Independent cleaning of the tearing unit of the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine.

Good afternoon! Periodic decalcination from scale and cleaning the tender unit of the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine will ensure a long and uninterrupted operation of the device. If the water passes through a clean tender, then the taste of the prepared drink will correspond to the characteristics of your coffee.

The frequency of the procedure for cleaning and lubricating the tender unit depends on the intensity of using the coffee machine. I spend the service once every half a year, with a frequency of use one. two brewed cups per day. At least once a month, in accordance with the operating instructions, it is necessary to rinse the block in clean water (detergents are prohibited).

I want to pay attention to one nuance, I am not an expert in this area.There are two opinions of service specialists about the lubrication of the welding unit. Some argue that it is enough to lubricate only rubber rings (lubrication on plastic collects coffee particles and harms). Others insist that it is necessary to treat with lubrication and plastic rubbing parts (less friction, less noise).

As practice has shown, if you apply a lubricant to plastic, where there are places of score in the tender block, then it is likely to fall the tablet of the spent coffee (cake) past the container, to the right of the tender block. Perhaps it depends on the quality of the lubrication.

Open the door of the coffee machine, remove the pallet. We press two red disconnection buttons and at the same time pull the tender knot out, while we do not scatter around the remaining coffee grounds, rinse the block under a stream of hot water or in a container of water.

Delonghi Magnifica

Delonghi Magnifica

Delonghi Magnifica

Pour the piston 7-10 mm. For access to a stop brace.

Drown the piston of the Delonghi Magnifica afternoon block

Remove the locking bracket. Squeeze the ends of the bracket and move to the side.

Delonghi Magnifica collar piston

Delonghi Magnifica collar piston

Delonghi Magnifica Hot Block

If the rod has significant pollution, it can be disassembled to facilitate cleaning. To do this, clamp the two white, springing buttons and disconnect the details.

Delonghi Magnifica Hot Block

Delonghi Magnifica Hot Block

We remove the piston, pressing on the base.

Delonghi Magnifica collar piston

Gently, using a suitable tool, remove the sealing rings from the piston. It is advisable to mark where and which ring stood in order to change their places during assembly. This will provide uniform wear (obvious for drivers, the rest. to believe for the word).

Delonghi Magnifica sealing ring

If the coffee machine has not been served for a long time, I recommend that you perform the following two points:. Remove the net from the piston. A cross screwdriver will be requiredCream-valve cover (cold) could not be extracted. How to get and clean, read below.

Delonghi magnifica piston

Delonghi magnifica coffee ground lubrication

Rinse without using aggressive detergents. Caution when cleaning the working surfaces of the tender unit. Dry with a soft towel.

Lubrication of the Delonghi Magnifica Hot Block

The processing of the parts of the tender unit must be carried out with baking silicone lubricant. On sale there are lubricants of different price categories. Based on dimethyllysilicoxan: Food Grade Silicone Grease Super O-Lube.

Food silicone lubricant

He copes with his task: plastic, is not washed off with water, does not dry out, without smell. Weight 10 grams. The tube is sealed. The lubricant made in the USA Huskey HVS-100 Silicone Grease has a food allowance NSF International NSF 22829, category H-1 code. Shelf-life Unlimited.

Problems and their elimination of Dinamica de’longhi Ecam350 coffee machine.55.B

In case of malfunctions, first of all, try to eliminate them in accordance with the provisions from the chapter “20. Display messages and 21. Trouble-shooting”. If this turns out to be unsuccessful or if additional clarifications are required, contact the clients to the customer assistance service by calling the number indicated in the attached brochure “Clients Assistance”. If your country is not on this list, call the number indicated in the warranty certificate. If you need to repair, contact the Technical Support Service De’longhi. The addresses are indicated in the warranty certificate that is attached to the machine.

