Bosch Tas1254 Tassimo Capsual Coffee Mouser

Choice. Complicated thing. And if with the subject that you choose, come across rarely, this process turns into a real flour. That’s why I decided to tell you about that coffee machine on which I chose I. Maybe this will help to take the right decision.

recently, coffee was cooked exclusively with the help of Turks or simple coffee makers. This process was similar to some sacrament, magical ritual. He was not easy and occupied a lot of time. Each connoisseur had his own recipe that was held secret. And now cook good, fragrant and delicious coffee is very simple. Turned on the coffee machine, waited a minute and drink ready.

There are different coffee machines, but they all have a general function. You will be surprised, but they serve to make coffee. And each of them is good in its own way. For example, the perfect espresso is preparing in the Rozhkov. There are coffee machines for making coffee in Caldah. Chalda. Special paper bag containing 7-9 g. Ground coffee and, and allowing for a long time to keep the aroma and taste of coffee beans. Capsule machines are quickly prepared and unpretentious in service.

I opted for capsule coffee machines. They simplify the process of cooking delicious and fragrant coffee as much as possible. These cars are largely similar to claim, but the coffee is not packed in sachets, but in special capsules (T-disks). T-discs excellent retain all product properties. It is believed that capsule coffee machines are the most successful solution in the cooking process. Capsules are fully sealed and the quality of the resulting coffee completely depends on the raw materials used by the manufacturer. At the same time, capsule machines are undemanding in care.

So I decided on the type. Next, all simple. Guess what will be a decisive factor? This is an appearance, commitment to a specific brand and price.

The choice is made, the money is paid. I get an order in one famous Internet. Store. The box painted in bright colors immediately introduces some confusion. After all, the manufacturer is Bosch, and I do not see the branded green color on the package. And only the inscription at the bottom of the box indicates the “legendary” brand.

The kit includes a coffee machine, a shelf for the installation of coffee (or tea) cups, booklets, instructions (including in Russian) with a branded warranty card.

After examining the car outwardly, I miss the instruction, I realized that there was not enough yellow service T-disk. And he must have to go compartment.

The fact is that this disc is required to clean the device. It causes a bar code that sets the sequence of operations (on the capsules this code is also there, but this is a drink recipe). On it it determines, water or steam should be supplied, with what temperature and in what quantity.

Before starting work, the coffee machine must be connected to the network and turn on the toggle switch.

This is not me invented, it is written in the instructions for eliminating faults. And you probably thought that I swing you. Network cord is rather short, so in some cases it can cause a number of inconvenience for you.

I continue to get acquainted with the device, carefully inspecting from all sides, and from the end I detect a water container. He is extracting without much difficulty.

Thanks to the valve, you can pour water into it. and then install it back into the car, not the strait. The container includes 0.7 liters of water (at risk with the inscription MAX).

The cylindrical float is elegant at the bottom of the tank. He will pop up at the right moment and warn me about to add water. This will signal the indicator with a picture running from water crane.

I think it’s not difficult to guess about the appointment of other indicators (looking into the picture). And who did not guesses, more detail this is written in the instructions, read.

So, we briefly got acquainted with parts of the device. Now you can and start the cooking process itself.

The first thing that the coffee machine should make is to wash yourself from the inside (German car-acupist). Yellow disk just in this will help us. Insert.

The lid after installing the disk or the capsule closes easily, but it is necessary to take into account that the product in the capsule has started participating in the cooking process, it is necessary to pierce a hermetic shell (service T-disk does not contain a product, but it fully imitates the process). And you can do it by attaching some effort at the end of the closing (before clicking).

Here is water nanita, food is served, disk in place. Do not forget to install the shelf and the water cup.

After clicking, two indicators will flash, but only one (top) will burn. Fly activation of the wash process press the button. The machine recognizes the service disk and spell 200 ml of hot water. For the first time the procedure must be spent three times.

What are the advantages of the car under consideration?

