How to lay a bang-blind: 7 simple and rapid ways

Titstok promotes us to try on yourself the most crazy things! Confess you, he also inspired you to cut the bang-blind with which you no longer know what to do? Then catch a selection of a wide variety of ways to pacify the new hairstyle mined on the Internet. your life will become much easier!

One of the simple ways of laying bangs-blinds, which are divided into a ticottok. wet bangs to wind on a round comb on behalf of the face, simultaneously dry hairdryer and splashing any spray for laying. After that, you need to divide the dried bangs into two parts over the sample and hands to give strands the right direction. All the necessary devices have found at your home? Truck this method! Do not give up if the result will not be perfect.

How to dry and lay hair with a hairdryer

Often it turns out that time and patience on the natural drying is missing. Then drying and laying a hairdryer definitely becomes your option. It is fast, efficient and convenient. Also a hairdryer will help to give hair volume and make your stacking special. To be satisfied with the result, it is important to follow several simple rules, as at home correctly lay the hair with a hairdryer:

    Try to abide by the distance between the hairdryer and hair at least 15 cm;

Often laying a hairdryer is necessary in order to create a volume of hair roots. To begin with, tie the hair comb with large rare teeth. Then slightly dry the strands along the entire length of the hair so that they are not confused. After boldly, lean your head down and dry the hair with a hairdryer with the very roots, while helping yourself create a volume with the help of combs or fingers. The result is recommended to fix with a varnish for laying hair. Everything is quite simple, so you can easily make a beautiful laying, even without leaving home.

How to put short hair

In general, recommendations for drying and laying hair of different lengths of the same. However, there are nuances.

How to put the hairdryer short hair

Dry short hair you need from the top of the top, moving to the temples and the backbone, while winding strands on a round comb (brush) or raise your hands. If there is a bang, first turn it on Brasing and only then dry it with a hairdryer.

How to put the hair of medium length

In how to put medium hair correctly, there is no secret, and many rules for drying dry hair are also applicable for medium length. It should be additionally divided by the hair of the comb into small strands, and then pull out every up and wind on a broching comb. It is worth remembering that in this case the curls should be dried exclusively with warm, not hot air, on medium speed. So that the laying is preserved longer, it can be fixed with a varnish or a hairdryer with a cold air mode.

hair, hairdryer, comb

How to put long hair

Similarly, you can easily lay and long hair. Be sure to separate the hair on strands, trying not to take too big and too thin. Pull out each of them up and wind on Brash. As well as with medium hair, you should not use hot air, but exclusively warm. Start with the roots and move to the tips. Drink the curl hairdryer on medium speed, gradually spinning it.

Styling and tips

If you know how to properly lay the hair with a hairdryer, then the shine and volume will delight you every day. Do not make mistakes:

    Keep the best hairdryer (dry from the roots to the ends and keep the hair dryer at an acute angle);

In order to make a stylish laying and give them a long-term volume, you will need not only comb and hair dryer.

To achieve additional volume for thin hair you can put into the course of spray. He will also help to give a hairstyle. When spraying a varnish, keep the bottle is not closer than 25 cm from the hair, covering the eyes and forehead. Attention, spray makes hair hard, so it is recommended to use it often.

Mousse or foam for modeling hair will emphasize your curls, add brilliance and volume to your strands. This is a medul effect. It all depends on your wishes.

Gel helps to lay and secure hair secure. Apply it to your fingers to give the required form. Pay attention to the fixation indicator that is usually specified on the package. If the degree of fixation is maximum, then your hair can “fix tight”.

There is also a wax that gives strands flexibility and shine, but does not fix them. However, you can mix the wax with a small number of special gel for fixing. You can also just buy a wax gel or spray wax.

Hair separation schemes for laying

There are several such laying of hairdryer. Here are some of them.