5.1 Checking the device after removing the packaging check the integrity of the device and its completeness (c). Do not use the device when detecting obvious damage. Contact the technical support of De’longhi. 5.2 installation of the device attention! When installing the device, the following precautions should be followed: during the operation of the device, heat is released in the environment. After placing the device on the working surface, make sure at least 3 cm of free space on the side and back of the device, as well as a free space of at least 15 cm above the coffee machine. Any water ingestion can cause damage to it. Do not install the device near the water taps or shells. Damage to the device in case of freezing of the water in it. Do not install the device in the room where the temperature may drop below the freezing point of water. Place the power cord (C7) so as to prevent its damage with sharp edges and prevent its contact with heated surfaces (e.g., with electric plates).

5.3 connection of the device attention! Make sure that the voltage in the electrical network corresponds to the value indicated on the passport plate in the lower part of the device. Connect the device only to the correctly installed sockets with an acceptable current of at least 10 A and reliable grounding. In the case of inconsistencies like a fork and sockets, ask a qualified specialist to replace the socket with a suitable. 5.4 First inclusion of the device Note. The device passed tests using coffee at the manufacturer, so there may be a normal phenomenon of coffee in a coffee grinder. It is guaranteed that the machine is new. It is recommended to adjust the stiffness of water as soon as possible by performing the procedure described in chapter “16. Water stiffness settings “. one. Install the power cord connector (C7) in the nest (A21), which is located from the back of the device, and connect the device to the power supply network. Make sure the main switch button (A22) is pressed from the back of the device 2. “Language”: Press the transition arrow (B2) until the desired language appears between the two dotted lines. Then click OK (B3) to confirm. Continue according to the instructions that are issued by the Board on the display (B1): 3. “Pour water”: remove the water tank (A17), pour fresh water into it to the Max mark (rice. 3a), insert the tank in place (rice. 3b). four. “Insert the water supply node”: Make sure that the node is given hot water (C6) inserted into the spray (A8- rice. 4), set a container with a capacity of at least 100 ml under it. 5. The inscription will appear on the display: “The hydraulic system is empty, fill the system, hot water, confirm?”6. Click OK to confirm. The device will feed water from the hot water supply unit, and then automatically turn off. Now the coffee machine is ready for normal use.

Note. At the first inclusion, it is necessary to prepare 4-5 servings of coffee or 4-5 servings of cappuccino to achieve satisfactory results. During the preparation of the first 5-6 cappuccino, the noise of boiling water is normal, over time, the noise level will decrease. To get the best coffee and achieve the best results from the device, it is recommended to install a water softening filter (C4), following the instructions from the chapter “17. Water softening filter “. If you don’t have a filter with a coffee machine, you can order it at the DEXLONGHI authorized service centers.

Turning on the Dinamica de’longhi Ecam350 coffee machine device.55.B

Note. Before turning on the device, make sure that the main switch is pressed at the back of the device (A22. rice. 2). With each switching on the device, a cycle of preliminary heating and rinsing is automatically performed, which cannot be interrupted. The machine will be ready for use only after performing such a cycle. The danger of burns! During rinsing from the spouts of the coffee supply unit (A9), a small amount of hot water comes out, which flows into the dripping tray below (A15). Make sure that spray of water does not get on you. To turn on the device, press the button (A7. rice. 6), on the display (B1) the message “Heating, please wait”. After the heating is completed, “rinsing” and the growing scale will appear on the display, which reflects the course of the process.

Note. Before turning on the device, make sure that the main switch is pressed at the back of the device (A22. rice. 2). With each switching on the device, a cycle of preliminary heating and rinsing is automatically performed, which cannot be interrupted. The machine will be ready for use only after performing such a cycle. The danger of burns! During rinsing from the spouts of the coffee supply unit (A9), a small amount of hot water comes out, which flows into the dripping tray below (A15). Make sure that spray of water does not get on you. To turn on the device, press the button (A7. rice. 6), on the display (B1) the message “Heating, please wait”. After the heating is completed, “rinsing” and the growing scale will appear on the display, which reflects the course of the process. Thus, the device not only heats the boiler, but also lets hot water into the internal channels for their heating. The device reached the operating temperature when the message “Select your drink” appears on the display “.

