Mobile air conditioner how to remove the pipe in the plastic window

Mobile air conditioner perfectly solves the problem of maintaining a comfortable microclimate in cases where there is no possibility or need to use expensive split systems. Despite the convenience and versatility of this technique, there may be a problem of its use in apartments or premises with modern plastic windows.

How to install mobile air conditioning in a plastic window? We will try to answer the question in several options.

Methods of installation may be different, and among them there are somewhat deeply erroneous. First we will tell, from which solutions should refuse and why.

Wrong installation options. inefficient and dangerous

The easiest option. Operate the window sash and bring the hot air removal pipe from the air conditioner to it. The device standing in the room is equipped with a plastic corrugation for these purposes, and many mobile air conditioner owners simply attach the pipe to the frame or put it on the windowsill.

The solution is incorrect or only temporary, to resort to it is worth it if the device is used infrequently or before you do not decide to more efficient use. Disadvantages of solutions:

  • Operated Pipe Width Window. It is the opening of a fairly large area, and hot air falls into the room, the third effect of the effect of the air conditioner is falling;
  • In the opening actively penetrates dust and outsiders;
  • Sweet such a solid slit is quite difficult, and it is impossible to achieve tightness;
  • You spend electricity to cool the mass of air, which runs to the room outside.

As a temporary option, to resort to this method of installation is literally for several days until dust, noise and electricity consumption will not be critical for the owners of the device.

The second is wrong. An attempt to cut through the window sash to bring the pipe out of it. This will lead to complete depressurization of the glass package, and in the window with a thermal explosion will cause the loss of all its functional advantages. The coefficient of resistance of the heat transfer of construction almost will be equal to the indicator for a conventional window with one glass and an unprotected frame. In addition, the violation of the profile integrity will greatly reduce its strength. The window turns out, the flaps will stop closing, and the whole design will be in disrepair. We will throw this option as completely mistaken.

Correct solution. Save window and block the opening

Two right solutions are associated with the ability to save the window safely and at the same time block hot air, dust and noise. Path penetration into the room.

Change window design

The first correct option requires access to the windows and installation specialists. Will have to make serious changes in the window design.

  • Deaf sash will be disassembled or replaced by another.
  • In the new sash will be set to a reduced size of a glass package and another impost. Horizontal element framework.
  • Instead of a part of the glass between the impost and the bottom edge of the sash, a sandwich panel will be installed with a slot under the outlet of the air conditioner pipe.
  • In winter, this hole will have to close the plug or completely replace the deaf sash to the standard so as not to lose the effect of using the glass package with its thermal insulation properties.

The solution allows you to create all the conditions for the efficient use of the air conditioner, block the path of dust, noise and warm air, but requires considerable costs of re-equipment. And it does not guarantee that in winter the sandwich panel will keep heat as well as a regular glass, since it has completely different properties.

Installation of a sheet of plexiglas

Option to avoid the problems listed above. Temporary installation of the board from the plexiglass across the area of ​​the opening of one of the windows of the window. At the same time, you can not remove the sash, leaving it open, create an obstacle for noise and dust and not to put the stream of warm air into the window. The cost of implementing the project will be reduced to buying a sheet of plexiglas and fasteners for mosquito net. In the most complete option, you can even seal the opening with the help of a rubber seal. the main task. correctly measure the opening, because a pretty heavy plexiglass must accurately become in place and not fall out when wind.

It is necessary to remove the sizes when the window is open so as to accurately determine the distance from the edge to the edge of the main frame frame inside the opening. It is there that the exactly carved sheet is installed with a pre-prepared on the size of the air conditioner pipe. When using a rubber seal and regular fastenings of a mosquito net, the sheet will definitely fit into the free space and block the opening. For the winter it will be possible to remove and simply close the window.

We reviewed several ways to install a mobile air conditioner in a plastic window, and you have to choose the most suitable solution and cost solution.

How much noisy mobile air conditioning is required and where to bring hot air?

