Repair of the mixer for the kitchen with your own hands of a one.leaf: instructions

The faucets are used not only in kitchens, but also in bathrooms and toilet rooms. If earlier the difference was in the absence of a shower in kitchen units, today in implementation there are mixers with a shower and for the kitchen. They not only facilitate the process of washing dishes, but also solve problems with a set of water in large containers that cannot be put in washing.

It is impossible to repair cranes without knowledge of their device. Such actions most often cause a complete breakdown of the mixers, when instead of cheap repair will have to be made expensive replacement.

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But this is not all problems yet. There are situations when small leaks after improper intervention turn into a large leak that threatens the flooding of the apartment. You should know that quite often for central cranes cheap Chinese crafts are used. They gradually oxidize, which significantly complicates the process of opening/closing.

The crane case is made of an alloy of silumin, which, even with relatively small efforts, can crack, and the problem from your personal becomes a common house. In this regard, we strongly advise studying the technical features of the structure of the mixers and only then begin to repair.

Types of single.leaf mixers

There are two types of mixers on the market: ball and cartridge. Some of them are widely used, the latter are less common. The reason is low durability indicators.

Table. Types of single.leaf mixers

Type of mixer constructive differences and main operational characteristics

Each mixer must have instructions with a drawing of all components. Before disassembly, you need to carefully study it, understand the principle of attaching parts, the sequence of their assembly and disassembly. Most often, the repair will require an audit of the state of the internal parts, and for this they will have to get them out of the corps.

Varieties of mixers

Often all types of water supply points (except shower) are called taps. In fact, the term “crane” is understood as tap valves with a place of delivery of a jet of water and a movable element that opens or closes the fluid flow. Cranes are installed on one.pipe supply systems. If water from two pipes is supplied to the device and mixing hot and cold fluid is made, the device is called the mixer.

  • The case is solid or composite, mounted on support. It has a mixing node (nodes). For a single-leaf tap or mixer, the node is a cartridge, in the valve-a crane-boux;
  • Pouring with or without a aerator can have special nozzles for scattering stream, backlight and other functions;
  • The control element (elements). levers or valves;
  • Additional equipment and parts. A shower/a watering can, a watering holder, a second excess for drinking water and so on adds as additions, and so on.

Below is the design diagram of a conventional tap tap. It is interesting that the locking device similarly used in valve mixers, but in the tap it is one, and in the mixers. two, for each of the water supply pipes.

  • the installation site. desktop, wall, floor;
  • dimensions. compact, medium, enlarged;
  • configuration. with a shower watering can, with a stationary shower, with additional surge;
  • the type of spout. made as a single whole with a body, rotary, retractable, on a tripod;
  • management- one- or two-leaf, valve, sensory, automated (with a thermostat);
  • The degree of automation is manual control, with automation elements, automated.

Semi.professional mixers for a kitchen with a drawer

The hostesses are particularly popular with semi.professional mixers. They are a special design, where the cub with a cutter complements the main excess. So that the soft element of such a mixer with a watering can not damage, as well as to ensure the rigidity of the pink part of the hose is closed by a spiral metal frame.

According to buyers, semi.professional mixers are the most durable

Such mixers are convenient in the presence of two or more bowls, as they can serve water at a remote distance and at any angle. Using a sliding hose of such a design is simple: for this it is enough to make a simple movement with one hand.

There are also semi.professional models of mixers for washing with a retractable watering can, where a flexible hose is not the upper addition of the main excess, but is attached in parallel to it. In this design, the mobile part also has a hard metal frame.

As the customer reviews testify to, it is precisely such mixers that are the most durable. At the same time, they are distinguished by the high cost.

Useful advice! When buying a semi.professional mixer, you should choose models with the optimal length of the hose. In structures with a retractable part 100 cm or more during operation, loops can form at the place of laying the hose.

When choosing a semi.professional mixer, you need to pay attention to products with the optimal length of the hose

How to replace the eyeliner

When you need a replacement

  • A flexible eyeliner burst. Violation of the braid or rupture of the internal hose will lead to the formation of leaks and, as a result, flooding of the room. The causes of tightness disturbance can be high pressure in the system or mechanical exposure;

Violation of the tightness of the connecting hose

  • A flexible eyeliner at the junction with the mixer or tap pipe was found. The reasons for the formation of leaks can be natural wear of the gasket or crack on the fitting (nut).

