Mold in a washing machine: diagnosis or sentence?

Try to imagine modern life without washing machine. Agree that the picture will turn out very grieving. Meanwhile, this indispensable household appliance is one of the most attractive habitats of malicious and dangerous bacteria and fungi. Even with compliance with all the requirements set out in the instruction manual, there are no guarantees for the fact that your assistant in the “internal organs” did not form mold colonies.

In humans, by the way (if such parallels are appropriate), bacteria also in a certain amount are available in the body. And not all of them are useful. Only a person helps in the fight against them the immune system, but as for the washing machine, the role of immunity should assign the owner. It is unlikely that there is a need to prove someone how important it is. After all, the mold in the washing machine is not only a bad smell, but also the source of many bodily ailments from households.

However, like any “disease”, the appearance of this type of fungus is easier to prevent, rather than engage in a long process of therapy. But it is advantageous to distinguish this event from the sphere of medical, so this is what “self-treatment” in this case is not contraindicated.

Get Rid of Front Loader Washer Stink!

Bacteria habitat in washing machine

Bacteria that negatively affect human health can dwell in the washer anywhere. But there are places where their habitat meets most often:

  • Tank for dry and liquid powder and air conditioning;
  • Water hose, from the tank to the tank with a powder;
  • Rubber cooker shelter;
  • Water pumping hose in the sewer;
  • Filter of the drain hose;
  • Bottom of the tank;
  • Heating element, with a layer of scale.

All these elements must be carefully laundering with chlorine-containing and disinfectants. It will help get rid of smell. But only if you get rid of bacteria.

Preventive measures

After buying a home assistant, few people are thoroughly studying the instructions attached to it, and in vain, because it contains important information on the care of the household appliance. Observing simple rules, you can extend the “Life” technique and save yourself from unscheduled expenses for the purchase of automatic bars.

  • Need to perform the following “ritual” after each washing: unload clean underwear, wipe the cuff dry, wash the dispenser for the powder and dry it, open the hatch door. Visible pollution and trash particles outside and inside the unit must be deleted immediately after their detection. Clean hoses and filters. after 30 styrices. One half a year should be performed “global” cleaning machine from scale, dirt and fungus with citric acid or vinegar.
  • Washing in temperature mode above 90 ° C must be performed at least 2 times a month. Even if there is no intention to boil underwear, you can always run this process in “idle” mode: in this case, before cleaning, it will be good to pour in the tray chlorine bleach.
  • Do not abuse liquid tools for washing and rinsing, but the means of scale, on the contrary, should be added to the powder with each wash.

Before cleaning the washing machine from mold, it is advisable to inspect other vulnerable places of the apartment: wall joints and ceiling, window frames, tile in the bathroom, drain blade toilet bowl. If the fungus came out somewhere else, it is necessary to fight it radically, removing it from all visible surfaces. Mold is rarely formed where enough attention is paid to the general microclimate of the house or apartment. If forced ventilation is competently organized, and the room itself is in purity and regularly ventilated, then the fungus simply will not survive in such conditions.

Where to begin

To get rid of mold in the washing machine, for a start, it is necessary to detect all the places where the fungus could be settled. First, inspect:

  • tray for detergents and niche in which it is attached;
  • Rubber seal (cuff) around the hatch machine;
  • drain / bulk hoses and their filters;
  • drum.

All available places need to be cleaned with detergents, brushes and sponges, and then process surfaces with special compositions to remove mold. If you use purchased tools, you must clearly follow the instructions. By the way, today you can find chemistry, which is designed specifically to eliminate the fungus of a washing machine.

Vinegar removes scale, raid, rust and mold. Fill the bottle of vinegar (2-3 cups) into the drum machine, scroll down for the distribution of the liquid and start the wash at the highest temperature

To combat mold at home you will need:

  • gloves and protective mask;
  • rags, sponges and brush;
  • Vinegar, citric acid and soda;
  • chlorine-containing means (“Domasetos”, “White” or their analogues);
  • laundry soap;
  • Professional tools to eliminate mold (in particularly launched).

