How to get an outsider from a washing machine

We all forgotten in your life in your s of clothes various items, for example, trifle, crosses, rings or earrings (conditionally everything can be called bones). And the drum of the washing machine is designed so that with a certain set of factors, the thing from the can get into the inside of the machine, and hide there forever (until the next repair). Therefore, it makes sense periodically, once a year to open his washing machine, and check it, including on the subject that the foreign bodies stuck in it. So, let’s talk about how to get a bone from a washing machine

In 99% of cases, everything that passes through the honeycombs of the drum remains in a narrow space between its outer surface and the stanna stanne (this is such a second drum, which is located outside the first, but only fixed). Over time, there can be a lot of things, including dust and various lumps of threads.

Will help minimal disassembly of the unit

What to do if you are exactly sure that the bone remained in the typewriter? What to do first? Inspect the drum, perhaps you are lucky, and an extraneous subject is there. Having found a metal arc, check if she pinched the door cuff (gum, sliding hatch). Much worse if the element from the bra still fell into the tank. But in this case, you do not need to panic. Pull the bone of the bra you can independently.

There are methods for extracting foreign objects without disassembling CM, and involving partial removal of the elements of the machine. The first methods are used by repairmen, as they need the necessary training and skill. We will analyze action options related to partial case parsing.

Before you start work, be sure to de-erase the washing machine, break the shut-off valve. The first way implies the extraction of the subject through the hole of the Tan. In Bosch Washing, the heater is in front, so you have to remove the front panel of the case. The algorithm of action will be as follows:

  • Drain the remnants of water from the tank through the drain filter;
  • Remove the dispenser for detergents;
  • unscrew the bolts hidden for the powder acceptor;
  • unscrew the screws fixing the control panel;
  • Carefully remove the panel with the buttons so as not to damage the latches and wiring;
  • Remove the external clamp of the hatch sealing cuff;
  • Get rubber band in the drum;
  • unscrew the bolts fixing the front wall of the housing;
  • Carefully remove the panel without damaging the wiring of the device blocking the hatch;
  • take a picture of the contact connection scheme to theta;
  • Disconnect the wires from the heater, loosen the central nut holds the TEN;
  • Produce the stud in
  • pull out the heating element, cautiously swaying it;
  • Shoot your hand and get a foreign objects from the bottom of the tank.

How to remove a drum from a top loader washing machine. step by step

If you can’t pull the bone with your hand, you can not pick up it with a tweezers or wire with a bend at the end.

If the mud from the leaf is not lost in the tank, but in a drain pipe, it should be actually. We will have to disconnect and clean the element of the drainage system. Practically all Bosch cars to the nozzle can easily get through the bottom. The instruction will be such:

  • Move the washer on the free plot in the room, you will need a lot of space for work;
  • get a tray for detergents;
  • Shipping floor covering, put the machine on the side;
  • Remove the bottom of the machine (in individual models it is attached by latches, in other. self-drawing);
  • Disconnect the drain nozzle running from the tank to the pump. To do this, we need to weaken the locking clamps;
  • Clean the tube, pull out the stuck items from it;
  • Secure back the nozzle;
  • Lock the bottom of SMA.

After the machine put on the legs. Removing the nozzle may interfere with the drain pump. Then you have to pull the pump from the housing, pre-disconnecting the sensor from it, and only then work with the hose.

How to remove a bone: all available ways

Get a bone from the bra you need to immediately, as soon as you discovered her loss. The machine can work properly, but it does not guarantee the lack of problems, so do not pull. Over time, the breakdown will be exacerbated, and repairing the walls of the tank, replacing the rubber cuff, the Tan is much more expensive than the removal of an outsider to the master (independently can be done in general for free). Also, the bone can cause corrosion, and divorces will begin to appear on the laundry. Remove rust with tissue is impossible.

How to find an item

Before getting a foreign object from the machine, you need to understand where it is specifically located. Main options. tank, drum, pieces of drain system. To determine the exact location:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power source, pull the underwear if it was in the drum.
  • Pour the surface of the drum. probably the bone has not yet had time to fail.
  • If a simple search did not give results, then a naked or manual flashlight enlighten the pepulation at the bottom of the drum. The bone falling into the tank will be visible in the holes.
  • Twist the drum from one side to another. The iron part that is stuck between the tank and the rotating mechanism often slows down the movement on a specific area.

If you failed to find a lost bone, probably she stuck in plum.

