Hair dryer hairdryer: 11 main rules

Do you know how to dry your hair with a hairdryer? Sure you are not known all subtleties and nuances, but it’s easy to fix!

To quickly dry wet strands, make a beautiful stacking and keep the head of healthy, remember these important rules.

Rule 1. Do not turn on the hairdryer immediately at the maximum temperature. it is harmful not only to the device, but also hair. So, one of the most common causes of the head and dry dandruff is exactly the regular drying of the hair is too hot air. The first 5 minutes is better to choose the average mode, and when the bulk of the hair will dry up, go to the maximum. Finish the procedure for medium or minimum temperature.

Rule 2. Be sure to follow the distance between the hairdryer and head. Optimal indicators. 15-20 cm. With a shorter distance, there is a big risk of overcover the hair. If you keep the hair dryer further, strands will be bad.

Rule 3. Do not forget to make 5-minute pauses. at this time the hair is covered with a towel.

Rule 4. Do not rush to apply a foam or varnish on warm strands. it leads to their fragility.

Rule 5. If after washing the head you use the therapeutic mask (especially with essential oils or proteins), do not rush with drying hairdryer. Wait a quarter of an hour, remove the excess moisture towel, and then use the device.

Rule 6. Divide the hair into several thin zones. it provides good ventilation and allows you to effectively straighten strands. Start near the forehead, gradually moving to the temples and the central part. Working with a separate strand, the rest of the hair is sharp by clamp so that they do not interfere.

Rule 7. Take care of the protection of hair from overheating. Before drying, apply a good thermal protective agent. lotion, spray or oily serum. They are used in different ways:

  • Spray spray on cleaned hair from the top of the tips;
  • Serum and lotion are triturated in the palms, which are then carried out from top to bottom.

Rule 8. Dry the head in the direction of hair growth. Drying in the opposite direction leads to the cleavage of scales and stratification of the ends.

Rule 9. Separate attention to the fence nozzles. So, a concentrator is best suited to a round nozzle (nozzle, elongated in the form of an arc). She directs the air flow in the right place. To give a chapelur volume and create beautiful curls, use a diffuser. This nozzle is excellent for dry strands. It distributes the air and warns the drying of the curls.

Rule 10. Keep the device in the driving hand.

Rule 11. To give the chapelur an extra volume, raise your hair from the roots and stretch them to the tips.

Is it possible to dry your hair so that they are lush and voluminous? Make it very simple! This will help our detailed instructions.

Wash your head with shampoo to increase the volume. Also he must fit your hair type.

Lubricate balsam or air conditioning tips. Thanks to this, the hair will not be severe, and the resulting volume will continue for a long time.

Sweep the televir towel so that there is no moisture. Otherwise, the means for laying smokes strands.

Start dried with a nape, and the hair on the top will fix the crab.

Take a strand of hair in my hand, sprinkle it with liquid for laying and screw in Brashing. Direct the air flow first on the root zone, then on the ends. Drive them there and here so that hot air does not harm the chapel.

Dried curls secure medium fixation varnish. it will save the laying and will not lose it. Gel or foam is better not to use. the dense structure of the funds will not give to keep the volume.

Remove the crab from the champpers and dry your hair on the back of the back, in the temples and around the forehead.

If there is a cold air supply mode, hide them all the chasing. This will allow closing flakes and make hair smooth and shiny.

At the end of the process, tilt your head down and lift sharply up.

So that the volume is survived for a long time, draw strands in the temporal, occipital and frontal zones.

quickly, hair, dryer

Once again sprinkle the roasting zone.

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The problem of hair fluffiness is familiar to most women. So that after washing the heads were not like a dandelion, use our advice.