Delonghi coffee machine instructions.

Do not be upset and abandon the morning drink if Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3000 caught fire on the coffee machine and the scale removal indicator flashes. You can brew a couple of cups of coffee without any consequences, but you can’t postpone the decalcination for a long time. Cleaning the coffee machine should be launched in the near future and do not forget about the need to maintain a welding unit. Washing the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine, with preparatory operations, will take about an hour. If you are not doing this for the first time and the remedy for the coffee machine available to the coffee machine has already been used, then do not forget to purchase a similar product, the link below. Delonghi coffee machine instructions: 1. The indicator of the scale removal button flashes (it is also rinsing)

Fill the tank with water and a cleaning tool. Stir the composition thoroughly and put the tank in place.

Removing scale in the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine, fill the tank with water and cleaning agent

If you analyze the cappuccino, it will be more convenient to put and remove the container for draining the worked out cleaning composition.

Steam sprayer and cappucchica Delonghi Magnifica

Put the capacity with a volume of at least 1.5 liters.

Tip: cover with something a container, for example, a cutting kitchen board so that spray does not fly!

Delonghi magnifica washing at least 1.5 liters

Napi removal button with a flashing indicator click and hold for 5 seconds. Three upper indicators begin to blink at the same time.

Turn the capricum handle 180⁰ counterclockwise (to ON position). The program performs rinsing over specified time intervals. Three upper indicators go out, the scale removal button burns even light. The cleaning process will go within 30 minutes.

The beginning of the decalcination of the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine

Alternately flashing the three upper indicators, burning indicators of the absence of water in the tank and the removal of scale indicate that the decalcination of the coffee machine is completed.

Turn the capricum handle 180⁰ clockwise (to Off position). The upper indicators go out.

Disconnect the cappucchica Delonghi Magnifica

We drain the designed composition from the pan. Remove the tank, wash from cleaning products, pour clean water. Put in place the tank and an empty flush container. On the panel of the coffee machine, 3 upper indicators are simultaneously flashed and the scale removal indicator burns evenly.

Turn the capricum handle 180⁰ counterclockwise (to ON position). The coffee machine begins to continuously drain the water. The upper indicators go out, and the cleaning button burns.

Turn on the cappucchica Delonghi Magnifica

Delonghi eco 310. coffee thime

When the drain of water is finished, 3 upper indicators are blinking on the coffee machine’s panel alternately, the scale removal button and indicator of the absence of water in the tank are burning.

Turn the capricum handle 180⁰ clockwise (to Off position).

Disconnect the cappucchica Delonghi Magnifica

The coffee machine automatically turns off. Drain the flushing water and remove the container. Fill the tank with clean water, turn on the machine and cook your favorite coffee.So that you can carry out the next cleaning procedure without unnecessary running around, enjoying delicious coffee, order a decalcinating agent:

Advantages of cleaning compositions

The process of cleaning step by step is described in the attached instructions, and there is nothing complicated in it. All means for cleaning the Delonghi unit are convenient to use, they have excellent properties. They are suitable for cleaning home cars for cooking coffee and professional devices. All means help to clean the technique of scale and save it in good condition, internal details retain their quality and do not wear out for a long time.

All funds are used, diluting with water in accordance with the attached instructions. Typically, the volume of 500 g of concentrate is enough for 4 cleaning of the coffee machine. Such funds are considered economical in application. And the high quality of cleaning guarantees that the unit will serve for a long time without problems. The taste of coffee and the quality of the drink will also only benefit from this.

How to wipe the plastic window from mounting foam

Cleaning rules

You can clean the coffee machine in automatic mode by launching the function of Another option is to remove the scale yourself. To make the procedure effective and safe, you need to strictly comply with the instructions.

