Repair and disassembly of the Gas Plate Hephaest, Gone, Indesit and Others with your own hands

Any cuisine cannot be imagined without a cooking surface, whether it is an electric or gas stove, since it is on these aggregates that the process of cooking. But unfortunately, these devices are out of time for various reasons. Repair gas stoves, eliminate breakdowns of different kinds and maintenance must be maintained by a qualified gas service specialist. But there are minor malfunctions in which you can fix the gas stove on your own.

The design of gas stoves varies depending on the type of equipment. But all such devices include:

Some types of gas plates are complemented by an electronic burner control unit and other components. In particular, the equipment is often equipped with a sensor that, if the fire goes out, overlaps the filing of the “blue” fuel.

Plates also include hoses for which gas comes and cranes. A number of models are complemented by fans, tanks, thermometer and other components.


The burners consist of the following components:

The latter shares the total flame stream into several uniform languages ​​overlooking. In old plates, diffusion and kinetic burners are used. The first are installed in wind wardrobes. Diffusion burners are distinguished by the fact that the gas is mixed with air (thanks to this process, fuel flashes) in a natural way. In modern plates used combined burners.

Current control Gaza

In the center of the burner at the slab is the thermocouple, which regulates the gas supply. This element during heating generates a current supplied to an electromagnet. The latter keeps the valve in the open state, due to which the gas enters the burner continuously. If the fire on the burner goes out, the thermocouple begins to cool down. Because of this, the magnet is discharged, as a result of which the flap is automatically closed, interrupting the supply of gas.

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Such equipment significantly increases the safety level of plates. However, due to thermocouples you have to hold a few seconds the knob of the regulator pressed.

Inner device plate

Before starting repairing Gorenje gas stove, it is important to understand the equipment device, in order to understand, in which area it is necessary to look for a breakdown. And also explore the rules for the safe operation of gas devices.

Despite the huge variety of techniques of different price categories, all gas stoves have the same structure, and differences can only be observed in the original parts of each model.

The classic gas stove is equipped with four burners, each of which is fixed behind the inner panel with bolts. The burner includes a lid, divider and injector, while it contains a copper tube having a special mount by the type of “American”. That is how gas is supplied to each burner.

In the presence of an electrical engineering system, two candles are supplied to each hardware: one is intended for ignition, and works from a piezoelectric element, and while the second acts as a thermocouple controlling combustion.

Carrying Candle has a ceramic caftan that prevents the punching of sparks below the set level, while the candle with the thermocouple is equipped with a bronze caftan. a powerful heat conductor.

Gas stove manifold responsible for controlling the gas current is under the top of the equipment panel. It is represented in the form of a thick tube, from which electromagnetic valves. conductors responsible for controlling the gas current. Thus, even if the flame of one burner is walked, other burners will still be able to function safely.

How much is the Gas Plate Ardo?

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  • First, the pressure nut of the ground is turned away;
  • It is neatly removed;
  • Under the grounding there may be a ring or bracket, which serve for the maximum dense pressed part to the base;
  • The burner can be installed both on the thread and simply insert into the hole.

How to turn on the oven de luxe?

To light the oven, the adjustment knob must be press and rotated to the maximum position. and wait a little, just then let go handle.

Replacing gibber plate Darin for the oven block with a fiberglass for the oven is located at the bottom of the plate plate on the back side of the slab. In order to comfortably change the jawer to the desired supplies (from the stupid nose), it is necessary to unscrew a pair of screws to a screwdriver with a stupid nose.

How to disassemble the stove

If you need access to all cranes (and tables, and ovens) or table burners, then you need to remove the top cover of the table. Fastening her bolts are installed under the burners. Need to remove the robe of the table, turn off the screws, raise the cover.

Check and replace the slab with piezo ignition

Most modern gas ranges use electronic pilot igniter to launch pilot. If the flame of the pilot signal is properly configured, but the flame does not light the burner, the problem is probably in flashes that run from the pilot to the burner. These tubes can be blocked by spilled food from burners. In the case, turn off the power up to the range and clean the tube using a short wire. Passe the wire through the hole until the tube becomes clean. You may have to turn off the tube to clean it.

