SAMSUNG washing machine burns key what to do?

How to remove the blocking from children in the washing machine Samsung Eco Bubble by 6 kg | Rembytte Gul, good afternoon! These buttons must not just click, but hold for some time. Try to just click, and hold these two buttons at the same time for a long time. 5-10 seconds.

If the “flashing of a key or lock” is accompanied by signs of malfunction, then check the following: the function of the lock from children is not activated (Child Lock). This mode blocks all the buttons of the washing machine and, thus, protects the washing machine from the accidental inclusion or change of the program during washing.

How to disable children’s lock on the washing machine LG?

In your Washing Machine LG activated a system of protection against children (a red face lock on the control panel flashes). To disable the lock from the children, press and hold the “Temperature” button “Spin”, within 5-10 seconds. And you can set the program and run the washer.

Buttons that are responsible for switching on or off lock, on the panel are usually denoted by the lock or child face icon. This icon is located near or between the desired buttons. To enable or disable blocking, simultaneously press and hold these buttons 3. 5 seconds before the beep.

How to enable protection from children on a washing machine Samsung?

The keys responsible for including the function are usually designated either a lock symbol or a child’s face icon. To activate the lock, you must simultaneously clamp on 3-5 seconds the desired buttons and hold them to the audio signal. Disable “Children’s” mode in the same way.

The situation when the locking of the SAMSUNG is lit or flashing the lock indicator and simultaneously the machine does not dial or constantly gaining and drains water, signals that the water level sensor (Press Transport) failed.

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How to remove the lock with the washing machine indesit?

You need a lace and knife. Attach the lace to the place between the door and the casing of the washing machine, in the place where the castle is located. Next, press it inside with a knife. Then pull the lace for both ends before clicking. at this point the lock must open.

In your Washing Machine LG activated a system of protection against children (a red face lock on the control panel flashes). To disable the lock from the children, press and hold the “Temperature” button “Spin”, within 5-10 seconds. And you can set the program and run the washer.

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How to turn off blocking from children on a washing machine?

How to remove the blocking from children on the washing machine Gorenje or turn it on: Hold the button for 4 seconds [Start / Pause] button. If you need to make changes to the program after activating protection, press the [Menu] key and hold 3-4 seconds. After 15 seconds. After the changes made blocking will again be active.

Key Symbol on Washing Machine How to Remove

  • Buttons “1” and “2”. Hold down simultaneously, then click “ON / OFF”. The appearance of the inscription. (TE) on the display.
  • Button “3” click to start testing at the washing machine of the motor group.

If the indicators are blinking on the washing machine Indesit

It happens that in the wash process, all the indicators on the front panel of the washing machine are suddenly starting blinking, a warning of the buzzer, and the work of the unit stops. Light bulbs can light up alternately, in different combinations or all at the same time. In any case, such a flashing indicates the abnormal work of the washing machine.

There are many reasons for the emergence of fun. Only sometimes they are associated with serious breakdowns, often the consequence of simple inattention.


In the instructions attached by the manufacturer to the typewriter, the common problems and methods for their elimination are described in detail. Here are some regular situations in which the washing machine flashes with all buttons, and ways to solve.

  • Water is not poured. Check whether there is water in the water supply; Whether the crane opened on the pipe suitable for the machine; did the bulk hose bent.
  • Failure program. The unit is disconnected for several minutes from the network and launch again.
  • Water does not merge. Check the drain hose and the location of the connection with the sewering hole; If necessary, can be cleaned.
  • Damaged network cable, fork or socket. Replace spoiled elements.
  • Incorrect loading. Control the amount of linen in the car, clean up too much, distribute things evenly on the drum.
  • An illiterate installation of the aggregate. The drain hose is located above the level of the drum machine.

If all of the above problems are eliminated, and the blinking does not stop, it is better to seek help to professionals.

What is the problem?

If the castle flashes on the washing machine. Indesit, Samsung may have happened one of four breakdowns:

  • Loading Luke Castle.
  • Faulty heating element.
  • Water pressure sensor broke in a tank.
  • Faulty control module.

How exactly to identify the cause of the malfunction? Considering the probable breakdowns, it is recommended to contact the master. An experienced specialist using the special equipment distributes the washing machine and reveals the exact reason for the flashing indicator. If it is not possible to call the wizard you need to check the cleanliness of the castle. Often banal clogging by garbage leads to flashing light bulb. Cleaning the castle from small debris will solve the problem.

If the heating element has failed, the unit will hang and stop erased. It happens that the machine starts the workflow, and even rinsed the rinse, but the lock indicator lights constantly. When confirmed, the vehicle breakdowns will need to replace this element.

If the castle indicator flashes on the washing machine, the water level sensor may be failed. It is necessary to monitor the amount of water that is recruited into the unit of the unit. The sensor is available in any washing machine indesit, samsung and other brands. Over time, the element begins to work incorrectly, causing blinking light bulb. The water sensor is not subject to repair. It needs to be changed to a new.

Another reason that causes a flashing light bulb icon on the washing machine panel. control board breakdown. This happens due to the voltage jumps in the power grid or moisture from entering the fee. Do not despair, in most cases the fee of Indesit is subject to repair. Only a very serious breakdown requires replacing the old board for a new.

How to remove the castle on the washing machine Kandy?

Rent a ring that holds the cuff in front, bend the cuff and reach the castle, pressing on the pimples that replace the screws on such a type of lock (not very strong) and move the lock a little forward towards the hatch, so that the pimples come out of their holes and entered the machine.

Pull the washing machine from the outlet and leave for 10-30 minutes. After. gently press on the door in the castle area and try to open the hatch again. note! This method will help if the reason lies in the breakdown.