How to use the function of

To use the function of, you need to perform the following actions:

Turn on the device in the network.

rinse, coffee, machine, delonghi, scale, formed

After the full decalcination cycle, the device will be ready for further operation.

An alternative way

If the deelonghi coffee machine is not equipped with the automatic cleaning function, this is done manually.

The procedure for conducting the procedure:

  • Drain the water from the container;
  • pour antinakipine into it diluted to the desired concentration;
  • include the device in the network;
  • prepare coffee until the entire cleansing mixture comes out of the tank;
  • pour clean water into the container;
  • Repeat the process with cold water to rinse the system from the residues of the detergent.

After completing the cleaning, you can use the device in the usual mode.

To complete the process of delivering a coffee machine from scale and salts deposits, it is recommended not to drink the first 2-3 cups of coffee, but to drain.

Philips 3200 vs. DeLonghi Dinamica | Crew Comparison

Steps to follow:

Cleaning tool

Firstly, it is important to know that for cleaning Nespresso you will need a special product for removing scraps from a coffee maker. Lime and other minerals contained in water. accumulate in the internal system of Nespresso and all other coffee machines. manual or automatic. and can cause malfunctions in the operation of the apparatus

Nespresso has its own set specially designed for cleaning and maintaining your coffee makers. However, you can also find other cleaning coffee machines in the supermarket. In addition, there are those who use natural products with cleansing ability, such as vinegar or lemon

But it is important to know that coffee machine manufacturers do not recommend them

Remove the capsules

You should also know that the Nespresso coffee method is the same for all coffee machine models, therefore, regardless of what you use, you can also perform the following steps.

Thus, the first step will be to make sure that you removed the last used capsule or delete it at this time, and you will also have to empty the container for the capsules of your Nespresso device.

Pour water

The next step in the Nespresso purification will be to fill out a coffee grinder water tank of at least 500 ml of water and pouring the contents of the set for removing the scale, which will probably be viscous fluid.

Turn on the car

Turn on the Nespresso coffee machine and wait until the flashing lights that signal the coffee maker are ready to go out. In turn, you must substitute a fairly large container. at least 1 liter. for a coffee dispenser; If necessary, you can remove the cup holder or tray.

Decalcination mode

Then you must hold two buttons (one for a small cup and one for a large one) for 3 seconds, and you will see how they start blinking, how an indicator that the decalcination mode has been activated. Then you can press a large cup button to start the water circulation with a cleaner inside the coffee machine.


After almost all the liquid has come out of the tank, but not all to prevent air entering the inner circuit, you will have to press the button on a large cup again and fill the tank with the same water that came out. Thus, you must repeat the process and return water with a detergent.

Fill with clean water

Finally, you must abandon the previous mixture and fill the tank with clean water to rinse the coffee maker and make it completely clean. Thus, you will have to press the Big Cup button again, so that for the last time to devastate the sediment of your coffee machine and thus cleanse it.

Disconnect the decalcination mode

To finish, you must press both buttons again for three seconds to turn off the decalcination mode of your Nespresso; When they stop blinking, and the indicator does not go out, it will be the moment when your coffee machine is ready and cleaned again to use it without problems.

If you find an error, please select a fragment of the text and click Ctrlenter.

Invigorating freshly brewed coffee. the key to a good mood in the morning. In order to enjoy a delicious and aromatic drink prepared with your own hand daily, you need to devote a lot of time to this process. But it is not always possible to find the necessary minutes.

Delonghi nespresso capsule coffee machine

Kitchen equipment manufacturers invented a device that independently cooks coffee. coffee machine. The most popular brands are Nespresso and Delonghi. This device saves time, while the drink is excellent. But one “but” is still-so that the coffee machine works well, it must be regularly cleaned.

Is it necessary to carry out decalcination?

Over time, almost a cortex of lime plaque forms on the walls, and lime quite quickly corrodes everything: both metal details, and even more so, fragile plastic. But before that, for a long time, but the water will quickly become tasteless, and moreover. harmful, since microorganisms and bacteria actively multiply in the porous structure of the plaque, and boiling does not kill them.

