Smooth curls instead of a fluffy nightmare: a curly method for lazy

Since my childhood, I had very dry fluffy hair, in one movement comicing to dandelion. Short hair looked as if I had just fallen from the haymaker, and the long I was forced to comb from 45 minutes to one and a half hours every time he was solicing it. If all these problems are familiar to you, I would like to share the recipe for fascosal horror, which I developed a couple of months ago.

Officially, the approach to laying curly and curly hair is called the “curly method” and there are many videos and articles on the Internet on this topic. Unfortunately, no instruction came to 100%, since the proposed options were often expensive, difficult and did not fit me. Therefore, I tried to develop a basic departure option, a uniquely giving result that does not include anything superfluous and in which everyone can add something else to its taste.

Shampoo. Your usual. Shampoo is on hair 1-2 minutes and does not have a significant effect on the hair. His main task. Wash hair well.

Example: Kerasys Deep Damage Recovery, but the difference from the same pure line. In how quickly the hair is dirty.

Hair Mask. For very dry hair, the air conditioner is completely insufficient. But the mask must be easy enough, I will explain below why.

hair, hairdryer, there, curls

Example: Fructis Superfood Aloe (Other masks did not fit the same line)

Supersile Fixation Hair Gel. You can wax for laying, but it is not so comfortable to apply. Penko did not try.

Comb, which can be used in the shower (water can fall in the massage, stay there and create an unpleasant odor)

Example: Special expensive combs really work, but also the usual will come down.

Old Pure Head Washer T-shirt. T-shirt is better than a towel, since it does not so much absorbs moisture, like a towel that cuts hair.

Hair dryer, preferably with cold and hot regime.

Do not comb your hair until the soul is taking. Curly hair is very fragile, and due to the fact that they are confused, combing them is greatly injured. If the hair fell into one mass, you can carefully disassemble them with your fingers and go to the shower.

In the soul, my hair roots and the scalp. The main length is enough that foam, which falls on it when washed with shampoo from the scalp. Hair dry. no need to additionally dry shampoo.

We appline a mask in a significant amount. So that the hair was on the touch as algae. We begin to tear hair carefully. Due to the fact that on the hair water and slippery mask, the nodules will be unleashed easier, and the hair will not cling to each other. I spend on combing wet hair not more than 5 minutes.

Optional step 1: Hold your hair crab upstairs, wash yourself (from 5 minutes to infinity). Mask on hair additionally nourish hair.

Optional Stage 2: Wash the mask. Mask will still need, but during the swinging the mask mixed with dust particles and I personally want to wash it off.

Start directly to laying. Yes, right in the shower.

Throw your hair forward, bowing down the bathroom down. Again we appline mask. Depending on how much fat mask, we apply more or less. The tool given in the example, I nano across, until the “algae” is obtained.

Combing, forming separate strains while straight. We look like fluff sticks? If it is visible already at this stage, then you need more mask and water. Add and then until the strands become smooth.

Put strands to the palm, raise your head to the skin, delicately compress. Hair makes the sound like a “sick-gaming”, and straight strains turn into curly. Do so with all hair on your head. If Pooh appears. add water and mask. The process of “sinus” is shown in detail in any video on YouTube.

On wet, covered with mask hair abundantly, but neatly applied gel. You can also “squeeze”. Apply 100% strands, those that miss will be filtered. Wipe your hair before applying. It is enough that part of the water was squeezed in the sideways process.

hair, hairdryer, there, curls

Neatly, without breaking the strands, fix them with a large crab. Hair should be inside the crab. We close the hair with a t-shirt as a turban so that the water from them does not drip.

Remove the crab, we fold all the hair into the vertically standing diffuser, starting with the tips. It looks like that’s head down, hair in the diffuser.

Cold air 2-3 minutes (can be longer, but I miss patience), 30-40 seconds hot, to formed “Cast”. solid film around curls. Curlon tips can be perfectly solid. This is fine.

Having hair natural way. You can try to dry the hairdryer, but it is unlikely: very much water and masks have been preserved inside. All the time of drying mask and water drink hair, and “Cast” protects them from the too fast evaporation. I have a drying takes about 4-5 hours.

At the exit we have clearly defined very hard curls that look believed (the effect of “wet hair”). Let’s fix it. For this:

a) braid free braid and go to bed. “Cast” himself falls until you turn around in a dream.

b) “sick” hair until “caste” will not fall off.

In both cases, we have soft curled curls that are perfectly saved about 2 days. On the third and fourth you can make braids for grass or bulk high hairstyles. Throughout the time, Cockooth socks are not combed, to create hairstyles, separating on the curls, and not trying to divide the curl. Otherwise it will be down instead of curls.

