How to get rid of ingrown hair

For many, the procedure for removing unwanted hairs on face and body is also natural and familiar, like cleaning of teeth. However, sometimes some face an unpleasant “side effect”. these are ingrown hair.

You can fix the problem in several ways, depending on whether the inflammatory process is present, there is a pus or serous contents, as far as deep in the skin is located.

The most effective methods of hair removal are cosmetological procedures for photoepilation, laser hair removal, mechanical removal of an ingrown hair or, if necessary, surgical (if there is extensive inflammation), as well as competent home care.

Why the hair is growing. the main reasons

Ingrown hairs differs from the normal thing that grows under the skin surface. It happens more often after epilation of the body, but sometimes it can occur after applying a razor. All causes of rustling can be divided into two categories. genetic and mechanical.

Genetic reasons

Due to the genetic features of the body, some people have too thick layer of epidermis, through which the weak hairs is difficult to break out. As a result, after the epilator, it bends down and grows under the top of the dermis. Sometimes the cause is hyperkeratosis (increased cell division rate) and hormonal imbalance of a woman. The formation of ingrown hair is intensified in the first half of the menstrual cycle or against the background of hormone reception.

Mechanical reasons

A more common reason why the hair is rotated after the epilator, are various mechanical factors. These include:

How to use an epilator and avoid ingrown hairs!

  • Incorrect removal of vegetation, which damages hair channels (how to properly use the epilator. read in our article);
  • injuries on the skin with the subsequent scarring of hair channels;
  • Frequently escrowing the skin, contributing to the thickening of the epidermis;
  • Too close clothes, which leads to a circulatory impairment and hair testing;
  • Shave using a blunt tool (our article will tell how to shave to girls).

Ingrown hairs can appear after removal of vegetation at home and in the cabin. It is important to notice the problem in a timely manner and get rid of it before it leads to more unpleasant consequences.

Shugaring Shugarming

Such situations happen in different ways of depilation, but some of the most frequent issues. why the hair is growing on the legs after Shugarring. This is a popular procedure, but ingrown hairs after it. not uncommon. This happens for several reasons:

  • With incorrectly either insufficient skin tension during the removal of the paste;
  • With violations of the technology of application and separation;
  • When using low-quality materials;
  • When trying to do with the minimum amount of paste;
  • When removing hairs of small length.

Understanding why the hair is growing after Shugaring, you can avoid many mistakes. Enough to buy high-quality paste, correctly apply and remove it. And if you do not have the right skills, it is better to contact the salon or use another way of removing unwanted hair.

How to remove ingrown hair without pain?

Among the methods of treatment of ingrown hair, which is often called pseudopholliculitis due to the inflammation of the hair onion, cosmetologists highlight laser hair removal for its painlessness and visible results are already in 2-3 procedures.

The laser beam affects melanin in the hair follicle and destroys it from the inside, the hair growth in the problem zone slows down, and in the course epilation it is completely stopped. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe for the skin and takes only 10-20 minutes.

With laser hair removal in the deep bikini or armpit area with pseudopholliculic, inflammation is gradually removed and the pain is eliminated. The skin becomes gentle and smooth, pigmentation disappears.

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Treatment and prevention of ingrown hair

Often I hear about the recommendations of the use of various scrubies, peels and other exfoliating means in order to reduce skin thickening in the treatment of ingrown hair. Attention! These methods are possible only for the prevention of ingrown hair, when there are no signs of ambiguing. In the presence of the slightest inflammatory changes, the use of these methods is absolutely contraindicated.

If the ingrown hair appeared, you should contact a specialist for its accurate removal with a needle or an electroiplex, as well as for the purpose of integrated local treatment.

Ingrown hair: causes

Often ingrown hairs start to disturb after rolling, shugaring, electric power and shaving. Traumatic methods are thinning their hair and begin to grow parallel to the skin, which provokes their rustling.

Causes of ingrown hair: dry and dehydrated leather. Sugar and wax depilation. Owling of the hair during depilation. Wearing close clothes or linen. Probably, every woman at least once in his life came across such a problem. Hair from weakened bulbs can grow differently. Ingrown hair can be divided into two types: flat and twisted.

Ingrown hair growing on the skin surfaces are most often. Twisted hair form papulas and often provoke the occurrence of pus.

Prevention of pseudopollyculite. how to deal with rustling of hair?

For prophylaxis, you can do the following:

Change the way of depilation. When the problem arises from the shave, you can use an electric epilator, hair removal cream or wax strips;

For a while refuse to shave. This Council is suitable for men, especially since the wearing beard is now a fashion trend;

hair, rustling, epilation

Follow the rules of shaving and depilation. If the hair is removed using a razor, then the movements should be directed towards their growth. It is not necessary to carry out a multiple machine to the same place. Skin should not be exposed to stretching. If a specialized device is used to remove hair, then all actions should be performed according to the supplied instructions;

Preparing the skin to remove hair. The process is preliminary and subsequent processing. Before starting the procedure, the skin is worth unpacking and free from dead epithelial cells. Straighten hair will help massage. It is important to use foam or gel for shaving. After the procedure, the skin is processed by an antiseptic, and after a cream with a mitigating and disinfection effect;

Do not delete and not shave the hair when they did not accefted at least 2 mm;

Apply Specialized Means for Slowing Hair Growth Speed. For example, Planta, DR. Bio, aloe vera cream and others;

Use drugs against rustling. However, despite the high price, the effect of them is questioned;

Do not abuse scrubs. For leather exfoliation, it is impossible to use a scrub too often. After the procedure for removing hair, for the first time, it can be applied in a minimum of 3 days. Scrubs are contraindicated to the use of those people who have a strong peeling of the skin;

To care for skin and body. The skin is subject to mandatory moistening after depilation, shaving and exfoliation. These manipulations are cut into the skin, and therefore can provoke the rustling of hair.

hair, rustling, epilation

If the ingrown hair was removed, and a pigmented plot appeared on this site, you can use badly, ichthiol or salicylic ointment, as well as cream after depilation. This will speed up skin lightening.

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