Check tickets. Cassisrsha said express 2 adults, 1 schoolchild and 1 live life. Put. In express when checking it turned out to be ordinary. 30 minutes could the controller Calculate how much as a result of surcharge. Overpaid as a result of 1500 and khamsk service in the rex itself! Thank you personnel for spoiled mood. A schoolboy ticket due to the fact that there was only a school pass at all the new issued. And the dog was told that at the checkout did not work correctly and also issued anew! Say that disappointed, nothing to say. Show

Dear narrow knuckles! Near the cash register and the access to the platform cost automata that sell any tickets for any train! And do not believe, but they even give. Do not stand on the cashier if you do not have a kosar 🙂

Tickets purchased in the terminal near turnstiles, the turnstiles themselves are not recognized, t.e it is impossible to go through.

Not seeing people who smoke on the platform. Law with 1.06.2013 Prohibiting smoking in public places.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TICKETS, it is not expensive, only 16, do not jump on the platform from the railway paths, on my eyes 3 times knocked people. Life is more expensive.

Station “Upper Boilers” MCC on the Metro Scheme of Moscow

From the stop “Station Top Boilers” (150 meters)

Avtozavodskaya 14. 9 bus stops 44

Dobryninskaya. 10 bus stops M5

China City 6. 20 bus stops M5

Kozhukhovskaya. 19 bus stops 44

Kuznetsky Most. 20 bus stops M5

Novokuznetskaya. 14 bus stops M5

Okhotny Ryad. 20 bus stops M5

Trade union. 12 bus stops 44

Tretyakovskaya 6. 14 bus stops M5

From the stop “Station Top Boilers” (230 meters)

Academic. 22 bus stop 142

Alexander Garden. 17 stops by bus M6

Annino. 26 stops on trolleybus 40

Barricade. 21 bus stop T10; 25 bus stops m6

Warsaw. 8 bus stops 142, trolleybus 8, 40

Domodedovskaya. 8 bus stops 907; 19 bus stops 275; 20 bus stops T71

Kashirskaya 11. 3 bus stops 907; 6 bus stops 275

Peasant look. 18 stops on the tram 35

Mayakovskaya. 24 bus stops T10

Nagatinskaya. 1 bus stop M6, 142, 275, 700, trolleybus 8, bus T10, trolley buse 40, bus T71, 907, 3N

Nakhimovsky prospect. 7 bus stops 3N

Oktyabrskaya 5. 11 stops by bus T10, tram 47; 12 bus stops 275

Paveletskaya 2. 12 stops on the tram 3, 35

Culture Park 1. 14 bus stops T10

Polezhaevskaya. 36 bus stops M6

Polyanka. 14 stops by bus M6; 15 stops on trolleybus 8

Prague. 19 stops on trolleybus 40

Smolenskaya 3. 17 bus stops T10

Smolenskaya 4. 18 bus stops T10

Sretensky Boulevard. 23 stops on the tram 3

Street 1905. 27 stops by bus M6

Street Academician Yangel. 23 stops on trolleybus 40

Chertanovskaya. 11 bus stops 3N

Shabolovskaya. 9 stops on the tram 47

Kolomna. 8 bus stops 142, trolleybus 40

Moskvorechye. 5 bus stops 907; 10 bus stops 275; 14 bus stops T71

Bottom boilers. 1 bus stop M6, 142, 275, 700, trolleybus 8, bus T10, trolley buse 40, bus T71, 907, 3N

Paveletsky railway station. 12 stops on the tram 3, 35; 18 bus stops 3N

From the stop “Station Crimea” (750 meters)

Kaluga. 17 bus stops 41

Kakhovskaya. 16 bus stops 826

Crimean. 1 bus stop 41, 121, 826

New cereals. 12 bus stops 41

Sevastopolskaya. 16 bus stops 826

From the stop “Sevastopolsky Avenue, 1” (730 meters)