Big bunch of combed hair during washing. This is fine. Hair falls out every day. With daily combing, we remove them, they remain on the head of 4-5 days. So divide the received bunch for 4-5 days, keep in mind that there is the same part of the hair, which earlier fell by itself on your floor and which you did not notice, and you will understand that the number of hair dropped a day has not changed.

“Dirty hair. If the mask is very fat, then the hair may not be able to absorb her all, and instead of brilliant curls it will turn out fat.

How to use a hair dryer affects hair

Fen, of course, the gadget is useful. It is difficult to overestimate his ability to dry hair for a minute, while without helpers drying the chapels after washing can take several hours. However, a powerful jet of hot air is not only dried, but sometimes it is overpowered by strands, so such an impact on strands is impossible to be called, especially if we are talking about porous, damaged, curly hair.

But even the big fans of the hair dryer may be in a situation where it simply won’t be at hand. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know how to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer at home.

How to dry hair with a hairdryer?

Hair dryer helps not only speed up the drying process of hair drying, but also create a necessary amount or beautiful laying. And after keratin hair straightening, drying hairdryer. Mandatory care element! What should be remembered by those who use this way to dry the curls?

Main errors when drying hair hairdryer

It would seem that there is a complex. dry hair with a hairdryer? But stylists can lead at least five mistakes that regularly admits each:

  • Do not keep the hair dryer too close, otherwise burn hair! The optimal distance is 15-20 cm;
  • Do not dry too wet hair, give them 10-15 minutes to natural drying, which will prepare them to hot air;
  • Do not dry your hair to the end: creating styling, leave the tips a little wet, because it is there that the hair is most vulnerable;
  • Use nozzles: a disaffuseor nozzle or a hub nozzle allow you to direct hot air to a specific area, and not “blow” them in different directions, creating chaos;
  • Do not keep the hair dryer in your right hand: freeing my right hand, you can create a more thoughtful laying;
  • Before drying, use the thermal protective agent, only it will be possible to save strands with healthy and strong.

SalonSecret experts recommend a novelty of L’Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry as thermal protection. Apply the cream to still wet, but the hair pressed with a towel, and then proceed to dry hairdryer. The funds contains vegetable proteins and vitamin E. substances with proven nutritional properties. This cream is created for those who dream to make stacking and not think about a hairstyle for a few days, his formula will take care that it looks straight all this time.

Create volume

Hair dryer is a great tool for creating a surround laying with minimal use of styling agents.

We tell how to do it right.

  • Dry your hair down your head: so the hair will not have a chance to be flat in the maquet.
  • Start drying with the root zone: if you first pay attention to the rest of the length, the hair of the top will have time to dry yourself.
  • Use the disaffuseor nozzle: due to small “fingers” hair is divided into strands and dried separately, which contributes to the creation of an additional volume.

Straighten hair

You can trust the iron, and you can arm a round brush and hairdryer! So hairstyle will not only smooth, but also volumetric.

Our step-by-step instruction will tell you how to straighten your hair with a hair dryer.

  • Before starting the laying, thoroughly disperse the hair with rare gears.
  • Divide hair on zones and levels, free strands twist in soft spirals and secure easy hairpin.
  • At the same time, spend on strands of the round comb, and a hairdryer with a hub-hub. from above.
  • Make sure that the movements of both hands sought up: pull strand on the arc, as if drawing in the air Rainbow.

Making Locko

The diffuser as a nozzle on a hairdryer was originally invented to create a visible root volume, and only then the holders of Kudryashek rated this nozzle for advice: it turns out that “fingers” are capable of making cute curls.

Tell how to create curls with a hair dryer with a disaffuser:

  • Drying with a diffuser eliminates a distance of 15-20 cm, so choose the average air heating mode;
  • To create a barking volume before laying, it will be enough to apply to the hair of powder;
  • To create curls, apply on your hair along the entire length of the foam for curls or light wax for laying;
  • Do not dry the tips without changing the nozzle. the volume in this part is for nothing, but it is possible to burn sensitive hair very easily.

How to dry hair with a hairdryer without harm

How at home to dry hair with a hairdryer so as not to harm them? So that they glisten, looked beautiful, and the laying stayed long? Be sure to use special care products: cream, oil or serum. Let’s talk about the favorites of the editors of KIN.Ru.

Cream of hair luxury Elseve “Ultra-point”, L’Oréal Paris

This incisible cream is designed for weak, prone to hair loss. Formula Formula includes biotin, vitamin B5 and arginine, which promotes the protection and strengthening of hair. Thermal protection. up to 230 ° C.