Flexible eyeliner replacement process

To install flexible water eyeliner to connect the mixer, you need:

  • Disconnect water supply. This can be done using a tap installed in the apartment;
  • open the taps of the mixer so that the glass of the remaining liquid;
  • Unscrew the hose from the tap pipe with a divorce key or a wrench corresponding to the diameter of the united nut. If the connection place is rusted, and the hose is not unscrewed, then do not make efforts to remove the eyeliner. In this case, a solvent or WD 40 liquid is applied to rust, which removes the plaque;

Disconnecting a flexible hose from a water pipe

Fixing places for plumbing equipment

Installation of a flexible eyeliner on the mixer

  • fasten the hoses of eyeliner to the removal of a water pipe.
  • When the water is first turned on, it is recommended to check the flexible hose and the attachment to the tightness. Average check time 20. 30 minutes.

The process of replacing connecting hoses is presented in the video.

Replacing a flexible eyeliner on your own is not problems. The main thing is to choose the right hose that corresponds to all parameters.

These water hoses are the following types:

  • to connect the washbasin mixer, shower and other equipment to hot water. To identify them, red threads are added to the braid (“a” in rice. 2);
  • to connect with cold water supply pipes. In their braid there are blue threads (“B”);
  • universal, allowing a water supply to any type. The braid of such pipes has red and blue markings (“C”).

    Aluminum reinforcement. Are currently practically not used. The only advantage is the low price that is not justified due to a short service life (3 years). In addition, such protection does not withstand pressure more than 5 atm. But the most important drawback of such products is corrosion instability. In a wet room, a fleeting scrap of braids occurs, after which the rubber hose quickly becomes unusable. Therefore, such pipes are allowed to be used when connecting kitchen equipment, for example, a mixer with a drawer (with a flexible hose), but they are not suitable for a bathroom or shower.

Enjoying in aluminum braid

Stainless steel brawl

Pipes are found in nylon braids, where hoses are made not of rubber, but rubber, such products are more reliable, but also much more expensive.

As an additional protection, the braids can cover the silicone layer, according to manufacturers, this allows you to extend the service life up to 20 years.

Despite the fact that it is physically also flexible, it is customary to highlight this type of eyeliner as a separate type, due to significant design differences. The peculiarity of the bell tower is that the shell is a metal corrugation, durable, but at the same time flexible, in addition, there is no rubber hose inside.

Sylphone eyeliner

It is also worth noting that the fitting, together with the end fixer, are connected to the corrugated sleeve welding, this significantly increases the reliability of the structure. The service life of products of this type is at least 25 years, while they can be used to work with the technological environment heated to 250 ° C. As a rule, corrugation is made of stainless steel, but a plumbing of VIP category is found, where brass and copper are used for this purpose.

This is a new type of eyeliner, and at the moment the appearance of non.original products on the market was not noticed. As for the price, it is much higher than ordinary connecting hoses.

Use options

The question of redirecting the water flow becomes relevant with the intention of pouring a summer cottage, facilitate the cleaning of a large area, carry out repairs in the house, fan and drain boiling water from the heating system. Broadcast fittings-the best solution to the problem. They are simple, like nozzles for a hose to a crane or valve, but complicated structures in this group are also not uncommon.

A set of accessories for a multifunctional detachable connection with fittings and a watering can

Evaging devices

The classification of hose products is based on differences in diameter and material. The internal section of 13 mm gardeners are considered the most convenient for connecting to the water supply for watering the beds. They are approaching it in popularity in the garden “line” diameters of 18 and 25 mm.

