What to do so that the washing machine did not go through the cafe?

The first way is to install special anti-vibration coasters under the bottom of the washing machine. If you put such devices under the legs, the glide and jumps of the unit can be forgotten. Stands designed to prevent the vibration of the automaton look stylish, so they will not spoil the appearance of the interior.

Over time, shock absorbers fail. Accelerate this process “Helps” overload machine and uneven linen distribution. In addition to excessive vibration, the washing machine can also publish characteristic knocks in annealing when the faulty shock absorbers are beating about the washer housing.

Eliminate reasons

If the reason is determined, you can try to eliminate it.

Solution 1

With incorrect centers of linen, it suffices to take the following steps:

make, washing, machine, jumped
  • disable the washer;
  • Wait for unlocking the doors;
  • open tank;
  • get underwear, straighten and put back;
  • if it is much. part must be removed;
  • Next, the machine is connected in pressure mode.

Solution 2

If the machine is unevenly installed, the question arises: how to fix the washing machine so that it does not jump?. For this you can:

Solution 3

Finding a foreign subject that got involved, it is possible using a flashlight: just give them to the tank and twist them in different directions. If the subject is detected, you need to carefully pick it up with something sharp.

Important! In case of more serious breakdowns, or if you do not understand how to install a washing machine so that it does not jump, you need to contact the service center.

How to get out of the situation

What makes the washing machine jump? As a rule, it is a relief of the outdoor coating on which it is installed. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the device stands as exactly as possible. If you can’t achieve this, then constant “dancing” machines on annealing will lead to a gradual spinning of the legs of the machine. Therefore, first of all, you need to take care of the quality of the stand.

Wood will help you to achieve your goal. In particular, you can take advantage of:

Wash the washing machine so that she stood smoothly, and the problem will solve itself by itself, at least until the stands are extended, you can forget about the existence of this problem.

Laying the tile, it is necessary to observe its level not only so that it has aesthetic species. If it is broken, the installed machine, as we said above, start jumping. In the absence of materials for the substrate, the output will be somewhat different. If three legs are installed at one level, it is desirable to be seated from below to liquid nails. For full-fledged stability, the same procedure is done with the top of the support, but if you do not want to spoil the thread, you can restrict ourselves to the locknut.

If the basis for your washing machine will serve, for example, parquet, about the installation site you need to think in advance. In that place the floor should be strengthened and leveled. To do this, you can use the substrate bars.

Preparatory stage

This stage is divided into the preparation of the machine itself to install and prepare the selected location.

Preparation of the device

If the car is new and just brought from the store, first of all it is necessary to unpack. If there is damage on the package, it may indicate damage to the machine itself.

Advice. When unpacking, try to remove the box intact. Subsequently, if you need a refund, packaging damage can serve as a reason for refund. Packaging stored throughout the warranty period.

After removing the package, the equipment is examined for defects. Carefully check the completeness, check with the list in the passport.

After that, they remove bolts and fasteners installed for safe transportation. These details are needed to fix the drum at the time of transportation.

Important. Do not forget to remove transportation fasteners before installing. If this is not done, the device will quickly fail. And the manufacturer’s warranty in this case will not act.

The location of fasteners is indicated in the instructions. Holes for transport bolts, as a rule, are closed with special plugs. Bolts are stored during the life of the equipment. They are re-installed if the device is needed.

Preparation of place

Basic surface requirements in place of placement. strength and strictly horizontal location of the machine.

During operation, the device is constantly exposed to vibration from centrifuges. Therefore, there is not enough rigid and durable surface quickly, creating a skew.

Preparation of engineering systems

To connect a washing machine, the following communications are needed:

  • Water pipes. In order to save it, it is better to provide a supply to the car and cold, and hot water. If there is no such possibility, then only cold water is connected. At the same time, the amount of electricity consumed by electricity consumed to heighten the water in the instrument. The most convenient place of connection to the water supply. under the sink in the kitchen or under the sink in the bathroom. If you organize water supply through the filter, it will increase the life of the machine.
  • Plum. During washing the unit changes water several times. Dirty water merges into the sewer. The drain hose is connected to the sewer system using special connectors. Any washing machine is also completed with a special hose, the end of which can be simply placed in the bath.
  • Electricity flow. When placed in the bathroom, you need to make a special layout to install a power outlet. It is placed above the device to exclude water. Using the extension cord in the bathroom is prohibited, as it creates dangerous conditions of operation. The socket installed in the bathroom must be grounded.

