Checked recipes frost fresh tomatoes for the winter. all possible ways

Such a vegetable as a tomato knows each. The composition of tomatoes contain important substances for the body. vitamins, minerals, organic acids, proteins, fructose, glucose and fiber required for good intestinal functioning. Tomatoes low calorie. No wonder tomatoes refer to products with high dietary and nutritional index. Tomatoes lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, due to which our vessels, heart and brain protects.

With the arrival of autumn, it is worth stocking of this useful vegetable for the winter. If you independently freeze tomatoes for the winter of the house, it will be a great way to save them for a long time. If the tomato is freeze, then it will be preserved maximum health benefits.

Selection and secrets of preparation

You can freeze fresh tomatoes in the freezer, only if they have completely slept. Green and dairy tomatoes do not freeze they need to ripen. Surpassed fruits also do not recommend freezing. They can be freeze if you are planning to cook from tomato puree.

Linding fruits can lose the density and turn into a casual mass.

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It is better to freeze tomatoes dense, thick-walled, uniform color, not watery, without cracks, damage, dark spots and inclusions. To correctly freeze tomatoes, they need to wash clean cool water. In order to freeze tomatoes for the winter, they need to dry. Leave them on a towel or wrap them every fruit. it is even faster.

Freeze whole

Tomatoes are easiest to freeze whole. They will take a little more place, but the time for the workpiece will take at least.

Whole tomatoes are frozen in the following way:

  • Rinse the fruits and dry well.
  • Spread them on portions by packages.
  • Additionally, it is not necessary to reprove, since dense skin will not give the fruits to stick together.
  • Tightly start packages and remove storage.
  • Cherry tomatoes are even easier to keep the whole. Subtlety. they are recommended to slightly pungent, so that the skin does not go crack.

Tip If you grow tomatoes on your site, then break the fruits immediately before freezing. So they will be preserved much more vitamins.

Use the turbosor to the fruit to froze not gradually from the edge to the center, and immediately and completely. It is a shock mode that allows you to save tomatoes in the original form.

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Step 9:

Cutting tomatoes can be another. For example, slices or slices. It depends on what you often use vegetables: salads, stew, sauces, snacks. Cut clean and dry fleshy tomatoes on pieces or slices you need and freeze. After keep in the freezer, packed in a convenient container.

What tomatoes are approached by several billet rules?

Before proceeding with freezing, you should choose tomatoes. Fit elastic vegetables, but not very tough. First, they need to be inspected for the detection of traces from pests and holes. Of course, such vegetables can be prepared, but they will have to handle them longer.

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You can store in the freezer any variety, but the most suitable is the Tomato of the Roma variety, since there is little water in it. This species is often used for cooking sauces without a long cooking.

In the freezing of vegetables, several nuances should be taken into account:

  • You need to choose mature and fresh fruits without traces of damage;
  • Before freezing, vegetables must be flushed and dry so that they do not glue into one lump in the freezer;
  • Vegetables are tightly covered in polyethylene or container so that less moisture has evaporated during storage;
  • The container and capacity closes hermetically;
  • Cut vegetables with a special knife with notches on the blade. He does not press tomatoes, but saves juice inside;
  • Freeze vegetables need small batches;
  • The workpiece can be stored in the freezer at temperatures.180 for a year, and at temperatures.80. three months.

Preparation for freezing

You can freeze for winter any tomatoes in the rock. The selection of the variety depends on what kind of freezing will be implemented. At the same time, vegetables must necessarily be strong, without signs of illness and damage. Submool tomatoes can not be frozen, because they will give mustardke and the sense of them almost will not.

Vegetables should first sort according to the degree of maturity, and then rinse well with water and lay out on the towel so that they can.

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Culinary recipes and photo records

Freezing tomatoes for the winter. it is fast, simple and practical. And cheap. In summer, fragrant fresh tomatoes can be collected from the country bed or buy on the market quite inexpensively and freeze for the winter. Use as well as fresh by adding into soups and borscht, in vegetable stew, porridge, gravy and sauces. a lot where it will be used them.

