Floor mobile air conditioners. where to put hot air?

Everyone who knows what floor mobile air conditioners are, who bought them, probably faced a very big problem when operating them. Summer comes and you must definitely write an article about her.

The noise published by mobile air conditioners (and their noise is higher than that of the split systems), not count. The most important problem is where to put hot air, which this device “spits out” with its work.

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As you know, there is a special hole in the rear wall of the air conditioner, to which the hose is attached to remove hot air. Thus, cooled air is blowing from the front wall into the room, but a very hot, worked out flow blowing behind. It needs to be thrown out into the street.

Manufacturers and sellers talk about their floor mobile air conditioners wonderful fairy tales about the convenience and unpretentiousness of their technology. Here is one of them:

It is enough to install the air conditioner in the right place and ensure the removal of warm air outside the cooled room. For this, a special corrugated hose is provided (diam. 120 mm, length of 1500 mm), which can be removed into a ajar window, window or door. If necessary, such an air conditioner easily moves from one room to another.

In principle, it is, everything is true if it had not been allocated hot air. This problem is offered to solve in three ways:

  • Open the window and put the hose out the window.
  • Attach the hose to the ventilation system of the room.
  • Make a hole in the wall through which the hot air is thrown out.
  • The hose exhibited in the window lets back the same room in the same room from the street, and with it street noise and dust.
  • The ventilation system is not always present in the coolant, t.to. Basically, ventilation in apartments is located in bathrooms and toilets.
  • A hole in the wall is always a smelly technician who has come for installation, dust and dirt in an apartment/office after the work performed, poor thermal insulation of the hole in the winter season.

Ringing on the Internet, I did not find any inventions that help solve this issue. I had to think myself and such a device was designed. It took 5 (. ) years. At first it was planned to make a universal device that will stand at any window and even a balcony door. But the perfect design did not work out. You can see the working model of such a device in the figure above.

I had to think further. I had to solve many problems. Here they are:

  • how to make sure that the user does not accidentally drop this device in the window.
  • how to achieve lightweight weight of this device
  • how to fix it on the window
  • how to make it hermetically tight to the surfaces of the window frame
  • how to make it easy to install, compact in storage and shipping by mail
  • how to make it not violating the appearance of the window
  • .

Marvelous! It would seem the simplest device, and how many problems and design problems had to be solved. In the end, it became clear that it would not be possible to make the device universal, suitable for any window. But nevertheless it was possible to achieve the following:

  • It is very light
  • Its installation takes no more than 1 minute and this installation will be able to make not only a man, but also a woman
  • If it falls out of the window, no one will be wounded
  • it is easy, simple and reliably attached to the window
  • It takes up very little space in disassembled form, and therefore is easily stored between the seasons of use
  • It tightly adjacent to the surface of the frame and does not miss the noise from the street
  • It does not pass hot air back into the room
  • It is cheap
  • .

As you can see, everything looks very simple. It may even seem that this can be done yourself. Yes, you certainly may. You can also assemble the car yourself, but how reliable it will be? You decide. In fact, in the design, which in the photo looks very easy to eat secrets. They are not visible, but they are. My next step is to patent the device than I will do in the near future.

Floor mobile air conditioners will now become really useful and convenient for cooling the premises in the summer of the year.

How to choose a corrugated pipe for a floor monoblock

Typically, the air duct for the air conditioner is complete with the equipment, and it does not need to be selected on your own. The problem arises if it happens:

In case of damage, the tightness of the structure is disturbed, warm air will enter the apartment through the holes. Therefore, the pipe needs to be changed to a new.

The duct has to be lengthened in the following cases:

make, removal, mobile, conditioner
  • The air conditioner model has too short corrugation, and the window or window is high. It is necessary to either install a monoblock on a high.rise, or lengthen the corrugation. In this case, the power of the device is reduced, because the volume of the output air increases. The forums offer to install additional pumps that will help to remove warm flows, but for this it is necessary to have knowledge and skills in order to independently select the pump and carry out installation.
  • The only place for fastening the corrugation is the balcony, but in front of it there is a loggia and the pipe does not reach the window. The loggia is large and will take most of the cold air produced by the equipment. As a solution to the problem, they propose partially lengthen the corrugation, and part of the pipe adjacent to the air conditioner to pull out as much as possible so that the volume of the output air does not increase much.

To choose the right air conditioner model, you need to calculate in advance the distance from the expected place of installation of the monoblock to the place of the pipe output. it can be a door, a window, a window, a sandwich panel at the bottom of the balcony door, wall.

