Removal of air from the heating system: how the air traffic jam is made

The appearance of air traffic jams in the heating system accompanies the uneven heating of the instruments and the turning noise in the pipeline. The coolant along the contour moves by “jerks”, the likelihood of the hydroudar increases. Agree, these phenomena would like to exclude any sensible owner.

Eliminate and warn the listed negative allows a simple action. removal of air traffic jams from the heating system. How to do it? How to competently assemble the contour, which devices should be installed so that the air is retired in a timely manner, learn from the article proposed.

The information presented to familiarize is based on regulatory documentation. We described all possible ways applied against the formation of air congestion. For optimization of perception, the material is supplemented with photo selection, diagrams, video.

How to lower the air from the battery with the crane of Maevsky

Maevsky’s crane is designed to simplify air traffic removal. In essence, this is a kind of valve on the heating radiator for air shutting. With it, it’s easy to do it yourself. On the radiators it is in the top of the side wall of the extreme section. Let’s look at how to pull the air from the heating battery with a crane in the apartment.

To simplify the work there are special removable handles that wear on the inner metal part of the valve. If you have this, then drive the air from the heating system is quite simple. If the knobs are not, on the central part of the crane there may be a screwdriver notch.

Substitute a 0.5-1 liter tank under the crane. After that, unscrew it. the air will start out. After that, in a tank with a characteristic hiss, under the pressure, air mixed with water flows. Wait until clean water flows and close the crane.

If there is no handle on the crane of Maevsky and there is no possibility to use a screwdriver, you will need the key of the appropriate size. Also suitable or gas.

  • Wrap the surface of the radiator with a rag or cloth, and then substitute water tank.
  • Slowly unscrew the tap until you feel the movement of the air or hiss. Do not try to rip it if it is spinning tight. apply a uniform force.
  • Wait until the air does not come out and water does not stick.
  • Drain 1-2 liters of water.
  • Tighten the crane, wait 5-10 minutes.
  • Re-unscrew the crane, check if there is no air.
  • Repeat the process until all the air leaves the system.

Remove the air plug without draining water

On how to remove air from the heating system with standard ways you probably know. Having found a non-drying radiator, you need a screwdriver to open the crane of Maevsky and release the air bubble in it. If old batteries are installed, where there is no such valve, you can try removing in other ways:

  • The so-called piping network pumping is used in the apartments of multi-storey houses, provided that the water reset crane is embossed in the radiator. Connect the hose to it, directed in the sewer, open the valve to the maximum and perform the drain while the flow moving at high speed does not pass the air stopper.
  • In a private house, Soviet steel batteries can be deleted using a self-tapping screw. Wake it up at the base of the FMA ribbon and screw the electric screwdriver into the wall of the heating device (closer to the top). Then remove the screws for a couple of revolutions with a screwdriver, release the air and tighten until it stops. In the summer, make the crane Maevsky in this place.
  • The removal of air from the cast-iron batteries of the country house, not equipped with air, can be performed in two ways: a complete system reloading or expanding pressure (up to 2 bar) with simultaneous heating. Unscrew the side plugs “on the go” is not recommended, then they will be difficult to pack.
  • Weak circulation and heat transfer may be a consequence of air accumulation in the housing of the network pump. Unscrew the large screw installed in the end of the unit, a couple of revolutions. When water drops will perform from under the rubber ring, tighten it back.

Advice. In order not to deal with air traffic jams during operation, install on all radiators of air cranes. If the thickness of the metal wall does not allow you to cut 3-4 threads, weld from above the bug with a hole of the required diameter. In cast iron “accordion”, the valve is climbing in the side steel tube.

Focus with a self-tapping screw is also successfully used for incorrectly designed highways with upwards or book loops (for example, to bypass doors and other building structures). How to remove the air bubble in the disadvantaged area of ​​the pipeline by twisting the self-press, look at

Recommendation. If you constantly burst air from the heating system through the batteries and do not find the reasons for bringing, temporarily put automatic valves for heating devices until you figure it out, what is the case (perhaps a chemical reaction with oxygen release).

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How to avoid air traffic jams

The sequence of preventive measures depends on the type of heating system.

Open outline

The system of this type is filled with hot water. All valves on radiators should be open, providing unobstructed water access. It is necessary to monitor the power of the pressure and not allow too strong and fast filling. When filling out free batteries, close the plum valve.

Filling of closed type systems

Actions when filling out this type of system differ from standards. Primary valves on the contrary close. Open only one through which water is poured into the system. Then the pump is connected to provide stable pressure in the pipes. Air with batteries is available with the help of cranes only after filling the entire water system.

You see, subject to the rules and carrying out prevention, it is quite possible to minimize the probability of appearance in the heating system of air traffic jams that reduce the temperature regime in the apartment.

How to pull the air from the heating radiator with a crane of Maevsky

Such a device can be detected on the top of the battery, which is used in almost every modern house. To open the crane, no expensive tools will be required. There is no need to overlap the entire riser of necessity, how to wait until the coolant will cool.