Do you need to quickly remove the bone from the machine?

In this case, there is one subtlety: there are such cases when the bone got into a washing machine, but it does not cause a gross. And it does not affect the work of technology.

pull, bone, drum, washing, machine

However, it will take some time, and the car can start rust. It will be clear by the fact that red-hot spots will appear on clothes and underwear. Another problem is possible. The bone can shift and lead to breakdown machine. That is why, if the detail of the laundry after washing is lost, it is better to immediately think about how to pull the bone from the bra washing machine.

It is important to estimate the possible damage to the washing machine if the bone is stuck in it. It is also important to understand what it is made from what material. This also depends on the further way, how to extract a bone, like where it can be in a typewriter.

Details of the bras of the bra, made of plastic, rather harmless. In the sense that bones are flexible. And they can not hurt the washing machine. Neither drum nor tank. In many cases, such bones break. Their pieces are settled in the filter for draining.

IMPORTANT! But the “spare parts” of a metal bra with high probability may damage the mechanisms. However, there is one good means to solve the problem. You can remove a metal bone from a bra washing machine using a magnet.

What danger to the typewriter is a stuck bone:

Instructions for extracting an extraneous subject

If there is confidence that the reason for non-acteric sounds during the operation of the washing machine is a foreign object going there, and the work with the technique is not new, then you can pull it yourself. In the machines with horizontal (frontal) loading for this you need to remove the rear or front wall. Most often rear, but this nuance depends on the model. There are other differences in different models, so before continuing work it is better to find a scheme of disassembling a particular washing machine.

Here will be given instructions on the disassembly of the most common option with the removal of the rear wall and the top cover. Before you start disassembling, drain all the water through the drain hose and disconnect the power supply.

  • Split two bolts on the back wall. they are fixed upper cover.
  • Shift the cover a little back, after which it will take.
  • Unscrew the screws fixing the rear wall and remove it.
  • Sometimes clothes elements (belts, socks, handkerchiefs, thin shabs) falling for the drum, wind at the heating element (TEN), then they can be seen at this stage. But even removing them if noises are heard when the washing machine is heard, it is better to check whether something else was inside.
  • Remove the heating element. To do this, you need to disconnect the wires that go to it and unscrew the fastening nut. Ten can pick up a screwdriver for the visible part and pull out.
  • Through the resulting hole to highlight the flashlight, and then you can see a bone of a bra or another item that fell between the surface of the drum and a tank. If nothing can be seen, scroll through the drum, it is possible that something is stuck at the top: when scrolling it will fall on the bottom of the tank.
  • Make a hook from the wire (its length and configuration depends on the location of the stuck detail of the clothing) and when it is assisted to get a foreign object.
  • Install TEN, pre-cleaned it from scale. At the same time you need to follow so that it sat down tightly in his place, then spin the fastening nut and connect the wires.
  • Collect the machine, tightening the bolts on the back wall and putting the top cover.

Before disconnecting the wires, you need to draw the scheme of their connection or make a photo to connect the correctly.

Removing the bone without disassembly

If you have too much time, as well as deft and agile fingers, you can try to get a bone of a bra without dismantling the washing machine. To do this, we need a flashlight, a thin wire with a crochet on the end and “Angel” patience. Open the hatch of the washing machine, turn on the flashlight and put it right into the drum so that it illuminates the bottom of the tank through holes. Next, go head through the hatch of the washing machine and trying through the holes to see where the bone of the bra lies.

When we manage it, we take a wire with a crochet and start it through holes in the tank and try to pick a bone. Without due skill, you will have to spend on this job at least 30 minutes. Looking a bone with wire, we begin to slowly turn the drum so that the bone began to get up vertically. Next, “driving the drum” must be achieved that the end of the brace of the bra hit one of the holes of the drum. This is a painstaking job, but if it succeeds, then it will remain only to pick up and remove the bone with the help of the passage.

note! Very uncomfortable to shove the head in a hatch with one hand to manipulate the wire, and the other rotate the drum. Perhaps you will need helping the second person.


You can remove the bone from the bra at home, resorting to the disarm of the machine. Before performing any of the listed methods, you need to drain the water and turn off the washer from the power supply.