Mold can damage the internal details of the machine, for example, hoses connecting the tray with the drum. However, the inspection of such places should only carry out a professional master

The procedure for cleaning the external parts of the washing machine is as follows:

eliminate, smell, mold, washing, machine
  • Disconnect the typewriter from the power supply and overcoat the water;
  • Gently remove the tray for detergents and wipe the niche in which he was. Rinse the tray from powder residues and clean it with a brush using chlorine-containing liquids or vinegar. Dry the tray;
  • Wipe the sealing gum and a washing machine door with a damp cloth to remove the mold, and then treat them with a sponge dipped in a solution of chlorine-containing means. You can also use thick soda kashitsa. In strongly launched cases, it is necessary to leave a means for exposure to a day, and after wiped the parts with a damp sponge, first in dusting it in the solution of the economic soap. If mold is a bit, it is enough to apply the selected composition for 2 hours;
  • View drum machine. If there are visible signs of mold, wipe the drum with a rag moistened in the solution of the household soap or chlorine;
  • Unscrew the drain filter and rinse it with a brush, applying a detergent;
  • Unscrew the bulk hose (in some cases, you need to use a special key), pull out and clean the filter, if it is present in your washing machine model.

Be sure to inspect the drain filter (garbage filter), mold can also be formed on it. (When you unscrew the filter cover, follows some water. it should be.)

Initial cleaning is over. But get rid of mold in the washing machine is not easy and external processing will not be enough. Let us turn to the next stage of eliminating fungus. cleansing hard-to-reach places.

Than dangerous mold in the car

Mold Disputes are present in any, even the cleanest room, and usually their condition is inactive. However, with high humidity, high air temperature and the absence of normal ventilation, the mold “comes to life” and begins to multiply intensively.

Fungal microorganisms produce so-called mycotoxins. harmful to the human body. They can cause our health serious harm. Especially dangerous their impact on people with weakened immunity or chronic diseases. Inhalation of mold and mycotoxins dispute, as well as the contact of these pathogenic microorganisms with skin can provoke a number of violations and cause exacerbation of existing diseases.

Subject to strong immunity mold can not at all affect the health of residents at home, but in any case it will fall on underwear and clothing during washing. As a result, things will acquire an unpleasant smell from which it will be very difficult to get rid of, so it is necessary to fight with a fungus in a washing machine anyway.

Prevention measures

Regular care, proper operation of the washing machine prevent the appearance of mold islets:

  • After each next washing, wipe the seal, wash and dry the tray;
  • Clean wet underwear inside the drum do not hold;
  • At least once a month, at the maximum temperature of an empty wash for cleaning, use the bleach;
  • Once every 3-6 months do preventive cleaning with vinegar;
  • every 6 months, clean the plum hoses and filters;
  • Excess powder do not use;
  • Constantly ventilate the drum.
eliminate, smell, mold, washing, machine

Fungus is easier not to get started than then survive it. Many of the techniques described above are suitable for prevention.

Cleaning the washing machine from mold is carried out with the use of folk remedies or professional chemistry. Good results gives the use of whiteness, chlorine bleachers, vinegar, domain, soda, citric acid, peroxide. And remember that the appearance of mold is easier to prevent, than then fight her. Carry the drum, rinse the tray, wipe the cuff and do not keep dirty things in the Washingle Week.

How to clean the washing machine from scale

How to clean the washing machine automatic with food citric acid

Cleaning soda

If there are plots, locally affected by mold, the food soda will help bring it out. So you can remove mold with a drum, a tray for detergents, rubber bands and a seal on the door. For processing, several spoons of soda are mixed with water until the paste is obtained. This paste is considered fungus. Soda leave about 30 minutes, and then start a single wash. For a larger effect in the tray, you can add washing powder.

Prevention of unpleasant odors

The problem is better to avoid than to solve. If you do not wish to constantly fight mold and omelible from the drum, observe simple recommendations:

  • Do not leave dirty or wicked underwear in the drum machine;
  • After washing, ventilate the unit;
  • regularly carry out the prevention of fungi and scale;
  • When washing “Pahuchih” things, soaked with fuel and other caustic compositions, first rinse the clothes manually, and then send to the drum;
  • Keep track of the quality of powders and washing gels, do not acquire the dubious goods;
  • more often erase things at high temperatures, the constant “cold” wash leads to the appearance of fungus;
  • With the slightest troubles in the work of the unit, contact your professional help.

Adhering to these rules, you will improve the quality of the machine and extend its service life.