Laying hair at home (23 photos)

Often, we lack time to visit the beauty salons, and the material costs for hair laying can hardly hit the family budget. Therefore, it is easier to learn to hairdressers at home and every day to delight yourself with new luxurious hairstyles.

Often, we lack time to visit the beauty salons, and the material costs for hair laying can hardly hit the family budget. Therefore, it is easier to learn to hairdressers at home and every day to delight yourself with new luxurious hairstyles.

Do styling home easy. enough of several proven cosmetics and proper tools.

How to dry and lay hair with a hairdryer

Often it turns out that time and patience on the natural drying is missing. Then drying and laying a hairdryer definitely becomes your option. It is fast, efficient and convenient. Also a hairdryer will help to give hair volume and make your stacking special. To be satisfied with the result, it is important to follow several simple rules, as at home correctly lay the hair with a hairdryer:

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    Try to abide by the distance between the hairdryer and hair at least 15 cm;

Often laying a hairdryer is necessary in order to create a volume of hair roots. To begin with, tie the hair comb with large rare teeth. Then slightly dry the strands along the entire length of the hair so that they are not confused. After boldly, lean your head down and dry the hair with a hairdryer with the very roots, while helping yourself create a volume with the help of combs or fingers. The result is recommended to fix with a varnish for laying hair. Everything is quite simple, so you can easily make a beautiful laying, even without leaving home.

How to put short hair

In general, recommendations for drying and laying hair of different lengths of the same. However, there are nuances.

How to put the hairdryer short hair

Dry short hair you need from the top of the top, moving to the temples and the backbone, while winding strands on a round comb (brush) or raise your hands. If there is a bang, first turn it on Brasing and only then dry it with a hairdryer.

How to put the hair of medium length

In how to put medium hair correctly, there is no secret, and many rules for drying dry hair are also applicable for medium length. It should be additionally divided by the hair of the comb into small strands, and then pull out every up and wind on a broching comb. It is worth remembering that in this case the curls should be dried exclusively with warm, not hot air, on medium speed. So that the laying is preserved longer, it can be fixed with a varnish or a hairdryer with a cold air mode.

How to put long hair

Similarly, you can easily lay and long hair. Be sure to separate the hair on strands, trying not to take too big and too thin. Pull out each of them up and wind on Brash. As well as with medium hair, you should not use hot air, but exclusively warm. Start with the roots and move to the tips. Drink the curl hairdryer on medium speed, gradually spinning it.

How to create a volume of roots

When creating a voluminous hairstyle, you can use the method of starting or corrugation, but less traumatic. give the volume with a hairdryer at once during drying.

hair, hairdryer, home

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  • Preparatory stage: dry your head to the barely wet state, draw out, apply spray or foam to the roasting zone for giving volume.
  • Tilt your head, throwing the hair forward, and start drying the hairdryer in the direction from the roots to the tips. In the process, additionally lift strands with your fingers or calculations, so the volume will be more pronounced.
  • So that the hairstyle is preserved longer, you can sprinkle it with a locking varnish, keeping heads tilted.

To create a spectacular volume, you can also use brush brush.

hair, hairdryer, home

Divide hair

We continue to understand how to lay short hair with a hairdryer. Divide the hair into four parts. The first part will be at the bottom of the neck in the middle of the ear to ear. The second. right above the forehead. The remaining sides are sparkling on the third and fourth part. So that the hair is not confused and did not interfere when laying the hair with a hairdryer, tighten them and jump with plastic clamps.

Start stacking short hair with a hairdryer. First start driving a plot of rear. Keep the brush in your right hand, and the hairdryer is in the left, if you are right. And vice versa. if left-hand. Rim up strands from the roots of the brush and stretch under hot air. After proceed to the side departments: Check strands on a round comb, laying tips inside and holding a hairdryer above them.

How to put long hair to work

You can straighten or tweak the hair, leaving them away, but you can make a strict but elegant hairstyle. For example, a neat beam. Better to do it 12 hours after you dried your hair. In this case, they will be good and obedient to bed. You will need a bagel, rubber band, invisible, studs and a lock. Tail. Put on a bagel on the tip of the tail. Gradually twist the hair on the bagel, turning it down. Fix the finished bundle with pins and invisible, and then varnish. You can also braid neat braids for grass, for example, French, fishtail, “Four strands” or spikelets. Do not forget about infinite set of tails. such as horse, with harms, “without gum” or revoked. In addition, you can always combine hairstyles and styling among themselves.

How to lay short hair without a hair dryer, cloth and ironing?

This issue of at least once in life was asked every girl. The curl lent her friend, the iron broke, and the hair dryer was generally lost. It would seem that the romantic evening or holiday in the team is not to be. But here our lifehaki come to the rescue, how to lay short hair at home.

Wet your hair so that they become slightly wet. Put them for your ears. Make a drawing of the wave and fix it with invisible combs, then lacquer or any other retainer. 10. 20 minutes carefully remove the invisibility. Laying in retro style is ready!

Wash your head in the evening, dry your hair by 50% and then braid them in braids for grass or roll into thin harnesses. In the morning before going out carefully dismiss the hairstyle. Fix varnish and ready!

Method 3. If you like to wash your head in the morning, and at work there is no strict dress code on hairstyles, then this option for you. Tighten your hair as much as possible and make a bundle. In the evening, in front of the event, dissolve it, carefully put and lock the lacquer. If for whom the Hollywood track and was invented, then only for you!

If suddenly you have ended with hair polish, you can fix them homemade gel from gelatin. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon with 1 cup of water. Warm the mixture on fire until it is completely dissolved and let cool. As soon as the solution begins to acquire gel-like consistency (usually after half an hour. hour). Ready! These ways enjoy synchronist. When you wash off, use hot water.

How to create a volume on thin hair?

  • Thin hair. soft and pliable, they lack roughness and rigidity. Use sealing sprays. Usually they are written on thickening spray. Be careful: Sometimes after the translation into Russian, it turns out “for volume”, not sealing. Focus on the original name. Sealing means contain polymers that make hair more plastic and rough. Foams and mousses can be weightingly, so it is desirable that it was exactly a spray. Lisa is suitable liquid Dallas Thickening Spray and Dry Grid Structural Setting Spray. Choose feelings: Dallas softer, Grid Righter, but also the root volume will be more pronounced. Glory used him.
  • Your Procedure: Apply Spray on Wet or Dry Hair (if it is laying on the second day). Only on the roots. For samples and abundantly: click on the dispenser and hold 4-5 seconds on the same section. Dry hair with a hairdryer and give shape with hands.

Volume with Grid Structural Setting Spray

Secrets of professionals

Hairdressers do not get tired of repeating that too frequent styling can cause serious harm. Take care of the health of your hair, because the hairstyle is one of the main elements of the stylish image. Well, so that your stacking always looked excellently, use the secrets of professionals:

  • Do not be afraid to use a few nozzles. For the roots, the diffuser is better suitable, and handle the tips is more convenient;
  • Use the hairdryer once every three or four days, no more than;
  • If you often make styling, do not forget about hair restoration. Keratin funds will help the hair to recover faster from thermal exposure;
  • On the melted or recently painted hair, the laying holds better;
  • Final treatment of hair with cold air will give them shine and cool faster;
  • During drying, do not delay in one place not to cut hair.

Like any other case, the hair dryer should be approaching. Frequent use of a hair dryer will make hair dry, dull and lifeless. But if you take care of your hair and follow the advice of professionals, you will look at all a hundred even without visiting the hairdresser, and the hair will keep health and get a great appearance.

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