Relatively new and original fixture refers to capsular type of coffee making equipment. Such models are superior to many parameters, presented in various color variations, are distinguished by the presence of an additional functionality and the volume of the working bowl.

Capsule coffee makers “Tassimo” is not only a device for making an invigorating drink, but also a system with intelligence that will prepare a favorite product for almost no person.

  • Decent quality and variety of selection of cooked drinks.
  • Acceptable pricing policy.
  • High-quality materials from which the device consists.
  • Optimal dimensions, designer design and ergonomics.
  • As low as possible noise.
  • Presence of self-cleaning system Coffee makers.
  • Energy saving. the device is equipped with an automatic shutdown sensor and a water control dispenser, depending on the required number of portions, plus. maintaining the finished beverage at the desired temperature.

Cost of repair of coffee machines

Fault Price
Decalcination from 890
Protect from 490
Do not turn on from 490
Water is not served from 690
Does not warm water from 490
Do not make coffee from 890
Does not make coffee from 890
Does not pour coffee from 890
Cleaning and prevention from 490
Cleaning from scale from 890

You can contact the workshop to repair the coffee machines by phone or. You can also send a photo breakdown and request information via Emeyle [Email Protected]

Fill out the form below, the manager will contact you and suggest the optimal solution:

Used management

Any new Tassmo coffee maker comes with operating control, in which discussed in several languages ​​Terms of use of the aggregate, precautions and car care tips.

  • The unit is recommended to use with a connection to the network, the voltage of which corresponds to power consumption.
  • At the first start, the coffee machines need to be expelled one working cycle with ordinary water to clean the bowls and other parts from probable nanoparticles and third-party fragrance.
  • For correct operation of the device, it is recommended to use the capsules of the recommended brands.
  • It is necessary to include cleaning the device, as the respective sensor says.
  • In the event of a malfunction, it is recommended to contact the service.

Tassmo coffee maker, which is described by us and below is presented schematically, will last long, if you follow the advice marked in the manual.

Capsule systems for coffee machines: which is presented in the Russian market

Principle of operation capsules.Modern capsule coffee market is divided between 3 main brands:

Each of the presented systems refers to certain types of coffee machines. Typically, the capsule brand is indicated next to the brand of the manufacturer of the devices. There are also combined coffee machines that use both ground coffee and branded capsules. Find out which system is compatible every specific model, you can learn from the instruction.


Capsule Coffee Market Leader. This Swiss brand from the Nestle concern appeared on the market first and does not lose its position to this day. In assortment 26 species capsules. You can distinguish them in color of the aluminum case, each view has its own name indicated on the membrane. Capsules form recognizable: slightly elongated, with noticeable edges at the bottom.

Bosch Tassimo Vivy

For its Grand Cru Nespresso capsules use only natural ground premium coffee, roasting, blend and grinding degree depend on the type of drink. In each capsule 5 g of coffee. Standard packaging includes 10 pieces, there are tasting sets of several species that are often attached to Nespresso Coffee machines.

Full List of Nesprecco Drinks:

Name Capsule color Compound Roast Taste
Kazaar Navy blue Mix of Robusts from Guatemala and Brazil with South American Arabica. Dark Saturated, strong, with light mustard and pepper notes.
Dharkan Sine-green One hundred percent Matya Arabica (swimming varieties from South America and Asia). Dark Bright, with cocoa notes and tree shades.
Ristretto black Arabica Mix of South Africa, Colombia and Brazil with a small number of robusts. Dark Delicious, with black chocolate and tropical fruit notes.
Arpeggio Violet Pure Arabica from Costa Rica. Dark rich, with velvety chocolate tones.
Roma gray-brown A mixture of South American Arabica with Asian Robust. Dark Soft, with lightweight sweet taste and wood shades.
Livanto Golden-copper One hundred percent Arabica from South America average Warm, with caramel notes and thin mustard
Capriccio Emerald green Bathing of South American Arabica with Vietnamese Robust Light Gentle, with small sourness and fried barley notes
Volluto golden One hundred percent South American Arabica Light Sweetish, with fruit sourness
Cosi light brown Pure Arabica from South America and Kenya Light Light, with notes of cereals and fruits
Indriya From India Silver-gray One hundred percent Brazilian Arabica average Strong, with shades of chocolate and nuts
Rosabaya de Colombia Silver-pink Pure Columbia Arabica average Saturated, with fruit-berry acid
Dulsão Do Brasil Light gold Man’s Brazilian Arabica average moderately strong, with barley notes
Bukela Ka Ethiopia Light copper 100% Arabica from Ethiopia Light Spicy, with thin sourness and wood notes
Envivo Lungo Reddish-brown Mixture of Mexican Robusta with Indian Arabica Dark Tight, strong, with mustard and ginger shades
Fortissio Lungo green Arabika Mix of South America and India average Gorky-sweet, with notes of cereals
Vivalto Lungo Silver blue Bathing of South American and African Arabica average slightly sour, with wood-fruit nuances
Linizio Lungo Yellow-orange Brazilian and Colombian Arabica average Soft, with grain notes
Caramelito light brown One hundred percent Arabica from South America average bitter, with caramel shades
Ciocattino Black and brown South American Arabica with the addition of cocoa average Classic, with bitter chocolate notes
Vanilio Milk-white One hundred percent South American Arabica average Moderately strong, with a taste of vanilla
Decaffeinato Intenso dark brown A mixture of South American Arabica and Asian Robusts without caffeine Dark Gorky, with shades of cocoa and roasted barley
Arpeggio Decaffeinato Sine-purple Arabica Costa Rickybeze Caffeine Dark saturated with cocoa notes
Volluto Decaffeinato Old gold Pure South American Arabic Caffeine Light Lightweight, with an acidic and sweet fruit flavor
Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato Silver blue Bathing of South American and African Arabica without caffeine average Slightly sour, with trees and fruit

Dolce Gusto

Very popular capsule system, offering 25 options for clean coffee, coffee beverages, hot chocolate and tea with spices. Plastic capsules are flatter and rounded, resembling the form of a bowl. Beverage options differ in the color membrane on which the name is indicated. Capsules are packaged in cardboard boxes for 16 pieces. If the drink contains milk, half the capsules in the package will be milk. Dolce Gusto Coffee Makes Krups. They are cheaper analogs, very simple in control, do not have cappucciners and compartments for capsules. Coffee makers believe that the taste of drinks from the Dolce Gusto line is less expressive than that of the main competitor. Nespresso. However, coffee in them is more. from 6 to 10 g depending on the type of drink. In some capsules, not ground, but soluble coffee, all milk capsules contain powdered milk, sugar, emulsifiers, flavoring additives.

Bosch Tassimo Tas1404 Coffee Maker Overview

I decided to buy home the coffee machine. Since the coffee machines in classical performance are expensive, and I don’t drink coffee so often, then I decided to look after the options for capsule coffee machines. As always, I applied for help to my beloved online store online, because there is always a large range of goods, and most importantly low prices.

There are two major manufacturers of capsule coffee machines among the presented range of this category of goods, but since the action acted on the company BOSH manufacturer, then I chose the coffee machine of this brand and did not lose, I will explain why.

First, the cost. Even when considering the cheapest models of two brands, Boshens is an order of magnitude cheaper. Due to this, of course, the box in which the goods comes. She is very bright and beautiful, but in reliability and strength leaves much to be desired, but it is not important, because inside the coffee machine neatly supported by foam forms. And to protect against dust and dirt, is additionally packed in a plastic bag.

I chose a white coffee machine, Such colors are dominated in the kitchen. However, there are still black option and red. The coofer itself is very compact and has neat rounded shapes. Included in the kit there is a color name-dependent instruction in which everything is explained by illustrations.

