Effective gum (cuff) cleaning in a washing machine

If you often start the washing machine in low temperatures, the device does not get the desired disinfection. The hostesses that are faced with the appearance of mold in the machine often do not use detergents with M bleach, add a lot of rinsers and linen balms, which are used to the washing machine at risk of fungus for which all this is a comfortable stay.

Clean the washing machine under a rubber band can not only with special chemicals, but also by ordinary vinegar. The fungus does not like acid solutions at all, so in most cases it will help to clean the gum in the drum of the washing machine. But how to do it correctly?

  • Turn on the maximum laundry mode at high temperatures (better boiling).
  • In the tray, pour the liter of any substance with chlorine in the composition.
  • After the end of the washing, pour about 3 cups of 10% vinegar, turn on the rinsing mode. Leave the room and provide him intensive ventilation.
  • If you see the remnants of the fungus, clean them with a brush.

Important! Do not pour the bleach and vinegar into the tray of the washing machine at the same time, it may not only bring the necessary use, but also harm

How to prevent re-appearance fungus in the machine?

Remember that mold can always come back, and it will be more difficult to get rid of it. What to do in order to forget about such a problem forever?

  • Conduct regular cleaning of a powder tray and a sealing gum in the drum.
  • Wipe after each wash all the dry cloth so that no moisture remains.
  • When the machine does not work, the door must be open.
  • Do not leave wet underwear inside for a long time.
  • often use modes with a maximum temperature.
  • Less often use air conditioners for linen.

At least once in 6 months, it is necessary to clean the washing machine with a solution of citric acid, vinegar.

If you follow these simple rules, your automatic is no longer subjected to mold appearance. Large efforts are not required, but you will save your nerves and money to replace the sealing gum in the drum and other details. How to easily clean the washing machine from dirt and fungus, you can look at the video.

Indications for cleaning

Planning, kakikekogogodipoprify the elastic band in the washing machine, you should consider the features of the operation of the aggregate. Manufacturers of technology recommend regularly carrying a reservation, sealing liner and trays to prevent unwanted consequences.

When you need to urgently clean the elastic band of the washer:

  • After washing, muddy divorces on underwear are detected;
  • There appears a shaft smell;
  • formation of plaque on the surfaces of the sealer;
  • Presence of mucus, dirt, sediments in the cavity of the rubber liner.

Neglect of sanitary requirements is fraught with deposits in the form of the development of pathogenic microorganisms in a wet environment of the gum, which are able to cause a number of dangerous diseases.

Rules for cleaning

So that in the machine drum machine does not develop mold, and a rotten smell did not appear, it is necessary to keep the door ajar. Also after washing, be sure to wash the powder tray from the remaining detergent. Wipe it with a dry cloth, and also wipe the connector where this tray is inserted. However, back to the gum of the drum, and tell how to clean it.

  • Wet rapid need to remove mold and another raid with ease of gum.
  • Bend the edges of the cuff and wipe the inner side where the mold is usually growing.
  • Wrench sponge in white or other chlorine-containing agent.
  • Water with sponge inner and outer part of the gum, as well as the surface of the drum. Special attention should be paid to the grooves of the cuff, causing more means.
  • Close the drum and leave the car for half an hour.
  • After disinfection, you need to start the rinsing mode to wash the drum and the rubber band from the detergent.

It is possible to effectively clean the mold cuffs with a solution of copper sulfate, divorced in a proportion of 30 g per liter of water. It is enough to apply a small amount of solution on the cuff, wait about a day, and then, wash off with water and wipe with a dry cloth. You can run the machine in the “fast 30” mode so that the remnants of the substance are well washed.

Wash the cuff gum and remove excess moisture from it after each washing, if you follow the purity of the cuff, then it does not have to clean it. Even if the mold appears, then you will clean it much less.

In the case when too much mold and garbage accumulated under the cuffs, it will have to remove it. This is easy, the whole process is described in the article on how to replace the cuff on the washing machine. This has its own plus, because it is possible to fully and more thoroughly rinse the rubber in the pelvis in a large amount of water, then dry it and install back. And if it has damage, then generally replace to a new.

Full cleaning of the washing machine

In addition to the weekly and permanent care, the washing machine requires complete cleaning. To carry out the full user cleaning “Washing” you need:

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Naturally (Quick and Cheap)

  • Clear drum from scale;
  • clean the drum cuff;
  • Clean the door of the hatch;
  • clean the drain filter;
  • rinse powder tray.

Since water in the water supply contains salts impurities, it causes scores on the inner parts of the washing machine. Skip sedates on the heating element, on the drum, as well as on the cuff. To eliminate excessive scale of scale, you can use the means of softening water, one of which is Kalgon. However, in this case, at least twice a year, it is necessary to clean the washing machine from scale. To do this, many hostesses use citric acid or a special means “Anti-Nakipin”.

remove, dirt, washing, machine

To effectively clean the machine machine from the accumulated scale, you need to take 100-200 grams of citric acid and fall asleep directly into the drum, then select the most long-term program with water heating temperature up to 60 degrees. You can install additional rinsing for better flushing. Upon completion of the program, be sure to wipe the cuff, and make sure there is no plaque under it.

