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If a dishwasher appeared in the house, the hostess is better to immediately deal with what funds will be required for its proper functioning. You will need to buy not only dishwashing powder, but also a special salt. As well as where to fall asleep in the dishwasher Bosch.

  • Why do you need salt dishwasher
  • How to choose to choose
  • How much to rap
  • Where to fall asleep in PMM “BOSCH”
  • How to add
  • Exhibit a rigging parameter
  • Where to pour the rinser
  • Does salt need when washing tablets

How to add a rinser to a dishwasher?

Rinse (rinse). Used in order for water droplets better with dishes. If the sink process passes without a rinse on the dishes after the “Drying” mode will remain tracks from water drops.

Tools for washing dishes “Three in one”. Combined means in which are contained above these components. When using such detergents, adding a rinse or softening salt may be superfluous (if the water is very tough, the salt is recommended to add). Less distributed tools two in one, which contain detergents and salt, or detergent and rinse. For washing silver dishes It is necessary to use only a special detergent!

Suitable detergents for dishwashers

Users of the dishwasher must buy the starting set, which they usually offer them together with the main purchase. You can separately purchase a rinser, detergents in tablets or special powder, as well as salt for mitigating tap water, which we have already spoken about.

The starting set includes all detergents, without which the operation of any dishwasher is simply impossible. this is a mandatory minimum

The advantage of starting sets for newcomers is that everything is already provided for everything that may be needed. In addition, they include products of one commodity producer, which makes it hope that their components are not only well compatible, but also successfully complement each other.

Often buying a set will cost cheaper than the acquisition of its components sold separately from each other.

In addition to three unconditionally necessary components, flavors and means can be used for efficient washing, helping to clean the car from fat and plaque. As a rule, they are bought as they need.

Water softening

For high-quality washing, soft water should be applied, with low calcium salts. If you do not soften the hard water, on the walls of the camera, traces of scale are formed over time. Salt allows you to bring water to such a condition in which the results of the work of the technique pleases its owner.

The regenerating salt for loading to the dishwasher should not be confused with the usual cook salt, which has each in the kitchen: this is a special substance for softening tap water

What funds can be used?

In Bosch cars, you can apply any detergents that are on sale today.

The only restriction that should be strictly observed: it must be special substances intended for downloading in dishwashers. Cannot use chemicals for washing dishes in manual mode.

Applied detergents should be intended for processing dishes in dishwashers, and those that are used for manual oil can not use

Depending on the composition of the components included in them, there are three types of detergents for dishwashers:

In the absence of phosphates in the composition of the funds, on the walls of the chamber and on the dishes itself, a white flare can be formed. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to increase detergent consumption.

How to add Rinse Aid & Salt in BOSCH Dishwasher (demo # 4)

The absence of chlorine will not provide the desired effect if the dishes need bleaching. Dark plaque on cups and a surfacing plastic. this may be the result of the absence of chlorine. The situation will save the washing of increased intensity or an increase in the consumption of detergent.

Why do you need a rinser?

When using a rinse, entering the chamber at the last stage of washing, water drops do not leave traces on the dishes.

If you do not apply this drug during the operation of the machine, then non-welltic heels will remain after drying on the glass dishes. In addition, it is the high-quality rinser for the dishwasher provides shine of clean dishes.

Rinsers give the glass that the very gloss and glitter, to which any hostess seeks, but it is important to use them in a measure that the dishes do not become sticky and not covered with white or rainbow divorces

The rinse volume can be changed depending on the need. If this fluid was not enough, it will be possible to see a white flare on the plates, they will be dull. In this case, the dose increases. An excess of the drug will manifest itself with rainbow divorces on the saucepan. In addition, they will be sticky to the touch. Then the dose is reduced.

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Special detergents

There are combined drugs that call “three in one”. They contain all the three component listed above. The disadvantage of such funds is the inability to adjust the salts, as recommended by manufacturers of Bosch.

