How to refuel overlock Aurora 700D

Aurora 700 D has an automatic engineer of the buttonhole and adjusting the cloth. Thanks to the differential transporter, the machine perfectly cooles with the processing of products made of fabrics of different densities.

Aurora Obserlock makes the seams, rubs the sections and cuts off the excess fabric in one time. With the overlock Aurora 700D you can achieve a good property. Aurora 700D will help process the allowance at least any product! Reliable overlock for home use.Overlock makes lines on 2, three and four threads.

Overlock Aurora 600D (laconic review)


2, 3, 4-minute seam; role seam; chain stitch; differential feed; speed of 1200 stitches/min

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Using Your Overlocker / Serger. How to: Curves and Corners

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Preparation for work

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare some tools that facilitate the procedure for refueling overlock, adjustment, and the operational elimination of emerging problems.

  • Several multi.colored coils. Multi.colored threads will show which looping loop is made incorrectly, will help adjust the tension;
  • set of sover knives. They are used to cut the sticking ends of the threads, the briefing of the edges of bulk fabrics;
  • A set of needles. If there is a spare kit, the rearrangement of a broken or bent needle does not take much time, helps to quickly return to the sewing process. A change in the needle is also required in the presence of visible seam defects: more frequent passes, tightening. This can happen due to an incorrectly inserted or groaned needle;
  • Lubrication oil. It is better to choose the quality oil of the manufacturer specified in the instructions for the equipment. It is rarely required. it is necessary to lubricate the machine once every six months. So you should not save on it. For lubrication, a standard one.time medical syringe is used. it will be able to “reach” to the most inaccessible places of mechanisms;
  • Pinzet with narrow tips. Helps to let the tip of the thread into the eye of the left loop. It’s hard to do with bare hands;
  • A small piece of matter for control. Will help check the accuracy of refueling the overlock threads, adjust the tension.

Settings after refueling

To conduct accurate setting, you can season with overclock with multi.colored threads to easily determine with the tension of which thread the problem arose.

For all needles and buttonholes, the same threads should be used, preferably specially designed for overlock.

SERGER Stitches: learn the 4 thread safety stitch!

Initially, the values ​​of the thread tension on the regulators are set to the middle position (according to the instructions). Then perform a test line and, if necessary, weaken or enhance the tension of specific threads. Typically, the instructions provide examples of improper tension and are given recommendations for setting tension. After making each change, again perform a test line until the optimal result is achieved.

The length of the stitch and the width of the cut, as well as the value of differential supply, is selected depending on the type of fabric and the type of processing. The ability to configure the force of pressure of the foot (on some models) will allow you to get the best seam on thick or thin materials.

The correct refueling of the overlock for the first time takes a lot of time, but, with experience, it will be executed faster. Color markers and schemes on the case will facilitate work. The combination of competent settings for a specific task and high.quality threads provides a high level of seam processing even at home.

Operation Manual Aurora 740d Overlock

Aurora 740D installation instructions

Preface to you for the purchase of this sewing machine. This machine, designed for domestic use, will provide excellent sewing characteristics from light to heavy materials (from batist to denim). Instructions for proper operation and optimal maintenance see in the attached booklet. To fully use the advantages of your sewing machine, before starting to work on it, read the entire user guide. Then read the car, following the leadership, page after page.In order to constantly ensure the most modern sewing capabilities, the manufacturer reserves the right, when it considers it necessary, change the appearance, design or belonging of this sewing machine without prior notice or any obligations.

Safety instructions for using this machine should always comply with the main security measures, including the following.

Before starting the operation of the machine, read all the instructions.

  • You should never leave unattended the car included in the mains. Always take out a plug of a network cord from a socket immediately at the end of work or before cleaning.
  • Always take out a plug of a network cord from the outlet before replacing the light bulb. A faulty lamp should be replaced only by a lamp of the same type, with a nominal power of 15 watts. After replacing the light bulb, before the continuation of the work, do not forget to install the front plate that closes the light bulb in place.

How to configure the device?

After refueling the needle thread, you need to correctly configure the sewing device. To prepare an overlock for work, you need to pull all the threads and adjust the length of the stitches.

fill, threads, overlok, aurora, correctly, overlock

In the course of preparing the machine for sewing, you can encounter a number of problems. Usually with most difficulties it is possible to cope independently without involving an overlock repair specialist.

