Is it possible to wash the natural suede

Any things have a property getting. The problem of cleaning suede clothing is complicated by a special structure of the external surface of the material. In addition, suede is natural and synthetic and each of them needs a special approach.

Differences of the washing of natural suede from artificial, which you need to know thanks to the improvement of modern technologies for the production of synthetic materials, to distinguish the real suede from artificially very difficult. Accordingly, the approaches to cleaning these materials are almost identical. It will not be a big mistake to adhere to the same recommendations when washing products from natural and artificial materials.


Buy special brushes for cleaning suede. which are easy to clean the surface and do not harm skin. Each time, having pushing a jacket, go through it with a brush to clean from dirt. If she got weddro, then you first hang dry and only then proceed to washing. In the period when the jacket weighs without a case, periodically deliver it and clean from dust. This is done, because to wash a suede jacket from accumulated dirt only with dry cleaning.

If you put a stain on a suede jacket, you can clean it in several ways:

erase, suede, jacket, washing
  • Elastic or rubber brush. Carefully spend the stain, if it does not go, do not dilute and try another way.
  • Soap solution with the addition of ammonic alcohol. Moisten the napkin and wipe the stain. After that, rinse this place with water and vinegar solution and hold over the ferry minutes 2-3.
erase, suede, jacket, washing

Relaxed places (on the sleeves, cuffs, near the s, on the collar, near the buttons), you can give a fresh view by a solution of a glass of milk and 1 h.L. soda. Moisten the desired places, let dry and wipe the rigid brush for suede.

Also at home, you can erase a suede jacket with fat stains. To do this, the corn starch is applied to the dirty place and it is maintained for several hours. Starch will pull out all fat, after which it is enough to consider it a brush. If the stain remains, it can already be laundered by any of the above methods.

General rules for caring for suede

Delicate material need special care. After the acquisition, we spend the product from dust, which remains with the processing process of the jacket. Clean the clothes with a short pile with a brush regularly. Washing material with a spraying is undesirable. it is better to simply wash suede, hanging the product on the shoulders or putting on a horizontal surface.

Impregnating water is prohibited. suede can sit down. For drying, stretch the product and leave in this position until drying. Do not hang a jacket near batteries and other heating devices.

How to wash a sheep: ways

Depending on the quality of the tissue, apply dry and wet cleaning. For artificial leather artificial leather products, and skin, suede and fur require a special approach.

Dry methods of cleaning

Dry cleaning suitable for outerwear made of suede, velor, leather.

Experienced housewives allocate several most effective dry cleaning methods:

Eliminate moisture, fat stains and dirt is possible with the help of semolina. It is necessary on a flat surface to spread clothes, put on a mittens and labeled the croup in the product. At the end of the procedure, clothing should be shaken, and a brush to dream of a gun. The advantage of the method is that it is suitable for dark tissues. Overcome fat traces will help starch. They sprinkle the product and when the starch will change color, absorbing pollution, it is replaced with a new. Could cope with the task of a looting crust, which rubbing distressed places. Sawd out sections eliminate school eraser. Effective in terms of removal of pollution is salt

It should be used extremely careful. It is necessary to make sure the surface is dry

What happens when you machine wash a suede jacket?

It is unacceptable to fall asleep with a fat spot. It will clarify and spoil the quality of the fabric.

Wet method removal of dirt stains

Before starting a wet cleaning, the main thing is to choose the detergent. The skin and the zeros are normally amenable to different means, and the fur requires an individual approach.

With whatever material, outerwear was not made, the selected chemical should be experienced on an inconspicuous side so that in case of failure, the experiment remains unobvious.

To achieve a positive result with a wet cleaning by different means.

  • Kerosene. It is applied to a piece of fabric and handle dirty areas.
  • Ammonia. You need 250 ml of ammonia dilute in a liter of water. In the resulting solution, the cotton napkin is dipping and wipe the problem stain. Fabric as pollution change. In the end, the product is washed with acetic water. For the preparation of the solution you will need a liter of water and a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Soap, ammonia, Bura, Glycerin. Sponge wetted in soap solution and, if possible, wash off pollution. Then the solution is prepared: water-liter of water, 20 ml of glycerin and 5 ml of ammonia alcohol and borants.

Faster suede manually

Most of the things from porous synthetic skin can be deducted manually. If you doubt the origin of the thing, this is how to distinguish artificial and natural suede:

So you need to act when manual washing:

Before emanating a suede dress, shirt, skirt or another subject:

erase, suede, jacket, washing
  • Look at the shortcut of things;
  • It should stand an icon prohibiting or allowing manual and machine washing;
  • If you water the object of clothing, you can continue to prepare for cleaning
  • pour warm water in basis (no more than 30 ° C);
  • stir in it a pair of caps of the detergent drug for delicate washing;
  • Leave clothes for 30-40 minutes to be mocking;
  • Carefully lose and rinse a thing in solution

How to erase a suede jacket?

You need to wash a suede jacket, observing a number of rules:

  • Use a special detergent for leather products. An ordinary shampoo or soap is also suitable;
  • You can wash the jacket in a washing machine, but at minimum speed and without spinning. Temperature should not exceed 35 degrees;
  • For manual washing, use a soft bristle with a short bristle;
  • It is impossible to wash the jacket for a long time, since the material should not absorb water.

The process of drying products from suede has a number of features. It is important to comply with the rules to prevent deterioration in the quality of the material.

Whether machine wash is possible?

As a rule, wash the suede products in the washing machine is prohibited. It is best to use washing only a certain area of ​​a jacket or dry cleaning. However, if after exposure to a test sample, the fabric was not deformed, you can try to wash all the product.

Modern washing machines have a large number of modes, among which you can find something suitable for suede. You need to choose a delicate or manual washing, while setting the temperature not more than 30 degrees. Water contact must be minimal, so find a program with a short process duration, which will be optimal, 15 minutes.

You can not use an automatic spin, it is better to turn off at all. Rinse let it be short to suede jacket for a long time not in contact with water. Instead of washing powder, use a washing gel or another tool in liquid form, is suitable for children’s linen and without bleaching. Only one product should be placed in the drum of the washing machine, do not add other things to suede top clothes.

A few more tips

We offer some more tips to help save the neat view of the leather jacket and avoid dry cleaning.

  • It is not recommended to store the skin in places with high humidity;
  • If the jacket comes under rain or snow, then you must wipe it with a dry cloth and dry the product well. Do not forget to remove all of the s, because under the weight of items, the wet product stretches;
  • Once a week, look at the jacket for the presence of stains and, if necessary, wipe it with a slightly humid rag;
  • You can not dry leather products near the heating devices and under the right sunlight.

Adhering to these rules, you will have to erase and clean your favorite leather product.