Feedback: TEFAL RG6825WH Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Excellent assistant. Provide clean floor, but buy better by stock.

In a new apartment 70 kV. M. It was decided to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. The question arose: what to choose? than 100 models from more than 30 manufacturers are presented on the market. Of course, reading the reviews, I really wanted to buy some smart, modern model from the manufacturer IROBOT or MAMIBOT. There were other preferences, but they all began in the area 25 and above. After talking with friends, I realized that they have long been using more budget models and do not complain. Everybody’s brands are different, but in M-video at that time (July 2019) there was an action on Tefal Smart Force Explorer RG6825WH. Instead of its old price, 19,990, was blown 10 021. Firm famous. And since I was already tuned to the purchase, albeit not fiddled, but an inexpensive robot, then it is even happy to buy a thing about this money.Unfortunately, nowhere found information about the power of suction, the battery capacity. Still confused the size of the container. only 250 ml. All reviews advise you to choose 300-400 ml. But the purchase was still done.

A couple of towards her a little later I bought a steam mqvabra. There is an overview here: a steam cleaner Kitfort KT-1004

On the first day charged and tried to use. Automatically it is configured to clean in chaotic order. His trajectory is not amenable to logic. He can remove part of the room thoroughly, and then, without completing cleaning, goes to the next. Returns to the same place several times. Cleaning time for about 2 hours. During this time, of course, the floor becomes clean. But sometimes you can find the fight right in the middle of the room. Smarter models, as I understood, a laser is shifted by space, making a map of the room. Perhaps the time for cleaning because of this they have less. Naturally, immediately opened the tray. Dust was a lot. Let us suppose. But then surprised where he takes so much? But this does not mean that the tray I am empty daily. About once every five days. Dust is glorified, decreasing in size, so the volume of the tray is enough for a family of 4 people without animals in the apartment of 70 squares.

And once every 2 weeks I clean the filters, wash them under water and carefully dry. In the photo tray for garbage with 3 types of filters. The air outwards the clean, which guarantees the protection of the robot motor.

Brushes on the sides help capture the garbage and fit it to the suction hole. Not all models they have. For me, a very useful thing. increases the radius of the retractable surface.

Over the year of operation, nothing happened to them. Kitfort My acquaintances broke in six months. Of course, with brushes it is worth taking only a smooth floor. It is unambiguously suitable for carpets.In some reviews, I read that it is better to take without a turbo brush. Again, if the smooth floor. laminate or linoleum, better still with her. But necessarily you need to look at it. clean from the winding hair. Here with a vacuum cleaner and a jamb happened. I did not immediately notice that the hair fell on the edge of the brushes, rigidly screwed, which led to heat from friction and some deformation of the part. Now he has become even more noisy.

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About noise. Very noisy, but nothing can be done about it. Quieter models are less powerful. Nerves will not stand listen to his buzz within 2 hours. If I’m at home, then I close it half an hour in one of the rooms, then I transfer to the next one.It is still impossible to watch how he gets up. The base is better as possible to establish so that the vacuum cleaner has a space for maneuver. Left and right 1 m of free space and 2 m in front of the base (we have some deficit with the place). When he finished cleaning, serves a beep. The noise is changing on the buzz. the operation of the motor without work of the vacuum cleaner. And begins to drive from the room to the room. Where exactly, he does not know, trys everything in a row. He has some half an hour to find a mother and fall asleep (charging on his uninterrupted work for 2.5 hours). It was several times, did not reach. But when he finally drove into the right room, dances begins with a tambourine. Fuck, stepped up, stirred, turned, got out, from another angle and t. D. After the third right, the nerves will finally pass. It is better to install it on the basis immediately after the end of the harvesting. It is still necessary to check (with an independent installation) so that the green button on the base burn stops, and the red on the vacuum cleaner began to flash. Otherwise he does not charge.