Through plums

The lost detail of the underwear can be in the drain system. It is possible to get it 3 ways:

  • Through filter. You need to remove a narrow panel at the bottom of the front wall of the machine. Usually on the left side is the hatch, followed by the filter. Machine you need to tilt back, put under the bottom of the rag and put pressure on the cover closing the mechanism.Next filter is removed. The bone may be in it, or in the pump, located immediately behind it (visible in the resulting hole). After extracting it, the part twisted back and close the panel.
  • Through the pipe. Typewriter need to put on the side and remove the bottom cover if it is. Between the tank and the pump there is a pipe, you need to weaken the fastening clamp on it and remove the part.If the bone did not fall out itself, you should shine a flashlight into a hole and look for it between the TEN and the tank. After detecting the lost part, the nozzle must be put back, fasten the clamp and the bottom panel, after that put the washer vertically.
  • Through pump. If the machine does badly drains the water or bursts very much in the process, it can be assumed that the part hit the pump, although it is a rare phenomenon. Before getting a bone from a brand, a bone from a bump through the pump, you need to find out where it is in this model.

In most pump machines are behind the filter of the drain system. You can detect it by performing the actions provided by 1 method. In the brands of Electrolux and Zanussi, the pump is closer to the rear panel, so you need to unscrew it to access the mechanism.

In German models, to find the pump, you need to remove the upper and front cover, and also remove another number of items. It is difficult to do without having experience, so it is better to contact the specialists.

pull, bone, drum, washing, machine

After determining the location of the mechanism, you need to substitute the water collection containers, decompose the rags under the washing. Next, disconnect the power connector, unscrew the fastening screws, discover the drain hose and the nozzle that come from the pump. After that, unscrew the snail from the body, remove the engine, inspect the casing and parts for the presence of bones.

If there is no damage on the pump, then it can be collected and installed in place, if any. buy and consolidate a new mechanism.

Through a tubular electric heater

Most often, the stuck item can be detected directly under the electric heater, or between its tubes. The method of extraction is suitable for horizontal loading machines, which are at the back of the rear. To use them, you must perform the following steps:

  • Drain the water and turn off the supply of electricity.
  • Expand the washer to yourself the opposite side.
  • Remove the rear panel by unscrewing screws.
  • Detect a big wheel (pulley drum).
  • Directly under this mechanism to find contacts with wires (visible part of the tubular electric heater).
  • Remove terminals with 2 wires.
  • Weaken the nut on the hairpin, with which the 3 wire is mounted, without removing it finally (only until it reaches the back of the stud).
  • Press the hairpin, pressing it inside the electric heater to the level of the nut.
  • Hands to rock a little by the TEN (the mechanism itself can not pull over the wires), and pull it out.
  • Between the heater tubes to find a bone. If it is not there, then look through the hole formed after removing the tank, it should be there.
  • Crochet or needles pick up and pull out the find.
  • Inspect the heating element for damage and dents. Insert the mechanism back if they are missing, or replace the new if deformations are detected.
  • Twist the nut, connect terminals.
  • Do not screw the back cover, run a trial washing. If the water leakage is not detected, and the washer works fine, then fasten the panel to the place.

Extraction of the foreign object without disassembling the device

If the bone from the bra got into the drum, it is possible to get it without parsing the washing machine. For this there are several ways:

  • If you managed to add a bone tip on the surface of the drum, it follows, armed with tweezers or pliers, pull over it and remove.
  • If a foreign object gets inside the washer, you need to bend the rubber front panel hatch seal. After that, you should squeeze the drum to the side slightly, add the metal part of the bra with crochet, hook and pull it out.
  • It is necessary to shine through the pureration if the bone is visible, then from the wire or a large stationery clips you need to make a hook with bends at both ends. One round should be fixed on your finger so that the design does not fall through the lattice, the second to try to hook the subject fell into the tank.

After fixing the bone of the crochet, you must try to raise it vertically and get into one of the holes in the pondation. It is better to ask the assistant to rotate a little drum to achieve a greater likelihood of hitting the hole. Permissible instead of wire use thread or thin rope. You need to make a delayed loop at one end, picker her bone, and pull the lace.

In some models, vertical loading machines have a special hatch to remove bones and similar things. It is necessary to close the sash of the washer, turn the drum half, then open again and return the mechanism into place. Next through the hatch, which is opposite the sash, get the lost object.

Ways to pull out an extraneous subject

If using wire, magnet and pliers failed to get a bone from the leaf from the machine (for example, such as LG FH296WDS), it means that you have to do this by selecting one of two other ways: through the hole for the heating element and through the draining. In any case, the washing machine will have to disassemble.

One rule for two ways: Disconnect the washing machine from the network!