University. 15 stops on the tram 26

Alma-Atinskaya. 23 bus stop 742

Zyablikovo. 24 bus stop 298

Kantemirovskaya. 12 bus stops 164

Kolomenskaya. 8 bus stops 751

South. 13 bus stops 147; 16 bus stops 147n


Another station MCC, which has become much more interesting for passengers, after the train station next to it was organized. In this case, the Paveletsky direction station, which was called, as a niche of today’s Station “Upper Boilers“. A rather unusual name happened from the name of the once located village here, the name of which came from the local river Kotlovka. Interestingly, the river still exists, she was not completely removed in the pipes, but the village, the upper boilers, that the lower boilers were absorbed during the expansion of Moscow and now they are reminded of only the railway and ICC stations. These stations. This is such a kind of monument to these villages. So the station “Upper boilers” opened together with the bulk of stations in September 2016. The station is located in the industries and serves only a small residential array, so as of 2017 on the passenger traffic station the station confidently flew to the end of the list of the most popular stations, but the construction of a transplant node can make it much more popular, I will even say more, has already done when I came here, then I saw a large number of passengers committing a transplant.

In the summer of 2016, I rolled the not yet open ring and from the window “Swallows” made several pictures of the station.

Readiness was quite high, it’s not surprising, because until the city day, to which the opening of the MCC, remained a couple of months.

The glazing of pavilions from the platform is ready, it remains only to put decorative hoods instead of aet.

Sports over the platform was ready.

Someone remained to lay the usual tile and tactile on the edge of the platform.

And now the favorite heading. Render. I wonder what’s here, as at the Novokhokhlovskaya station, the main object that could be seen on rendering. This is a trading pavilion that for some reason called the TPU building.

And although here really appeared TPU, after the electric trainee station has opened, this building is completely for this TPU has nothing to do, it just stands nearby. But the idea was not bad, the building looks pretty and modern in the pictures.

I found many different options, which was not only. That’s even this option was from two buildings connected by the transition.

But a very similar option on what the ultimately implemented. And yes, the station in the project was called “Warsaw Highway” or “Varashavskaya”, since it is located on the intersection of MCC and Warsaw highway. Then she was renamed the “Upper Boilers” the same name was the transplant station of Paveletsky Direction of the railway. Now there are two stations with similar names “Upper boilers” and “Bottom Boilers”. The idea, rename the station from “Warsaw”, directly say so-so the idea.

But not even renders, but pictures, pulled out of the sketch of designers, apparently they designed the station in it. This is a cut in two pavilions that go to the platform. As it can be seen here to enter the right from the street and get to the left platform you need to overcome three staircases down, and then up.

Here is another incision already at the top of the lobby. This option is slightly different from the previous one, but the scheme remains the same.

What happened in reality, let’s see. Here is the most building TPU, whose renders we saw.

It has interesting glazing and yellow legs-columns on the first floor. It is clear that winter, it is clear that the dirt, but still. 3 years passed and see what terrifying state is the improvement near the station. Like that? What went wrong why you can not do well here. If you look close, it can be seen that dirt flows onto the site from cycling on the left. Nightmare! And here it is seen here that people overcome this block of land on foot, so it is more convenient for them to enter the station, which is why lawn will never grow here.

Since the ITR station appeared here, the question arose about a comfortable transplant, and here they made such a large-scale canopy. Stop, but what is the building of TPU, unless the transplant from one type of transport should be carried out through it? Not! The building stands nearby, won on the right and nothing participates in the distribution of passenger traffic.

As I understand it in the building TPU. TRC is nothing. Very reasonable use of the area! That I was struck here under a canopy of transplants, so this is a combination of a complex floor pattern, which posted with different stones with complex geometry and conders on the facade and some incomprehensible finish of the facade itself under the glazing. Well, squeeze it all by the rails, close this poverty. Why passengers do it all?


