Effective ways to quickly dry jeans at home

Sometimes there are unforeseen situations when it is necessary to continue to dry clothes, and it is not enough time for it. Wines everything may be raining that suddenly wet jeans. Or suddenly before going to work or study it was found that the pants did not dry after washing. When a thing is to replace with nothing, you have to invent extreme ways out of the situation. Any household device highlighting sufficient heat will help to quickly dry clothes. The most important thing in a similar situation is to keep Stihl, act quickly and clearly, try not to spoil the thing and not provoke a fire.

In order to dry jeans at home as quickly as possible, it is necessary to remove excess moisture after washing. If there is a washing machine at hand, it is necessary to immerse the product in the drum and put pressure mode. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated again. After that, jeans must be threatened to shake and straighten the races. To remove as much moisture from clothes, you should press in a washing machine Wet jeans together with a dry terry towel. Towel will absorb the accumulated water.

Remove excess water without a washing machine is much more difficult, because after a manual pressing in the fabric fibers, a large amount of liquid remains. It will help to cope with a difficult task will help dry and pure terry towel. It should be wrapped in pants or sports pants, press the cargo. If there was no right heavy item nearby, you can also sit on the towel. Under the weight weight, the fabric will release water, and the towel immediately absorbs her. When the pre-cooking approached completion, you can proceed directly to drying.

Modern Washing Machines LG Trademarks LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens are equipped with drying mode. The principle of work is that the heated air is supplied to the drum, which slowly spins in one, then in the other direction, turning the clothes in it. Thus, hot air is distributed evenly and dries things from all sides. On average, this method takes from half an hour to 40 minutes.

How to Dry Jeans Quickly with an Iron

Drying wardrobe makes it possible to dry jeans without damaging the structure of the fabric. Soft temperature regime ensures the safety of the fibers and gently affected by any matter. Before drying, you need to get acquainted with the instructions and select the mode that is most suitable for one or another outcome of the wardrobe. The sensor installed on the device itself will notice the completion of the work.

One of the most effective ways to quickly dry wet pants is ironing. On a flat surface, it is necessary to spread the towel, it is gently decomposed on it, avoiding the formation of folds and folds. The product should be turned inside out, cover cotton fabric (you can use sheets) and start ironing. While the towel will absorb the accumulated moisture, the fabric will absorb steam. It is recommended not to install the maximum temperature on the device, otherwise the risk to spoil the clothes is very large. This is especially true of sports pants and jeans from stretch.

Every 5-7 minutes it is necessary to turn over to the other side. If the towel or tissue has become too wet, they must be replaced with new dry. After processing the inside, you can start ironing the front side. Special attention should be paid to ironing seams, s and belts, since it is in these places a large amount of water accumulates.

In this way it is easy to dry slightly wet pants in 5 minutes. If the fabric is dense and very wet, time for drying will need more (from half an hour). Preferably after the procedure to give things to cool. for example, hang it under the streams of cool air to the balcony.

Various ways of drying

Jeans dried faster under the influence of high temperatures, from air flow and absorbing tissues.

Terry Towel

Prepare a few terry towels. it is these fabrics best absorb water. One towel spread on the floor, put jeans on it. Inside each panta, place another towel. Now fold one pant to another and roll a tight roll. The stronger you squeeze the fabric, the more moisture comes out of it and, accordingly, it absorbs into the towels. After the first twisting, replace the towel on dry, then repeat a couple more times.

Moisture remnants will have to wave an iron or hairdryer.

Enhanced air circulation speeds up moisture evaporation. It is enough to place jeans vertically and blow them down with a fan for half an hour to noticeably dry the thing.

For complete drying, it will take several hours.

Heating device

On the hot battery it is very convenient to dry jeans in winter. The most important rule here is to straighten jeans after washing and arrange them as exactly as possible on the radiator. The fabric should dry uniformly, without a chance.

Periodically turn the pants. Dry from the inside, just in case, underwhel the piece of cotton fabric. Do not allow drying out.

As for heaters, many devices are prohibited to cover. It will be necessary to dry the thing under constant control, adjust the temperature of the blades and turn the pants to turn.


The electric dryer is similar to the usual, but its elements are heated and accelerated drying. If such a device is in the economy, it does not have to bother with drying jeans and other clothes. For 3-4 hours it will be ready.

Iron it is better to complete drying when the main part of the moisture evaporated in a natural way. If you just stitched jeans, the process will delay for a long time. On average. 1-1.5 hours after pressing in the drum.

Use hair dryer for drying wet spots or drying. The wet product is spent several hours, minimum of 1.5-2. Be careful your device, so it can overdo it.

It is necessary to think about it. dried jeans in the microwave! This method is prohibited due to metal details of jeans. buttons and lightning, such elements under the influence of microwave waves spark. Use other methods to avoid damage to microwave and fire.

Drying machine

Not for each thing is suitable such a way of drying, but for simple jeans it will be used. Send pants to the drum if they do not have decorative elements, lace and other fragile parts. Do not risk stretch type pants: They deform.

Before drying, remove the pants to the wrong and button all buttons and locks.

The drying machine will reduce the drying of Denim before half an hour.

Drying in centrifuge

You just needed jeans you need to run several times on the press mode (without rinsing), then you will get the minimum wet thing. It will make further drying much faster.

We take a big towel, lay jeans on it and turn into a very tight Kalachik. From such a procedure, a towel moisturizes, we replace it with a new dry towel and turn the new Kalachik. You can even sit on top of this design for consulting effect. After several such procedures (as long as patience) jeans will only be slightly wet.

Important: Towels must be exclusively out of 100% cotton, synthetics absorbs water very badly.

General recommendations and useful tips

If you need to dry jeans in an emergency order, then remember that the express drying is advisable to expose the thing that was postulated in a washing machine. The fact is that during the automatic pressing removed the maximum amount of moisture, so the thing is raw, but not wet. If you were erased by jeans manually, then before drying, make the following:

Of course, the easiest way to put a thing in a typewriter, and then start the “Stinger Rinse” mode. Note that with the help of heating devices and intensive spinning, you can only dry only classic models. For tightening and corrective leggings, Jeggins, tregins and similar products are recommended exceptionally natural drying, otherwise they will lose their characteristics.

How to quickly dry the wet skirt?

Drying Iron is carried out with a pair function disconnected. Find the thing on both sides and let it cool, waving so that there is no folds. Internal and outer side need to be handled again noticeable after 10 minutes. If the tissue is delicate, it is better to dry it through a layer of another material.

Warm air indoors dries things faster than on the balcony, but will not provide such freshness. In the cold season, dry small things can be dried on heated towel rails in the bathroom or on the battery. So that the dullness from dried things did not appear in the room, place only natural tissues on the battery only.

Important recommendations

There are several tips that need to be considered before proceeding to dry jeans:

It should be verified that the thing is clean. It must be done so that it does not have to enhance again.

Finally dried jeans on yourself. However, it is possible to go outside in wet pants only in warm and windless weather. It is necessary to consider that due to active movements, the product is slightly stretching.

Is it possible to dry the hair dryer?

Dry clothes with a hair dryer. it’s fast and safe. Especially when it comes to woolen products, which are unlikely to retain its former look after applying the iron you can also quickly dry clothes without a hair dryer, and to use a fan heater.

Warm air indoors dries things faster than on the balcony, but will not provide such freshness. In the cold season, dry small things can be dried on heated towel rails in the bathroom or on the battery. So that the dullness from dried things did not appear in the room, place only natural tissues on the battery only.