Too tough water worsens the quality of washing, and too soft contributes to the corrosion of the glass: calcium is washed out of its composition. If you have been to wash products from silver, it is necessary to use special means specifically designed for this purpose. Others do not fit.

The order of loading detergents and what exactly the cuvette compartments located on the inner surface of the door than filled, you can see in the rollers that we suggest you see. They are in the last part of the article.

How to fall asleep salt

Salt is always loaded before turning on the machine. it is necessary to protect against corrosion. During the working cycle, the solo solution overflow from the compartment is immediately washed off, which means the rust will not appear.

Before the first launch of the dishwasher, salt is satuled like this:

  • Unscrew counterclockwise screw cover container.
  • Pour 0.5-1 liter of water to the tank (only for the first time!).
  • Then pumped into the compartment a special salt: the liquid will be out and merge into the sewer. In some models, PMM included a special funnel. it is more convenient to fill with it.
  • Wipe dry edges and remove the wake-up grains. Tightly and smoothly tighten the lid, check there is no skew.

Note: Manufacturers of dishwashers recommend using a regenerating salt in the form of crystals, not in tablets.

How to understand that it’s time to fall asleep salt

Almost all modern dishwashers have an indicator that shows when it’s time to pour NaCl. This indicator is associated with the sensor located in the ion exchanger reservoir. As soon as the sensor begins to feel that sodium becomes a little, it sends a signal to the indicator and it lights up with a red light. Most dishwashers (Electrolux, Bosch, Hansa, Gorenje and PR.) The indicator is indicated by the symbol in the form of the letter “S” and is equipped with a red light bulb.

It is not necessary to run for salt immediately as soon as the red light caught fire. But it is desirable to fall asleep it for 5-7 dishwashers.

Sometimes it happens that even after replenishing the compartment, the indicator does not go out. There is nothing terrible. Just need to wait some time until the ion exchanger reservoir be filled with Na ions.

What to do in the absence of an indicator

In old versions, the PMM is often not provided by the salt indicator. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the frequency of the formation of plaque. If gray divorces appear on spoons and forks or glasses from transparent glass. it means it’s time to fall asleep salt in the dishwasher. To calculate, after what time after filling in the salt reservoir, it will be necessary to fill it again, you can attach a small leaflet to the dishwasher on which to write a date when salt was saved. After a couple of months, you will receive data on the average flow of sodium chloride and periods when it is necessary to replenish its number.

Testing dishwasher

When the long-awaited device appears in the house, the owner wants to immediately enable it and check the performance.

Do not hurry. To begin with, you should carefully read the instructions so that the standard effects of the equipment seemed signs of breakdowns.

The only difference between the test launch of the car from the worker. the absence of dishes in the basket. Otherwise, you need to do the same: Download detergents, salt, rinser. It is advisable to check the technique on the cycle with the highest temperature

The work of dishwashers of different manufacturers can differ significantly, so manufacturers of equipment make up detailed instructions on the first launch. Do not ignore their recommendations, otherwise you can encounter unexpected problems during the operation of the device.

Objective to conduct a dishwasher

Before the first working inclusion is required, the dishwasher is carried out. one cycle is swolled without loading dishes.

  • Cleaning. After making in the factory inside parts, the new techniques remain traces of lubricants, small garbage particles. While the car stands in the store, it is examined, they touched their hands, which leads to the appearance of spots. Test launch removes dirt and prepares equipment for use.
  • Check functionality. During the first inclusion, technician manufacturing defects are manifested. If it was damaged during transport, it will also become apparent.
  • Controlling installation and connection. In life there is always a place for annoying chance. Installers could be mistaken when installing, connecting to water supply or sewage. Sometimes they just forget to remove transport elements. The test will identify shortcomings.
  • User training. Even if the first dishwasher was purchased, it still has to be found to the new technique. Machines of various manufacturers have their own characteristics, and you need to deal with them before the device will be put into operation.

