Laser epilation of deep bikini zone. Contraindications, photo, price of procedure

Epilation is used to eliminate unnecessary hair from the skin through the destruction of the bulb or together with it. The most efficient and safe is the method using a laser. It allows you to ensure the smoothness of the skin for a long time (6-12 months) after 4-6 sessions. This procedure is used to remove vegetation in a deep bikini zone.

In the bikini zone, the skin is more tender and sensitive, so not every epilation method is suitable for hair removal. The procedure using the laser allows you to remove them without causing strong irritation and inflammation. Cleaning cleaning after 1 procedure is saved from 6 months. After passing the full course. up to 7 years.

In the epilation of this method, the laser is performed on the hair root. Specialist selected the desired length of the beam on the color and thickness of the hair. The flash produced by the device affects melanin (color pigment), which absorbs the light and selects thermal energy, which leads to the destruction of the bulbs and damage to the vessels of the feed hair.

Surrounding tissues remain intact.

After the destruction of the root, the hair dies and falls out (the process can take 3-5 days). The follicle place gradually overcomes, without the possibility of education in it a new hair.

The device can only destroy active bulbs (when the hair is in the stage of growth), the laser does not act on the sleeping or at the stage of diere. Depending on the type of laser, the quality of the procedure can affect the color of the hair and the tone of the skin. The darker hair and brighter skin, the more effective the epilation.

How to prepare for Laser Epilation Bikini?

Before making yourself a laser epilation of the bikini zone, this procedure should be carefully prepared. The preparation process should include such items:

  • You should first consult with a dermatologist, an endocrinologist so that they revealed, you can make a bikini laser hair removal in your case;
  • In the summer or in the spring, it is better to do the epilation of the bikini zone. go to a specialist or in the autumn period of the year or in winter;
  • Before you agree on the time of the procedure, do not attend the solarium (it is forbidden to do two weeks before the laser epilation of the bikini zone);
  • 60 days before laser hair removal, no other types of epilation cannot be applied, it is allowed only to shave the bikini zone (directly on the day of epilation, the hair length should be 5-7 mm);
  • Use the whitening cream, lubricate the bikini zone daily, because in light skin laser hair removal is much more efficient;
  • It is impossible to take antibiotics before the procedure (stop taking antibacterial drugs 14 days before you are going to make laser epilation of bikini zone);
  • A couple of days before the procedure, do not take hot baths and soul;
  • Ask a cosmetologist in advance so that he spends you a test for the sensitivity of your skin to the exposure to the laser.

Frequently asked Questions

Often, there is a lot of questions about sessions. whether laser hair removal is harmful in the deep bikini zone, what is the price for this procedure, how many session lasts. on some issues we will reply below:

“How much is the laser epilation of the bikini zone?”

“On average, 4,000 to 6,000 for one procedure, but will differ depending on the interior, equipment and qualifications of the beautician. Also in the salons there are promotions and discounts on repeated visits or combining several zones “.

“From 20 to 50 minutes depending on the type of skin being treated and its sensitivity. In the field of bikini, the average duration of the session is 30 minutes “.

“Is it possible to make a tattoo on the epilated plot?”

“Yes, it is possible, but only after healing after the final session”.

How long does the effect hold?

After the course of the procedures, the hair will stop growing. But this does not mean that no longer bother you in life. For the perfect effect it is necessary to conduct a supporting procedure once a year. How many new hair can grow. depends on the hormonal background of the body.

On the eve of the ray of the expected epilation, the procedure is carried out on smooth skin without visible hair, including laser hair removal for men. Observe important rules without which the procedure is impossible, it will simply be effective:

  • You can not attend the solarium, the sunny beach is 15 days before the epilation and 4-7 days after.
  • It is impossible to be recorded on the procedure after the course of antibiotics of the tetracycline and fluoroquinolone group, only after 2 weeks.
  • It is impossible to carry out wax hair removal, shigaring, pull hair with tweezers 3 weeks before the procedure, only shave.
  • It is impossible to apply cosmetic products, tonic, creams, gels on the epilation zone 3 days before the procedure and after.

After the procedure, avoid sunlight and use SPF protection. If necessary, on the night, apply the cream “Bepanten” 5%. Refuse to visit the baths, saunas, baths for 5-7 days. Need to replace them with shower.

How to prepare for deep bikini epilation?

Laser epilation of an intimate zone causes many questions in patients, because he is quite intimate. Preparation for it Classical: pubis and crotch should be carefully chosen 1 day before the procedure or on the eve. Note that sessions do not coincide with the beginning of menstruation and its ending. It is these days that women have a pain threshold lower than on other days.

Important! Between procedures, it is possible to remove hair only with a razor. And better not touch them at all, do not irritate the follicles so as not to provoke growth. After completing the course, you will not need any depilation methods.