Where to withdraw the corrugation from the monoblock. suggestions and reviews

The easiest way is to make a hole in the sandwich slab. It is well cut, but you need to have special tools. Included with the equipment there is an insert that is attached from the outside. it holds the pipe and creates a tight connection, not allowing warm air to penetrate the room. The problem is that in winter this hole will skip the cold, and it will need to be closed. On sale there are removable frames in the frame, which, if desired, can be removed. This is a rather expensive thing, since manufacturers take money for convenience.

You can cut the hole along the diameter of the pipe in the glass and fix the holder from the outside. This is done both on double.glazed windows and on a single glass. This design works well in the summer, but in winter it also needs to be closed so that the room does not cool. If the monoblock works for heating, another thing. This will be his permanent location. The exit is offered as follows:

  • have two double.glazed windows and change them depending on the time of year;
  • Replacing the glass for the summer with a sandwich slab and making a hole in it is the most aesthetic output;
  • remove the window or open window, but in this case, the cooling will not be effective, because warm air will penetrate through the gap.

The next option is not to touch the glass, but make a hole in the wall exclusively for a monoblock. It all depends on the thickness of the building material. concrete, brick. We need special tools to make a hole with even edges and not damage the structure. Some people on the forum are familiar with the new diamond drilling technology, who can even cut the reinforcement in concrete, which is applicable to supporting structures. For ordinary walls, a peorator or shock drill is used.

The price of work is high, but in the absence of other opportunities you will have to pay. Drainage in the absence of a special pallet can be displayed in the same hole.

make, removal, mobile, conditioner

The ventilation hole in the wall has its disadvantages. One of them is the flow of cold air in the winter season. On this subject they offer to use mineral wool and close it with a hole in the wall. Acceptable, but not aesthetic option. Violation of the integrity of the load.bearing walls is allowed individually, first you need to obtain permission from the architect. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine and make repairs for your money.

How to install a mobile air conditioner correctly. 5 errors. How to bring corrugation into a plastic window.

With the onset of heat in the summer, everyone is thinking about air conditioning their premises.

To comfortably cool the air, you can choose three types of devices that quickly cope with this task.

For country and country houses, most often they buy mobile options. They are also used by owners of flower shops, tenants of apartments and offices, or those who are not allowed to hang standard blocks on the facades.

make, removal, mobile, conditioner

They are very convenient and can be installed every day in different rooms and floors. Moved to another house? Take the air conditioner with you without problems and quickly install it in a new room.

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It does not require special knowledge and skills to install it. This is a monoblock in which everything is collected in one building.

The principle of its operation is shown on this schematic.

Hofra usually goes no more than 1.5 meters long. The diameter changes from 80 to 150mm, depending on the power of the unit.

The pipe provides an extract of warm air through the window, the door (on the loggia) or a special hole in the wall.

You will not throw this air out into the street, you will not achieve the sense of the system. Instead of standard rather hard nozzles, you can also use more flexible foil options from hoods.

Some manufacturers of climatic equipment actively advertise such systems without any air ducts.

Are they actually working? On the one hand, it seems that this is an ideal option. no pipe, no noise, use and enjoy cool.

But all this pure water is deception and divorce. Inside these devices, water evaporates through a porous filter, which in turn is blown by a stream of air.

With such evaporation, the heat really leaves, but in such meager quantities that the same effect can be felt from the usual fan or air humidifier.

And he also greatly increases humidity, even if you did not ask him about it.

So is it worth overpaying? Most decides that no. Therefore, they choose a mobile version of another performance.

However, when connecting and installing floor air conditioners, everyone is faced with the main problem. where and how to withdraw a corrugated rod with warm air.

With a completely open or even slightly ajar window, a huge gap is formed in your opening, and part of the warm air immediately returns back. As a result, the air conditioner stops working normally.

Hence all complaints about its ineffectiveness and low efficiency. Therefore, your main task when installing is to draw such a conclusion to the street so that the gaps are minimal, or there are completely absent.

Operation safety

Mobile air conditioners do not carry any increased danger of electricity lesion. If we compare them with household appliances, then in terms of security, they are equated with the refrigerator, even the electric kettle is more dangerous, so you should not be afraid to install the device for these reasons. No permits for installation need to be taken. You don’t even need a separate machine and grounding. It is advisable to buy a chipan outlet instead of the usual. So the possibility of electric shock comes down to almost zero. In some countries, this is already a common occurrence.

As you can see, the installation of any mobile air conditioners is not so troublesome!

Without air removal

Today on many sites on the Internet there are calls to purchase floor air conditioners without a duct, because they are more profitable than other models and do not need additional equipment. But as a “working body”, according to the instruction manual, water is used in them.