Capsules for this coffee machine are called TASSIMO T-discs (no analogs). Here gourmets will wait disappointment, The range and variety of capsules for this brand are many times less than a competitor, however, if you like classic coffee, you will be enough for the presented variations.

The uniqueness of this coffee machine is its coffee making technology. It is that there is a unique bar code on each capsule, which scans the machine and includes a special coffee preparation program specifically designed for this. You don’t even have to think how much water to pour, the car will do everything herself, for you, and if suddenly the water is not enough for you and you will need to add it, then you just need to just press one button and hold it for a few seconds.

By the way, all control of this coffee machine is carried out using one single button.

The water capacity here is quite spacious, about 700 ml, which will be enough to prepare 3 portions of classic American. By the way, the approximate volume of the drink you can see the bottom on the package from the capsules. Inserted a tablet for water mitigation to the water tank. To get it necessary to make someone compartment cover for this tablet.

Before first use, it is recommended to start the coffee machine with a special capsule for cleaning the machine. It has its own bar code and is used to remove scale inside the machine. For its storage under the water tank, a special compartment is provided.

In order to prepare coffee, it is necessary to pour water into the tank that has special labels denoting the border of the pouring.

Then raise up the boot compartment, put the “face” down the capsule with coffee, close the loading compartment (you need to press it with the effort, do not be afraid you will not break anything, just at the time of closing you simultaneously make holes in a coffee capsule) and press the cooking button. In the car there is an indicator of presence enough of the amount of water, for making coffee, if the water is not enough, the machine will not begin cooking and the red indicator will burn on the button.

In the car there is another program of integrated cleaning machine, but for its implementation it is necessary to purchase additionally cleansing tablets that are placed in water tank.

Coffee in capsules natural, tasty. It turns out quite strong, even classic American, but delicious compared to instant coffee. Take not regret.

How cleaning is performed

To remove sediments use Tassimo branded tablets. The manufacturer recommends only the original chemicals, since other acid-based tools can damage the car and affect the taste of future coffee. Cleaning procedure consists of several stages.

insert, capsule, coffee, machine, bosch, tassmo

The water tank is filled with liquid and add two tablets. After their complete dissolution, the container is installed in the coffee machine. To start the program, you need a service T-disk. It is put on the code down and closes the brew head. Instead of a cup, it is necessary to install a container with a volume of at least 500 ml. Next, you need to press and hold “Start” for 5 seconds.

The program takes about half an hour and at its end the orange indicator is ignited. The spent solution is poured, water tank is washed and fill with pure liquid to maximum. The next stage is washing the coffee machines, for this, the “Start” button briefly press. The procedure must be repeated three or four times to completely remove the solution. After that, delete the service T-disk and fill the tank with water. Now you can enjoy your equipment again.

Tablets to remove scale can be purchased in official offices, as well as in some supermarkets.

What is reusable Bosch Tassimo capsules and should they use them?

Tassimo. a popular variety of capsule coffee makers, produced by Bosch. These are the simplest and compact devices, minimizing the cooking beverage time. The affordable price of the device attracts buyers, but users note a fairly high cost of the coffee maker, due to spending on branded capsules, cleaning agents. For the preparation of a cup of beverage, 1-2 portions will be required, depending on the volume of dishes.

For additional purchases, I want to save, so in the catalogs of popular domestic and Chinese sites you can find so-called reusable capsules. These are plastic products that can be independently reloaded up to 50 times. Savings are obvious, but specialists do not recommend spending on such products for several reasons.

Mesh bottom reusable capsules does not comply with the requirements of Tassmo‘s intellectual brewing technology. In the standard embodiment, a special element on both sides pierces the hot water supply tank. The bottom of the plastic grid is not so simple, but the supplied liquid will be immediately poured.

There is no barcode. the recipe for cooking (volume, water temperature, etc.D.). Reusable plastic analogs do not have such a mark, so the car will not be able to make coffee.

Loss of warranty. using strangers for brewing beverages, you automatically lose the coffee maker warranty. The manufacturer will not repair or replace the device at its own expense.