For almost 10 months, the passenger message on the Moscow Central Ring has been launched. During this time, the ring transported more than 65 million passengers, and the monthly passenger traffic exceeds 360 thousand. Passengers per day. Meanwhile, the launch of the passenger message, as such, is only the first stage in the development of the project. Two two more follows: the integration of ICC with radial directions of MRC (2 phase) and the development of the adjacent territories (3 stage). That’s the second stage, we will talk today. Let’s see how the construction of transplant nodes at the intersections of MCC with other railway areas.

Let’s start with Paveletsky to integrate with ICC and organizing a transplantation to the “Upper Boilers” station (I still want to agree to the full topological illiteracy of a person who came up with such a name) a new stopping point is underway.

The project provides for the construction of two island passenger platforms, which will allow to organize a stop of trains, following all the main paths. There will be an opportunity to appoint a stop of the Aeroexpress to the Domodedovo Airport and suburban accelerated trains.

upper, boilers, nagatina

The object is very large, part of the platforms will be placed on the overpasses, which requires their complete reconstruction. The axis of the main ways will be shifted. Currently completed the construction of retaining walls.

The next direction. Rigaizno, the project integration of the Riga Direction with the ICC provided for the transfer of the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo platform for the organization of a transplant node. But in the future, under pressure from Moskomarchitectures, another decision was made: “Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo” leave on the spot, and to transfers to MCC to carry out the transfer of the Leningrad Platform.

Now it’s too late to speak, but such a decision is a deterioration of the conditions for tens of thousands of passengers, every day we use this platform (exclusively our opinion). The existing location of the platform allows you to use it for a transplantation on the Metro “Violaskaya” (let it, it is not the most convenient transplant, but still), plus, besides, there are not far away and stopping ground urban passenger transport. Transfer of the platform will extend the route from the platform to the metro station 140 meters (with 400m to 530m). In addition, if earlier the transfer route was obvious and passed on the sidewalks of the main Leningrad Prospect, then after the transfer of the platform, the route to the subway will be held through the 2nd Voiced Travel, which is rather the yard, than part of the transplant site.

Nevertheless, construction is already underway. It is planned to build two side platforms with two lobby. The western lobby of the platform will be directly adjacent as the Northern end of the Streshnevo station MCC, thereby forming a transplant connection. Eastern Lobby Platform, will provide an exit in the direction of the subway and the Leningrad highway.

The next direction for our inspection. Savoylovsky Despite the fact that the existing platform “District” and so quite conveniently located for transplanting on MCC, it was decided to build new platforms, and, and also on overpass. This decision was dictated by the need to remove railway tracks to the flight, Below is the passage of the North-West and Northeast Chords.

After completing construction, all transplants will be carried out entirely in a warm circuit.

Yaroslavl sending as part of integration with ICC underway to transfer the stoppoint “Northerner” closer to the Rostokino station. I must say that the project on the transfer of the platform has repeatedly passed from one title of work in another, as a result of which he was poorly stripped with neighboring projects. Although the work on the construction of the platform began in the fall, in the spring of the built platform had to be dismantled, Her location turned out to be in the dimension of one of the main ways, whose batch is planned due to the gasket of the V-th.

Another complexity of this transport and transplant node is to pass near it northeast chords and junctions with Yaroslavl highway. So, in one of the latest trace proposals, road designers were thrown back under the western lobby of Rosokino station (projected with access to the prospect of the world). Of course, this is an invalid solution: Western lobby is necessarily necessary for the organization of convenient transfers with transportation by transportation on the prospectus of the world, especially in the light of the fact that the new location of the Northerner platform will somewhat remove it from the existing transplants with land transport stops.

