We find out how to independently put “Kare” with elongation

An extended “Kare”. this kind of haircut that likes the overwhelming majority of women. This is due to the fact that the hairstyle looks very unusual and stylish, but due to the circumstances and how much the elongation is made, the ladies even with the same haircut, look unique and uniquely. The most risky beauties make the difference between hair on the back of the head and strands near the face as much as possible, which gives them an external appearance of keenness.

The simplest for laying at home is considered “Kare” with a medium elongation, when the front strands repeat the outline of the lower jaw. Such a haircut will suit traditional laying options.

So, to lay the hair in a simple way, make the following sequence of actions:

  • Wash the hair or, if the hair is clean, just moisten them;
  • If the curls are too wet, then squeeze them with a towel;
  • Take a modeling agent, for example, mousse. Squeeze it on palms in small quantities and distribute over the entire length of the hair;
  • Determine which test you want: direct or oblique and make it;
  • Now arm yourself with a hairdryer and dry hair. You need to start with elongated strands, winding them on a round brush. Slowly pull it out, leading down on top;
  • When the front hair will be dried, you can go to the back. There are curls to dry, raising the roots;
  • Final Stage. Fixation. Sprinkle.

Another one of the laying options: how to quickly lay “Kare” at home.

To create an image you need to do the following:

  • To begin with rinse and dry your hair with a towel. At the same time, the curls must remain wet;
  • Take a small amount of foam for fixing and treat her hair from the roots to the most tips;
  • Frame combed, stripe strands to one side and dried with a hairdryer in the direction of hair growth;
  • Then throw the hair to the other side and also dry with a hair dryer;
  • Now tilt your head here so that the hair closes your eyes and seize the curls in one direction;
  • Thrust moving the hair back, if you need to correct individual hairs with your hands;
  • Decide with a place for a sample and make it;
  • The resulting masterpiece is lacked.

The two ways described above are simple and available. Such styling are made easily and fit for every day, for example, for hiking or studying, but for a party you need something more interesting. Therefore, let’s talk about how to better lay the extended “kara” for a solemn event.

If you are going for a holiday, then it is important to somehow in a special place “Kare”.

You can try to do this in the following way:

  • If your shavenur is clean, then wet your hair when the curls are dirty, then rinse them;
  • Armed with a towel, wet the excess moisture;
  • Apply a modeling remedy for a wet lap so that it evenly covered her hair from the roots to the tips;
  • Take the comb and put the strands back so that the longest turns out to be on top of all the chapels;
  • Catch your head a bit and taking advantage of the hairdryer, start drying the hair, directing the flow of warm air towards the head. To make it easier to do, take a comb;
  • To hairstyle pleased you for a long time, fix it with varnish.

Such a hairstyle will look great with evening dress. Consider another laying option that is ideal for ladies with thin hair.

Following the hairstyle Next:

  • Before you start laying the hair, curls need to wash or moisten. After that, remove excess moisture towel;
  • Wet hairs divided into direct probor. Asymmetric in this version of the laying will not look at all appropriate;
  • Hair that lie on both sides of your head, try to divide on the same strand. Leave one strand for work, and the rest will cover the clamps;
  • With the help of iron or forceps (tool for work, choose, relying on the width of the strands) wipe free hair;
  • When one curl is ready, you will be able for the second;
  • The resulting curries do not comb, just twist a little head in different directions so that the curls began to look natural;
  • Do not forget to sprinkle a lack chapel to keep the hairstyle for a long time.
hair, dryer, ironing

In this image you will look very gently and beautiful.


Quickly and just get to put a car with a hair iron. The secret of success of such an image is the perfect smoothness and a delightful mirror shine.

  • Treat the hair to the thermal protection tool with a straightwork smoothing function.
  • Decide with the direction of the probor and give the root zone around it the light volume. It is easy to make a skeletal comb, which rises straight up.

How to make a negligent laying on short hair

Hair length up to 15 cm is usually eclined in bob, pixie, cap, whim, kare (on the leg including), with an elongation and asymmetric kare.

