Drying kit for dishes, built into the kitchen cabinet. Choice and advice.

Has long been an inactive wash dishes and wipe it dry with a towel. Much easier and faster wash the dishes and put it on the dryer, where she herself dries. There are many types of kitchen dryers for dishes, differing in the installation method, material, design and form. So let’s figure out how to choose a dryer or drying for dishes.

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Making a choice of drying for the dishes First, you need to decide on the design and method of installing the dryer, where and how the dryer will be installed, it will be embedded or open.

Most modern kitchen headcards are already provided for a built-in dryer for dishes. When ordering or choosing a kitchen headset, decide on the size of the cabinet for the dryer so that it is not too small for the number of your dishes. Embedded kitchen dryer can be located in a cabinet over a sink or in the lower retractable module. Dryers embedded in the corner cabinet are not very convenient during operation, so it is better to install such a dryer in the absence of other options.

Embedded dryers intended for hinged cabinets are more often two-level. The lower level is designed for plates, top for mugs, but you can position the levels and vice versa. The distance between the levels should be at least 30 centimeters so that the biggest plates can fit if they are at the bottom. If your mounted cabinets are equipped with such lifting mechanisms like gas lifts, it is possible to embed a single-level dryer under the plates in the closet, and the mugs are dried on such railing accessories, like S-shaped hooks or an open suspended or desktop dryer.

The pallet of the embedded dryer is desirable to be removable, it’s easier to drain the water and wash it.

dryer, dishes, closet

The dryer, embedded in the lower retractable box, most often single-level, divided into separations for drying plates, drying mugs and glasses. For convenience, it is installed in the retractable box located next to the sink.

Open dryers for dishes can be swallowed onto the wall or put on the surface of the table top. Suspended dryers are usually installed on the reeling or directly on the wall.

Open dryers as well as embedded are single-level, two-level. There can also be a separate compartment for cutlery.

Special Dryers. Holders for Caps Caps can be installed on the inside door of the cabinet or hang to Reiling.

For temporary drying, the dishes are suitable for folding dryers and trophlex dryers. Dryer Troplex is a metal accessory, peorned either in a grid that can be placed in the sink itself, on the wing of washing or in any other convenient location.

What materials are made of dryers

Let’s figure out what kind of drying can be. Drying dryers are made of metal, plastic, wood.

Metal dryers for dishes are considered the most durable and practical. Usually they are made of stainless steel and are covered with an additional protective layer, such as chromening or enamel. Chrome-plated dryers look presentable, and during operation, the possibility of chipping and scratches are eliminated. What do not say about painted or covered with film dryers. With metal models included plastic or metal pallet. Plastic pallet is more practical, it is easier to care for it.

The advantages of plastic dryers are concluded in a variety of forms and color solutions, as well as a low price. They do not require special care and easy to use. When choosing a plastic dryer, pay attention to the material, the plastic must be moderately, dense and rigid. Poor-quality plastic under the weight of the dishes can break at any time.

Wooden dryers Although covered with a special moisture protection layer, it is better to use as coasters for dry dishes, already fierce. Such dryers will become an excellent element of the kitchen decor in the style of Provence or Country.

Kitchen dryers for dishes are of various shapes, sizes, and materials, and differ in the installation method. Some are not at all noticeable in the kitchen, others become an integral part of the design. Before you buy this device, you must consider the size of the kitchen and the location of the sink.

By the type of placement dishwashers are:

Built-in dryers are placed in the upper or lower cabinet. This device takes a lot of space, not everyone has a free locker to integrate drying there. Also, moisture can be collected in the cabinet, but this will end up. Drying kit for dishes in the cabinet protects kitchen utensils from dust and allows you to dry at once a lot of dishes. And in order for moisture to do not spoil the suspension locker, it is necessary to make holes on the sides.

Built-in dryers are single-tiered and bunk. Bunk allow you to accommodate any dishes. Usually the upper shelf is designed for cups and glasses, and the bottom for plates.

Hinged dryers are a classic version of this device that has long been known. Wall-mounted device is suitable for a kitchen on which there is little free space. It can be placed on any part of the wall or on the door of the locker. It is made with a built-in pallet that is easy to remove. Also, the pallet can be installed separately, under it. Hinged dishwashers may have deposits for cutlery and hooks for cups.

Table dryers are different design, so they perfectly complement the kitchen interior. They are made from various materials and may have a different form. The most convenient can be called bunk dryers with compartments for cutlery and removable pallet.

There are also troplex dryers that are installed directly in the sink. They are made of stainless steel and occupy quite a bit. Such a device does not attract attention, it is considered very convenient, but does not allow to place many dishes.

What material is better to buy a dryer?

The dishwasher can be made of the following materials:

  • Metal. Usually used steel, which is protected by chrome or enamelled coating. Such devices can be of different colors, besides, they are protected from physical and chemical damage.

Dryer for dishes in the closet and other design options. features of different solutions

Do not know which dryer for dishes to pick up so that it fit the room and your requests? Then carefully read the review, it contains all the main modifications with their advantages and minuses so that you can choose the best option.