Separation of the sample through the temporal zone to the occipital arcuate line. Put, moving up strand for strand, highlighting hair with parallel samples. Layer on the layer perform all hair styling. Start with one half of the head, then go to another. This is one of the basic convenient ways of laying hair. We start laying from a dark zone, then on the top of the top, head and whiskey. Scroll to strand, warming up and be sure to fix the clip, so that the strand is cooled at the accepted form, then the curl will be elastic and the laying will continue for a long time. The most important thing is to warm up the strand, twist the ends so that the curl is clean and neat. There is a way of laying, when basin are used instead of clamps. On the hair there are several brushes at once so that the hair is cooled.

How to put curly hair

If Kudri wants to straighten, it is better to use the iron. You can make them less obvious, pulling out a little wet hair with your fingers, while blowing hot air at the same time. In other cases, it is beautifully to lay curl-curly curls as follows:

    Dry hair using a diffuser. This is a nozzle for a hair dryer with a few “fingers”, which cooled on individual strands, creating the effect of negligent curls.

For which hairstyle is suitable

When there is no time to wait for the natural drying of the curls, the girls get the hair dryer. This device has now significantly expanded the functionality and became a truly universal tool for home use, including because of various nozzles. Usually women use a hairdryer to create a root volume. After that, the hair can be left away or collect in a lush tail, a beam.

Careless beach curls or neatly laid “Chemistry”, Biosavke, Carving. Diffuser’s merit. Smooth, smooth strands will succeed with the help of traditional nozzle nozzles and round comb. In addition, Brasing in combination with a hairdryer is suitable for modeling a curve of different elasticity. Rotating hair dryers are intended for hair curling.

Attention! In addition to nozzles, the tool must have a cold blowing. Preferably the presence of several temperature modes. Additional useful options. air ionization, infrared heating, etc.

How to lay hair with a hairdryer and brush: instructions for beginners

Step-by-step photoinsus will make the process clearer. See!

Thermal protection for start.

Thermal protection is needed by all. Stay styling on clean and dry hair. Strands should be a bit wet to better keep the form. Before starting any manipulations, apply the “Clean Lesmer” brand “Clean Lesk for Trimmer” on the hair with calendula extract. This tool contributes to the protection of hair when exposed to temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Also, the product does not waste strands, gently preparing them to styling with a hairdryer and brush.

Secure everything.

Separate a part of the lower strands at the neck with a width of the ear to ear. The rest of the hair secure the hairpin for convenience.

Staying begins.

Start laying a strand of five centimeters wide. In one hand take a round brush into another hair dryer. Keep the nozzle of the hair dryer parallel to the brush. At the same time promote the nozzle, and the brush on strands down and outward.

Stage First.

When strand dries, wrap it around the brush, ranging from the tips of the hair, continuing to blow it down with hot air. Unlock curl.

And now the rest.

Repeat the third and fourth steps on all the remaining strands.

Now that you know how to lay the hair with a hairdryer and brush, it’s small. It’s time to master the technique! Equally important to lay hair with a hairdryer correctly, without harm to strands.

Laying with Biguery for Short Hair

With the help of curlers, you can give a hairstyle, as well as create curls. Best of all the short hair fit the batuals-velcro, but the owners of brittle and thin hair should be applied with caution.

The most elastic curls are obtained using thermal vehicles.

Badly hold on short hair cigarette. As a rule, hair curlers are screwed into wet hair.

Blow Drying Hair With a Round Brush:: How To

However, thermal vessels need to wrap on dry hair, otherwise you can harm hair. The size of curls depends on the thickness of the strand.

As a rule, hair curlers are screwed up, starting with strands at the forehead, they continue to the top, then the side strands are screwed.

Depending on which direction is to screw the strands: the result depends to face or on behalf.

Twisted Curls will give the hairstyle avant-garde and youth species.

Short hair worn both Hollywood diva and ordinary women. Even at home, conventional haircuts can be stacked by a variety of ways. Means for laying, hairdryer, a little fantasy and every day you can be unique and beautiful. Dare!