Photo base. Charging through metal terminals.On the edge of his plastic side on the spring. This is for depreciation when hitting vertical obstacles (legs of tables, doors, walls). Despite the fact that he has an obstacle sensor, he beats about items often. Not all speed, just as close as possible tries to drive up for cleaning. It’s not because he is completely fool.Naturally, before cleaning, unnecessary items must be removed. Especially those he can suck or wind on the wheels. Although Tulle hangs on the floor to half a centimeter on 3, he does not touch her.How pure it removes? Walking on the floor very nice after his cleaning. I will not get. In the corners there are only very tiny islands of dust and doors. Water after floor washing is much cleaner. Wet cleaning required less. In general, dust in the apartment becomes less. When walking it does not rise, it does not settle on the furniture, it is not.The vacuum cleaner can be closed on the surface of 1.5 cm height. In the hallway there is a mat, he closes without any problems and removes all the sand.

In general, I am very pleased that I had such an assistant. But I would like to try in work a smarter model. For the price, in which he would have cost me, I am pleased. For the complete I would prefer another model.Suitable for apartments without carpets with a thick pile.


We return to our vacuum cleaner, consider it more closely. It is made in the form of a tablet from the Lidar tower at the top. A black model came to me, but there is a white version. Plastic practical, matte. Dirt and dust on it will not be particularly noticeable. Dimensions Standard. 350 x 102 mm.

Lidar is rendered back. Pressure sensor is not provided, so in the theory nothing will prevent the robot to get stuck under the sofa. The reason to alert for those who have clearance under furniture make up 10 cm or a little less.

Control buttons are located ahead: the first is responsible for launching and stopping cleaning, the second returns the vacuum cleaner to the base. Still in the center there is an Open button. She pages the lock, allowing you to get a dust collector. In fact, the top wall of the container is a fragment of the facial panel of the vacuum cleaner. The remaining walls are made of transparent plastic so that you can consider the contents of the dust collector. The input hole provides a protective curtain. Triple filtration system: non-filter, foam gasket and piping mesh. The volume of the container is 400 ml.

The bumper at the robot is solid, passes throughout the perimeter of the case and when pressed shifted back. There is no fundamental difference with a conventional bumper, pure cosmetic innovation. To recognize obstacles, tactile and IR sensors are used, which are hidden behind the tinted glass. Additionally, a rubber pad passes in order not to scratch the furniture in the collision. On the right side there is a slot for the TOF sensor. Rear is the graduation grille. Her design is the same as Xiaomi robots.

  • Two side brushes with a mount on a self-tapping screw;
  • Fall sensors in front and sides;
  • Roller with a rotational sensor;
  • Charging terminals;
  • driving wheels with a deep tread;
  • The closure frame is rigidly fixed in the housing, it does not adapt to the relief; There is a rubber scraper and protection against winding in the form of two bulkheads; Torboatte petal-bristle, relatively soft; ends are removed, so it’s not difficult to clean it.

Rear to the bottom you can fasten the mop. 90 ml of water is fitted in it, which goes on a napkin by gravity through fabric gaskets. To install the mop, turn the vacuum cleaner not necessarily. Here’s how it is done.

In general, the robot is assembled well. Plastic from which the case is made, produces a favorable impression, but the quality of the brushes causes suspicion.

For owners of robot vacuum cleaners. If the vacuum cleaner does not charge from the base.

This post is not entertaining and intended only those who have a robot vacuum cleaner. precisely for those who have ceased to charge from the base. I am writing here for several reasons. First, asking any question in the search engine, I often find the answer to Pikabu. Secondly, I did not find a specialized Internet resource, where you can write about my problem and solving free form. I hope that the person who will google “Irobot Roomba The robot vacuum cleaner stopped charging from the base,” immediately gets the answer here in the first search results.