How is the procedure for removing hair in the axillary region with a laser

Immediately before applying a laser, you should get a consultation of a beautician or dermatologist. Specialist will determine the phototype of the skin and the presence of contraindications. This will help properly configure the device, determine the number of sessions and their approximate cost. Knowing the bar of the painful threshold, the doctor will choose the level of anesthesia.

Usually the work surface is lubricated by the cooling gel capable of minimizing the feeling of pain. The procedure is made in 1-1.5 minutes on clean, dry skin. Customer must necessarily wear safety glasses before expulsion. Be in the sitting position or lying. The impact of the laser can cause lung tingling or burning. However, this does not cause special discomfort. 95% of the procedure is considered painless. After it, most of the hair will disappear by 4-6 days. As they are repeated in the preserved hair, the following sessions will be assigned.

About laser hair removal on feet Find out in this material.

During the procedure, a specialist must monitor the condition of the skin. If any problem arises: severe redness or burn, the session should immediately stop.

Preparation. what to do before

Proper preparation Before using the laser beam will affect the final result. It includes:

  • For 3 weeks, it is necessary to reduce the amount of time spent on the sun;
  • wear a long sleeve blouse or shirts;
  • Do not steal hair in 2-3 days;
  • Its length should not exceed 3-4 mm;
  • To remove the use of a razor machine;
  • wax epilation is not allowed;
  • For 7 days it is impossible to take hormonal agents;
  • For 3 days it is not recommended to use a deodorant to exclude the possibility of burn;
  • It is better to make laser hair removal in winter or autumn;
  • It is not allowed to accumulate hair with tweezers;
  • For 2 weeks, the tetracycline group antibiotics should be discontinued;

For gray and light hair laser hair removal is useless.

Do I need to shave

Standard shave or wax depilation do not give a long smooth skin effect. Only laser hair removal will give a long-lasting result. from 4 months to 2 years, depending on the structure of the hair. Shave them should be directly in front of the laser procedure. In some cases, this is done between sessions.

Up to the first epilation zone, the armpits is cleaned by the usual razor machine. This is done in 2-3 days so that the length of hairs is not above 3-4 mm. If their growth increases between procedures, the specialist may recommend swinging during a certain period of time. Subject to all recommendations the effect will be awesome. About the action of a neodymium laser in cosmetology Find out the article.

Digiling should be carried out only with a new blade and prevent cuts. In this case, the procedure should be canceled until full wound healing.

Hurt Lie

The skin in the armpits zone is quite sensitive, so hair removal can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations. However, comparing other methods, this almost painless. The feeling of pain depends on the individual characteristics of the client’s body, including the level of pain. What it is lower, the more painful will be a session of laser hair removal. The quality of the selected device and the experience of the cosmetologist also affects the sensation of the client. Choosing the most modern devices with a nozzle for cooling the skin, you can get the most comfortable hair removal procedure: without irritation, redness and burns.

Skin care after the first epilation

  • Exception of hot baths. Doctors cosmetologists do not recommend taking a hot bath or shower on the first day after the epilation session. And the bath and sauna are prohibited until irritation characteristic of the laser, which can take from several days to week. In the first day, it is better to limit water procedures at all, and if necessary, take a short cool shower, trying not to apply any detergents to epilated skin. This will warn the development of irritation. Generally thermal impact at first it is better to reduce to a minimum. Also, it is recommended not to swim in the pool at full healing of the top layer, as chlorine contributes to the irritation of the epidermis;

In order to maximize the likelihood of ultraviolet falling on an epilized region, it is better to carry out a laser hair removal procedure in autumn and winter.

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How to prepare for your first bikini laser hair removal

After the first session of laser hair removal, less than half of the hairs are removed.

Elevated in the skin melanin after the tan will reduce the effect of the next epilation session. In addition, laser hair removal on tanned skin is possible burns. Otherwise, on epilated areas, it is possible to appear red or brownish spots, peeling, the occurrence of black dots, and the hair destruction itself will be less effective. Trucks allowed to use a week after the first session, but provided that there is no irritation on the skin. It is best to distinguish the irritation of drugs containing panthenol or aloe juice healing.

Laser epilation

There are certain norms and skin care rules after laser hair removal:

  • Do not wet the skin within 24 hours after the procedure
  • Do not use soap, foam and gels for washing intimate zones
  • Do not wash a rough sponge or washcloth to avoid irritation on the skin
  • Within 72 hours do not visit the steam or sauna
  • Use a few days in a row against inflammation

MettleCosmetix firm laser equipment for more than six years. It is certified and safe. When working with such intimate areas of the body, it is important to use professional equipment that is actively successful in a number of professional doctors-cosmetologists.

Proper preparation, the presence of knowledge and the friendly location of the client when conducting a session of epilation will allow the master to perform its work qualitatively, and the client has fun fun. Take advantage of the tips from this article, and you will see how empty you can feel after deep laser hair removal in the field of bikini.

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