What can replace the blender at home?

Yes, the blender can be used instead of a mixer, but not like. But, nevertheless, it is better to have two of these instruments in the kitchen. After all, they have different functions: blender. Grind, mixer. mix.

  • Scroll into the meat grinder
  • Wipe through a sieve or in a small grater
  • Use a mortar
  • Adjust the juicer
  • Take advantage of the coffee grinder
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The fastest biscuit

Only five ingredients and 20 minutes in the oven!

You need: 1 cup flour, 1 cup of sugar, 50 g of butter, 3 eggs, pinch of salt.

Cooking: Eggs to stable white foam, add sugar and bump again to homogeneity. Gradually enter the sifted flour and the pinch of salt. Mastery cream oil, lay out the dough and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

According to GOST USSR

Options for products prepared on the basis of crumbs from cookies. fast and comfortable. But they still differ from those recipes that we ate in the distant childhood. In the confectionery shops of the Soviet period, the classic cupcake was prepared from biscuit crumbs remaining from the production of cakes (wasteless process).

And for the decoration, a delicious cream made of oil, sugar and milk, with the addition of brandy. According to the recipe approved by GOST, all the cakes were the same in composition.

We do not have biscuit crumbs. We will have to bake a biscuit to get it.

Two tablespoons of flour replace on starch (for pomp). The total weight remains the same. Mix and sift. I split the eggs, send the mixer to the bowl. Whip together with sugar to lush white mass.

In the egg mass of parts add flour and gently mix so that it does not dare.

Experienced cooks advise to mix in one direction. bottom up. To keep the air bubbles in the dough.

Biscuit dough pour into a baking sheet, covered with special paper and rare. Bake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees. The product bucks quickly. It will take about 15-20 minutes.

Remove the paper and leave for cooling. Dried biscuit rubbing into the crumb. It can be done by hand.

Now we cook the cream Charlotte. To do this, add sugar into the milk. Sugar take not all (10% of the specified norm leave). Couvelka put on the stove, bring to a boil. Remove. I whip with the remaining sugar. Thin weaving pour milk into egg mixture. At the same time, do not forget to mix it.

grind, biscuit, crumb, blender

Overflow the mixture back into the pan and put it on fire again. With constant stirring, bring cream to thickening. We welcome a minute. another and remove from the fire. Transfix in a bowl and wait for cooling. Sometimes we follow it to stir so that the film does not form on the surface.

According to the consistency, the basis should be approximately the same as condensed milk. First she will be a little liquid. Let it be confused. As cool, cream thickens.

Meanwhile, we whip off the softened butter. And small doses introduce a cream base into it. At the end add to cream brandy. It turns out gentle, tasty. It holds a good form. I fall asleep in it biscuit crumb and knead the cakes for cakes. It turns out a plasticine mass.

We sculpt the potatoes from it and cut in a mixture of cocoa and sugar.

grind, biscuit, crumb, blender

On the surface of the products, the chopstick make a shallow pits. From the pastry bag, we put in them potato sprouts from cream.

How to quickly and deliciously prepare a biscuit roll with jam

Well, now you will prepare for him a filling of fruit jacket.

Jumped usually dense consistency, so first it must be mixed so that it becomes homogeneous.

Having cooled biscuit again need to mark on pure parchment.

I welt first the side where there was a parchment when baking, a thin layer of jumped, well fill it all the pores to be soaked. And then add this filling.

At the same time, at the beginning of the roll, from where we will turn, make a thicker layer. And from the opposite side. the fantasy so that it does not squeeze.

Twist the roll with parchment, hold your fingers and fold.

If the outer surface of the biscuit still turned out to be a sticky, a crust is removed from it, then simply turn it over the other side and boldly lay out the stuffing, it will be easily folded, and disadvantaged the uncertain surface.

Compressed, well pressed, giving the right form.

Wrap in a film or paper and leave for some time. The longer the roll stands, the easier it will be to cut it.

Ingredients for “fast air cake without a mixer”:

Cooking time: 20 minutes

How to make kake pops from cookies

Methods of cooking this delicacy there are many. Very simply preparing delicacy on a stick at home from cookies. And sweet dessert can be sculpted not only in the form of a ball. For example, the New Year Kake Popes can be arranged in the form of a Christmas tree or snowman, on Halloween. Ticking or Scary Forers.

Cupcake “Potato” according to GOST USSR at home

And I will start with the right one, but the most difficult recipe. It is such a cupcake “Potato” prepared in my favorite cafe near the house. We often loved to enter it with girls after school to enjoy ice cream and various sweets. I found this recipe in one of the old culinary books, which still keep my mom.

I can say that this process is pretty labor-intensive and will not work out. But the result will exceed all your expectations and all you treat this delicacy will tell you a lot thank you.

  • Sugar. 110 gr
  • Creamy oil. 125 grams
  • Egg. 1 pc.
  • Milk. 75 ml
  • Cognac. 1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla Sugar. 1/3 teaspoons
  • Sugar powder. 30 gr
  • Cocoa powder. 10 gr

Starch can be removed from the formulation and put just flour. 120 gr.

Mix flour and starch, and then sake through a sieve into deep container. Eggs sweep the mixer, adding sugar, in light air mass. Next to this mass carefully, portions, interfere with flour with silicone spatula.