So, I have an IRobot Roomba 760 vacuum cleaner. He got me from my parents who ceased to use them because of the appearance of a large number of objects in the house that the vacuum cleaner can demolish, drop, get confused in them. He looks like this:

He has two ways to charge. One is presented in the photo above. Robot himself visits the charging station, or you can put it on it. And the second method. It is to pull the plug from the charging station and directly connect it in the connector on the vacuum cleaner. Here’s here:

Vacuum cleaner for more than 3 years and as far as I know there was no problem with charging. But I brought him to my home discharged. And damn me jerked to charge it in the second way. Pulled the plug, inserted with a crunch in the vacuum cleaner and the charge went. OK. After some time charged. Plug connect to the station and install the vacuum cleaner on it so that after cleaning it was returned. And charging did not go!! well, OK. Probably, he fully charged and he no longer need. I am sending it to clean. Through n-time, when the vacuum cleaner had to finish cleaning and return to the base, hear strange knocks and sounds in the very room where he left him. I go and observe as my vacuum cleaner, sorry, performs sexual intercourse with a charging station. Goes, runs on it, goes, runs and t.D. Concerned confirmed. not charging. The vacuum cleaner should stop as soon as its contacts receive a current from the station’s contacts.

Well, in general, I read the instructions, measured the stress at the station, disassembled it and danced with the tambourine. For two days I tried to promote the problem. On the third day I was already going to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to look at the state of the board, kondoers, etc., but finally decided to call those.Support for the Moscow number posted on the official website of the IROBOT representative office. Called to find out how voltage should give the station and how I understand that I broke. Robot or station. The second can be ordered. And the vacuum cleaner itself, as I did not want to give to local masters, “craftsmen” in my provincial city (there is a sad experience of repairing them).

Call. Described briefly problem. Service employee immediately interrupted me and asked a couple of clarifying issues. And then I began to give accurate, but in my opinion stupid and meaningless instructions. Something to pull out there, wet alcohol, wax or vodka, twist to twist and write them in the vacuum cleaner connector several times. I listened to all this thing, and I already decided that the uncle did not understand why he says, yes so confident. In the end, he asked him about the tension and said goodbye.

Quickly completed what he said, but in relation to the connector in the charging station. Did not help. His confidence in these instructions was embarrassing me that I decided to listen to the recording of the conversation. The service officer accurately spoke about the connector of the vacuum cleaner and he was right.

So, after I put a plug of charging in the unused for more than 3 years and scored dust, and later I pulled out, part 1 and part 2 of the vacuum cleaner connector (below in the photo) lost contact with each other. And, as I understood, the charging process through the station is only subject to the contact of these parts. And, in fact, as the master said, it was necessary to cheer up this connector, by several scrolling and sharp pulling plug. You can pre-apply on the connector / plug of the alcohol-containing liquid.

The robot vacuum cleaner is quickly discharged: what to do?

Circumstances of such difficulties may be somewhat. Owners note that cleaning is not yet completed, and the bot has already been sent back to the docking station, since it has exhausted its own charge. The functionality of all technical nodes of the device can be kept under control in the application if the device supports synchronization with mobile devices.

Also visually disadvantaged. Power drops, he rapidly “tired” and seeks to return to charging.

So Makar, circumstances for trouble can be three:

To reveal to the case, you need to fully diagnose the household device. To do this, contact the service center.

Timely cleaning of the dust collector and replacing filters

The volume of dust collectors of robots-vacuum cleaners. an average of 600 ml, and after almost every cleaning it is necessary to free it from garbage, even if it is not filled with entirely. two cleaning capacity of the container is hardly enough. Constant non-compliance of this rule will lead to a deterioration in the quality of cleaning, to a faster battery discharge and, with time, to the appearance of gaps and disorders of the design. Because of this, the vacuum cleaner will pour part of the garbage to the floor.

Motor and graduation filters need cleaning and replacement: deadlines can be different depending on the model and intensity of operation, but, as a rule, they are small: on average from 3 months to six months. Lifehak: Filters are well cleaned by the usual vacuum cleaner, if you have it.