Gorky guide continues the construction of the “Karacharovo” transport and transformation assembly, which in the future should be one of the largest. It is planned in its composition: station MCC “Nizhny Novgorod”, two metro stations and the Karacharovo platform of the Gorkovsky direction, which will be transferred closer to the Moscow Regional Directorate. In the future, in the Gorky direction it is planned to organize.N. “Zone station”, when part of the routes of the trains will not go to the center to the station, and will end here. This, at a minimum, a very controversial decision, which is in a context regarding global trends in the development of intracity rail transport, when suburban trains, on the contrary, are made as transit as much as possible to create an actual outline outline circuit.

MCC schedule of trains

Detailed description of the stations of the Moscow Central Ring.

-Good.Zorge.Panfilovskaya.Streshnevo.Baltiyskaya.Coptevo.Likhobory.District.Vladykino.BOTANICAL GARDEN.Rostokino.Belokamena.Boulevard Rokossovsky.LOCOMOTIVE.Izmailovo.FALCON HILL.Highway enthusiasts.Andronovka.Nizhegorodskaya.Novokhokhlovskaya.Ugrelshskaya.Dubrovka.Avtozavodskaya.ZIL.Top boilers.Crimean.Square Gagarin.Luzhniki.Kutuzovskaya.BUSINESS CENTER.Shelepiha

Schedule of trains at the station TPU Comfortable

TPU “Goodly”. located in the northern and northwestern administrative districts of the city of Moscow, within the boundaries of Khoroshevo-Municipal and Khoroshevsky.

The main planning and transport links of the territory are MCC, Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 3rd Khoroshevskaya Street and Khoroshevskoye Highway.

TPU “Khorosvo” is planned to provide a transplantation on ground urban passenger public transport. The device is scheduled for new stop points with cash s for public transport on the 3rd Khoroshevskaya street and Marshal Zhukov Avenue.

In the east of this area within walking distance there is a metro station “Polezhaevskaya” Tagansko-Krasnopresnen.

The construction of the Northern and South passenger terminals, the above-ground pedestrian crossing with service objects and a stopping point, consisting of a coastal and island platform, while the platforms are partially located directly on the overpass over the good highway and constructively make up a single integer with it

  • Art. Polezhaevskaya (pedestrian connection). Art. “Khoroshevskaya” (promising, pedestrian connection)
  • Buses 9, 39k, 155, 155k, 271, 294, 48, 800
  • Trolleybuses 0, 20k, 21, 35, 35k, 43, 85, 86

Schedule of trains TPU ZORGE

TPU “ZORGE”. located in the northern and northwestern administrative districts of the city of Moscow, within the boundaries of Khoroshevo-Municipal, Schukino, Falcon and Khoroshevsky.

The main planning and transport links of the territory are MCC, Sorge Streets, Berzarina, Marshal Turizova, 3rd Khoroshevskaya and Kuusinen. Not far from the planned territory is the station “Oktyabrskaya Field” of the Moscow Metro.

TPU “Zorge” will provide a transplantation on ground urban passenger transport. To do this, the device is planned by the seduction site, the device of new stopping points, with cash s for public transport on the streets of Zorge and Marshal Turizova.

Train schedule TPU Panfilovskaya

TPU “Panfilovskaya” is located in the northern and northwestern administrative districts of the city of Moscow, within the boundaries of Sokol and Shchukino.

It is planned to organize a convenient transplantation with the Moscow Ring Railway on buses and trolleybuses, staying on nearby streets. Panfilov, Alabyan and Folk Militia. The device is scheduled for new stopping points with cash s for public transport on Panfilov Street. Three above-ground pedestrian crossings are also built, passenger platforms on MCC, gathering on platforms, facilities for cash registers and turnstiles. TPU “Panfilovskaya” is located within walking distance of the station “October Field” of the Tagannoye-Krasnopresnensky line of the Moscow Metro.

Train schedule TPU Streshnevo

TPU “Streshnevo”. located in the northern and northwestern administrative districts of the city of Moscow, within the boundaries of Sokol, Voikovsky, Shchukino and Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo.