To access the nozzle and the wicker of the oven, you need to remove the side wall. Right or left, easy to understand, looking, from which side the gas is supplied to the burner of the oven.

Figure 2.

What do you need a lid on a gas stove?

The lid in the raised position has a protective function. It closes ceramic tile from splashing fat, steam and overheating of the tie, dust and condensate. In the case when the apron is made of tempered glass or covered with a tile, then materials withstand large temperatures and it is easy to clean them.

In fact, the lower branch of the kitchen plate with a drawer was designed to maintain the optimal temperature of the already cooked dishes. In this drawer, dishes are not burning, do not cool and do not lose their taste due to the serving of dishes in the heated dishes of food will be longer to stay warm.

Principle of operation and design of gas plates

The principle of operation of gas stove is the following. Natural gas is supplied to the burner from the centralized gas highway or autonomous cylinder. At the time of transition from the nozzle of the burner to the divider on the burner combustion mixed with oxygen from the air. After that, it becomes possible to ignite the gas-air mixture, the burning of which will continue until the total overlap of the gas valve.

The furnace includes several systems that are responsible for the correct operation of the entire unit:

  • the gas system, which includes pipes and hoses with cranes and burners;
  • Electrical component intended for lighting, car insurance and grill operation;
  • The body of the instrument having a template set of parts and made of sheet steel coated with enamel.

Important! The overall design of all stoves is the same. The difference of some models is only in design and functionality.


Konfork is the final stage of gas supply. Already a burning jet of a gas-air mixture, moving on the ground, is fed to the lid, reflecting from which it gets into the divider. There the flame is divided into uniform small tongues. When the burners are removed during cleaning, then burners are visible with nozzles at the ends. They are also called gibrelles and nozzles. Burners are used three species.

  • Diffusion. In them, the gas is mixed with air in a natural way. Used in the oven.
  • Kinetic. Pressure in the gas pipeline furnace small. His energy just enough to absorb air to mix and feed on the burner.
  • Combined. Modern ovens use two ways at the same time.

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Cooking panel

The panel can be made of enameled steel sheet. But today most plates are made from shockproof glass special. Directly under the cooking panel there are electrical devices and a gas system in which several adjusting cranes are embedded in the pipeline. It is from the degree of opening of the regulators depends the intensity of the flame.

The electrical component of the furnace includes a timer, thermometer and illumination elements. It also includes electronic controls, controlling the operation of the Tan and fans, which are present in some samples.


Gas furnace ovens are divided into two types.

  • Dual-mode, without ventilation. Sometimes at the top of the brass chamber mount the grill.
  • Multi-mode. Air in the oven moves forcibly due to fan. And so that he does not fade the flame, special hollow burners are applied.

To preserve heat in wind wardrobes, heat insulation is used, and the door is made of two or three layers of glass.


Control over the leakage of gas is carried out with the help of a thermocouple, which is located in the center of the flame and, when heated, generates a current feeding a small electromagnet. The latter’s task is to hold the damper on the gas pipeline in the open state. With a sudden cessation of burning, not related to turning off the fuel supply manually, the sensor cools quickly and the magnet turns off. This leads to a cessation of gas supply.

To turn on the stove, it takes a few seconds so that the sensor has reached the desired temperature. And all this time you need to hold the knob of the regulator pressed. Some users consider it a serious inconvenience and choose furnaces without gas control. Such models can be found in several manufacturers. Mora, GeFest, Ardo, Ariston, Darina and Indesit.

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Violations in the work of the burner work control system

Modern gas plates are compulsory equipped with flame front control systems. Thermocouple tongue is installed on the burner, which perceives heat from the flame. The heated thermocouple gives a small voltage on contacts.

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At the moment of inclusion of the burner, the handle is combined by 3-5 mm, which leads to fixing the operating crane on the built-in electromagnet. While the magnet comes with a thermocouple voltage, the gas valve remains open.

Repair of the control system is fully similar to the Rocation Recovery Procedure. Most often, the thermocouple is covered with a thick layer of deposits that interfere with the heating of the sensor. All repairs are reduced to careful cleaning the thermocouple and install it in the nest.

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Specialists also recommend cleaning the contacts on the connecting wiring, the voltage is small, so even a thin layer of body sediments on the connectors can output the system.