Instead of lemon, use white 9-% vinegar, but it is not entirely justified, because after such a washing, there will be an unpleasant smell.

Clear the door of the hatch washing machine machine from droplets of soap solution and other substances is as easy. Take advantage of any means to clean the glasses and the door again shine. As for the filter cleaning, it needs to be done as often as possible. After all, the filter can be clogged and lead to failures in the work of the washing machine.

To clean the drain filter, you must first unscrew it out of the washing machine. But before this, turn off the car from the network and close the water supply faucet. Then at the bottom of the housing, open the panel or door and find the filter cover. Unscrew it counterclockwise and get the filter. Do not forget to put a rag, because remnants of waste water flow from the filter. Rinse the filter from garbage and dirt under running water and install in place.

Thus, it is intended to clean the gum of the washing machine machine, it will be necessary for the drum, as well as a tray for detergents. Such care will extend the life of parts and washing machines in general.

Where to begin?

First of all, it is necessary to identify the places where the dirt is going, and the fungus spread. The technique is disconnected from electricity, open the door and carefully examine the rubber, carefully turning the folds across the circumference. Special attention should be paid to the lower part. Best do it immediately at the end of the next cycle until the moisture evaporates.

remove, dirt, washing, machine

The outer part of the gum is wiped with a damp cloth, then turn off the folds and processed the deepening. To work, you will need:

Do not use abrasives or chemical solvents so as not to damage the material of the seal.

How to clean the washing machine outside

Do not forget to regularly clean the detergent tray in which the residues of the washing powder and the air conditioner for linen accumulate.

  • To clearly clean the tray, carefully remove it from the washing machine. How to do it right from the instruction attached to the washing machine.
  • Tray rinse under a strong jet of hot water. The remaining, the most stubborn pollution will overturn a small brush, moistened with a facility to remove a lime deputy from a tile and mixers.
  • Rinse again with clean water, dry it and insert the tray into the car.

Well clean the washing machine automatic outside it is only half. In addition, the car needs to be regularly brushing inside, because it is precisely a scale, which significantly reduces the life of the washing machine. In addition to scale in the washing machine, dirt is going and sometimes even start a black mold. You can get rid of all these misfortunes with the help of ordinary home.

Small Cuff Processing

If the contamination is too strong, it is better to remove the seal and process it separately. This is done as follows:

  • Narrow scolded upset clamp from a wire that holds the rubber;
  • conduct a tool in a circle and remove it;
  • Gently remove the seal, avoiding contacts with the electronic door block;
  • The part is thoroughly washed in water, adding a small amount of bleach to it, for this use a sufficient capacity;
  • rinsed under the crane and wipe the dry napkin.

If there were defects on the care of the cuff on the cuff, it will have to replace it.

Methods of cleaning from dirt

Since rubber. soft material, it is better to choose more sparing agents in the form of gels and liquids. Powder, abrasive compounds are thinning the material and provoke rapid wear of rubber, and mechanical methods can damage it.

The easiest and safest option. wipe the cuff with a sponge dipped in the dishwashing facility. This not only remove pollution, but also give fresh, pleasant fragrance.

If the contamination is stable, this is suitable. Chips of the household soap, a drop of detergent for dishes and a drop of whiteness is diluted with a small amount of water and foam. All this is applied to the cuff and leaves for several hours, after which the idle wash mode is turned on and double rinsing. At the end, the tires is cleaned with a clean cloth and dried.

There is a special liquid machine car cleaner designed for high-quality cleaning. The same effect will give a special means for washing dishwashers.

How to clean

From mold and fungus

Mold is resistant to different impacts on it. Single processing, even the warehous agents may not give results. In addition, it returns as soon as a favorable environment is created. humidity, warmth, darkness. Mold can stay in powder compartment, tank, sealing rubber, hoses.

  • Clean the machine manually from mold sediments.
  • Clean the acid.
  • Treat water with high temperature.
  • Dry the aggregate dry heat or under the ultraviolet lamp.
  • Pour into the dispenser liter of liquid chlorine and run the intensive mode.
  • When the temperature comes to the maximum, put the mode pause.
  • Start the machine 2 hours before the completion of the full cycle.
  • Pour out a dispenser 500 ml of table vinegar and run rinsing mode.

Rust is dangerous not only for the rubber seal, but also for linen. during the washing rust can leave traces on the fabric. Rusty spots appear from metal objects remaining in s. coins, clips, bolts and t.D. Be sure to check all s in clothes.

Could cope with this problem with a solution of citric acid and salt. In the glass of water stir alto one teaspoon of salt and lemon. Process stain with this solution several times.

Skip is well noticeable on the rubber gasket and the rear wall of the drum. The stores are well coped with this task. From eco-friendly with this problem, the usual soda and citric acid will cope. With a small amount of scale, it is possible to clean it manually.