Salad, of course, do not make out of frozen tomatoes, but everything else. no questions. Frozen tomatoes Even in pizza, pies and casseroles are suitable. Needless, not deficing, decor the mug tomato on pizza or in casserole, cake and close them with filling or layer of vegetables.

You can freeze any tomatoes for winter without choosing the most beautiful for this purpose. For tomato mashed potatoes, which then add to soup or in roar, sauce, take ripe, soft tomatoes, and whether they will be meaty or the opposite. very juicy. And for cutting need strong dense tomatoes, who have a lot of pulp and no juice. They are easy to cut into circles or pieces and freeze.

Before freezing tomatoes, you need to wash in cold water and dry the towel or leave in the colander to succeed. Then distribute which tomatoes what kind of freeze. The most juicy is suitable for grinding on mashed potatoes, dense tomatoes with strong skin will be needed for freezing with circles and pieces.

So, for the freezing of tomatoes for the winter it will be necessary:

  • Ripe tomatoes
  • Packages for freezing with a clasp or ordinary dense packages
  • cutting board
  • colander
  • Knife you used to work
  • Small plastic cups or muffin molds (silicone)

Freezing tomatoes for the winter. 1st way. tomato mashed potatoes

Tomatoes for grinding in a puree cut into two or four parts, cut white bodies and specks.

Sleep in a blender, crush in mashed potatoes. Or twist on a meat grinder using a small grid.

It is possible to freeze tomato mashed potatoes in small plastic cups, but the most convenient to use silicone molds. After soaring the workpiece of them, it is easily getting, and the frost occurs faster. Pour a tomato mashed puree on molds, rearrange on a dense surface (board, plate) and remove into the freezer on the grille.

Freezing of tomatoes for the winter. 2nd method. Circles

For cutting circles, select the medium-sized tomatoes, ripe, fleshy. Cut the circles with a thickness of no more than 1.5 cm, with such a cutting, the tomatoes will retain the form and do not soften during the preparation.

Stop the plate or board with a food film or polyethylene package, decompose in one layer mug tomato. Cover. Put one longer. Put in the freezing chamber.

Freezing of tomatoes for the winter. 3rd way. pieces

Cutting tomato pieces to make medium size, cubes, so that you can use for different dishes. Skin does not remove juice.

Buttoning the surface of a dish or plastic board, decompose by one layer pieces of tomato. Put for freezing.

After a few hours, sliced ​​tomatoes harden, tomato mashed potatoes will freeze. Need to remove a tomato puree from silicone molds, folded into a dense package and return to the freezer. Sliced ​​tomatoes with films, decompose in small portions by packages, remove into the freezer.

Freezing tomatoes for different dishes will very help you in winter and early spring.

To know exactly what exactly lies in a particular package, sign them indicating the dates of frost and product.

A few more tips

To save space in the freezer, tomato puree for the winter can be resigned 3-4 times. This will require:

  • Prepare a wide saucepan with a thick bottom.
  • Tomato Mass Move into the pan and install on fire. Dishes at the same lid do not cover.
  • Peel puree on slow fire, constantly stirring, otherwise the mass will begin to burn. So that it does not sprinkle, you need to use a mesh cover, as for cooking fish dishes.
  • Respect the mass a few times and cool.
  • Packing mashed potatoes on harvested tanks, containers with covers and remove in the freezer for storage.

How to use frozen tomatoes at home

Whole tomatoes are suitable for all dishes that are prepared in summer. These are salads, borshes, second vegetable dishes.

Neat circles are designed for pizza or baked meat.

Solk and cubes add to salads, stewed cabbage and potatoes. They can be supplemented with first dishes instead of purchased tomato paste.

Also come with puree. In itself, it is a wonderful substitute for industrial tomato sauces and ledge. In the frostbed tomato, you can add spices to your liking.

Juice is ready to use when it is fully understood and becomes room temperature.