking for indoors near (corridor or kitchen).

This small hozblock, wherever it is located, you can really “remove from the eye.”. In addition to ordinary doors, it can be closed with sliding (as in the project with a photo) or partition. So household appliances will not call you eyes at a time when not used. This option is often used in cases where too “modern” type of household appliances contrasts with a common room style.

Idea S

Idea S

Washing machine with drying function What to do if the places where to put the drying machine are not found? Try to replace the washing machine on a model with a drying function. yes, there are limitations, and you can not dry in such machines, not all (T-shirts with a polymer pattern, for example, or tulle. can not be). But still it is better than to dry on the rope or in the middle of the living room. Most often this option will mark because the former washing machine works fine.

Aesthetic outdoor dryer packups Finding a folding dryer that you like and schedule a place for it in the unfolded state.

Designer, decorator, artist Evgenia Nemirovskaya: “Recoves the usual folding dryer and the place provided for it, which, what is important, is considered at the project stage. In my opinion, nothing better for apartments in the absence of balcony and loggia is not invented. “.

Architect and designer Anastasia Zvonareva: “Now you can buy a quite aesthetic folding dryer of wood. This option, of course, cannot be called designer, but this is a way out of such a position when there is no space for an automatic dryer and even there is no balcony. “.

IMPORTANT: The dryer must be folding and temporary. Do not plan a constant, unspecified model!Designer Polina Ivanova: “I would not advise to use stationary dryers over the bathroom, because there is always a desire to hang something there. And this is quite far from aesthetics. “.

Example with photos. Inside the cabinet built-in dryer capable of accommodating quite a lot of things

bedding, drying, machine

Fastening on the battery one option, on how to dry underwear, if there is no balcony. the dryer, which is temporarily attached to the battery (search for the “Battery Dryer”).

Architect Inna Sidamon-Eristavi: “Folding drying with a battery mount allows you to dry the lingerie in the heating season in just a couple of hours. At the same time temporarily creates a barrier of the risen air. Although capacity and not the main trump card, drying speed compensates for this deficiency. Drying is exempt literally during the next Washing Party ».

Tip: Such a battery mount will help in the event that you do not know where the underwear is dry in the winter, as it does not dry on the balcony.

“Smart” (Mobile) design Architector Svetlana Tikhonova: “I would advise you to mount in the bathroom or a small drawer for linen on the balcony. Now there are many “smart” models that are practically imperceptible in folded. “.

“Smart” such “dryers” are not called because they can be managed by voice, read the pulse or developed with the involvement of NASA / Roscosmos technologies (although options that include mechanisms of different complexity, also have). Case in the inventive approach. We collected a few of the most interesting options, where and how to integrate laundry drying devices.

Very popular view of transformer dryers. those that are embedded in the furniture or are attached to the wall. In folded form they do not occupy the place and do not cling. Functional parts of such a dryer can merge with furniture (as in the photo) or be contrasting and work as a decorative element

Idea S

Another example of a retractable dryer mounted in furniture. The capacity of this subspecies depends on the size of the cabinet

Idea S

Designer Svetlana Gerasimova: “I envisage such things at the project stage. If there is no place, then in the built-in wardrobes or dressing rooms we plan to store the folding dryer. On the night it is unfolded, and in the morning it is cleaned “. Tip from Designer: Highlight in the closet or wardrobe shelf for dried but checked linen. As a rule, we do not have enough time to stroke it immediately, and a lot of chewned clothes on chairs and sofas (and even just in the mountain sofa), the interior does not add.

Idea S

How to dry bedding in a drying machine

A few questions flew not long about drying. I don’t know much about them, but I can just tell me that I personally think about them, based on my experience.

Years probably seven, a total of, I use drying. What is drying? I often asked this question even my customers when I was engaged in design. Everyone got used to the erasers and the dryers built into them, but the drying itself.

Separately, the drying machine has a drum in which the underwear, covered with warm, hot or cold air, in your choice. The speed of rotation of the drum is minimal, not as a spin in washing.

Almost all the dryers are arranged in such a way that they can be placed above the washing machine, just putting it on it. Using an additional frame, or just stupid on top. Drying is easier than washing, it provides for such a location.

Well, drying, built into the washer, it is about how the camera is built into the phone. It seems to take off, in the last models, somehow very bad. But somehow there is not a single professional photographer shooting iPhone.

In general phone washing machine. This washing machine, and the camera is a drying machine. This is a drying machine. Same in size the unit is quite complex and independent. Often I hear negative opinions precisely from people having a drying embedded in the washer. Weird. Nobody scolds the same camera built into the phone, well, after all, he cannot give proper quality as a mirror, no matter how he wanted.

There are models of drying machines that require connecting to sewage to drain condensate, and there are with a cumulative tank. Pulled out this tank with his hands, merged into the toilet / bath and started drying further. By the way there are dryers in which these two systems are combined. Would you like so or as you are comfortable.

But any drying machine has a filter to be cleaned, ideally after each drying. But it is not at all difficult, pulled out. gathered hand dust from linen. And at this moment, you understand what good thing this drying machine. For dried up a couple of sheets and a duvet cover, you can pull the whole lump of dust. and throw it away, and if the underwear hung on the rope, then you would breathe this dust. By the way, regardless of the type of linen, which you dry, a lump of dust will always. And pulling it out you will know how you will be easy to breathe. And not because I am such an assistant is not a neat mistress, you really will have such dust from everything. For allergies is not a replaceable unit!

In most cases, drying requires a stupid socket 220 and all. But it still needs to be specified when purchasing.