A simple plastic bias to the watering hose is a democratic solution for summer residents

The material in the manufacture of a hose for a crane to the kitchen of a summer house can serve:

reliable and durable than other owners of apartments and cottages recognized the rubber: she calmly “suffers” temperature jumps, is not afraid of excesses and is strong enough. The plastic breaks and covers with a raid, nylon during frequent transitions from the cold environment to hot deforms. Option with reinforced watering PVC-hook, convenient and wear-resistant, is very good, but for many a little expensive. The list of elements of the watering system will definitely include:

If there are several directions of irrigation, a combination of the brancher for hoses with the tap will turn out to be useful (this derivative of the part is also called an adapter). The adapter plank-block will allow not only to wash your hands, but also expand the water supply circuit due to water filters. And it will also provide the possibility of a quick and easy connection of the washing machine to the finished unit of household communications.

Branching block makes it possible to connect 4 hoses to the system at once

Standard adapter with a watering tap 3/4. the best articulation option

Gas-water-wire reinforcement

The arrangement of the kitchen-vanned zone is rarely without flexible polymer hoses-shocks braided with metal. The docking is carried out through a hermetic threaded connection of the hose with the crane and other plumbing accessories. Marking of the tube hoses is different: blue strip-for a cold stream, red-for heated. They should be bought with a margin of length. The purchase and installation of gas equipment is a task of increased responsibility, since breakdowns and leaks in such an important communication chain are not just unpleasant, but dangerous. Instead of a short.lived rubber sleeve, it is better to immediately purchase a polymer heat.resistant in steel braid: it is stronger and corresponds to GOST. Mark the lawn.out set of hoses and cranes with gas watering watering cords yellow.

The universal transition device on the crane is equipped with a locking handle and a sieve-racier

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of hussaks

It is difficult to combine a high bend of the excess crane with a shallow sink. The flow of water falling from a height will spray throughout the kitchen. Low Husak is unreasonable to use volumetric and high dishes for filling with water.

The problem is solved by the purchase of a special excess, which provides for the possibility of changing geometry. a gusak of telescopic structure. The downside is that the set of connections includes many gaskets and hinges in the places of fastening of the main nodes, and this entails the rapid appearance of leaks.

Note. Flexible hussaks for a kitchen mixer are more convenient and reliable. Flexible hose for water supply is carried out inside the tap. The hose is completely hidden in the mixer, the design looks like a regular stationary version.

There are models where the crane works separately, and the excess is hidden in the sink or is on a special mount next to the mixer. Some modifications are equipped with a spout extending, which allows you to save water economically. When choosing a device, pay attention to the material from which a crane is made, which serves the location of the hose. If it is plastic and fragile, it will often break.


The leak of the mixer will require inspection and dismantling the entire system.

Replacement of the hussak

To understand the reasons for the leak of the husak, first it is unscrewed and check the condition of the nut and gaskets. At this stage, the following tools are used for repair:

  • wrench;
  • rags. necessary to preserve nickelled or chrome surfaces of nuts;
  • The gasket-ring-it is desirable that it be from a paronite: the material does not swell in contact with water;
  • FUM-toe.

First, try to unscrew the nut by hand, as it is tightened. Divorce or wretched key are not suitable: a nut that fixes the hussak on the case, non.standard in width.

The main actions to replace the husak for the mixer in the kitchen:

  • Overlapping the main valve of the mixer.
  • When unscrewing the nut in one hand, hold the key, and the other fix the body of the mixer to eliminate its rotation. On the cut structures of the valves of the kitchen cranes, it is more difficult to remove the nut. the valve handle interferes.
  • Remove all the handles.
  • Remove the hussak. It must be pulled up at a vertical position or down if the mixer is fixed with wall installation.

Elimination of leaks

After removing the spout, 2 rubber gaskets will be available, which ensure the tightness of the joint. Frequent spout turns lead to erasing rubber gaskets. They are destroyed quickly, especially if they were not lubricated when installing the mixer.

When buying it is better to take the extracted gasket with you to the store.

Important! When installing a new laying, we recommend lubricate it to extend the service life.

If the desired diameter of the gasket did not work, there are options for:

  • If the condition of the gaskets is good, and they were not erased much, then after their removal you can drain up to 5 layers of plumbing synthetic winding. Then lubricate the gaskets, put in place and fix the spout.
  • With completely failed gaskets (if there is no desire to change the entire mixer or possibility), you will have to exclude the function of turning the nose. To do this, the lower part of the nose is wrapped with 15-20 layers of plumbing winding, the nose is inserted, and the nut is tightly twisted. If the crane continues to flow, they disassemble everything again and complement the winding with several layers.