Tension of all threads

Adjust the tension of the threads is recommended by whole values ​​on the regulatory element. The divisions between them are used to adjust the line for each individual sewing cycle. First, it is necessary to intensively rot the nuts of conical springs, and then proceed to a detailed adjustment. It is better to record the indicators that will help not to look for them subsequently.

To determine the required thread tension, it is recommended to properly set the regulators on the machine body. So, for weak tension, you need to choose a value from 2 to 3, for medium. from 4 to 5, for strong. from 6 to 7.

When adjusting the overlock, you need to remember that all regulatory elements should be put on one indicator, and all the threads tilted in them should have an identical number and structure.

fill, threads, overlok, aurora, correctly, overlock

The length of the stitches

The quality of the lines laid on the device depends on this parameter. For each new sewing cycle, it is selected separately. For ordinary procedures, there is a universal regime. It combines the length and width of the stitches, which are designed for most types of matters. There is no need to configure the car for small lines.

The length of the stitch in this setting varies from 2.5 to 3 mm. It is used for thin fabrics and materials of medium thickness. Elongated and shortened stitches lead to laying a low.quality seam and fabric lighting.

Set up this parameter, rotating special bolts to the required position. The procedure is carried out in stages. After each scrolling, it is necessary to check the length of the stitch on fabric waste.

Frequent problems and ways to eliminate them

It is not always possible to configure the sewing device the first time, especially if the newcomer is taken for business. In the process of setting up the machine, you can encounter a number of problems. Information about them and ways to eliminate them is presented in the table:

How to refuel a three.minute overlock

A three.minute apparatus with one needle above and two threads going from below is considered a universal. The direction of the thread is indicated by the holes located on the body of the apparatus. The refueling scheme of a three.nepe overlock is similar to manipulations with the usual sewing machine.

the thread sequentially passes through all the holes;

The tip is inserted into the right loop and drops down;

The tip is passed through the ears of the needle, draws under the paw and is taken back.

The refueling of a three.nepe overlock ends with a trial seam on a spare piece of material similar to the work. Choosing a similar fabric is required because different materials react differently to thread tension. Trial seam helps to adjust the tension.

How to refuel an overlock machine with four threads

The four.minute device has two needles and two tension mechanisms. The right works with the right thread, the left. with the left.

In general, the thread input scheme corresponds to the standard refueling scheme of the device. Some models have a special refueling scheme. It is placed in the instructions. For the convenience of users, manufacturers draw a sequence of overlock preparation for sewing directly on the apparatus body.

Choose a type of line

The processing of the edges of the tissue on the overlock looks aesthetically pleasing, reliable and prevents the tape. Using such a machine, the following types are performed.

  • Narrow 2-thread stack with a mark. Intended for processing capricious thin materials. The overlock for performing such a line should be equipped with a special clamp overlapping the upper loop.
  • Overlaid narrow 3-threaded line for thin fabrics. Performed by 3 threads using the right needle and both loopers.
  • Wide 3-thread seam for medium density materials. The left needle and both loopers are involved.
  • The note with 4 threads is used when grinding the edges of knitted and dense fabrics. Performed by both needles and loopers.
  • Decorative and binding seams (Flatlock, Side, double.sided).

Read more about the types of seams on the overlock.

Decorative seams

Modern overlock models provide more opportunities for sewing exclusive things, as they can please with decorative types of lines.


The true seam of Flatlock is performed only on embroidery machines and carpets. On the overlock there is only its imitation, which is created using a certain adjustment.

To create such a seam, the tension of the needles weaken with the simultaneous maximum tension of the lower loopers. Flatlock stitching you can grow tissue elements. On a turn, when connecting 2 layers of material, a line is formed that resembles a flat seam. In the sock, it is not very durable, in places of high load it quickly diverges, so it is rarely used in sewing. such a line is suitable for decorating relief elements of clothing.

Role.playing (inclusive)

It is also called a roller seam or opikovka, it can be obtained by conducting manipulations with adjusting the overlock tensioners. The processing of the edge looks in the form of a line twisted inside.

Using such a hem on the product, you can increase the waves on the frills by inserting a fishing line for a trimmer, make a more elastic edge of the skirt. This maneuver is used to wipe the edge of the upsurge to increase the splendor of the hem. With its help, you can not only process the edges of the fabric, but also sew the outfit frills together at the same time. Often this line is used in sewing dance costumes. Also, the role seam looks beautiful on the decorated parts of the tulle and in knitted products.