The main planning and transport links are the ICD, the Riga direction of the Moscow Railway, the 1st Voicham, the Light and 1st Krasnogorsk passage, the street Konstantin Tsareva and Volokolamskoye Highway.

In 2017. With the TPU “Streshnevo” there will be a transplantation to the Riga direction of the Moscow Railway, for which a new stop point Streshnevo will be built. By the time the passenger railway movement on the MCC will be organized with a stopping point “Volokolamskaya” on the ground urban passenger transport, plane-reversal sites are equipped, new stopping points are organized with a device of cash s along the 1st Krasnogorsky Train and Volokolamsk Highway.

  • Buses 8
  • Trolleybuses 2, 70, 82
  • Trams 3, 30, 31, 15, 28, 6
  • Suburban train transport pl. Streshnevo (Riga Direction of MRZ, promising, 2017.)

Train schedule TPU Baltic

TPU “Baltic”. located in the Northern Administrative District of the city of Moscow within the boundaries of the district. The main planning and transport links are the Leningrad highway, the streets of Admiral Makarov, Clara Zetkin, Novopetrovsky passage, 4th Novopod Moscow Lane and Zoe Street and Alexander Kosmodemyansky.

TPU “Baltiyskaya” is located near the station “Loadovskaya” Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow Metro, and provides for a transplantation on the subway. A transplantation on city passenger transport will also be provided (bus, trolley buses and route taxis). The construction of seduction-reversal sites, a device of new stopping points for ground urban passenger transport along the street Admiral Makarova and Novopetrovsky travel. In the future, an overhead pedestrian crossing from ul.Admiral Makarova to Novopetrovsky passage over the railway tracks.

Moscow Central Ring without retouching. Second attempt

As promised, I tell about my experienced trip on the Moscow Central Ring. In general, I was going to publish these photos yesterday, but yesterday, instead of a story about the MCC, a dedication to the Retament guard, who tried to ban the photography. So, we will bring together with fresh forces and try again. In my story will not be Putin, Sobyanina, Patriarch Kirill and other Glamor. Only an objective picture.

Station MCC, from which the trip began. “Avtozavodskaya”. From the same name metro station 9 minutes walk, the path is equipped with pointers and even inscriptions on the asphalt. In addition, there are polite people along the way, prompting how to get.

Across the road leads wide and spacious above-ground transition.

Entrance to the station “Avtozavodskaya” MCC.

I wrote that I went on the Troika map, some commentators began to say that I did not enter the people in confusion, the fare is free. I explain: the passage is really free, but I went through the map through the turnstile. Money did not write off, the inscription “Transplant” was highlighted.

See, turnstiles are closed.

Station is equipped with elevator and escalators.

Intergas HRE Eco Combined

Escalators have not yet been launched.

Platform, in fact, no different from the railway.

Two ways electronic scoreboard. Minimalism.

Here, our “swallow”.

In the central wagons of the composition in which we drove, layout 22. Part of the seats is located along the move, part against.

Comfortable sitting, there is a folding table, you can work for a laptop.

There are urn in the car.

There are toilets in extreme wagons.

Toilet is very spacious, so that you can drive on the wheelchair. Very clean. Even the paper is.

Promise free Wi-Fi, did not have time to try.

Near the door in the extreme car there are outlets. All the benefits of civilization as they say.

We go to the “Upper Boilers” stations.

Information from the official website of the ICC, on it, as it turned out here in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the numbers of trolley buses and trams are confused. I post the corrected version: TPU “Top Boilers“.Metro Transplantation: Nearby Transportation on Ground Transportauthus: 5, 44, 142, 147, 275, 700Trollabus:. 1k, 40, 71, 8Trama: 6, 3, 35, 47. Some trams are now going on a modified route: 5. to the end station “Bottom Boilers” instead of Nagatina.7. before Balaklava Prospect instead of Nagatina. (Information with Mosgortrans). At the stop of the upper boilers, they stop.I note that the Paveletsky direction station “Lower boilers” and the station Nagatinskaya metro station is not so far away.

