Refusal to ironing and 8 more expert tips to help you grow hair

Long hair has always been considered a symbol of female attractiveness and power. And today, such a hairstyle again at the peak of popularity. However, many of us, deciding to grow hair, face a number of problems that interfere with the cherished goal. Editorial Passion.RU decided to learn from experts the basic rules for hair care that will help to acquire a luxurious chapel in the shortest possible time.

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Why hair breaks: the main causes

“Hair. as a book,” trichologists love to say. For them you can tell a lot about a person. Any problems in the body, flaws in nutrition, bad habits. all this is reflected in the state of hair and can make them brittle, thin, dry and dull. It happens that the hair breaks, they rush and thinning in the roots, happens. from the middle. The exact reason will establish only a specialist. trichologist, therapist or endocrinologist. And we can only assume why hair breaks.

Health problems

Often the cause of hair fragileness in women is anemia: due to the lack of iron, the cellular functions in the tissues occurs. It suffers from the head of the head, the structure of the hair is changing. and here they are no longer alive and brilliant, but very brittle and dry.

Locks are spoiled and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, due to problems with the intestine, the absorption of important vitamins and trace elements deteriorates. And our wise body distributes the resources so that first of all they get vital organs, so there is almost nothing with hair and nails sometimes.

Oddly enough, hair fragility may appear even on the background of caries or chronic sinusitis. Not to mention the diseases of the endocrine and excretory systems.

In general, if the hair breaks and falls out for a long time, the first thing to do is to turn to the therapist. He will send for tests, and then to the profile specialists.

Any problems in the body, flaws in nutrition, bad habits. all this is reflected in the location status. © pexels

Incorrect nutrition and strict diets

Both leads to a shortage of important nutrients (and so that they get hair, they should be in an excess in the body). As a result, the hair onions are starving, weaken, the hair begins to break. it happens, even from the middle of the length. The most complicated vegetarians. Indeed, for proper formation of hair, proteins and fats of animal origin are needed. If there are dairy products and eggs in the menu, this is quite enough, but Vegans need to make it necessary to take iron and vitamins of group in. But in general, if you want to prevent hair breakage, you are writing diverse!


As in the case of food, the body primarily supports vital systems, and hair often turn out to be “extreme”. In addition, stress is accompanied by emissions of adrenaline, which has a vasoconductive effect. Already 5-7 days after a strong shock, the hair can start falling away. or not to change not for the better, deter. After strong emotional shakes, they also grow poorly.

Staining and laying

Unfortunately, staining damages curls. Paints raise the scales of the cuticle so that the coloring pigment could penetrate into the rod, and for the hair it is a serious injury. Considering that, for the painting of the seeds, many go to the interior once a month and a half, you can understand why sequencing tips and risen, breaking and dull strands appear.

Hair dryers, iron and curls are also unsafe for hair. From regular thermal exposure to hair dry, damage, become porous and, as a result, brittle. Dermatologist, Trichologist Maria Nevskaya recommends a simple test: “Take strand hair in a fist and press, twitch. If the hair remains in the hand without bulwing, it means that the hair breaks. What to do? Try to exclude or at least significantly reduce procedures such as dryer hairdryer and thermal laying. And with staining, too, it is desirable to wait “.

Care errors

Inappropriate shampoo, neglect of balsam and masks and even the wrong hair washing technique can lead to the fact that the curls will become fragile and brittle. Yes, and any hairpins, rubber bands, rims and studs. in a word, everything that somehow affects the hair forcibly may be injured. Bad combs are also able to spoil strands. below trichologist tells how it is better to refuse.

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Features of bitterness laying iron

Thermal hair treatment is the transfer of thermal energy to the hair. Any thermal processing includes three stages: heating, shutter speed and cooling.

After straightening, they suffer, first of all, on the tips, they become dry and sequencing. The structure of dehydrated hair is porous, so the nutrients in them are not delayed. Hence the first hair recovery rule: concentrated damaged ends. The length of the hair is always sorry to clean, because it is hard to grow it, but there is no other way out. Spoiled tips no longer restore, and hair after haircuts will look better.

Restoration and straightening of hair iron. two mutually exclusive things. The second rule, for those who want to return health hair: stop using the hair straightening at the time of restoring procedures. If you treat your hair every day in the evening, and in the morning again “iron”, the regenerating procedures will not give results. You can use the iron during recovery in exceptional cases, very rarely.

Third Rule: Leave Procedure Procedure. Select special cosmetics need carefully. Shampoos after straightening the hair should be soft in its composition, contain gentle detergents. Balm and hair mask is better to select from the same series as shampoo.