  • Steam pressure decreased;
  • Coffee seems unapened;
  • The drink has a musty smell and taste;
  • The stream of pouring coffee has become thinner;
  • The sound of a working coffee machine has become louder.

Some coffee machines are equipped with an automatic reminder that it’s time to remove the scale. It can be a message or just a blinking red light.

How to clean individual elements?

Features of cleaning individual elements of the coffee machine:

  • Holder. After extracting on it, you can find a dark coffee coating. To get rid of it, the part is soaked in hot water for 20 minutes and cleaned with the hard side of the foam sponge.
  • Kapucchuchinik. Before cleaning the cappuccinator, condensate is lowered from it. To get rid of the scale, the capricuminator is soaked for 20 minutes in hot water with a small amount of soda, rubbing with a sponge, washed and wiped with clean dry matter.
  • Hot knot. Once every 2 weeks, the tender block is removed, washed under a stream of clean water and installed in place. If the node is non.removable, then a tablet is laid in the compartment for ground coffee for cleaning coffee machines from scale, a large volume container is installed under the horn and the coffee preparation cycle is launched. The procedure must be carried out until the tablet completely dissolves, that is, 4-5 times. At the end of cleaning, the system is washed with water.

Useful information

In order for the process of riding a coffee machine from the scale to be successful, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Before cleaning, they carefully study the instructions attached to the device. For different models, the procedure may differ.
  • Do not use folk remedies for cleaning the Delonghi coffee machine. They can lead to a violation in the operation of the device and its breakdown.
  • After cleaning, the device is necessarily washed with water to remove the remaining detergents.
  • In the process of washing out the scale, water can spray in different directions, so you need to spread a towel next to the device.

Our measurements

During the testing of drip and rye coffee makers, we measured all kinds of parameters, on which the quality of the finished drink depends. We were primarily interested in parameters such as the strait time and water temperature.

In the case of an automatic coffee machine, it turned out to be measured, in general, nothing: the whole process of cooking occurs inside the machine, and we get a ready-made drink at the output, which can only be evaluated at the level of “like/dislike”.

Nevertheless, we measured some parameters with which you can better imagine the capabilities of a coffee machine.

The maximum power consumption we fixed was 1390 watts, consumption in standby mode is 0.4 watts.

It took 43 seconds and approximately 0.011 kWh of electricity to include (initial heating and rinsing).

Espresso preparation will require about 0.005 kWh, milk drink. up to 0.02 kW h. A single portion of espresso will be ready in 50 seconds, cappuccino. after 1 minute and 35 seconds, a large coffee mug. after 1 minute and 48 seconds.

Thus, we can say that almost any of the standard drinks we can get about 2.5 minutes after turning on the coffee machine (or after 1.5 minutes if it is already turned on and warmed up).

We also measured the noise level during the operation of the device (at a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter to the device).

rinse, coffee, machine, delonghi, scale, formed

At a background noise at the level of 33 dB, a coffee maker created noise with an intensity of up to 60-62 dB during a water strait and up to 84 dB when working a coffee grinder. The average noise level was 74 dB.

What does it mean in practice? The coffee grinder, as it should be, is noisy loudly: watching TV or listening to music with such noise will be uncomfortable. The rest of the sounds will be heard even from another room (at open doors), but they are unlikely to deliver any problems with home.

Practical tests

During the testing, we have prepared various drinks from the list of programs. We evaluate the quality of all of them as “excellent”: the coffee machine has more than worthy of dealing with all the tasks even at the factory settings, provided that we did not change the grinding settings and did not experiment with the selection of the most suitable variety of milk.

Therefore, in the “Testing” section, it will be mainly about the features of recipes, and not about the quality of drinks.


Classic espresso turns out excellent: on standard settings, the machine brings coffee for 1 second, after which it gives out 40 ml of a drink with a pretty foam of a cream.