Elimination of blockage

Modern constructions of kitchen hussaks include aerators. The device is represented by a tip in the form of a filter and a small net. The filter will clog over time, which lowers the pressure of water.

Important. The aerator is necessary not only for the filtering of water, it performs the function of reducing its consumption.

When dismantling the aerator, the following actions are performed:

  • To preserve the surface, the aerator is wrapped with a rag;
  • With the help of a divorce or rock key, unscrewed;
  • All parts are neatly removed from the aerator building and washed with running water;
  • Using a thin needle, clean the filter;
  • collect all the extracted details of the aerator;
  • The case is wound up to the stop;
  • The aerator is again wrapped with a rag and with light movements without pressing the key.

With two taps of worm.type axles

In two valve models, water mixing occurs alternately by rotation of the “lambs” responsible for the supply of cold and hot water. The design is quite cheap, so it is in high demand. If the mixer flows due to the crack in the case, it is necessary to dismantle the crane and install a new. However, the most common malfunction is the wear of rubber gaskets that restrain the flow of water. This problem is characteristic of the valve supplying hot water. Regular exposure to high temperatures destroys rubber, which violates the tightness of the junction of the axle box and body of the mixer. To eliminate the defect, you need to disassemble the crane.

  • Remove the decorative plug from the “lamb”.
  • We unscrew the fixing screw with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the valve.
  • Unscrew the tap for the box with an open key.
  • Remove the worn gasket.
  • Install a new seal.
  • We collect the crane in the reverse order.

Please note that a worn element can be replaced by a factory gasket, or independently cut an analogue of dense rubber. Replacing the boxing tap in the mixer is performed in case of wear of thread or mechanical damage to the part.

With a ceramic crane

This is an analogue of the previous model, which differs in a longer service life. The reliability of the design is ensured by the replacement of the rubber gasket, ceramic plates. However, such a boxing crane is sensitive to the quality of water: the presence of sand or small litter has a destructive effect on ceramics. In particular, the plates are stuck, which leads to a violation of the tightness of the compounds. If you use a mixer with ceramic boxes of the boxes, you must definitely install a filter for water purification.

Dismantling of the model with a ceramic crane with a case occurs according to the scheme described above, but you can fix the mixer differently. If the plates are worn out, they are subject to replacement. You can purchase the necessary elements in a plumbing store, taking with you a crane box. The problem may also lie in the wear of the gaskets: it presses the plates, blocking the water. If the tap dripes, you can build the gasket by gluing a layer of rubber on top or by wiping a few turns of the island. Do not forget to make water holes! Replacing the boxing tap in the mixer is performed if the current repair is impossible.

Connecting communications and checking tightness

It should be noted that if the sink had to be dismantled to install a new mixer, then it should be attached to the countertop or a separate cabinet using silicone sealant.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the mounting of the sink to the countertop to avoid leaks. You can read more about the methods of installing the sink in our special article.

Now all eyeliners should be attached to the water supply. It is not recommended to do it too hard, because here you can also damage the gaskets. It is enough to firmly fix the mounting mount.

It will be much more difficult to do this work in the case of metal.plastic pipes. First you will need to prepare them, determine the length and bend, and then fix it in fittings.

In addition, it is necessary to connect the sink to the sewer pipe, again install a siphon with a corrugated pipe. Further, when the first connection, it will be required to carefully examine all the connections to exclude the probability of leaks. This happens with violations of the installation sequence.

As you can see, even a novice master will be able to cope with the installation of the mixer. It is only important to adhere to all the points of the instructions and not to tighten the mounting of the hoses too much. In any case, upon completion of installation, it is necessary to check the functionality of the system.

Electronic mixers

It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without electronic mixers, they have not only a stylish appearance, but also facilitate work on washing dishes, cooking and allow you to save water as much as possible (up to 33%). The main transformations that make electronics to the functioning of traditional mixing devices is contactless or sensory inclusion and maintenance of water temperature at a constant level.