Such manipulations are a waste of time, and the effectiveness of follow-up will be reduced, since the pressure indicator inside the system will significantly decrease.

Approximate procedure:
one. Under the selected battery should be substituted with a pelvis or any other container.
2. On the aircraft it should be placed several rags. After the liquid is absorbed, starts to flick smoothly.
3. Using the key, gently and slowly unscrew the crane, sticking to the plastic handle. Hissing or disintegration will indicate the exit of the air masses.
4. Water jet should start leaking evenly. Thus, a tube from air will be pierced. No more than 10 minutes will be required for this. Experts will merge up to two buckets of the coolant.
5. Tightly close the valve used.

information about the process of air shutting down in this way you can see in

Cost of manual and automatic air vent

for air vents for the heating system depend mainly on the metal from which they are made, from the manufacturer and size of the valve. up to several thousand for imports imported.

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Comparative table price of basic types and modifications.

Nomenclature air vent Cost in the regions, retail price, / pcs, without VAT Cost, retail price, / pcs, without VAT
Automatic Broken Ballofix (Spain) 395.00 373.00
AE32-17 Automatic DU 25 (DN 1) PN40 F 49 850-50 400 49 350
Air Sweets Navien Pump Deluxe 13-40K, Deluxe Coaxial 1000-1200 890-1000
Handmade FHF-EM aircraft (Danfoss) 710-740 705
Manual simplified air vent 12.00-15.00 11.50-12.50
Handmade air vent, 15, under a screwdriver 19,75-22.00 18.00-20.00

Causes of aerial traffic

For efficient heating your home, you must delete air traffic jams in a timely manner.

“Purpose”, or an air traffic jam can be formed in pipelines if:

  • The heating system was repaired. when carrying out repair work, the appearance of air inevitably.
  • When laying and mounted pipes, the required slope and its direction.
  • Pressure drops. because over time the water level in the pipes falls, then the pipelines are empty, filling with air.
  • The system of heating with the natural circulation of the coolant is established (in private houses of small areas, heating is arranged without forced circulation, t.E., no circulation pump). In this case, bringing the heating system is due to the possible drop in pipes in the pipes.
  • The leakage of the coolant occurs through poorly sealed junctions of pipelines. Leak to see quite difficult if the flaw is small (for example, the connection is not very dense), and the hot water can leak and immediately evaporate.
  • The heating system is incorrectly filled after long standing (autumn). Some household owners seek to fill the pipes with water quickly and “before failure”, but it is incorrect. Filling should be performed slowly, at the same time removing air from heating devices and distribution pipelines.

Air can also enter the pipes directly with the coolant. as it is known, there are some air bubbles in the water, which rise up when water temperature increases.

In homes where water “warm floors” are also connected to the common distribution collector, and the formation of air traffic jams can also be observed in the heating system.

The reasons are practically the same, but the elimination of this problem is rather problematic, since the pipes are unevenly at their height. It follows the conclusion: it is necessary to constantly monitor the pressure and consumption of the coolant in the pipes or install the air collectors (they are also called “airborne”).

Determination of the placement of cork and its removal

How can you understand that there is air in the radiator? Usually, the presence of air indicate foreign sounds, such as bouffaging, water flow. To ensure full circulation of the coolant, it is necessary to remove this air. With full recent system, it is necessary to determine first the place of education of the plugs, tapping the hammer of heating devices. Where there is an air traffic jam, the sound will be more ringing and strong. Air is assembled, as a rule, in radiators installed on the upper floors.

Realizing that the air in the heating device is present, you should take a screwdriver or key and prepare water tank. Opening the thermostat to the maximum level, you need to open the valve of the crane Maevsky and substitute the container. The appearance of light hissing will mean that the air comes out. The valve is kept open until water flows and only after that closes.

The elimination of air traffic jams in the heating battery with the help of the Maevsky crane installed on it: the valve opens with a special key or manually and kept open until water

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It happens that after this procedure, the battery warms not long or not enough. Then it needs to be purged and rinsed, since the accumulation of garbage and rust can also cause air appearance.

What is Air Lock?

If, after the air shutter, the battery is still poorly heated, try to merge about a 200g of the coolant to make sure the air traffic jam. If it did not help, but it is necessary to blow and rinse the radiator from possibly accumulated dirt

If there are no improvements after that, you need to check the level of filling the heating system. Air traffic jams can also be formed on pipe bends. Therefore, it is important in the installation process to observe the direction and the magnitude of the bias of laying pipelines. In places where a bias for any reason differs from the project, additionally install aircraft valves.

In aluminum radiators, air traffic jams are formed more intense due to poor quality material. As a result of the reaction of aluminum with the coolant, gases are formed, so they must be regularly removed from the system. In such situations, it is recommended to replace aluminum radiators to devices from better-quality materials with anti-corrosion coating and install air vent. In order for the heating of the rooms is normal, before filling in the heating system with water, it is necessary to take care of the removal of it from it that impede the normal movement of the coolant from it, and then in winter in your home will be warm and cozy.