How to fix the washing machine yourself: remove and replace the TEN

In the washing machines from the BEKO, the tubular electric heater is located in the standard location. under the tank. Getting to hell is easy: it is enough to turn off the technique from the network and water supply, deploy the case, remove the rear panel, remove the drive belt and look at. Immediately under the bottom of the drum will be the desired element. rounded metal “dice” with many connected wires.

Convert Ten with the engine or another element of the washer unreal. it is always under the tank and is surrounded by wiring. This is the first thing that rushes into the eye after disassembling the machine.

If you find and replace the heater is not difficult, then with the definition of the cause of the breakage often problems occur. Ten fails due to a variety of problems, and before work it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive diagnostics of the device. As a rule, the following malfunctions lead to “thermal failures”:

  • sharp voltage jumps in the network;
  • incorrect operation of the temperature sensor of the TEN;
  • Overheating of the device due to the thick layer of scale (if the water in the water pipe is dirty or too tough);
  • Water getting into contacts;
  • human inattention or error;
  • manufacturing defects.

In most cases, replacement of defective TEN will eliminate malfunction. Worse, if the management fee is “to blame”. Incorrectly working module, for example, due to damaged “tracks” or departed contacts, it is necessary to repair separately. However, independently repair the electronic unit is urgently not recommended. safer contact the service center.

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Causes of breakdown

Before dealing with how to change the heating element in the device, it should be understood what exactly leads to the exit of the Tan. The causes of the breakage may be the following:

  • Natural heater wear. This element, like many other components, has a certain service life. Frequent temperature differences negatively affect the operational characteristics of anyone made modern technology, and the TEN is no exception.
  • Slow voltage drops. In some cases, they cause a short circuit on the network, which leads to the brave of contacts and the heater chain cliff.
  • Education scale. Water water contains in its composition of salts that settle on the surface of the Tan when heated. In the process of service, the layer of scale, covering the item, thickens, therefore, transmit heat and increase the temperature of the water the mechanism becomes harder. This leads to the fact that the heating element overheats and burns.

The formation of scale is one of the most frequent causes of breakdown of the heating element in washing machines

To reduce the formation of scale on the element, experts recommend installing a special filter for water and enjoy softening means during washing.

Simple operation for replacing Tan

Washing: LG WD-80154N AG-NANO (Argentum-Nano) at home with 08.01.2007. (5.5 years). Medium rigidity tap water. Sign of malfunction: no water heating. It is necessary: ​​Screwdriver Conducting Any Combined Device (Tester) with Ommeter Order: Turn off the plug from the outlet and block the water supply, drain the remnants of water from the system with a drainage hose from the bottom of the machine, if there is one, remove the back cover of the carcass (I had 4 screws under the cross perimeter). Carefully inspect the installation, on the subject of burning contacts of suspicious changes in the color of wires and darkening of the connectors, the isolation embrittlement (in places of bad contact).

Find at the bottom of the tank the elongated base of the TEN (tubular electric heater) with TEN tubes sticking out of it and welded petals of detachable connections. In the center of the base Ten, we see a turnkey nut on a 10. Depending on the manufacturer, the sensor can be installed in the base (on my model, the sensor is installed directly to the tank next to the Tan. Slightly swaying to the sides, disconnect 2 terminals from the terminals of the TEN and measure its resistance (there must be about 30 ohms), as well as the insulation resistance between one of the terminals and the base of the TEN (hundreds of kiloma and more) if between the TEN terminals are clearly a large resistance, and the insulation resistance Little, then the spiral of the TEN blocked, the shell of the Ten is damaged and water got into the tube.

Dismantling: Carefully inspect the sensor connector installed in the base of the TEN, determine the presence of a latch and a method of disconnecting a connector from the sensor (not to perform if the sensor stands separately from the Tan) Try not to pull off the wires disconnecting the sensor connector. On the penny with the sensor, the clamp nut is more convenient to unscrew the head to 10 if the sensor is not. the horn key is suitable (the entire tool can be purchased separately for a penny) The ground wire is connected to the base of the TEN or to the terminal-welded terminal, or on the heel under the clamping nut, through the washer with the petal at the end of the grounding wire, unscrewing the TEN clamping nut should not be improved by its flat screwdriver Avoid breakdown of plastic tank. Sufficiently lightly drown a central clamping heel in the inside of the tank and swaying the TEN for the protruding tube. Pulling out a tank from the tank be careful because the TEN can be deformed, and unnecessary efforts will damage the sealing edge around the perimeter of the opening in the plastic tank or even a crack in the tank. In the case of partial damage to the edge, the tightness can still be used to provide silicone sealant.