On the bastard of bed, parchment paper and pour the dough on it. With the help of a blade distribute it around the perimeter. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake about 15-20 minutes. Readiness Determine with a wooden stick. Plug and pull out. she should stay dry.

Ready biscuit remove from the back and leave for 10-12 hours so that it will. convenient to cook it in the evening, before bedtime, and leave for the night.

When it takes enough time and biscuit snaps, grind it into the crumb with hands or use the blender.

Moving on. Pour milk into a saucepan and add 90% of the total sugar. Put on the fire and, constantly stirring, bring to a boil. Join 2 minutes and remove from fire.

Sugar remaining sugar with an egg to a homogeneous state. Then pour hot milk syrup and mix constantly. Then put a saucepan with a mixture on fire and, with intensive stirring, bring to a boil. When boils, cook another 1 minute and break into a deep bowl.

As a consistency, cream should become like not very thick condensed milk. Leave the custard fully cool to room temperature. Periodically mix with a spoon so that the film does not form.

Creamy oil should be pulled out in advance from the refrigerator so that it becomes softer. When it feels, add it to the custard base and take the mixer to a homogeneous mass. At the end, add brandy and vanilla sugar (this is optional). Stir again. Now the cream is ready finally.

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Some Cream Cream Leave for Decoration. And the rest mixes with the biscuit crumb to the homogeneous mass. According to the consistency, it will work out like malleable plasticine.

Further from this mass tack cakes in oval shape. Mix the sugar powder and cocoa powder for sprinkles. Each product how to cut in this mixture. Then decorate the “eyes” from the remaining cream on top and remove into the refrigerator for a few hours so that the crumb is soaked with cream.

And so this delicacy looks in the context. The baby is well soaked with cream and the cupcake turned out very gentle and insanely delicious. Here is a sweet hello to you from childhood.




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Recalculate the ingredients for the biscuit on your Formudle Baking Biscuit We will need only 3 ingredients: 5 eggs, C-1, 150 g of flour and 150 g of sugar. The most common mistake is to measure the ingredients with glasses and eye. Flour and sugar weigh exclusively on scales. Sugar and flour with the same weight have different volumes, and you can see this difference on the example of two characters in the volume of glasses.

Immediately prepare a baking form. The dough for the biscuit must be bakeed immediately, it should not stand. For baking biscuit, any detachable forms or rings for baking are suitable for baking. If you are a furnace in the usual detachable form, put the parchment circle on the bottom, but the walls of the form can not be lubricated with oil, t.to. Biscuit rises and grows, clinging behind the walls of the form.These proportions are designed for a standard detachable form with a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 5 cm, but other options are possible. For example, the diameter of my form is 18 cm, and the height of the side is 8.5 cm. That is, you should always take into account the height of the side, t.to. Biscuit is greatly rising during baking and it should be enough for this height.My form without the bottom, so the bottom of the form wrapping the foil, you can wrap in two foil layers. Also, the foil helps isolate the walls of the shape from excess heat and balance the baking temperature. Baking Mold Color also affects the temperature and time of baking.

Preparing biscuit dough.Eggs put in the bowl of the mixer or clean dry bowl. I use room temperature eggs.Add all sugar right.

We mix eggs with a sugar whisk or using a mixer at low speed. Our task is now not to beat eggs, we need to help sugar grains dissolve.


To do this, you can put a bowl with eggs and sugar on a saucepan with hot water. t.E. on a water bath, and a couple of minutes to work a whisk, continuously stirring the mass. We just need to warm the egg mixture a little to become warm. Check the temperature with your finger, and if the mixture is warm. remove from fire. Water bath helps the sugar to dissolve faster, but if you are already experienced enough in cooking, the egg mixture can not be heated.

And now that sugar disappeared well, we begin to beat eggs with sugar with a mixer.We whip on the maximum speed to the pomp and increasing the egg mass in the amount of several times.

I have a powerful mixer, and it whips eggs into a lush foam in about 5 minutes. If you have an ordinary manual mixer, the eggs with sugar will have to beat for a long time, about 20 minutes.

Focus on the consistency of whipped eggs. I always check whether the eggs whipped enough in a simple way: I spend a finger to the groove, and if the groove does not immediately swim. the eggs whipped quite well.

Now sift about half flour.

And very gently mix the dough, movements from above-down. Dough can not be mixed too intensively to preserve its airiness as much as possible.

Sift the remaining flour and also very gently mix the dough with flour. It is important that the flour is evenly distributed over the test and did not remain non-missing places and lumps of flour in the test.Our dough for biscuit is ready.

grind, biscuit, crumb, blender

Lay the dough into the form. We remember that we do not lubricate the shapes and the form will not fill up to the top, leaving a place to grow biscuit.

And now the most responsible moment is baking biscuits. If you have done everything correctly until that moment, at the baking stage, it is also impossible to relax. And the main reason why biscuit after baking may fall, lies in the optimally selected temperature in the oven. If the temperature is not high enough. the biscuit will rise, but its center will not be able to rise and turn out to be.And if the temperature is too high, the biscuit will quickly rise in the oven and will be very shivered, but inside it will not have time to succumb and fall immediately after baking.Therefore, the temperature of the oven must not be low and not high, but it is very important to understand that each of us has different ovens and it will be necessary to experiment a little with the temperature and feel your deceitfully put the biscuit in the already preheated oven.Baking Temperature Approximately 165-170ºC, heating Top bottom, medium oven.