The principle of operation is simple: through the filter, abundantly moistened with water, the warm air from the room is driven away by the fan, the water from temperature evaporates and cools it.

Such tricks were known in the Middle Ages, when the camels drovers when crossing the deserts lowered the end of the turban into the flask. as a result, the water impregnated the headdress and, evaporating, cooled her head. But there her couples disappeared into the atmosphere, and here they will again enter the air of the premises, moisturizing it. It turns out a vicious circle, and the entire space of the room will not cool. only a small zone near the most household appliance. Water evaporates, which means that it must be constantly added, and manufacturers advise taking it only chilled, from the refrigerator, which itself adds heat during operation.

The advantages of air conditioners without a duct:

  • compactness;
  • Slow evaporation excludes the risk of getting a cold;
  • No need to use freon;
  • All management of the product is located on the case, there are models with remote control;
  • selection of models with additional options;
  • installation and connection of the outlet hoses is not required;
  • minimum of energy consumption;
  • The noise effect depends on the power of the fan.

Despite significant shortcomings, the mobile air conditioner will find its customers, but they will have to carefully weigh the pros and cons, before the acquisition of this know-how.

The main malfunctions of the air conditioner

One of the most common malfunctions of any air conditioner is its course. Such a defect occurs most often due to clogging of its drainage system. In this case, the hole in the pallet intended for draining condensate is clogged with dust and garbage, which the water flowing into it brings. As a result, the pallet is overflowed and the water begins to flow out, bypassing the drain system.

Disruption of the drainage system also occurs for other reasons:

  • With an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system, the temperature of the heat exchanger decreases, which leads to the appearance of ice on its surface. The flowing water does not fall on the pallet, but flows to the floor of the room.
  • If the air conditioner is absent or the pressure regulator is out of order, when the air temperature is reduced on the street, the pressure in the system drops. In this case, the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator also decreases and its icing occurs.
  • When using the air conditioner in the cold season, the output of the drainage tube may freeze, which will cause the drainage pallet overflowing with water.
  • Errors during the installation of the drainage system: the absence of a slope when laying the pipeline, “dry” water supply, low.quality drainage tubes, depressurization of the compounds, the device “pseudo.siphon”, etc.
  • The failure of the drainage pump or clogging its float chamber, which is why the pump stops working.

In case of problems associated with the fall of the refrigerant level, pressure reduction, failure of the drainage pump and other malfunctions, the correct solution will be applied to a specialized service. Their qualified specialists will quickly and efficiently eliminate malfunctions.

Cleaning the drainage system of air conditioning

Eliminate the leak of water from the air conditioner, the cause of which was the clogging of the drainage system, the user can independently. In this case, you need to clean not only the drainage system, but also the filters of the heat exchanger. Otherwise, the dust accumulated on the evaporator will again clog the drain hole of the drainage pallet. In order to clean the drainage system, it is necessary:

  • Disconnect the air conditioner from the power supply network.
  • Remove the lid and filters of rough cleaning.
  • Gently extract the pallet in which condensate is going. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect the drain hose.

Then you need to thoroughly rinse the pallet by cleaning the drain hole of accumulated debris and dirt. Then check the condition of the drain pipe. If it is clogged, blow up with a stream of air. With strong clogging into the tube, it is necessary to pour a special fluid for cleaning air conditioners. Then, having waited 20-30 minutes, remove the pollution using a vacuum cleaner.

Do not use wire and similar items to clean the drainage system pipes. So you can get only a short.term effect. After a while, the blockage will be restored, and the flow of water from the air conditioner will resume. In addition, thin.walled plastic tubes can be damaged with wire. The elimination of these damage will require laborious and expensive repairs.

Chlorhexidine disinfects air conditioner details

The removed filters of rough cleaning are also thoroughly washed, and then dried. The evaporator is cleaned of dust using a soft brush and vacuum cleaner.

Concluding the process of cleaning the drainage system, many experts recommend disinfect it. To do this, use a solution of chlorhexidine, which process the pallet and filters of rough cleaning. In addition, a small amount of the drug must be poured into a drain pipe, waiting for 15-20 minutes, it is washed with running water, at the same time removing the residues of garbage and dirt from the drainage pipeline.

On this, the process of cleaning the drainage system can be considered complete. By installing all the removed parts in its place, you can connect the air conditioner to the mains and continue its operation.


Upon occurrence of heat, some users recall that they have not yet been concerned about the acquisition and installation of air conditioner in the apartment. As an option, consider a mobile air conditioner. it is made in the form of a voluminous monoblock, inside which the entire original mechanism is concluded. Each such product has a corrugated duct hose, which must be removed out to remove the warm air mass from the room. Due to the solid mass, which directly depends on the power of the portable product, it would be quite difficult to move it, but the designers supplied the strong case with small wheels.

