Replacement of gum on a washing machine: consistent instruction

Washing machine. a complex household appliance, the breakdown of which entails expensive repair. But there are some breakdowns, fix that can be. One of these faults is the replacement of the sealer in the washing machine. In the article on the examples of models of several manufacturers, the sequence of work is described in detail when the part is replaced, tells which materials and tools are used. Recommendations for preventing rubber damage.

How to dismantle the first clamp

To repair or remove the gum from the washing machine drum. Before you need to remove the clamp, sticking the cuffs on the curved side. As a rule, each washing machine on the side of the gum can be seen or spring, or plastic clashes. For the correct seizure of a plastic clamp, it should be drawn over in that section where the locks are. If the clamp is made in the form of a spring, you need to unscrew the holding screw or simply pull out the spring on itself, going down it with a screwdriver. After the clamp managed to remove, the cuff, sealing the closure of the hatch, can be removed.

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Partial disassembly of the washing machine

First of all we are tightened by the cuff with the case. Remove the metallic clamp. To do this, first find the spring and drawn it with scolding, we are tightened. Remove the seal in a circle and sat in the drum.

Remove the upper cover, pre-twisted two self-pressing rear.

Reward detergent dispenser. To do this, click on the blue retainer, and pull out. Two screws will be available, which are fixed by the control panel to the case. Unscrewing them.

Now you need to remove. It keeps tips on top and bottom. It is necessary to approach them and pull the panel. You need to act neat so as not to damage the latches.

Weakening wiring mounting to the case. Remove the loops from the control module optionally. Carefully remove the Block panel and attach scotch. You can simply shift. Need access to two self-testers that fasten the front panel with a hatch to the housing. Shown in the photo below.

Self-tapping screws fastening the front of the case

Remove the lid closing the drain pump filter and unscrew the screw.

After that you need to remove the bottom panel. She keeps double-sided stars. We are going to reassure and carefully remove. For convenience, you can slide a little washing machine back.

After that, access to the lower mounting screws. Unscrew them as well as the top.

Slightly raise the panel and remove, aside aside. Unscouled optional. Will not interfere with.

Around the cuffs are counterweight. As a rule, they do not make it difficult to work. But in this case, the cuff is a very hard metal clamp that is fastened with crochet.

To facilitate further actions, we dismantle both counterweights. To do this, unscrew the screws to the end key on 8. Clamp can be accurate.

Causes of breakdown

The crawl of the cuff causes users a large question of what could lead to this issue. The cuff may come into disrepair due to the following factors.

  • Natural wear is an imminent process to which all the details and mechanisms are subject to. The cuff rubs on the body of the machine in the process of work and contact with aggressive tools for washing, which speeds up the process of natural wear.
  • The development of fungus and mold adversely affects the condition of the material from which the cuff is made.
  • Aggressive tools for washing are destroyed by rubber, make it loose and reduce the service life.
  • Inactrate operation of the machine, which implies a sharp opening / closing of the door, as well as loading a large amount of linen.
  • Getting along with sharp metal items that can damage the cuff and disrupt its integrity.

What you need to know before replacing gum in a washing machine

You need to choose rubber under the model of my washing machine. If you have a home appliance with front load, you need to buy round-form products. For vertical household appliances, a rectangular detail will be required. It will provide tightness between the tank and the upper lid.

Rubber sealer put in older cars. Now there is a new material. silicone. It is longer than rubber, since it does not lose its elasticity under the influence of humidity and high temperatures.

When choosing this product, it is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the product. They differ from different models. In addition, for equipment with additional functions, seals are produced with additional holes. These holes are used for akvasption or drying process. In any case, buy only the spare part, which is intended for your model. Do not take analogues, even if they are the same size. Sealers for other machines may not come.

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Repair of the rubber seal

There are such situations where the gum on the drum has deteriorated, and the other cannot be installed for various reasons. In such a situation, you can try to restore the seal.

In which cases are required?

It is advisable to repair the cuffs in the following cases:

  • If there is no specialized center in the city where you can buy spare parts, users have to order a seal in the online store. Please note that in this case, delivery can take several weeks, during which you have to do without an aggregate.
  • If there are no funds for the purchase of a new cuff, and the old one is damaged.

Even durable material with time is wearing with a constant influence of chemistry and high temperature. If there are not too much damage, then the rubber can still be stuck.

note! Even if there is only one hole on the cuff, the patch will prevent leakage only for a while. Therefore, if possible, you should install a new gum as early as possible.

Most often damage can be noticed in the inside of the gum, so it should be tightened during inspection

If there are minor losses on the surface of the cuff, they can be sealed. As practice shows, such a sealant will still serve some time.