Contactless mixing devices

In the traditional types of mixers, for the inclusion of which contact with the handle is not required, an infrared sensor is installed, responding to the thermal radiation of the hands brought to it. The sensor is associated with the electronic control circuit by an electromagnetic valve that opens and closes water. For the operation of the device, power is required by direct current, which is supplied to its circuit through an electric converter by 9. 12 V or four finger batteries with a total voltage of 6 V.

The continuous operation of the design described above is limited in an average of 1 minute and then the mixer is automatically turned off, which is completely inconvenient when using it as a device for washing dishes or food processing. Therefore, more practical sensory mixers are installed in the kitchen sink, the inclusion and disconnection of which is made by touching the hand (more precisely, any part of the body) to part of the case or watering can.

The ensuing consumer is well known to the brands of leading German manufacturers of the sensory kitchen cranes Grohe and Hansgrohe, the more budget price of similar plumbing in Chinese brands GAPPO, FRAP, LEMARK and Czech Vidima.

Infrared and sensory mixers

Mixers with a thermostat

Two handles include two handles-one is designed to pre-set the flow, and the second on the side scale is set the desired temperature indicator in the device.

The main element of the thermostatic mixer is a special cartridge, it includes paraffin placed in a hermetic glass, on one side of which a rod is installed with a special regulatory part. With an increase in water temperature, the paraffin expands and linearly shifts the rod by no more than 0.6 mm. this displacement is enough to increase the flow of cold water and bring the total temperature to the established indicator.

The mixers with a thermostat have a complex design, too expensive and impractical for use in the kitchen, where the temperature parameters of water are constantly required (from drinking temperature to hot dishes), so their use in kitchen rooms is not practiced due to the lack of rational meaning. The situation is different with high-tech super-expensive devices that have a control panel and the functions of programming temperature parameters, turning on-off-they can be used in the kitchen, but to a greater extent as an interior of the high-tech interior.

The design of the thermostatic mixer

Repair of a single.leaf mixer

If a single.legged mixer for the kitchen is out of order to carry out it with your own hands, a special plumbing tool is not required, there is enough ordinary divorce key. Sometimes an auxiliary tool may be needed in the form of various types of screwdrivers, a hexagonal key to unscrew the handle of the handle.

Among the malfunctions of cartridge and other types of mixing plumbing, the following situations most often arise:

  • Mechanical damage to the case, surplus, in this case the mixer is changed, but if desired, it can be repaired at home. The fact is that the main material of the manufacture of mixers is brass, is good to solder.

Frequent malfunction of many mixers. clogging the aerator mud with mud, while the pressure inside the body increases, and the most vulnerable element is a thin.walled hussu. A crack may appear in its lower part and water leak.

In this case, with sandpaper, the chrome coating is removed and the crack is sealed with a powerful soldering iron using conventional solder and flux (rosin). under the hussak, soldering will not be noticeable from the side. In the same way, you can solder the spout broken from the body, after removing the mixer from the sink.

  • Weak pressure of water. The main reason for this malfunction is to clog the aerator grid with solid particles when using dirty water. As noted above, the absence of a passage channel for water often leads to cracks in the beam, so it is recommended to regularly unscrew the cutter and clean its grid from sand particles.
  • Damage to the cartridge.
  • The standard cartridge is produced in a thin.walled case, when installed, it is clamped by a threaded nut using a divorce key. It is difficult for an inexperienced user to calculate the force of presses, therefore, with the slightest pulling of the nut, a crack appears in the body and the tap begins to pass water through the upper hole. Thus, a significant number of cartridges are out of order and the only way to repair the mixer is to replace them.
  • The second common malfunction of cartridges is the bummer of a rectangular pulley on which the handle is attached. Reliably combined by gluing or in other ways broken polymer elements of parts is problematic, so the cartridge also has to be changed.
  • Often in the cartridge, internal details made of thin.walled polymeric materials also break, this immediately becomes noticeable through the light progress of the handle, the inability to block or adjust the flow. The malfunction is not subject to repair and requires a complete replacement of the cartridge.
  • Leakage in the body of the mixer. Two types are produced by two types of casuals. some are pressed and cannot be disassembled, in others, disassembly is possible by unscrewing the lower threaded washer, after which you can penetrate inside.