The main advantage of such a product is mobility, it can be moved around the rooms, take it with you to the country, it will clearly fulfill the functions assigned to it. The installation of a floor air conditioner is simplicity: any home master will cope with it. The device is equipped with a timer with various programs, a remote control. This invention in its functionality resembles a miniature split system, which has two main modes: cooling and heating. The level of sound exposure to all models is very low, they are simple during operation and are quite economical.

Some advanced models have the ability to ventilation of the premises, drainage of wet air, its ionization and many other functions, but their price increases significantly.

make, removal, mobile, conditioner

Feel free to carefully study all the main technical data and choose the product that is as suitable for your needs and corresponds to the dimensions of the premises where the floor conditioner is supposed to be installed. The diverted air hose should be freely placed, without bending and twisting, so as not to prevent the free passage of the air flow. It can be taken out in a specially prepared place on a window frame or a ajar window of the window. A special protective nozzle is installed at the end of such a corrugated hose.

Features of installation

To correctly install a mobile air conditioner, you need a certain dexterity, although there is not as much work here as when installing a window or wall air conditioner. It is immediately necessary to think about what type of fixing the withdrawal hose to use: permanent with an insert into the window block or temporary, to use a slightly ajar window for the output. If you intend to move the air conditioner in the apartment in order to create a cool atmosphere everywhere, then a temporary conclusion will suit you.

Some models are sold with the already factory design of the output unit at the end of the hose, users can only make a similar opening and connect the hose to the window block.

You will need to install a monoblock in the room:

  • a sheet made of durable plastic with a thickness of at least 10 mm in order to create in an opening where a stationary output of the hose, a barrier between the outer and internal air will be installed;
  • hacksaw for metal for cutting solid metal.plastic with a window structure;
  • Special construction tape for fixing the cut area in a plastic window.

To create reliable tightness, the edges of the sheet must be smeared with a sealant on the silicon or treated after installing with a foam with a foam.


Mobile or floor air conditioners are designed to maintain one room with an area of ​​up to 25-30 m2. The restriction in power and performance is directly related to the dimensions of the device, permissible loads on the household electrical network and the noise created by the compression installation.

What criteria should clarify the choice of a good floor air conditioner?

Cold and heat performance. a determining characteristic for choosing air conditioner. However, it is difficult to evaluate the need, so you have to rely on comparative tables and the recommendations of the manufacturer, which indicates which power of the air conditioner to use depending on the volume of the room, characteristic temperatures at the hottest time and the required temperature during air conditioning.

Noise, sound power. Since the compressor is located directly in the air conditioning, the noise of its work will constantly violate the peace. The characteristic importance for most mobile air conditioners is 50-60 dB. The lower the noise level, the better.

Dimensions and weight. For most floor air conditioners, it implies the possibility of their simple rearrangement to a new location for work in turn in several rooms. To make it easier to move the equipment, air conditioners are installed on wheels. In the selected model, it is desirable that they are rubberized, so as not to spoil the flooring. In this case, the dimensions should be selected so that you can easily roll the device in the existing environment.

The listed functions are found in almost all air conditioners, but their presence is desirable to clarify in advance.


Almost all manufacturers of climatic equipment can now find options for floor air conditioners with an air duct made in the form of a monoblock. It is quite difficult to determine profitable positions in the store, even based on technical characteristics. However, if you need to find a solution for your office or private house at an affordable price, you can pay attention to the models presented by companies: Electrolux and Ballu.


The assortment presents five series of floor air conditioners with different design and a set of functions. Key differences are performance, reduced noise of the device or the possibility of fine air purification. Selected booklets in specialized stores or a description on the manufacturer’s website will help to choose the best option.

The GEO and ECO series have gained popularity due to its simplicity and reliability in the first case and the improved function of air purification in the second. In the GEO series, Eco Wave, Airgate, Dio you can find models with a performance from 10,000 to 14000 BTU/H, and in the ECO series a model with cooling performance up to 16000 BTU/H with a consumption of only 1.4 kW.


An excellent offer at a democratic price is easier to find in the Ballu catalog. Choose from three episodes: Platinum, Smart Electronic, Smart Mechanic. The platinum series is represented by models with a performance of 9,000 to 16,000 BTU/H and a unique design for installation near the wall to occupy a minimum of useful space. Two SMART Series are oriented with the optimal price/quality ratio entirely on mobility. The narrow and long case is easy to transfer to a new place or deployed by directing the stream of cool air in the right direction. Each series features three models with a capacity of 7000 to 12000 btu/h.