Review: Robot vacuum cleaner Tefal Explorer Serie 60 Allergy Kit RG7447WH. Robot vacuum cleaner for grandmother

This model was acquired due to a height of 6 cm to remove under the sofa, high enough for garbage, but too low for conventional vacuum cleaner. Already on the first day of use, the vacuum cleaner was painful. A few days later, renamed fecal. And now essentially. The robot does not have a remote and controlled through the application. But neither% of battery charge, nor room card, nor the time of the remaining work you will not see. In the appendix you can only turn on the vacuum cleaner, select the suction rate and set the schedule, if, of course, you feed it with it, it turns out not the first time. information. Customize the water supply speed is impossible, designate a room for cleaning too, not to install the virtual wall, understand, at what stage of cleaning is the robot, it is impossible. When reducing the application, it crashes, and the alerts do not come. T. E. All the working hours are sitting with the screen and open app, and it will be stuck this device, and you will not know. Stuck today twice or three times in an even place, without silenting among the corners and legs of the table. After installing the schedule, it turns on an hour before the designated time. Clock settings on the appliance itself in the application.

Time of real work. 60 minutes, square. 50 kV. M. Charging time 5 (. ) hours. Water tanks at this time of work did not have enough that he managed, then protever, the rest is simply spent. Turbochka. Separate song. Soft bristles gently stroke the garbage and only with its voluntary agreement tighten into the vacuum cleaner.The map of the room does not build, or it is not displayed in the application. Judging by the behavior, it just goes. Some places are three times, and some ignored.Wet cleaning does not remove at least any desam spots. Complete two rags, but it’s not a lot of sense from them.Cherry on the cake was the fact that under the sofa, for which he was bought, the robot categorically disappears. Claustrophobia he has or fear of darkness, I do not know. And height he passes, but unfolds, without stopping, and goes to the other side.At the time of purchase, the choice was between Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C and this vacuum cleaner. Made a choice based on the reliability of the brand and the height of the vacuum cleaner. The choice is disappointed. Tefal mercilessly exploits its nonsense, and in the functionality, their products are far behind competitors in the same price category. Adequate feedback on this model is currently no, so I hope my will be useful to someone.Supplement after a month of use: After communication with the support service, it turned out that the cards this robot does not build, he does not have the cameras, it exercises on the basis of the stuffy algorithms. Algorithms. such an interesting thing that is very unpredictable. To understand why the robot rides for five times the cleared places, but it will not come to the garbage, it is impossible. Send it somewhere impossible. Water consumption and battery charges are in the end, and the floors are clean only in places. If he did not move so chaotic, cleaning would have occupied half the time.

Feedback: TEFAL RG6825WH Robot Vacuum Cleaner. How cool to live in the age of automation)

After two months of use, I decided to share withdraws from your robot. In the first days of this year, an Assistant Robot Vacuum Cleaner TEFAL Smart Force Explorer RG6825WH appeared in our family.

From now on, I became exactly less than Durgany because of any Musorin, which suddenly come across. Well, at home it became much clearer. Before that, my assistant was a broom. Normal Soviet Venik. And sweeping, all the same small particles of dust or small merinies remained on the floor. And so I am constantly at home in the socks, because I can’t stand it, when something else is barely noticed to bare heel)

With a stall (and so we called our assistant) I’m more often walking around the apartment barefoot. And this is a real bua.

We bought it for the promotion for 9 850 in m-video. Use immediately. They were surprised by the number of dust he spoiled for the first time: he always thought that I was actually cleanly)

He has 3 modes of operation: chaotic, direct lines and joint. You can put a timer so that it turns on and started working at a certain time. What we did: turn on at 19 o’clock and starts to run. As long as we do not understand, on what principle he goes and removes. Can start cleaning in the bedroom, after 5 minutes to go to the nursery, where half an hour will stay, then look at the kitchen for a while. And if it is not touching it, it can work and clean for 2 hours.2 hours 50 minutes (it was a long time of his continuous operation). Before his launch, we naturally raise all the chairs with the floor and everything that may interfere with it. Laces, some ribbons are also better removed, including wires (type from charging), capers, have to unravel. we had cases.

