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Replacement of gum on a washing machine: consistent instruction

Washing machine. a complex household appliance, the breakdown of which entails expensive repair. But there are some breakdowns, fix that can be. One of these faults is the replacement of the sealer in the washing machine. In the article on the examples of models of several manufacturers, the sequence of work is described in detail when the part is replaced, tells which materials and tools are used. Recommendations for preventing rubber damage.

Replacing hatch seal in Samsung washing machine

Cuff replacement lesson. SAMSUNG / SAMSUNG Washing Machine Door O-Rubber. The cuff must be changed when the seal is damaged. If you do not change the cuff on time, this can lead to more serious consequences.

How to Remove Samsung washing machine detergent drawer for easy cleaning

For starters, let’s look through why the hatch cuff rifles either rubbing. The most basic must be remembered before washing, you need to check the clothes s before downloading. Leaving in the s of the posting items you can ruin the washing machine. If a friend you forgot in Kakmann nails and screws with needles, it can lead to cut cuff as shown in the picture below.

Also a cuff can break from improper loading of clothes in a washing machine. When loading, you must check in detail. so that clothes are not shed between the hatch and cuff. This leads to a squeak of a sealing seal.

To replace the hatch cuff, you need to buy the cuff itself, which you can purchase in our store spare parts for household appliances. To order a cuff you can write to us a message indicating the model or call and we will select the necessary spare part for you. Remember Do not buy not original and similar spare parts, they may not be suitable in size and can also be of poor quality. What significantly affects the work of the machine. Our store works only with plants manufacturers, which guarantees the quality of spare parts.

Spare purchased and now you can start it. First, let’s remove the top cover of the washing machine. To do this, we need to unscrew the screws screws on the back wall and after pulling the cover back to remove it.

After you need to remove the powder dispenser that is very easy to pull out with the help of pressing a tongue that fixes it in the powder bunker. As shown in the picture below you can visually understand how to do it.

Now it is necessary to remove the front panel with the control board of the washing machine. As you can see in the pictures below, you need to unscrew three screws that fix the control panel. Two screws are located on the dispenser and one fixes the panel from the end of the machine. I’d like to note. On some models there are no cars of this self-press. It can be located on top, under the top lid.

Now you need to remove before the machine. To do this, we need to reject the screws from the bottom and at the top as presented in the pictures below.

After removing the clamp that fixes the hatch cuff on the front wall of the machine. We do as shown in pictures below.

Now remove the management fee to get to the screws that fix the front wall of the typewriter from above. To do this, we need to just raise the panel to the top to free the latches and remove the penel. We also do not forget to take photos of the terminals and disconnect the terminals from the board and postpone the fee to the side so as not to prevent. In detail in the photo below.

Next, unscrew the screws that you will see under the control board. In the picture, they are marked with arrows.

Removed the panel and before us such a look like in the picture below.

Now we unscrew the clamp that fixes the hatch cuff to the Baku washing machine. After removing the cuff with a tank and we clean the jams of the cuff with a pot of scales and mud. After collecting everything in reverse order. You need to put the cuff profile on the tank and pull the clamp that fixes the cuff to the Baku of the washing machine. Good luck in repair.

Remove the external clamp

The process of removing the old cuff is conditionally divided into two stages. Initially, disconnection of the external spring clamp. To do this, using a flat screwdriver, slightly dedicate the seal, sweat the clamp (in terms of the location of the metal spring) and gently pull it on yourself.

The overwhelming majority of SAMSUNG clamp is made of metal and has an insert. a dense spring, stretching, which can be disassembling the ring without damping the design. There are models equipped with a plastic ring. In this case, the fixation occurs with the help of latches, which are convenient and easily open. After the excavation of an external clamp should be pulled by the hatch door cuff from the outer corps wall of the Washingle and fill the gum inside the drum so that it does not interfere.

We dismantle rubber

Last Stage. Remove the back of the cuff with Luke Drum. To do this, you need to remove the holding clamp. This is done in the same way as we described the removal of an external clamp. You need only a flat screwdriver. Having removed the clamp, you can remove the cuff with a hatch of a washing machine.

That’s all, as they say, “Breaking. not to build”. The most difficult for the beginner will be the reverse process when you need to wear a new sealing gum on the landocation. Read about it in the article how to dress the cuff on the drum. And for those who did not understand what to do, or the nuances are important, watch the video below.

We remove the clamp from the inside

To remove the cuff with a samsung washing machine, you must also pull out the internal fixing clamp. At this stage of work, there should also be difficulties. The algorithm will be such:

  • Remove the top lid of SMA, twisting two bolt holds;
  • Loosen the ring-retainer with a fastening bolt. You should unscrew the screw until the clamp is removed without problems;
  • Pull the seal together with the metal metal ring.

If the purpose of extracting the cuff was cleaning it, then it is necessary to wash the rubber band well using disinfecting compositions. You can not buy household chemicals, but use proven folk remedies.

It is important to “refresh” not only the seal, but also the place of its installation.

All deepening drums are wiping, closed before that elastic. Usually dirt accumulates in such places, the mold can form.

remove, samsung, washing, machine

What you need to know before replacing gum in a washing machine

You need to choose rubber under the model of my washing machine. If you have a home appliance with front load, you need to buy round-form products. For vertical household appliances, a rectangular detail will be required. It will provide tightness between the tank and the upper lid.

Rubber sealer put in older cars. Now there is a new material. silicone. It is longer than rubber, since it does not lose its elasticity under the influence of humidity and high temperatures.

When choosing this product, it is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the product. They differ from different models. In addition, for equipment with additional functions, seals are produced with additional holes. These holes are used for akvasption or drying process. In any case, buy only the spare part, which is intended for your model. Do not take analogues, even if they are the same size. Sealers for other machines may not come.

Installation of the inner clamp

The inner coat of the washing machine has a screw for adjustment, when installing it should be turned to the desired diameter, we set the clamp in place and we climb it with a screw. If spring type clamp, replace the cuff will be a little harder, but also. It will be necessary to securely hold the first point of the clamp. To keep the spring coat of the washing machine, you will need a screwdriver. It should be hung in a channel that fixes the hatch until the stop. After that, the spring is pulled out with a screwdriver throughout the tank, laying it into the grooves.

Nulling most of the spring, again there is a difficulty in holding the clamp, since the exaggeration of the stretch has changed. To replace the spring clamp on old cars, round-rolls are used, because such springs were produced without regulating screw.

Control block

Note that the module is the reliable part of the automatic washing machine Samsung. The breakdown happens when the voltage jump is both inside and outside. This also provides a misconception.

It is possible to turn off the external difference in the external difference. in standby mode from the outlet!

Internal jump occurs due to damage to the peripheral device, as a rule: UBL, TEN or engine. In this case, everything is checking. Not recommended DIY repair charges. On Western standards, the module is not repaired, but changes. In Russian realities there are specialists who restore them.

remove, samsung, washing, machine