In beauty salons restore hair damaged by hot laying, in several ways.

Keratin rectification is a technique of hair recovery, thanks to which the hair becomes smooth. The composition used in the cosmetic procedure includes keratin. Keratina. fibrillar proteins with mechanical strength.

Keratin straightening is quite expensive procedure, but the result is fixed for a while. The more often the woman will wash the head after such a procedure, the sooner the hair will lose smoothness and glossy shine.

Lamination is a method based on the use of a special feed and moisturizing coating, which glues hair flakes, making them smooth. Each hairs are surrounded by a protective film that protects it from the penetration of harmful external factors and at the same time holds moisture inside. The effect of beautiful, smooth and shiny hair is saved about one or two months.

Home masks for weakened after hair weeping, include vegetable and essential oils, honey and fermented foods in different combinations.

Simple and affordable natural mixes, cooked independently, will be returned with health. As a medical mask on hair, it is even simply applied to warm yoke and wash off after half an hour.

Examples of masks for weakened and damaged hair irons:

Milky-honey. In one glass, a slightly warm milk stir a tablespoon of honey, add four drops of lavender essential oil / Sandala / Orange. The mask is distributed over the strands of the hair and holds for three hours under a plastic bag, the head is wrapped with a towel.Oil. In equal proportions, mix the ray oil and jojoba oil (you can buy them in the pharmacy). Distribute hair, pour it off after an hour.

In addition to masks, modern women took into service such a method of hair restoration, like homemade lamination.

Lamination at home the girl can spend independently. This is a cheap and easy way to achieve the effect of smooth and shiny hair, as well as to be treated. You can repeat the procedure every time after my head wash.

Active component of a homemade solution for lamination. gelatin. In addition to the tablespoon of gelatin, it will take three spoons of water and a teaspoon of hair balsam for cooking. Gelatin is poured with water and give it to be satisfied with it, swell. After, put on a steam bath so that it dissolves, and add balm.

Homemade lamination is carried out in four stages:

Wash your head using shampoo after hair straightening, and get enough to laugh with a towel.Freshly prepared laminating solution quickly apply on the hair along the entire length. Hold the head with a polyethylene cap or cellophane package and a towel.Keep on her hair for two hours, then thoroughly rinse.

The collagen contained in the gelatin gluits the tips of the hairs and envelops each along the entire length. The hair is saturated with useful substances, increase in volume, become obedient.

restore, hair, ironing, dryer

Restoring procedures are held regularly within a month. Recommended to make them twice a week. Only in this way can be achieved the best result.

Hair restoration at home

Probably, each girl has a desire to spend a session of deep recovery of hair on their own at home. over, in our time, you can buy any professional line with the instructions and description of the application technique. But alas, not all salon techniques can be repeated at home, even with the availability of necessary tools and tools.

Produce a variety of manipulations on your own head uncomfortable, plus there are many nuances that can be found only with experience. But still something can be made on our own. For example, oil wrapping.

For the procedure, coconut or olive oil will be suitable, you can mix them in equal proportions, the main thing is that it is cold spin oils. Our expert Maria Nevsky recommends such a protocol:

Apply warm oil over the entire length of the hair.

Wear a cap for the soul, then wrap a towel.

Oil wrapping is recommended to do regularly. 1-2 times a week.

Learn what ingredients you need your hair, answering questions from our test.

Do not discount restoring masks for home use. These are quite concentrated formulas, which includes both structons (amino acids, keratin, proteins), and oils (in a wide variety of combinations). If you correctly pick up the funds and apply them regularly, the hair, even the aggressive impact, will look and feel much better.

We bring the most vivid, according to the edition, examples of restoring, moisturizing and nutrient hair masks.

Mask-Oil 3-B-1 Fructis “Triple Restore” for Very Dry and Damaged Hair, Garnier

This mask praise for excellent composition (Shea, macadamia, jojoba, almonds) and the ability to nourish and soften strands, without having taking them.

Nutritional Hair Mask Olive Olive Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, Kiehl’s

If the hair has become dry as straw, rigid, dull, it is worth trying this mask with Olive oil, avocado and lemon extract, which gives strands shine.

Mask-Milk Botanic Therapy “Nourishing Coconut”, Garnier

The coconut-almond mask in the form of a milk quickly absorbs in strands, making them with pins and shiny.

Nutritional Hair Mask Elseve “Luxury 6 Oils”, L’Oréal Paris

Mask with a magnificent texture and composition enriched with oils and plants extracts, quickly returns gloss and silky hair.