How to properly adjust the legs of the washing machine?

With the key that comes with a washing machine, you need to weaken the lock nuts on the legs. Screw all the legs until it stops, if there is a need for the machine to stand above, then unscrew them to the desired height and visually achieve a smooth position.

Adjustment of legs in terms of level

Drum machine, rotating even at low speed, creates vibration. With uneven distribution of linen, it becomes stronger. Vibration is dangerous in that the parts of the car bend from it faster. How to install a washing machine so that it does not jump? The answer is simple. set the legs by level.

Attention. Adjusting the legs in height will reduce vibration and give the device stability.

To begin with, adjusting the height of the legs, the car leads to a steady state (so that it does not swing). After that, take the construction level and set it in parallel in the front wall. The front legs regulate so that the air bubble turns out to be exactly in the middle.

Then the level is alternately rearranged to the side walls of the machine and regulate the rear legs. The final result of the work should be such a position when the body of the machine is stable, and the level shows a strict horizontal position and in front, and from the sides.

Installation without level

If you do not have a construction level, then instead you can use a glass or water saucer. Water dishes put on the top cover of the washing machine and adjust the legs so that water in a glass or saucer is at the same distance from the edge of the dishes.

make, washing, machine, jumped

Why the washing machine jumps?

The first cause of strong vibrations can be the notioned transport bolts. They still fix the tank inside the case so as not to damage it during transportation. Before starting work, the bolts and other fixing elements must be removed. Operate the car with them is categorically prohibited. The next reason for vibration is the uneven distribution of things in the tank. If you run a device with an empty tank, it will not vibrate. The same happens if you distribute things perfectly uniformly. smooth layer throughout the circumference of the tank. In the reality, this distribution is impossible to achieve, even evenly distributed at the beginning, in the process of washing mixed.

Fault suspension of tank and support bearings. Relaxing counterweight.

Purpose of the system from springs, dampers and counterweights make the frequency of own oscillations of the tank much lower than its rotation. This reduces the amplitude of the oscillations and the amount of vibrations transmitted to the case. To better understand the previous paragraph, remember: at the beginning of the press, the housing of the loaded machine is swinging stronger, and then with an increase in the speed of rotation of the tank, the squabble goes into a fine trembling or, with properly laundry distribution, almost disappears.

Swing the tank. after that, he must make no more than one oscillation and stop. Otherwise the shock absorbers are faulty, they must be replaced.

Open the casing, inspect elastic elements. metal should not have deformations, rubber. supervision and cracking. Defective details. under the replacement! Check the counterweight fastening. if dangling, tighten the nuts.

Fortified bearings. When working, there should be no squeaks and knocks. Twist the tank manually, shake from side to the side. Finding a creaking or beating, replace faulty parts.

My recipe

In general, I climbed a lot of things on the Internet, checked in my “Washing“. “from” and “to” and shock absorbers, and a counterweight, and the level, but nothing helped, how walked. and walked. Especially strong if the linen is not enough (when there is a lot of linen, there was practically no roar, just the right balancing).

In general, once it came across special anti-vibration linings on the floor, under the feet of the machine. Many of them can still call damper legs, dampers, spacers and T.D. In general, there are many names, the essence is one. they have to remove unnecessary vibrations and the machine should not jump.

I went through the famous store “Lerua-Merlen” and there for some funny money (about 150), bought these lining. They are made of durable, rubbish, rubbing rubber with plastic, do not understand.

Came home, put and launched the machine. What was my surprise that the machine even with a small amount of linen, jumped much less (just 5. 6). I thought all her victory!

But everything is so simple. The lining themselves are much stronger than the vibration, but do not eliminate it to the end. As a result, the machine after 3. 4 days of intense washing, still left a little (from where I put it).

It was necessary to finish the design. As a result, on one forum there is an elegant and cheap remedy, you need to under two front “spacers”, glue (across the area) 3M Scotch! Take the “3M” for it is strong and very much rests on almost any surface.

As a result, now the machine is worth it like this, as put on the same level, so it is on it. Vibration if there is, then these “stands” are quenched. What is interesting in them there is no deepening and the machine can not get out of them. I advise everyone. it works.

Look at the video, here I tried to tell in more detail.

Washing Machine Vibrating and Shaking: Washer Troubleshooting Video & Tips by Sears Home Services

I finish this, I think my experience was useful to you. Read our construction blog, there will be a lot of interesting things.