  • Hairdryer without nozzles;
  • Means for thermal protection;
  • Comb with wide teeth;
  • Straightening shampoo;
  • Barbell or crab;
  • Straightening oil;
  • Wide brush.
  • Wash your head straightening shampoo.
  • Wet wet hair towel.
  • Disperse them with a wide ridge.
  • Use the thermal protection tool.
  • Dry hairdryer without nozzles. Separate the bottom layer, the remaining hair is crab or hairpin. Pull the strands down with a wide brush to their complete drying.
  • Repeat the procedure with the rest of the strands.
  • At the end of the drying, jump out the hair to the cold air to close the scales and consolidate the result.
  • Lubricate strands with straightening butter. it will make them shiny and smooth.

Apply the air conditioner after washing the head

It must be silicone in its composition. They are covered with film strands, seal them, repulse excess water. Only before applying it is better to squeeze the hair, combing their slightly comb, and then apply a balsam in length, in no case on the skin. Silicones can form a low-hearted film that will interfere with the flow of nutrients into the head of the head, normal blood circulation and oxygen, which will lead to a weakening of strands.

How to dry hair without harm

How to dry hair without harm (

In no case are not rubbing and do not wrap clean hair in a turban from a terry towel. And even more so do not go for hours. A terry towel takes too much moisture and hair becomes weak, brittle and sequencing tips appear.

After washing the heads, gently blocked the hair with a waffle towel or a microfiber towel. they only take the part of the moisture, which is not needed by your hair, without overpowing them.

If you are limited in time, and your head needs to dry faster than usual, use a paper towel. Divide all hair into several strands and walk along each river movement from the roots and to the most tips.

Move your hair forward, shake your head to remove excess moisture, take a brush with rare teeth and start combing. the air will pass through strands and the hair is dry faster, without having any harm.

To speed up the process, use a special spray for quick hair drying. Usually enjoy them in a pair with a hairdryer, but without it you can do. Spray the remedy on the hair pressed by a towel, make it up and dress to dress. Maximum after 10 minutes hair will be dry.

Curl effect

Dry hair without a hair dryer quickly so as to get an effect of curl fails. After all, you will have to wait until the curls dry out in a natural way. And depending on their length it will take from 45 minutes. up to several hours. But curl hair without a hair dryer can be in different ways, and they are all harmless to curls.

With bills

Dry hair to create curls can be on ordinary iron curlers. But this process takes a lot of time. And if the curling will be left overnight, then it is better to use soft foam stylers for it that do not interfere. They can be replaced by stripes of fabric.

The process itself consists of the following steps:

  • Washing out hair, slightly squeeze them and wrap in a towel.
  • In 5-10 min. Locks to stick with paper napkins to remove moisture residues. Treat them mousse or package for laying.
  • Wet hair to divide on strands and roll on curlers, styler or simple piece of fabric. The smaller the diameter of the curlers, the more elastic it turns out the curl.
  • Design Leave to complete hair drying. You can wrap it in a towel for additional fixation.
  • When the time is suitable, the hair curlers carefully promotion. Thumb combed curls by giving them the right form.

Stacking should be sprinkled with the curls longer held the form.


Thanks to the following way, you can get small vertical curls. But they will dry them for quite a long time, so doing the laying is better in the evening, before bedtime.

And in the process you need to follow the algorithm:

  • Washing hair slightly squeeze, spinning in loose harnesses, and wrap a towel.
  • 5-10 min., When leaving an extra moisture, curls combing a wooden ridge. To fix future laying, hair can be treated with foam or mousse.
  • Dividing the volume of hair on strands, braid them in braids for grass. And the more it turns out the brain, the smaller will be curls and the volume will be hairstyle.
  • The resulting laying leave up to complete drying. So that braids for grass are broken, they should be fixed with rubber bands. You can also wear a fabric cap or wrap the TURBAN towel.
  • When the time is suitable, braids for the grass. Strands to comb your fingers, giving them the right form.

Finished hairstyle worth sprinkling hair varnish. Then curls will remain elastic much longer.


This method is suitable for long and medium hair.