Careless styling on short hair looks best, although it’s not so easy to make it, because it is not an easy task to put a strand in the direction you need. Will help invisible hairpins. Fix them wet curls as you like, and drunk, strands will obediently lie like conceived. You can even abandon styling products weighing hair. If you want, in the root zone there was a volume, apply a bit of mousse for volume.

Long hair

With long hair, especially thin, which are easy to lay it. the present expanse. You can braid more wet strands in nude pigtails, dissolve in front of the way out of the house and get beautiful seer waves. Or twist strands in harnesses, fix with rubber bands and dissolve to make curls. On the advice of Madrid’s Madrid Salon, Art Lab Salon, Victor Latanra, in front of a dream, can apply incisible care on the hair, remove them in a bundle and dissolve in the morning. so the volume will appear in thin hair, and in dense texture. You can update such laying using a texturing spray with sea salt. For those who want straight hair, the board is simple: apply smoothing cream on them and just do not touch until they dry.

For owners of wavy or curly hair dryers under the ban. Permanent use of the hair dryer destroys the natural curl of the curls and changes the protein structure, damaging the hair cuticle. Curls become brittle and losing the form. Perfect option. abundant moisturizing and drying in the air. After washing the head, give water to the drain and assemble the hair on the top of the top, glowing them with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. And then everything is simple. apply your favorite styling agents and allow curls to form a natural way. If you have not yet mastered the curly method, you can read about it here.

Refusal of a fane

Refuse a hair dryer. a reasonable decision. This will favorably affect the state of hair and scalp. In cold weather, hair is often dehydrated, which leads to a cross section of the tips. Drying naturally, unlike styling with heat, helps hair better hold moisture. They will become more moisturous and shiny, as well as less fragile.

Enjoy the result!

Hairstyle ready! Now you know how to lay wavy hair quickly and beautifully at home without using a hair dryer, a curl or ironing.

However, this is not the only way to lay wavy and curly hair without a hair dryer. For example, in recent times, this method is very popular like Plopping. Interestingly, he appeared for a long time, but mass fame acquired relatively recently.

It is possible to care for natural curls and their everyday laying you will fit the curly method. The curly method is not so much a way of laying as a completely different routine of hair care. Perhaps it is not suitable for every owner of wavy hair. However, try it and make up your opinion, definitely stands.

The basic principles of the curly method for hair:

hair, dryer, ironing
  • cleansing shampoos without sulfates and silicones;
  • use of a large number of moisturizing and air-conditioning agents;
  • Careful drying naturally and rejection of terry towels;
  • folding curls accordion at the drying stage so that they take a clear form.

Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer. How To Properly Use Heat Gun On Leather. LeatherSeats.com

Read more about the curly method, find out this material:

Laying round comb on short hair

Round calculation with proper use allows you to do a variety of stacking. One and the same calculation can be wrapped straight hair and straighten curly. For short hair, you need to choose the calculation with the smallest diameter. First, the hair must be washed out and drown so that they are not wet, but the moisture remained.

On the hair after that you need to apply mousse for laying. Hair is divided into zones and take turns on a round brush. Strands draw down from the face and process first warm air, then cold. When the hairdryer is set to a high temperature, its nozzle should be placed no further than 10 cm. from hair.

So that the hairstyle acquired the volume, the hair is lifted by the round dollars at the roots at right angles.

Uncomplicated options for long hair

If you have long strands, then the task is simultaneously simplified, and complicated. Ways how to make styling without a hair dryer and iron, for them a lot, but it is important to decide which exactly to you, given the state of strands and the type of your face.

First option

Wash, dry, spread out, divide. Apply foam, and then tighten into the spirals around the paper stripes and secure the pin. When everything dries and starts, it turns out a gorgeous hairstyle, a stunning volume.

Option two

Slightly wet hair braid in several braids. You can limit the pair, and you can make more. the volume will turn out more. Leave braids for grass to complete drying, and then very carefully depart. Result of iris!

Option Third

Take advantage of bills. Just remember: the moisturized hair is screwed on them. If they are completely dry, nothing will happen, wet. damage the structure, and then you have to restore it for a long time.

In a word, laying without the use of a hair dryer, ironing or cliffs is quite possible. The main thing is to understand what you want and be able to act so as not to harm. Now that you know some secrets, you can safely experiment with your own appearance.