And so he removes from us daily (except for wet cleaning, when we simply send it immediately after launching at 19 o’clock). At the end of cleaning it is looking for a base. If I see that, in principle, I was still well, I send it to the base before, for example, after an hour of work.

To control there is a remote and a button on the vacuum cleaner. When the robot is charging the button on the red, when it works. Green. If we put it on a pause or send to the database, the button also lights up red.

In terms of noise I would not call very loud, but sit in the same room with a working vacuum cleaner and watch the TV is not very comfortable.

I clean it now once a week and immediately my “insides”. In the first time, a long time dealt over how to remove this compartment, where the dust is sucked. It turns out that everything is simple: a simple movement away from the vacuum cleaner on the key on this compartment. Before cleaning these most “interns” I definitely remove with brushes all the hair wounded in a week.

Where the hair wound tightly, using manicure scissors to cut the hair and pull them faster from the roller. After already pouring dust and rubbish from the compartment, I remove the filters, two of which I wash in running water, and the third (paper) just worse. According to the instructions, this filter needs to be changed every six months.

After this, it is necessary to wash 12-hour drying, so I usually do it in the evening, laying out the filters to be dried overnight, and in the morning I collect it again, while I leave the vacuum cleaner without filters on the basis to charge it.

For these 2 months of work, I can definitely answer that the robot vacuum cleaner. This is a real home assistant. No need to run with a broom when something walked. I usually can bring it to the place where something wanted and turn on, if I understand that it will remove and faster, and the cleaner of the broom in this case. Dust in the house became accurately less. Judging by how much it is going to the compartment for dust by the end of the week. Cleans and just floor and mats. Small elevations jumps over (such as low thresholds).

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And wash the floor is now much simpler, since all the dust, the hair and small garbage will gather, and no longer need to go through the rooms with a broom before washing the floor.

Poorly oriented

The minimum set of sensors in a full-fledged device. surface sensors that do not allow the robot to fall from the height, the sensors of the obstacle in front and side of the sides that help avoid collisions and contact sensors of the collision in a movable bumper, allowing you to “feel” the wall when cleaning along them. Advanced models are equipped with cameras or laser rangefinders that allow you to build a room map and navigate it.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not see the obstacles or demonstrates other oddities in behavior, probably the sensors contaminated. This also includes the following problems:

  • twigs;
  • Fits back, with harvesting rides back;
  • rides back and turns off;
  • stops in the middle of the room;
  • Rides only in a circle or one place;
  • crashed into the walls not slowing down.

The problem of popular Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Black floor. The robot vacuum cleaner does not work on a black floor or coating because it does not detect such surfaces under the wheels and considers them a break. Help all sensors on the bottom of white paper will help.

Be careful, covering the surface sensors, you deprive the device to protect against fall, and it can fall from steps.

Another common problem. Does not see Dark Furniture or Mirrors. In this case, the easiest option will be a virtual wall or magnetic tape installed in front of an invisible obstacle to the gadget. If you want to find another option, fantasize. Someone attachs the bar to the furniture so that the cleaner groped her and did not go further, someone paper strip to the mirror, pre-picked up the desired height.

If the robot vacuum cleaner rides and turns off, it may have jammed the supporting roller in front. Disassemble and clean the roller according to the instructions. When driving in a circle or in one place, see whether both leading wheels rotate freely. Maybe one of them is blocked by the wound garbage. Heavier cases when the gearbox or motor of one of the wheels. We have already written in the article, what to do in such cases.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor. this is normal. The problem in the surface sensors, as written just above. You can try to stick them with white paper, but we will not give the guarantees of normal operation, and your assistant will lose protection against height, be careful.

Now you know what faults have a robot vacuum cleaners and how to eliminate them. Do not be afraid of a big list, remember how many problems are from the same machines. Any complicated technique requires attention to itself and proper care, receiving which will be correct to serve the owner for many years.

Wanting to get rid of hassle as much as possible, choose a vacuum cleaner with the official warranty in the country and service centers in your city. And remember even buying such, you must regularly clean it from garbage.

Did not find your problem in the article? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, let’s try.