The dryer provides the convenience of storage and free access to the dishwash

Kitchen drying for dishes: models and design features

Now kitchen dryers for dishes. the required attribute and important element of decor. Their range is huge: Original desktop or wall models and built-in in comfortable retractable cabinets.

In the dryer, mounted in a small locker over the sink, or in the floor models, we are dry and stored. The advantages of open dryers in their feasibility and spectacular decorativeness: We make a certain art object from our dishes daily, complementing the kitchen style.


  • A single-level dryer accommodates only plates and happens both wall and desktop.
  • Bunk Drying Vertically divided for plates and horizontally. shelf for cups.
  • In the dryer for all cutlery there are compartments for knives, spoons, forks.
  • The universal dryer can become a place and for constant storage of dishes.


Dryers on the wall or on the table perfectly decorate the interior.

Such models as seen by numerous photos, the greatest set.

  • There are samples with pallets of different shapes and without them, single-tiered and bunk. You can buy even models with sections separately for forks, knives, spoons.
  • Detached design Bill right on the kitchen sink. Most often it is a grill dryer.
  • Wall drying compact post over washing. It is also advisable to hang it and above the working surface, if the dryer has a pallet.
  • Advanced models have a slope to the bowl from which water gets straight into the sewer.
  • Desktop Big Dryer Watch Even a Festive Service. It is rarely used, as an additional, and the daily load. on the suspended models that do not occupy a lot of space.
  • Outdoor spacious dryer. this is a convenient cabinet with retractable sections for plates, cups, bowls and other utensils.


It is much more convenient to equip your hands under the drying cabinet over the sink itself.

  • Built-in car wash. this is an extra wing of the sink. Peuoration on the wing perfectly holds water. But always keep here dishes are uncomfortable, because the washing is constantly involved.
  • There is also a model-analogue of a modern built-in dryer. trophlex.
  • Drying for the covers of the saucepan will be placed on the inner door of the kitchen cabinet for dishes or on the wall at the cooking panel.
  • As a compromise option, you can integrate the dryer in a special drawer. The main thing is to properly place the pallet so that the furniture from the water does not swell.

In modern kitchen headsets, such a place for the dryer is required.


Modern Drying. Strong Metal Holders, Wooden Frame, Plastic Pallet.

  • Especially good for use, and for aesthetic perception Wooden kitchen dryers for dishes.
  • Waterproof coating reliably protects them from water and evaporation.
  • Wooden devices such. the brightest element of the interior design in the style of country or classic.
  • Drying from coniferous wood, attractive and environmentally friendly, with a pleasant pine smell we can do themselves, guided by video.


  • The best kitchen dryers for dishes are made of durable, relevant for modern kitchen design, stainless steel.
  • Any metal dryer additionally must be protected by a special coating, desirable chrome.
  • Reliable also the latest powder dyes.

note!On the pallet, the unpainted metallic is very noticeable divorce when water drying, which are removed to wash the dishes.


  • Colored and attractive plastic dryers are not so durable, but their price is much lower.
  • Buying such a product, check its strength: Plastics should be tight and at the same time moderately.
  • It is plastic dryers are now fashionable, popular, and their timely replacement will suddenly make a pleasant novelty in the kitchen interior.

Advice!In the outer drying it is better to do without a pallet: the dishes will dry faster and do not finish it from the plaque.

But for drying in the cabinet, the pallet is extremely necessary, and the plastic tray is suitable for steel drying: it is much easier and fastened faster.

What will last longer

  • Drying from chrome and stainless steel. most reliable and durable. Painted such models made of metal or film covered. We will serve for more than a year.
  • Plastic dryer, created on modern high-tech production, will never lose its novelty, but it may be unstable and under the severity of piles, the dishes tip.

What more convenient

  • When buying a drying, choose the same universal model with a pallet. This tray will save our furniture and floors.
  • Removable tray facilitates washing all the dryer. Yes, and merge water from the built-in tray troublesome.
  • Sections in the drawer must be equipped with retainers so that the plates do not roll when the drawer extension.

We make and install drying yourself

  • Pine bars 20 × 20 mm and Ø10 mm rounded Ø10 mm.
  • We grind all the formed surfaces.
  • In the back and front cross, neatly drill holes for inclined rounded bars.
  • We collect a frame, jam connecting longitudinal bars with transverse.
  • We glue the inclined partitions.
  • Ground, carefully grind and in 2 layers cover the surface with high-quality varnish.

Advice!It is necessary to impregnate all the details of the dryer dryers with hot oil, and then apply 2. 3 layers of good furniture oil varnish. and water will not penetrate inside the design, the tree will not swell, and the adaptation itself will last much longer.

Original and creative version of the dryer do it yourself

Fastening mounted drying

Drill, peuorator, plastic dowels, Iron hooks will not allow you to fly drying from the wall.