For test start, you will need a start set. detergent, salt and rinse. It is either buying separately for checking the car, or the one that is planned to be used for washing dishes in the future. This will help determine the amount of salt, the type of detergent.

Already during test launch, it is necessary to do everything just like when washing dishes: download household chemicals, pick up the mode. Thanks to this simple action, you can immediately deal with the features of the machine

Sometimes users make a mistake: run the first cycle without detergents, loading only salt. So they are trying to save an excess pill or dose of gel. Do not do this. Hot water can make technical lubricant, but traces of the fatty composition can remain under the rubber bands.

Procedure for idling

First of all, the dishwasher carefully examines. You need to make sure that it is not damaged, but there are no foreign objects in the chamber. Sometimes inside the device forget foam sealing inserts, stickers and t.D. If everything is in order, you can turn on the machine to the network, unscrew the valve, overlapping water.

Salt improves its water quality. It is important to correctly calculate the amount of softener, focusing on its rigidity. To do this, use test strips included in the operational set of the machine

  • Check if the machine is installed exactly.
  • All feed and removal hoses must be securely connected, and the joints are sealed. Make sure that.
  • Open the camera door. Need to check whether the sprayer rotates freely. For this it needs to be checked several times.
  • Drain filter twisted, washed thoroughly with domestic chemistry with domestic chemistry, and then installed in place.
  • When selecting detergents you need to find such that will not damage the parts of the machine. The required amount of salt and rinse is calculated immediately to set the program for the future.
  • When all the preparatory work is completed, the car is installed on the longest dishwashing mode, without loading the basket. It is important that the temperature is as high as possible.
  • It remains only to close the door tightly, launch the dishwasher and watch out for its work. If everything goes fine, you do not need to interfere and try to improve something.

In order for the regenerating salt did not stick during the operation of the machine, an approximately liter of pure water is poured into a blank compartment.

Only after this procedure it can be filling. Recommended amount of liquid. 300-500 g.

If the dishwasher does not disconnect from the network, the specified parameters (type of chemistry, the amount of salt, rinse) will remain unchanged. But in case of termination of electricity supply, this data will have to enter

If the dishwasher itself does not define chemistry, you need to manually enter the type of funds and the salt supply mode. Modern machines remember the entered parameters.

Requiring attention aspects

While the cycle of the dishwasher in test mode lasts, you need to check such functions:

  • Water supply. Normally, it goes smoothly, the car does not stop;
  • heating. you should make sure that the TEN is in order; It is impossible to check in the store, so malfunction is able to identify only a test launch;
  • Drain. water should flow completely and without delay;
  • Drying. you need to check whether there is moisture in the chamber after the end of the cycle.

In the future, the operation of the dishwasher is carried out taking into account the recommendations specified in the instructions for use. As you use the rinse and detergent add to the car. It is advisable to use a new portion of funds every time, and not to leave the remnants from last washing in the device.

Be sure to control the amount of salt in the ion exchanger. All the dishes are placed according to the rules, avoiding overload. This significantly reduces the quality of washing. Sprayer and nozzles periodically check for purity, do not allow clogging of filters. The modes of work are selected depending on the stage of pollution.

To extend the deadline for the device when it is turned on to the network, extenders or adapters do not use. Do not touch the device with dirty hands. Do not let children in dishwasher during her work. It is important to monitor that foreign objects do not get inside. Periodically purify the inner surfaces of the dishwasher and filters from contamination and fat clusters.

For owners of dishwasher Bosch

We give examples from the instructions for the Bosch PMM brand, of which you can see that it is necessary to use salt.


In order for the car wash at the proper level, purified water should be supplied to the machine, without calcium salts. Otherwise, on the walls, dishes and parts of the machine will appear. Water with high calcium rigidity must necessarily go through the cleaning procedure before getting to important details of the device. To soften the water, a device built into the body of the machine is used. salt falls asleep in it.