Thanks to the light low-fat texture, the creamy oil is easily distributed and quickly absorbed, providing strands in deep nutrition and moisturizing. The result is soft, smooth and flowing hair, which are also protected from high temperature exposure when laying.

Regenerating Cream-Oil “Propolis and Royal Milk” Botanic Therapy for Very Damaged and Sequer Hair, Garnier

To restore hair, this cream oil is a real find! Means carefully cares for hair. Protects from roots to tips, has an antistatic effect, reduces harm from thermal exposure (up to 230 ° C). The hair becomes soft to the touch, shining and easily fit.

Firming Cream-Oil “Castor Oil and Almonds” Botanic Therapy for weak hair, inclined to fallout, Garnier

hair, hairdryer, there, curls

As follows from the name, it includes castor oil and almonds. The tool strengthens and nourishes the hair, facilitates the laying, protects against high temperatures up to 230 ° C. Sweep a little strands before applying cream oil.

Serum “Smoothness of Dreams” for long naughty hair Elseve, L’Oréal Paris

Eliminates the emission and electrical capacity, provides heat protection up to 230 ° C. Formula with vegetable keratin and oil cocoa gives hair smoothness without weighting. Suitable for long naughty hair.

Express air conditioning “Double elixir. Fibergology »Elseve, L’Oréal Paris

If you need to dry your hair so that they look lush, we advise you to look at this tool. In its composition. Fill-Style complex and nourishing serum “shine-care”, which make hair thicker and volume, give them smoothness and shine.

Top 5 Hair Styling Rules

In order to create perfect laying with a hair dryer, it suffices to comply with some simple rules:

  • The optimal distance from the hair dryer to the hair is 15-20 cm.
  • Before drying, dry your hair: 10-15 minutes of natural drying quite enough to prepare the hair to aggressive hot air.
  • When drying the hair with a hairdryer, tips always leave a little wet, so you can avoid the problems of the ends of the ends and prevent hair fragility.
  • To create styling, use disaffusers or hubs. they guide hot air to a specific area without creating chaos on the whole head.
  • To create a beautiful hairstyle, hold the hairdryer in your left hand, and take the ruling comb. Or vice versa if you left.

Important! Before drying, especially if you use a hairdryer often, it is necessary to use a thermal protection agent. L’Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry cream will be a universal beauty assistant: it blocks the harmful effects of temperatures up to 230 degrees, softens the hair and reduces their fragility. You will need 3-5 servings (one pushing on the dispenser is one portion). Preheat cream in the palms and distribute it on a wet, slightly dried with a towel hair from the level of the temples down. Another plus of this cream. the effect of Anti-Frizz for four days.

Brief results

What is the essence of the “curly method” of hair care?

The curly method is the care system created for climbing hair and includes certain guidelines for gentle wash, drying and laying. About nuances and features of the method can be found here.

How to wash your head crispy method?

The CURLY GIRL method involves cleansing the hair with a facial shampoo or air conditioning for the cowoshthan. in the process it is important to compress curls, immediately forming their structure. Proper technique washed in stages described in this section of articles.

Why the “curly method” can not comb hair? You can at least take advantage of the hairdryer?

The creators of the curly method believe that hair combing brush leads to a violation of natural shape and curl texture. Plus CGM ideologues advocate for refusal of heating devices, including hair dryer. How to dry and lay the hair with a curly method, you can read here.

What means are suitable for CURLY GIRL METHOD?

As part of the beauty products for curly hair, there should be no silicones, sulfates, wax and other weighting curls of components. A selection of professional products suitable for CGM is here.

What will happen if I have straight hair, but I want to try out the curly method?

Critical consequences will not follow. From time to time, most likely, you will have to return to the classic sulphate shampoo, just for careful cleansing of the scalp. How to properly care for straight hair on the “Method of Curly Girls”, read here.

CGM causes an ambiguous reaction from stylists. Most of the issues from our experts leaves Cowing. But against the confused shampoos and special gamps for wavy hair professionals do not have anything. How do you feel like a curly hair washing method?

How to curl your hair using hair dryer | Salon like blow dry at home

“Curly” method of washing hair (Curly Girl Method). what is it?

The “curly” method of washing hair is one of the main points CURLY GIRL METHOD (CGM), a special system of care for curly, curly and wavy hair. Method of a curly girl (or “curly” method, as it was abbreviated from us) was developed by a hairdresser Lauren Messi, who took over the mission to teach curly girls to respect their hair, stop fighting their nature, and on the contrary, give them the opportunity Watch in all its glory.