If you make the kitchen headset with your own hands, then my installation recommendations will be very by the way. And if you consider the basic listed by me factors, the hostess never speaks about the correctness of the growth of your hands.

If you need the detailing of cabinet or built-in furniture. Contact. We will definitely discuss the terms of cooperation and come to a common opinion. For a reasonable percentage for his work, I will prepare for you a detailed project on the designated time.

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Nuances setting drying for dishes

Removable dryers set easy: they are simply collecting and put inside the shelves or countertop. But the model with the retractable mechanism, suspended or built-in require a special approach. These kits typically include standard fasteners.

If they are not suitable for some reason, use coated screws, resistant to moisture

When installing, pay attention to the cabinet doors to be opened and closed completely. The dryer should not interfere.

What materials are made of dryers

Systems for drying dishes can be made of various materials.

Metal constructions

Metal structures are most common. At the same time, the material should be treated. galvanization or enamel coating. This is important when operating in high humidity.

for Metal Dryer Dryers

Most often used stainless steel, which has its protecting coating from corrosion (it is important that there are no chips and other defects). Such dryers serve for a long time, they are durable and functional. Most steel models look very stylish. But stainless steel systems are not cheap. Used in the production of dryers and aluminum. Big plus. care for metal products is practically not required.

Plastic products

Plastic products are cheaper than metal (especially from stainless steel). From this material are stylish, bright interior items. It is important that the patterns of polymers are completely not affected by water, corrosion and rotting. But the rest of their characteristics often leave to desire better.

for plastic dryers for dishes

Mechanical strength of plastics. low. Over time, plastic loses its appearance. In the scratches formed on the surface, dirt is going to.

Wooden crafts

In some interiors (for example, country or provence), stainless steel dryers or plastic will look ridiculous. In this case, do not do without wooden structures.

Built-in wardrobe wooden dryer for dishes on two shelves

Despite the fact that wood is largely exposed to water, steam and temperature fluctuations, when carrying out competent pretreatment of products, they acquire the necessary resistance to influences and decent durability. Of course, it is desirable direct contact with water such dryers minimize.

Also in the manufacture of dryers are used and combinations of materials.

Choice of dryer type. purely individual. The main thing is that the design is convenient to use and its appearance did not cause dissonance with the design of the kitchen room. The cost of the model is influenced by the material from which it is manufactured, and its size, and the device.

Important! Produced under well-known brands, cost consumer significantly more than those whose brand is not too promoted.

Complete set, number of levels and sections

Dishwashing models differ in the amount of levels (single and two-level), the presence of additional side sections and a complete set. What to pay attention to when choosing?

Single-level models intended for deep and dessert plates suitable for all standard kitchen cabinets. If you decide to purchase a dryer with two levels (the top is designed for sowing, glasses, cups), before buying, measure the distance between the shelves before purchase, and make sure that the height of the model you selected does not exceed this indicator.

Also, when buying, please note whether a metallic or plastic tray is included for collecting water collection into a package of dishwashes. Without this important detail, the cabinet, in which the dryer is installed, will be constantly exposed to moisture, which will lead to a damage of kitchen furniture.

If you still purchased the model without a pallet, it can be installed in the mounted cabinet directly above the sink, after having after removing it. In this case, water flowing from dishes will not harm the kitchen headset.

Some models have additional attached sections that are located on the sides. They are intended for cups, glasses or cutlery.

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Cabinet Design for Drying

In general, the design cabinet for drying

corresponds to an ordinary cabinet, except for the bottom of the cabinet. The fact is that in the closet for drying the dishes increased humidity and additional ventilation is necessary. To solve this problem, the bottom in such a closet is not done or made in the form of two planks width 100 mm.

With a bottom of two planks, they make for cheap white dryers and for drying, which have no groove in the back for installing the back wall of fiberboard.

In the design version without the bottom, the bottom is the bottom of the drying, or rather its frame. That is, the drying itself provides the desired stiffness of the design. Although, in my opinion, it should be done when the wardrobe is located between other kitchen cabinets. It should be done so, because under the weight of the dishes fastened drying, and the drying body in the lower part begins to drive around to the sides.

For example, an interesting drying for dishes Variant from the Italian manufacturer VIBO. Such a drying can be installed both in the cabinet with the bottom and without the bottom.

Minimum body depth for drying 283 mm. At the heart of the design of the drying frame aluminum with a telescopic rear wall holder, which allows you to increase the depth of the housing for drying to 391 mm.

, Unlike universal drying Rejs, sold separately for the body of a 16 mm thick made of wood-chip and separately for a thickness of 18 mm.

kitchen में ! dish rag gtpt SS baskets कैसे लगाते हैं?/How to (GTPT) in the kitchen utensil baskets

The usual standard height of the cabinet case for dishes is 720 mm, and the depth is 320 mm. Of course, there are also higher and lower, and deeper. It is better not to do in depth, and then drying may not get up, you will do less study the minimum and maximum limits in the depth of the housing to install the drying. For example, as voiced earlier, at VIBO, the minimum depth of the body is 283 mm.