If, over time, internal rubber rings have worn out in the mixer body, then in a collapsible design it is possible to replace them after removing the device from the sink and unscrewing the hoses of a flexible eyeliner.

Replacement of seals in the mixer body

The following operations are performed for this:

  • Pre.block water supply and dismantle the mixer. Usually installed a kitchen crane with a flexible water supply hose. in this case, flexible eyeliners and a clamping mounting nut to the sink are unscrewed from its body.
  • Remove the ring.shaped locking nut from the bottom of the case, the fluoroplastic sealing ring is removed.
  • They pull the rotary node with the spout and separate it from the second part of the case, thereby freeing the ring gaskets (cuffs).
  • They acquire similar seals of the corps in the retail network, but usually the chance of such a purchase is small, since all the faucets have different constructive performance and sizes if they do not belong to one brand.

Therefore, many masters use winding for the rings. To do this, they are taken out of the recess and a suitable material with high adhesive ability is wound into the groove, it can be narrow (in width of the groove) strips of cloth islands, a medical adhesive plaster possesses excellent adhesive, some plumbers use a fum tone.

After winding one or two layers of lining material to the groove, the ring seals are returned to the place and the mixer is assembled in the reverse order. thus it is possible to extend its service life for a considerable time.

How To Replace a Pull Down Faucet Hose

Cartridges and their ceramic details

Replacing a cartridge with the elimination of the main problems

The main repair of mixers of this type is to replace the cartridge. To do this, you need a divorce key, a sharp knife or a flat screwdriver, hexagon. The work is carried out in the following order:

  • Overlapping water, closing the drain with a traffic jam to avoid loss of small details, then, with a knife or screwdriver, they praise and remove a plastic plug in the front of the handle.

Since the clamping screw is in the recess and it is problematic to determine the shape of its head, the holes are highlighted inside the holes and then proceed to unscrewing the locking screw with a suitable tool. Typically, the screw head has a recess in the form of a hexagon and a similar key is used to unscrew it.

repair, kitchen, mixer, flexible
  • After unscrewing the fixing screw, the handle is removed from a rectangular pulley, stretching up.
  • A decorative cap is located under the head, attached to the crush nut on the thread, it is designed for light unscrewing with the hands, but after the long operation of the mixer, the threaded connection is covered with lime plaque and the manual removal process often ends in failure.

If time permits, you can pour into the space between the buffet, a solution of citric acid or an effective household chemical for removing lime from sanitary equipment, and postpone the process of replacing the cartridge for a while. The second option is to pour boiling water between the cartridge and the cap and try to unscrew it.

Problems with the operation of a ball mixer

What problems are most common when using a spherical type of mixer?

Apart from those cases when the cause of the breakdown is mechanical damage, that is, a crack on the case or there is a problem with water supply, for example, water with rust constantly flows, the most common are the malfunctions below are the most common.

The most common problems:

  • Weakened pressure, provided that the pressure in the water supply system did not decrease;
  • water leak;
  • Severe temperature adjustment (it is impossible to install warm water).

The most common problem is the leakage of the mixer. Its cause is a clogging of the space between the ball and the saddles in the cartridge. Even microscopic species can disrupt the wreck of the crane and subsequently deform the saddle.

It is not difficult to regulate the pressure, changing the position of the rod connecting the lever and the ball among themselves. Changing the position of the rod, you can put the position of the pipes in this way to ensure the necessary pressure in the tap.

There may also be problems due to closing the shutter. This problem is easily solved by the release of the aerator, its cleaning and returning to its original position. In order to avoid blockages in the future, it is necessary to install water filters that can capture solid elements, which clog the mixer.

Types of cranes

Before repairing the crane, you must definitely consider the types of mixers. There is a small list of variations:

Two.wound. a traditional type of mixer with the possibility of opening and regulating the flow of water.

One.leaf. more complex design, allows one lever to regulate both water pressure and its temperature.

Thermostatic. the type of crane capable of automatically supplying water of a certain temperature. This variation is used quite rarely.

The contactless crane is controlled by an infrared sensor, which is directly related to the valve. This option, as a rule, is most often used in public institutions, probably everyone saw at least once such a design.