If you decide to buy a mobile air conditioner, then you need to know that this is a rather noisy device, but the opinions of users of this technique diverge. In simple language, the noise of mobile air conditioning can be present as follows Remember, with what noise the compressor was working in old refrigerators and add the noise of the medium power fan to this noise. We do not get a strong noise, which also depends on the mode of operation. In any mobile air conditioner, you can set different ways of blowing. Also, the compressor of the mobile air conditioner, which we compared with the refrigerator compressor, will not work constantly. You specify the desired temperature on the display, and the compressor will work as long as it reaches it. Then it goes into standby mode and turns on, only when the room temperature drops. Then it turns on again, it will quickly cool (or hesitated) to the desired and turn off.

Give hot air through the corrugated pipe must necessarily if you really want to make the temperature indoors below. It is possible to remove it: on the balcony, in a pickled window, to another room, into a hole in the wall, into the hole in the glass, in the hood and so on, depending on the room. Increased pipe can be. Buy mobile air conditioning, it means buy split system, but use it in different rooms, rolling it out of the room into the room, or transported in the car from the apartment to the country or office.

Mobile Air Conditioning Management Systems

The simplest mobile systems are equipped with electromechanical control devices. buttons and handles for temperature control. Many people like the simplicity and convenience of such models, because in the control system there is nothing superfluous and adjusting the microclimate indoors is simple.

However, the cheapest air conditioners of this type have no protection against frequent starts, that is, there is no delay for 3 minutes. Frequent launches can cause malfunctions in the operation of the engine and the derivation of equipment. When such devices are disconnected, you need to monitor the mobile air conditioner does not turn on independently. Mechanical control devices uneconomical.

If the unit is equipped with an electronic system, then they can be controlled using the remote control from the distance not exceeding 8 m. The advantage of such monoblocks is more accurate temperature control in the room. There is also an additional possibility. setting up the operation of the Timela instrument (24- or 12-hour).

If you wish, you can set the program so that the device turns off after 2 hours when you already sleep. Or, on the contrary, set up air conditioning so that it turns on half an hour before your return home. So to your arrival temperature in the living room, bedroom or in the kitchen will be comfortable.

Climate machinery with an electronic control system not only looks more modern and perfect, but also saves electricity. Big plus such devices. the presence of built-in protection against improper use.

remove, pipe, mobile, conditioner, window

Before buying an air conditioner with electronic control, you should carefully examine the capabilities of the remote control. In some models, the remote control has a limited functionality, so to select certain modes or functions will have to approach the device. There are also air conditioning systems that all functionality presented on the control panel on the instrument housing is duplicated on the remote control.

Also in the console can be built in the temperature sensor. It is convenient, because when the exact temperature is known, it is easier to adjust the air conditioner from anywhere in the room. When you specify the necessary temperature indicators, it takes only a few minutes so that the air conditioning system creates optimal comfortable conditions in your home.

What is the advantage of mobile equipment?

The question immediately arises: and this is necessary this bulky outdoor technique when it is possible to buy a traditional, more familiar to use split system?

Outdoor monoblocks refer to mobile technology, that is, to the equipment that can be moved from place to place, to move from the living room to the bedroom, and, if necessary, and disappear.

Monoblock air conditioner won popularity thanks to a simple connection. Its design is characterized by the fact that both the condenser and the evaporator are placed inside the same case installed indoors

The aggregates are attractive to those who like to change the situation, but to live in the most comfortable conditions. Here are 4 major qualities that have positively appreciated in floor models. Continuous users:

Mobile appliances and good that is not fixed in one place. over, the housing is equipped with wheels for convenient movement of the unit from one room to another. Bulky, but lifting air conditioning can also be used as a temporary, seasonal dacha option with light installation

The design of the air conditioner consists of only one block, which is located inside the residential room. Outside, unlike the split system, you do not need to fix anything. Accordingly, it is not necessary to worry about how the facade of the building will look. especially having historical value

Here are also solid advantages: if the installation of the split system is better to charge professionals, which will connect two blocks through the wall, then the floor unit you need to simply put on the floor near the window or door to the balcony, while the walls are not necessarily

If you select the device recommended for power and performance for a particular room, it will work no less efficiently than expensive split system. And the safety of the plastic block is comparable to the refrigerator. it seems energy-dependent, but absolutely harmless

As you can see, the floor monoblocks are better than split systems, and to install a homemade mobile air conditioner do not need to hammer the walls and install brackets from the outside. The service of the unit also takes a little time, and in terms of cost it is not more expensive than alternative models.