Mask for Very Dry Hair Superfood “Banana. Extruder, Garnier

Formulas with Olive, Sunflower, Shea and Coconut Oils and Moisturizing Banana For Considered Minutes Press the Hair Softness and Moisturize Dry strands.

Express mask with a complex of protectin, reconstruction of the surface of the Volos, Vichy

A mask with a field and vitamin B5 is aimed at restoring damaged cuticles and is valid for moments.

Lifeguard Mask for Long Damaged Hair Elseve “Dream Length”, L’Oréal Paris

There is keratin, and proteins in this mask, and oils. everything you need to restore damaged hair at home.

Restoring mask for damaged hair Elseve “Full Recovery 5”, L’Oréal Paris

Here, the main role is assigned to amino acids and ceramids, which will give the surface of the hair smoothness, and hence the shine.

Regenerating, Intensively Powering Mask for Sequel and Damaged Hair Dercos Nutrients Nutri Protein, Vichy

This mask helps the hair to recover, including due to the cuts of a movie in composition. They are rich in amino acids and proteins, so necessary for beauty and healthy hair.

Laminating Mask Elseve “Color Expert”, L’Oréal Paris

Mask smoothes and protects the surface of the hair, creating a laminating effect, contributing to the preservation of color and gloss of painted hair.

Thermo-modeling spray L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art. PLI

Thermo-modeling spray L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art. PLI thermo-modeling spray tecni.Art. PLI will like those who love to experiment with Styling. It not only protects his hair from high temperatures, but also gives them elasticity and impressive roasting volume. This spray slightly fixes the hairstyle, so that it can be saved in the morning and until the evening in pristine form.

Spray for the root volume of Matrix High Amplify Total Results Wonder Boost Root Lifter The uniqueness of High Amplify Total Results Wonder Boost Root Lifter is that it, of course, acts as thermal protection, but most importantly. increases Volume of hair not only roots, but also in length without gluing and weighting. This is an indispensable tool for thin and devoid of hair lungs. And you can use them, even if you do not plan to fit the stylers. It will still show everything, which is capable, giving the hair impressive volume.

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Why is the right hair care after Botox

The popular “Hair Botox” procedure is really worthy of all silence. In just one session, it is possible to achieve impressive results. The master inflicts serum strands, reanimate means, masks. and they are all saturated with the most valuable components:

Such a cocktail is able to reanimate even the “killed” strands, visually making them shiny, dense, healthy and beautiful.

But that the effect of the procedure pleased the laid time, and this is an average of 2-3 months, you must certainly ask the wizard about the subsequent supportive care. “Otherwise,” said our expert Evgeny Seva, “Botox will quickly wash off and the result of an expensive procedure will be short-lived”.

“So that Botox on the hair has been fixed for a long time it is worth paying special attention to the subsequent care, including the head of the head wash and the composition of the cleansing means.

If using sulfate shampoos. They are quickly washed out of hair Fillers, keratin and hyaluronic acid products.

If you wash your head too often and especially if you wash it right after the procedure. Each manufacturer of the composition for Botox has its own technology, and if the time specified in the instructions for use, during which you do not need to wash your hair with shampoo, you need to withstand this time, and then use shampoo without sulfates.

And one more important point: many ask how to restore hair after Botox. The answer is simple: after Botox, especially cold, the hair is already restored, unless, of course, the procedure has passed successfully. Therefore, in a special recovery, the strands do not need, but in competent home care to maintain a long-term result. very.

What exactly need straight at the moment will help determine our test.

Emergency bowing composition

This happens not often, but still sometimes happens: the client anniversary the effect of keratin, and he decides to wash off his hair as quickly as possible. What can be done in this case? Rinse hair slightly salted water. Salt contributes to the rapid washout of keratin, so in a short time your hair will again become fluffy and curly.

In addition, neglect of the rules on the choice of care cosmetics also contributes to the rapidly washing of hair composition.

In general, as you see, nothing complicated with hair care after keratin straightening, no. The main thing is to choose high-quality drugs, and then the effect of smoothness and gloss will delight you not one month!

The Council is finally: at least today, keratin no longer contains such aggressive elements as formaldehyde, we still do not recommend resorting to the straightening procedure too often. Substances that are part of the rectifier complex, as if “break” the structure of the hair, forcing him to be smooth contrary to its natural curl. Therefore, after full washout of keratin from the hair, let them break a couple of months, and only then if a desire arises, you can repeat the procedure again!