The fact is that wavy and curly hair. special. Because of its structure, they suffer from dryness, porosity, are often harsh, easily confused, sharply react to an external environment (whether heightened humidity or air).

So luxurious curls ideally or elastic curls may look like a shapeless mass that, of course, can not fail to learn girls. Not knowing how to deal with it, they grab about ice and brush, catching tangible and noticeable harm. Fortunately, corrected.

CURLY GIRL METHOD implies a set of rules relating to the selection of hazel care products, the techniques of their washing and methods of laying. Thousands of girls around the world have already followed these rules, returning their natural beauty. Since every curly head is unique, many ways of applying funds, laying and drying appeared.

“Curry hair belongs to thick damaged, in such hair there are many voids, so they quickly lose moisture, tough, not brilliant and not smooth. Therefore, curly hair requires special care. “.

Benefits and features of the method

The “curly” hair care method suggests primarily and a scrupulous approach to the choice of products: usually the adepts of this method use the soft formulas of cleansing agents, prefer natural ingredients.

The main enemy of the Kudrey is dry, so the curly method eliminates everything that can aggravate it or provoke.

Fundamental rules

First of all, we will list the main taboo “Curly” method.

Sulfate shampoos. It is believed that SLS oversees the skin of the head and dried hair that is detrimental to Kudrey.

Means with silicone. In the curly community believe that silicones form a film on her hair and can cause dryness during continuous use. In addition, they are poorly washed off by confused shampoo, which goes against the rule number one.

Alcohol in laying. He dries hair.

Feng. The moisture is evaporated from high temperatures from the hair, curves lose the shape and turn into a dry uncontrollable mass.

Combing dry hair. Kudri is very difficult to comb on dry, without damaging the hair: the comb is stuck in the chapel, the hair breaks. Wet strands, generously covered with air conditioning or non-insulated care products, are dismissed easily. It is better to do it with your fingers, a detendgler, in extreme cases, the comb with rarely planted teeth.

Frequent washing head. It is believed that the curly hair is simply not necessary. Purification abuse provokes even greater dryness.

Rub, twist hair, press like underwear. “Curly” method of drying hair does not accept similar rudeness.

Application of ordinary towels. Use only microfiber options or cotton. By the way, the usual soft t-shirt is suitable for primary drying and blurring. Checked!

Wavy hair is simply combed than curly © Getty Images

Washing the head “curly” by the method is not only about prohibitions. We tell you what to use and how.

It is recommended to use the air conditioner, the rinse balm with every head washing.

Use a special balm instead of shampoo during head washing (so-called cooking, Washing Conditioner), and shampoo apply once a month. In stock you need to have a cleansing (at least rampant) shampoo capable of removing contamination with the scalp.

“Cowing is strictly contraindicated in any diseases of the scalp (whether it is even banal dandruff or irritation). If you decide that the hair washing with air conditioning will save your hair from dryness, be sure to store intensely cleaning shampoo or scroll scroll scroll. Once a week, wash your head to ensure intensive cleansing.

One or twice a week to use masks: moisturizing with oils and hydrates, if the hair is just dry and fluffy, and protein, if they are damaged and porous. You can alternate different masks depending on the state of the Cudre.

Apply the means of laying only on wet, and then and wet hair (here everyone decides himself).

Kudri form only on wet hair. After laying to the hair, they do not touch until they dry by 80%, and preferably and on all one hundred.

In the evening, curls are taking into a high tail so that they do not disengage during sleep. In the morning they are enough to “activate” with water, so the bottle of the sprayer is almost every curly girl.

It is worthwhile to change the usual pillowcases for smooth silk or satin. so hair will be fluffing less and getting.

To whom will suit

“Curly” method was invented for hair of varying degrees of wavy (curly, curly, just wavy), however, with straight hair, you can learn from it, especially when it comes to washing the head. If the strands are very damaged, suffer from dryness, exposed to staining, chemical twist, they lack gloss and smoothness, then intelligibility in choosing means, thoughtful and careful care will be more than appropriate.


You can dry your head in two ways. naturally by or hairdryer. If you plan to use a hairdryer, necessarily with a disaffuser’s nozzle. The air temperature must be minimal so as not to dry the newly trained hair rods and not break the curly strands.

It is preferable to dry by naturally:

  • Continuing to stand down head, Fill under the ends of hanging hair with microfiber or cotton towel. Disturbing, you can use a pure cotton T-shirt;
  • Rimming the hair from the tips towards the roots, collect them, consolidating a towel;
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes to dry and form curls.

You can remove the towel with another wet hair or leave until complete drying. It all depends on the length and density, because the longer and thicker hair, the harder it is to wait for their drying in such a collected state.