How to use an overlock?

In order for the purchased device to serve for more than a dozen years, experienced seamstresses recommend carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions before starting its operation and strictly observe all the rules.

The main recommendations for the operation of the sewing apparatus.

The most common cause of overlock breakdown of the 51 class is improper tension of yarn and the use of threads of different diameters. Despite their unpretentiousness to consumables, experts recommend using threads from special industrial bobbins for hips. To configure the device, you must first weaken all nodes, and only then pull each thread separately.

Experienced seamstresses use multi.colored threads for tuning.

The appearance of an uncharacteristic knock during work indicates the processing of a very thick piece of the canvas, when the revelry of which the right hook collides with a foot. Ignoring this problem can provoke a failure of a metal buttonhole. Non.compliance with the refueling scheme of threads can provoke deviations in the functioning of the entire device. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to pull the threads out of the apparatus and season them again.

To prevent pulling the threads after the end of work with one part, experts recommend not cutting the threads, but carefully put a new thing and continue to work. This trick will not only save consumables and working hours, but also prevent the appearance of breakdowns.

If in the process of working on the seams laid, passes began to appear, then the cause of the problem is a shift in the location of the needler. You can eliminate the trouble with a displacement of the part down a few millimeters.

Self.manufacture of clothing is not only a popular occupation, but also very fascinating. To obtain a qualitative result, it is necessary to have not only basic practical and theoretical knowledge, but also high.quality raw materials, as well as good equipment. One of the main technical devices involved in the sewing process is an overlock with which you can make the product more elegant and durable.

fill, threads, overlok, aurora, correctly, overlock

For home use, it is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment, or you can opt for proven models, such as an overlock of grade 51.

Industrial Overlock Aurora A-700DE-4. review

When you start working for industrial equipment, everyday seems to be a toy. Five years ago I bought an industrial straight.line machine, and now I decided on an overlock. The choice fell on Aurora A-700DE-4. This is a four.minute industrial overlock with servo drive.

Very nimble, speed up to 5000 stitches per minute. This is how the manufacturer claims, there is a backlighting the working area, the choice of the position of the needle (t.e. At the end of the seam, the needle will always be only in a given position or from above or below). If you remove one needle, the overlock becomes three.native, which is also a big plus. Overlock starts very pleasantly, the pedal reacts instantly, you can set the desired speed. Who sewed only on the household overlock, then this comparison is simply a beast! He wins both in speed, and quality, and in the absence of noise and other surface vibration. Standard, like all overlocks, you can configure the width of the stitch (up to 4.2 mm), differential supply of tissue, paw pressure on the fabric.

What seemed not familiar is to sew with his left foot, the left pedal is responsible for sewing, and the right for lifting the legs. You can only twist the flying wheel against yourself, and on the right line on the contrary, you also need to get used to it.

I chose a specially shortened 80 to 54, to save space, it is still on wheels. There is a marking at the whole table. line in cm and inches. The scraps are dumped into the hole in the table, then on a special compartment, it remains only to put a bucket. Overlock was delivered to me immediately in the assembly, very pleased with the equipment! It includes: all kinds of screwdrivers, keys, hexagons, tweezers, snippers, oils, funnels, rolled oil, replaceable filter and knife, needles.

To start sewing, you need to first pour oil through the funnel, there is a special hole where you can see the maximum. It took me a little more than half a liter. I rolled it for a month, it became dark, then replaced others with others. There are inconvenience in replacing oil, especially if you are a fragile girl. The oil drain hole is not in a very accessible place, you need to raise your head completely, but the head weighs 40 kg. Therefore, you need to either call a master or ask someone.

Oil replacement is further produced every 4 months. You also need to clean the filter every month. Everything is very reliable, tightly twisted, I myself could not unscrew, they helped me.

Instructions and memo are also attached, but she did not help me to season the overlock at all. There is also a dressing scheme in the overlock itself, it is also not clear there either. I was able to refuel according to color signs, everything turned out to be not so difficult. There are very narrow places, I fill only with tweezers.

And most importantly, it is very high quality, neat, weaves of threads are the same on the entire line, even if the thickness of the fabric changes. She tested for a very long time, just enjoying the process. The photo shows sample samples.