There are mobile air conditioners without air ducts. But they have a lot of minuses: loud noise, low efficiency, need for regular maintenance. And the most unpleasant. high humidity in the room

If you stop your choice on outdoor equipment, carefully read the next section to better get acquainted with the mounting nuances. Knowing how to install a mobile air conditioner correctly, you can easily provide a comfortable microclimate indoor.

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Little floor air conditioning

Electrolux EACM-10AG with an exclusive design and original appearance. The device with air purification function provides a uniform distribution of air flow indoor. Air conditioning works in three modes: ventilation, cooling, automatic.

The innovative console is integrated into the device body. The design is equipped with an electronic thermostat, a three-speed fan and timer.

  • Power. 2.93 kW;
  • Working area. up to 15 m2;
  • electronic control;
  • Modes: ventilation, cooling, automatic;
  • Air flow. 4,67 cubic meters. m / min;
  • noise level. 45 dB;
  • functions (automatic removal of condensate, anion generator, memorization of settings);
  • dimensions. 43.6 to 79.7 per 39 cm;
  • Weight. 28.3 kg.
  • Innovative control using the console;
  • functionality;
  • low noise level;
  • Equipment of air filtration system;
  • Compact sizes, transportability.

Final conclusions

Before making a conclusion, we will give a brief list of manufacturers producing air conditioners without connecting an external duct:

remove, pipe, mobile, conditioner, window

Outdoor climatic installation from a technical point of view, of course, is air conditioning. Recall the definition: air conditioning is the process of bringing air to the desired condition. This includes cleaning, heating, cooling and moisturizing / draining.

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One problem. the air under considerations are not cooled, but saturated with moisture. The meaning of the purchase is lost. the usual humidifier is much cheaper and significantly less in size, many models are equipped with air humidity control.

And last: no serious brand, even Chinese, is not taken for the production of air conditioners without a discharge pipe. This is an essential argument in favor of old good split systems. Want an outdoor version. take a model with the corresponding inner block, fixed above the plinth.

Manufacturers and models of mobile air conditioning devices without corrugated drivers

Portable air conditioners without an air ventilation channel differ in functional, appearance, dimensions. Equipment manufacturers try to attract buyers by introducing new options in devices.

Today, electrolux devices are in demand today. one of the most popular cooling and evaporation devices. Among all models, the leading position is kept by EACM-14DR / N3 air conditioning. Installation is able to cool and dry air. A convenient device is sold along with the remote control for 25,000 equipment equipped with a timer and allows you to perform flexible settings.

Ballu devices, which are the second most popular evaporative-coolers. Mobile Air Conditioning System BPHS 09H attracts household owners by four-position control. This allows you to start equipment in one of the modes: heating, cooling, ventilation or drainage. In the market, air conditioning is sold in about 19,000 together with the remote control.

Bork devices that are some of the most balanced models. The device Y501 is designed to work in a room with an area of ​​up to 35 m2. The unit is characterized by high performance that forces the use of more water compared to other similar devices. Beautiful equipment can be purchased for 20,000 will allow the owner of a product that can operate in four modes.

Penguin is a compact model that allows you to cool air on an area of ​​20 m2. The apparatus has an air ionization and aromatization function. The device is distinguished by a laconic stylish design and worthy quality assembly. The equipment looks harmonious in different interiors.

KIBOR 24. portable climatic system of compact size, whose weight is not more than 8 kg. A small apparatus is designed to work in a room of 24 m2. In the cooling and evaporative installation there is a timer adjustable dampers, water level sensor. Liquid containers are distinguished by removable performance.

Who does not want to read, can watch videos. They will clearly help understand the device, the principle of operation, the advantages, features of climatic portable equipment without air-circuit.