Another plus drying, well, for me personally, this is the quality of linen as a result. I’m not a fan of frosty sheets, who after drying put in the corner and they stand there, waiting for ironing. Of the drying gets gentle underwear! None air conditioner is needed! Lingerie really very gentle. I answer, after having sewn the first time my towels in the dryer, you will not believe that they are actually such! They are in advertising air conditioners on TV. Only from air conditioners there is no such effect, and there is a drying machine.

After purchasing a drying, I abandoned the ironing of many types of linen. It is clear that the shirts for what are needed to iron, but a bed, commercial, towels can not be stroke. And if you neatly decompose it is still warm, immediately after the completion of the drying session, then it will be perfectly smooth. I really do not always have a hand reach and it can lie in drying several hours 🙂 But I don’t suffer from it much from it 🙂

For seven years I have no “village” not one thing after drying in a drying car. I do not really worry about the choice of programs and sushi enough hot air. But I do not have mohair shoes. Almost all cotton clothes. I killed a couple of times during the washing of the sweater Che, but there is no dry thing, until this.

Obvious cons, it is noise and heat from her. It works with the same sound as a spin on washing in 400-600 revolutions, and planning it to be located in the kitchen. combined with the living room, you need to think three more times, about watching TV while drying underwear. Also minus. She is heating. Not all models are equally strong, but still all. Previous model in Vladivostok, we have blowing out hot air outwards, where of course the baldel. The current drying does not blow anything, but herself herself very much, all its surfaces and cool down due to this. Well, not to such an extent to burn, but sooo is warm. And if the drying stands in a small room, there to become hot and must be exhaust ventilation.

Want to hear an adequate opinion, ask those who use drying, and not those who read or have a washer with drying. And how in that joke.

It is unlikely that the owners of modern drying machines will refuse them or do not recommend buying drying.

And even difficulty. They are almost not available in household appliances stores. And in our big village I was sometimes at first to explain that I want to buy, and then hear that they never had this 🙁 Well, everything is simple. The Internet will help you! over, all self-respecting Internet shopping stores provide their goods with all documentation, and, if necessary, the warranty workshop will always be on the repair of such equipment.

And forgot. Of course aesthetic factor. I am not a big lover of raised on the ropes / batteries of socks / panties and other beauty. I personally annoys it, and even more so it does not please when someone is visible to me, and I have on the batteries all my personal life damn. If I did not have time to disassemble the drying, no one will see that I have there, and if on the battery, then it seems to me that it will not be the best decoration of our interior and not all guests will be delighted.

In general, the result: I have two hands for! This is a very useful thing! _

In the photo, mysterious thanks waiting for the drying to dry the underwear to climb inside 🙂

Drying time in the dryer varies depending on the program and fabrics. It is in choosing a suitable program that the secret of ideally dried for the optimal time.

Drying machine. This is a reliable home assistant, this is a convenient solution for winter time, as well as for those who are not a happy owner of a balcony or a spacious apartment, especially if you use the CareProtect set to install household appliances in the column: it will allow you to place the drying Machine directly above the washing machine, ensuring comfort and convenience in operation.

To most effectively use the functional features of the drying machine, we recommend to study the features of the tissues, as well as the corresponding drying time, in addition to the most appropriate programs.

Drying machine and wool: enemies or friends?

It is often said that the drying machine is the worst enemy of woolen things. Eto all this way. In fact, some woolen things can be dried in a drying machine, without exposing their danger of damage or shrinkage. Let’s find out how a drying machine can become a worthy replacement of the drying of paintings by painting, while saving your time and energy.

First of all, you should make sure that there is a special program for wool in your dryer. The second golden rule: always check the label on your clothes to find out if it is possible to dry it in a drying machine, and do it only in the presence of a symbol allowing drying in a drying machine. If you did not find such a symbol on the label, it is better to dry the wool thing in a spaced form.

It is also recommended to use the drying machine approved by the World Authority for Woolen Tissues. Woolmark. which certifies the authenticity and quality of the fiber.

For example, Candy Rapido Wool Drying Cycle Approved by Woolmark.

How to dry bedding on an outdoor dryer?

Many hostesses are wondering: how to dry bedding on an outdoor dryer? Everything seemed to be so simple, pulled out lingerie from the typewriter and cheered, but no, it needs to be thrilled so that the ironing is easy. The outdoor dryer includes such components:

  • The housing of the sliding or monolithic plan with a large variety of forms;
  • Parts that are directly responsible for linen hanging, such as: shelves, sash, wing or grille, you can find an additional design as a plank, twigs and strings;
  • Foots of mobile and unfolding type, some models can have wheels.
bedding, drying, machine

This device is made from different materials. Chrome stainless steel constructions are considered the most popular in the market. In this set you can see the strings from aluminum. The advantage of such a dryer is that it does not rust and serves a very long time, thanks to her you can dry everything and even if you buy a bed linen family with two duvettes, it will cope excellent. In the apartment it is convenient to have a dryer of plastic, it is durable and not rust, so your bedding will be without damage from rust. This model is ergonomic, easy, but under great weight, rods can savage and stop performing their functions of spring. Due to its ease, the dryer of such a plan can be placed in any secluded place.

Sewing things on the outdoor dryer are very simple, everything happens in several stages:

  • After the bed linen was filled with a typewriter, you need to take out immediately and separately every thing;
  • We shake and gently fold in half;
  • Then hang over the entire length of the canvas;
  • And wait for a complete drying.

Bed linen will be neat and almost not visible. After drying, the linen can be removed into the closet, and in the evening to lay on your bed and enjoy sleeping.