Removing a Ten Place in the drum from the side of the loading table lamp and inspect the condition of the tank, the outer wall of the washing drum, the steel bracket of the fastening of the TEN in the tank. There is a lot of dirt on the bracket. Looking through the hole I would gladly discovered that my drum from the outside is clean and shiny after 5.5 years of continuous operation. It means to spend money on “Calgon” to put it mildly not practical. With the help of a piece of wire with a rogulina on the end, we throw the grain and garbage from the bottom of the tank, the hole under the TEN and in particular the sealing edge of the roar rubbing the chore.

Going to the store must take with you the old Ten, so as not to miss it with its length (long just does not get up, and the short one will not reach the fixing brackets on the bottom of the tank) the sizes as it turned out to be the same. Price 600-800 I have a 230 V 1900 W TEN without a sensor, but there was no such thing in the presence of such, it took a suitable size with the sensor of the same power a little more. Installing a low power TEN can increase the time of washing, and the choice of TEN is greater power than stood leads to overload (failure) keys (relay) of the electronic control unit. expensive pleasure.

When installing a TEN to a tank, move it forward slightly pressing to the bottom of the tank to get the TEN tubes into the locking bracket. In the models of other manufacturers, it is possible differently, look at the place. Tightly pressing a tan to a socket in the tank Tighten the clamping nut on the centerpiece. Purpose plate from the inside will attract to the base of the TEN, the compressed rubber seal will be stored in the edge of the dissemination and takes off the connection. When hugging nuts do not need to use an electric screwdriver not knowing the factory tightening, it is better manually to not miss the moment of a significant increase in key resistance. Next to trust the nut on a quarter of turnover. Next, slightly (quite a bit) we press the terminals on the wires of the pliers for the reliability of the contact and connect them with the petals of the TEN. Depending on the model, the ground wire with a washer at the end put under the second nut on the central heel (on the ground petal at the base of the TEN, we throw the grounding wire terminal).

Depending on the model, connect the sensor connector built into the base of the TEN drawing attention to the slots (grooves, protrusions) of the connector. We put the back cover and test the wash, in the process, control the absence of water flowing up to the end of the washing cycle (preferably in the future, a few more washes do not leave the washer unattended for reliability).


Indesit machines, whirlpool and similar models need to be disassembled from behind. This option is much easier and faster.

We disassemble from the back of the rear panel

  • Expand the machine.
  • Disconnect the power, drain and water.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws and remove the lid.
  • From the bottom of the tank is our tan. Disconnect all wires.
  • Turn off the nut, but not to the end, press the bolt inside and remove the TEN.
  • Sealing gum can interfere with you, not allowing you to pull out the element, so loosen it, gradually pulling out.
  • Clean the tank and insert a new Ten back. Sealing gum can be lubricated to the dishwashing agent so that the device goes well.
  • Connect all wires and tighten the lid. After that, let down the communication and check the machine.

Top loading machines need to unscrew the side. The process is exactly the same, only the location of the cap is changing, which you want to unscrew.

That’s all. Now your washing machine is ready for another wash. As you can see, the process of replacing the Tan is very fast and not very heavy. You can safely take the necessary tools and proceed to work right now!

Where is the TEN in a washing machine? Causes of breakdown

The location of the element may differ depending on the brand of washer. Allegedly, in ARIRISON models, Ardo, Candy, Indesit, “Electrolux”, Zanussi Detail is hidden behind the rear panel. But in SMA AEG, “Bosch”, Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, “Virrpool” Ten is most often located behind the front lid.

In the Hansa typewriter, it is possible to get the heater through the base panel.

Not sure where to look for the item? Then inspect the CM. If the back cover is solid, then the heater is there. If small, you should look after the front wall. The problem is to dismantle it troublesome. So it’s easier to look at the back cover.

For the operation of the Ten influence such factors:

To determine exactly, whether the replacement of the heating element is needed (Tan) will help the multimeter tester. But there are indirect signs that indicate a problem:

  • Powder granules are poorly dissolved, traces of detergent remain on the underwear.
  • Having putting the palm to the hatch glass 15-20 minutes from the start of the heated program, you will feel that it turns out to be cold.

An error code can catch fire on the display of the machine.

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Before changing the item, prepare a shift element. Selected individually for each model cm. End key, screwdriver and liquid soap.