We have time in the edge, you need to go back.

Click the Build route button to select the optimal travel option at the addresses from Moscow, Metro Upper Boilers to Moscow, Metro Nagatina

The system allows you to set to get to G. Moscow, Metro Nagatinskaya from G Moscow, Metro Upper boilers on public transport (subway, buses, bus, trolley buses, trams) for the minimum time with the help of various types of public transport of Moscow.

How to get from G. Moscow, Metro Chertanovskaya to Moscow, Sevastopol PR-KT, D 66 How to get from G. Moscow, Volzhsky br, d 16 to 1 to Moscow, ul of Sokolina Mountain 9th, d 12 pp 2 as To get from G. Moscow, Moscow settlement, Ter SNT Metro to Moscow, Pros-KT Budyonny, d 24 pages. 4 How to get from G. Moscow, Ul Marshal Tukhachevsky to Moscow, Walnut Br

What can be seen from the outside of the ICC

CONTINUING TRANSPORT ON MCC, this time species from the car on the outer side of the ring from the “top boilers” counterclockwise.Immediately apologizing for the quality of pictures in the information plan. so much slag I have not yet shot. What to do. the outer side was an order of magnificent inner, but now we know where you can bug into a smartphone, and what to look into the window.So as not to tire the reader “diversity” of species, some are represented as a preview. Click who needs.


According to the Warsaw overpass, we move Warsaw highway and we see the “Russian Post”.

For Nagatinskaya Embankment appeared LCD “Sky Fort”.

Multi-storey on Nagatinskaya Embankment and Zil Territory.

Former territory of AMO ZIL.

Moscow University. With. YU. Witte in the 2nd Kozhukhovsky Pass.Until 2011.called Moscow Institute of Economics, Management and Law (MIEM).

Near Beauty.

2nd Kozhukhovsky passage, 21/2

If there is nothing more than such species, it means on the rest of the fences, sleepers and roofs of houses.

Huge shopping center on the 7th Kozhukhovskaya Street, 9.

So what are you, arroges!

Doggynka, M62 diesel locomotive, folk creativity.

Parally MCC goes its own railway life.

Swallow, All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Research Institute of Plant Protection and Some Angar in Ugrelshskaya 33c7.

Garages on Novokhokhlovskaya 28As14.

Piece of iron towards Serpukhova, PromZon on Volgogradka and Novokhokhlovskaya.

On the left building of the staff of the staff of DSC Progress LLC, to the right of its passing. Novokhokhlovskaya, 89.

Promsons on Novokhokhlovskaya, Radomir, Auchan.

Construction of the Caracharov Change Point / Nizhny Novgorod Street. Stations of the Big Ring and Nekrasov Lines of the Moscow Metro.

Planned opening date. 2020.

Platform “Karacharovo”.

Construction on the railway paths along the highway milling.


Crash under northeast chord and junction with Enthusiast highway.

View from the station “Highway enthusiasts”.

From our side, Izmailovsky Park and St.x.

Automobile shopping center in the Izmailovo area.

Wow! This is the Office of Internal Affairs for WA WA MTP of Russia in G. Moscow.

And in this house, the Department of Economic Security and Counteracting Corruption of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Eastern Administrative District of the Republic of Municipality of Russia. Moscow.

I can not post this excellent name. Under we are the 1st Alley of Izmailovsky Zelers.

The hotel complex “Izmailovo” and a long transition to the subway appeared.Once on this place was the end buses that were taken to Balashikha, Noginsk and then on the text.

Gamma, Vega, Alpha, beta.

Pedestrian bridge across St.x to hotels and returns to Izmailovo.

Izmailovsky Kremlin. Cultural and Entertainment Complex, built in 1998-2007 in the territory of the Izmailovo estate.It is wooden buildings stylized under Russian architecture of the XVI-XVII centuries (non-Russian).