The next task is to choose a suitable material for repair of rubber, because it must be elastic. Under such parameters are perfectly suitable rubber gloves that are sold in any pharmacy. In addition, a specialized inserts from rubber can be found in the store of sports products, which are used when repairing swimming circles.

Some requirements are presented to the glue that must be used in the process. it should be resistant to humidity, high temperatures. In various conditions, such glue should remain elastic. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase durable glue, designed to repair shoes, because it has a rubber.

How to make a cuff?

Of course, with the gluing patchwork on the rubber seal, each person can cope even without special skills. However, to get the desired result, you must adhere to the detailed instructions.

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Table 1. Repair Instructions for Rubber Sealer.

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note! The advantage of installing the old gum is that it is not so tight, what is the new, so there should be no difficulties in the installation process.

It is possible to stick the cuff to another method that is considered reliable. Here, besides gluing, damage is connected by threads. This is done as follows:

  • It is necessary to take a thick thread of artificial material and a large needle, and then flash damage. Stitches must be small cross.
  • After which it is necessary to make this seam thoroughly wrapping with a sealant and leave for a day so that the cuff is drunk. Then, as in previous cases it will be necessary to install an elastic band on the drum.

Upon completion of the repair, check the quality of the work done. To do this, the washing machine is connected to the network, and then launch washing. After washing, check the integrity of the connection, if it cracked, then repaired no longer worth.

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The drum is a foreign object

In the process of washing, you can hear the knocks and rumble. Sometimes the reason for this becomes any subject, accidentally turned out to be in the drum. Often this phenomenon is caused by a damper of the shock absorber or the spring from the main frame.

During the vibration and swinging, the broken element begins to knock on the housing and the tank is quite rhythmic. It may seem that there is some subject in the drum. If the element flew completely, the roar will not be too rhythmic, then the swinging of the drum in a certain side will manifest.

A distinctive sign of problems with suspension. rocking the drum on small rotations during washing. Deviation from axial immediately rush to the eye, a strong knock on the case part will be heard. Identify problems of such negative manifestations possible only with a serious inspection of the device.

Cuff repair do it yourself

In some situations, instead of replacing the cuffs, it is repaired. For example, when it is currently impossible to find the desired detail, or delivery requires a certain expectation. Or when there is no possibility to allocate money from the budget, and the wash should be carried out regularly. In such cases, the cuff is simply stuck.

Practitioning Cuff Preparation

First of all, it is necessary to organize an inspection of the proceeded part and find out for what reason its damage occurred. Only with this approach the possibility of clarifying the feasibility of repair. After all, in some situations it is easier to wait for a complete replacement without a stinging. To conduct a check, you need to remove the cuff from the machine using the method described above.

If the dimensions of the cut, puncture or lancealty are minor, repair, unambiguously, it makes sense. If the damage is large, you do not need to stick. The next step is the choice of material that will be needed for patchwork. It must have an increased level of strength and at the same time elasticity. An excellent option will be the use of patches that are intended for repairing inflatable type mattresses, you can buy them in specialized stores of sports goods.

As for glue, which will be used in the process of work, it should have excellent adhesive properties. The substance itself must be elastic after it is completely dry. This is how the compositions behave, which are usually intended to repair rubber products and shoes.

Glopement Instructions Cuff

By itself, the cropping process of the cuff is simple. But that the result does not disappoint, it is recommended to adhere to a certain procedure:

  • At first, a patch from the previously “raw materials” was prepared, folded in several layers (its size in one and a half or twice the diameter of the defect) is prepared;
  • Then there is disinfection of the area of ​​damage and the region around it, it is done using acetone, alcohol, White spirit, etc.;
  • glue composition is applied to the cuff itself;
  • After this surface, which were subjected to lubrication, one to one is pressed (this may occur immediately or after a while);
  • Then the element is fixed in a natural position using items that are considered as suitable as possible.

After that, you need to leave the item for a day, and when the glue is completely dry, install it in place. Along with this, there is another way of sticking the cuff, which in circles of ordinary people and professionals is considered more reliable:

  • First, the damage is stitched using thick thread;
  • Then this zone is impregnated with a sealant on silicone basis, it must be designed for rubber and plastic.

After that, as when using the previous version, the cuff is left in the natural position on one day, and then it is installed again in the washer housing. Then it will be necessary to verify the quality of the work performed. To do this, download drum under the linen (completely), and then run the washing in the shortest mode. When the cycle is suitable for an end, the gluing area must be carefully examined to identify repeated breaks, in case of their presence.