Replacing the spiral of the Ten do it yourself

Found out where the element is? Now proceed to disassembly. Before starting work, disconnect the equipment from the network, break the inlet valve. It is advisable to drain the remnants of water so that with the slope of the car she did not hit the details.

Before removing a TEN from a washing machine, dismantle the panel.

  • Remove the tray dispenser from the case.
  • Open the loading door.
  • Beat the hatch cuffs.
  • Picker the clamp a screwdriver, remove from the spot.

Access is open. Now go to how to remove and install a TEN in the washer.

LG Washer Machine Lint Removing

  • Detail is under a tank in the landing hole rounded shape.
  • Turn off the feed wires.
  • To confirm the detail breakdown, take the multimeter.
  • Install the resistance measurement mode on the toggle.
  • Apply Proven to Contacts.
  • A good element will show the values ​​from 20 to 30 ohms.
  • The product is fixed in the nest using the clamping plate. How to pull it out? To do this, twist the central nut (not to the end). Push the bolt inside. Slightly pushing the base with a screwdriver. Before pulling out and replace the TEN, follow the state of the seal. It is advisable not to damage it when withdrawal.

To facilitate the installation of a Tan can, lubricating the seal with liquid soap or detergent. Then the item easier will enter the nest and sit down.

After fixing the heater with a presser nut to it connects the wiring. Tan connection is carried out in reverse order. Once the work is finished, run the test washing at least 50 degrees. Make sure the water is heated and no seal leaks.

This is the repair of medium difficulty, so you will handle yourself. Stick replacement sequences, follow safety.

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Replacement of the Tan washing machine LG

How to change the TEN in the washing machine LG?

How to change the TEN in the washing machine LG?

How to change the TEN in the washing machine LG?

How to change the TEN in the washing machine LG?

If there are no leaks, you can install the rear panel and run test washing to make sure the water heating too. If the heating of water is, then the TEN is mounted correctly. If not. you need to check the contact density and, if necessary, tighten the terminals. As you can see, the replacement of the Tan on the LG. the procedure is not the most complicated and on the shoulder of anyone, who have hands grow from the shoulders, and high-quality spare parts for the washed can be viewed here http: // / Cat / Stiralnye-Mashiny. Successful to you repair!

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Removing Tena

Now you know how to remove the Ten with the Washing Machine LG, it remains only to weaken the center nut of the part and push the bolt that holds the Ten inside, after which you can get to the excavation. Sealing gum are extremely reliable, so removing the item will not be so simple, the main thing is to do everything as accurate as possible, in order to avoid damage to the technique itself. As soon as everything is ready, you can start installing a new Ten.

The best option will be installed at the place of the old Ten exactly the same new, as a last resort, analogue, but in any case, it must match the size, this is a prerequisite.

What a tool will be required:

  • First of all, you need to stock material with lubricant, you can use any available technique that is in stock.
  • In addition, you will need a key with a head for eight.
  • Screwdriver set, need flat and cross.
  • I will not too much a multimeter.

How to replace TEN

Before starting repair, you need to completely drain the water from the machine and turn it off from the network. To work, you must have a screwdriver and wrench at hand 8 or 10 inches. After that, you can start replacing.

First, it is required to determine the location of the heating element. Where the TEN can be located depending on the model and the characteristics of the structure of the washing machine, told above. Reaching the water heating system, the user will only see the outer part of the heating element. terminals and wires that need to be disconnected before removing the Tan.

Before removing the TEN, you need to disclose terminals and wires connected to it

  • unscrew the central nut with the first key;
  • With the help of a screwdriver, immerse the bolt to which the nut was screwed;
  • Carefully pick up a tan with a screwdriver and smooth loosening up-down extract it from the rubber seal.

Faulty item should be repaired or replaced with a new. When buying a new heater, you need to know the accurate labeling of the previous.

It is important to install the working heater in its place, having achieved an accurate and dense element fit. When the heater is installed, tighten the nut and connect the wires with terminals.

The heating element is important to correctly set back, having achieved exact and dense landing

Without closing the wall, check the operation of the heating element. To do this, you need to launch the Washing program with water heating at least 60 and after 10-15 minutes to touch the boot hatch window. If it is warm, it means that the water heats up and the TEN correctly performs its function. After that, you can install the panel.

The replacement of the Tan on the washing machine is carried out according to all the brands of the algorithm of action. The difference may consist only in the differences in access. The replacement of the heater is easy to spend independently, if you have a necessary tool and a clear guide to action.