Reporting, recall, is necessary so that coffee is slightly “prepared” to the beginning of the water strait and its taste is revealed most fully.

Regulate the volume and fortress in this mode. it is possible, but to control the prefabrication. no.


At standard settings, the Kapuchino recipe pours about 140 ml of milk, and then 60 ml of espresso. The taste of the drink is excellent, but only. This is not quite a cappuccino.

The fact is that the “correct” cappuccino is prepared in a different sequence: first we cook espresso, and then pour in it milk foam.

Result: in fact it is still excellent.

180 ml of coffee without. Simple and angry.

Latte Machiato

160 ml of foamed milk, then 40 ml of espresso. Very similar to cappuccino, but a slightly different proportion.


But this recipe (suddenly!) and is the real cappuccino. Here our coffee machine first prepares a portion of espresso, and then pours whipped milk.

Note that not all automatic coffee machines are able to prepare “correct cappuccino”. Our De’longhi Dinamica Ecam370.95.T. can!

Hot milk

When the switch positions for the “maximum foaming”, the coffee maker was able to give out 350 ml of foamed milk. If you play with the settings, then in one launch you can get up to 700 ml of milk!

A very good result! We want to pay special attention to this mode!

Flat White

On this recipe, a coffee machine pours 300 ml of milk and 60 ml of coffee. In our opinion, this is not at all like a standard Flat White, therefore, we consider it meaningless to discuss the result in this case.

Coffee pot

The coffee pot mode allows you to start for the preparation of 2, 4 or 6 servings of “coffee” in a row. The total volume of the drink, thus, can reach 750 ml.

It is clear that this will require some roomy container (jug). As a result, we will get a large amount of drink, similar to coffee from a drip coffee maker.

Of course, we will not seriously compare it with drip coffee: the method of cooking is too different. However, for lovers, quickly get a lot of coffee, which can be drunk for a long time, such a regime can be very useful.

Result: Good. for those who like this.

What means are suitable?

Only specialized means of the same brand are used to cleanse all DELONGHI coffee machines. You can find these drugs in official dealers or in large household appliances stores.


Universal fluid suitable for both coffee machines and coffee makers. Sold in concentrated form and has an economical consumption.

Delonghi Eco de Calc

Specialized anti.Nakipin designed for use in automatic coffee machines.

rinse, coffee, machine, delonghi, scale, formed

The composition contains only natural ingredients that are safe for humans and effectively cope with the deposits of scale.

One bottle of 500 ml is enough for five purges, it

Delonghi ser 3018

Fluid used to care for all types of coffee machines of this brand. Does not affect the taste of the drink and extends the life of the device. 500 ml containers for four applications,

Useful advice on using

Coffee machine care is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. It is enough to know all potential dangers and carry out preventive measures in time:

  • scale. It should be disposed of immediately after the warning on the display. If this function is absent, you should make notes for yourself about the frequency of such a procedure. Reduce processing time and reduce the frequency of its conduct will help the water filter will help. It will soften and clean the tap water;
  • Coffee oils. They settled on the inner parts of the device and eventually distort the taste of the finished drink. Removing these contaminants is required after every 200 coffee preparation cycles. For work, the same means are used as from scale;
  • coffee grounds. It freezes in the tubes of the device and makes it difficult to pass the fluid. It will be possible to get rid of it when using the function of washing the tubes. It must be performed once every 2-3 weeks;
  • Milk plaque. If the steam is poorly served in milk from the cappuccinator, then the fault of this is a milk plaque on its walls. It is possible to get rid of it according to the method described above.

Before starting the first cleaning (and use in general), it is important to familiarize yourself with the instructions from the manufacturer. It always indicates in detail all contraindications and nuances of using programs. It is just as simple as cleaning the Nespresso coffee machine at home

Delonghi coffee machines need regular care and purification. For this, special cleaning products of the brand of the same name are used. All of them are completely safe for a person and do not have any effect on the taste of coffee.