And with it, you can get large and stable curls, and for this you need to adhere to such instructions:

  • After washing the head hair is treated with air conditioning. Cocks slightly press, spinning into light harnesses.
  • Clean your hair into a warm towel and get 5-10 minutes. When the fabric is noticeably moisturized, change the towel to the new.
  • Hair evenly treat mousse or package for laying.
  • Wet strands combing using a wooden comb with rare teeth. To crack buttons in the process, you need to act from the tips to the roots.
  • All hair volume to divide into several parts. And the more parts, the sooner the curls will turn out. Each of them is spinning in the harness, roll in a bundle and fix with rubber band or hairpin.
  • Design to leave until the curls do not dry. Depending on the length of the curls, it may take several hours. And better laying to do at night, because it does not interfere with sleep.
  • When the curls are dried, promoting bundles and harnesses. Strands neatly disassemble fingers, giving them the right form. So that the curls remain cool, they do not need to comb.

Finished laying sprinkle with varnish to fix the result.

Do you always need to use a hairdryer?

Irina Khudyakova, hair stylist Beauty and Health Boutique Health ELSE: “Of course, drying is naturally helps to hold moisture in hair. Therefore, if there is no need for laying and the condition of the hair in the end remains satisfactory, it is better not to dry by their gadgets, because when using a hair dryer, we evaporate those trace elements and moisture that we have.

If you decide to leave your hair to dry naturally, then it is not necessary to apply some incommable to them. Rather, it all depends on the quality of the hair and do you like the final version. If, for example, as a result, you have careless curls, then as an option you can take advantage of the spray, gel or cream, which will strengthen this finish, will give even more texture, smoothes the tips and take the hair, thereby removing the fluffiness (dandelion effect).

If you have curly, porous and fired hair, and you like it when they are smooth like silk, then there is no hair dryer and special styling agents.

But back to the question of drying. I would recommend leaving your hair to dry naturally by summer or on weekends, when you do not need to run anywhere and make stacking. But in the cold season, our hair in principle requires more thorough and careful care. In addition, nobody wants to get down, so there is a hairdryer.

Lifehak: If you do not use a hairdryer, but you want the hair in the end, it is more neat and spectacularly, then after their drying, quickly go through a fluff or iron at low temperature. The effect will be similar to the one as if you did Bashing. But it is very important to remember that the temperature of your tool should not exceed 170-180 degrees. And necessarily before using a curl or iron spray to the hair to the thermal protection “.

Why you can not dry your hair with a towel?

When careing, strands is not worth using a drying towel after washing the head. It can cause serious hair problems. Naturally, towels are an excellent tool to absorb an excess moisture, but they can be harmful to our health strands.

This leads to the fact that the hair becomes sequential, dry and lifeless, as they give their moisture. Do not twist strands in a towel.

In addition, it is not recommended to rub hair with a towel, as they will become brittle and sequential.

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Air conditioning

If you know that you need to quickly dry hair in the absence of a hair dryer, still try to relieve your task during washing. How can I do that?

All simple. Having finished washing hair, apply air conditioning on them. This tool facilitates combing. Accordingly, strands are less confused. This means that nothing will hinder using the method described above.

So, air conditioning on the hair needs to be applied correctly. First, the hair should be laughed to get rid of excess moisture and prevent running from the strand of applied later. At the same time, it is not recommended to twist the hair into the harness, squeezing moisture from them to the last drop. Just just carefully pressed.

Next, the hair covers the laying lotion, slowly distributing on each strand and substituting each of them towards the airflow. Now you need to get lazy to the televir towel. Next, try to share strands from the roots to the tips for a few minutes. The more they “come into contact” with air, the faster dried. Isn’t this result you expect?

So, it was another way how to quickly dry the head.

What you should not do with hair after washing, so as not to harm them (

Replace the microfiber cotton towel, which is super saved to all types hair and takes a small amount of water, leaving them moistened. Do not trite and do not twist your hair with a towel, but gently pat them. And the moment: Before using a towel, remove the extra moisture, moving on top of the hair growth line down, slightly pressed on them. This will help avoid damage to the hair structure.

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