How to set the time on the brass Bosch?

So to set the time, you need to turn off the furnace from the network for several minutes. After switching on the panel should freeze the clock icon. Using the buttons with the image of the plus and minus, the exact time is set. Wait until the watch will flash blink. time is fixed.

The oven turns off. Double-click the 0 button and turn off the function selection switch. Click the “Clock” button 0. Change the cooking time with the “” or “-” button.

Bosch HCE745853R Operating Instructions Online. Page 14

Instructions Bosch HCE745853R for the device Electric stove contains pages in Russian.

You can download the PDF file of this instruction: Download PDF

To achieve an optimal result when preparing

Put the dish into the working chamber only after completion

one. Set the function selection switch on

Set the desired temperature using the regulator

Completion of fast heating

On the display goes out. Put the dish in the oven and

After the first connection or after the interruption in

The power supply on the indicator will flash the symbol

zero. Set the time of day. Function selection switch

Time 12 appears on the display.00 and flashes the symbol

Set the time of the day with the or

After a few seconds, the time of day is automatically

Transition, for example, from the summer at the winter time watch, click the “Clock” button

How to : Set the time on Clock of a Bosch Oven

You can use the timer as an ordinary household. He

works independently of the oven. Timer publishes

characteristic beep, which makes it possible to distinguish

its signal from the signal published by the brass cabinet

clock, brass, bosch

The expiration of cooking time. Setting Timer

possible and when the lock is included on

Set the timer time with the “” or “-” button.

Button “”, suggested value = 10 minutes

After a few seconds, the timer will start working. On the display

Signal is heard. Click the Timer button

Timer Gasnet.Changing time timing button “Timer”

“-“.Cancel Install the “Timer” button

The indicator will not appear 0.At the same time, the timer time and time

Captures are holding symbols. The display displays the time

For the request of the remaining cooking time

The requested value appears for a few seconds on

So that children could not accidentally turn on the oven, he

Equipped with baby security lock.Enable and disable the lock function for

Safety Children Function Sick Function must be turned off.Enable: Click the key button

Instructing how to set the time on the oven

After the oven is installed and connected to the electrical network, the control panel lights up, the flashing numbers are displayed there or the clock icon. Some models imply the time setting, others do not require.

To set the exact time, you need to use a special handle or button in case of an electronic panel. Having installed the desired clock, you must click on the time sign and go to posting minutes. After adjusting the exact time, click on the clock icon. All time is installed.

As a rule, time is set either using the “” “-” buttons or a special rotary handle. After the time is set and recorded, you need to wait a few seconds.

It happens that emergency situations occur when the current fails, in such cases the programmer does not remember the previously established parameters, and after the supply of electricity will have to repeat the procedure again. Otherwise, the oven simply does not start, it is the necessary conditions for launching the device.

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How to set time on different brands of oven

Some household appliances are not so easy to configure. Most of them have if not easy, the unusual programming method. Wind wardrobes in this matter is no exception. A huge number of people squandered a bunch of time and nerves to just set the time on the control panel. It is necessary because without this procedure, the oven will not turn on. People read annotation, do everything in coordination with written, but still does not go out. It is important that any model and brand oven has its own characteristics in the installation. Let’s try to figure it out.

    The ELECOLUX furnace has not become an exception, its models are almost the most popular about the difficulty of the option. So, to set the time, you need to turn off the furnace from the network for a couple of minutes. After switching on the panel should freeze the clock icon. Using the buttons with the image of the plus and minus, a clear time is set. Wait until the watch will flash. the time is fixed. You can not turn off the oven from the network to set the clock, and just press the time on the icon. But in this case, you can unintently put the oven for the timer, because the method with the disconnection of the furnace seems more applicable.

The electolux furnace is needed to follow the briefing and the time is better to install when the network is initiated to the network, so that the timer cannot be installed

If you closely follow the clock setting management, nothing complicated in it

If you follow the advice, the 1st launch of the brass cabinet should not cause difficulties. The procedure does not take a lot of time and effort, if you closely explore annotation and follow the advice. Setting the time, you can safely start cooking.

What to pay attention to when choosing

The choice of a particular model of the brass cabinet is influenced by such indicators:

Gas models can be connected to a cylinder with liquefied gas, which makes it possible to mobile use of such equipment possible, as well as in places where there is no centralized power supply.

In addition, the important criteria for the choice are such parameters as:

  • Specifications: Geometrical size and energy consumption class, set of basic and additional functions, as well as electrical power and gas consumption per unit of time;

The working volume of the frying chamber depends on the geometric size of the oven, and it is it that determines the number of food prepared for one bookmark, which is important for a numerous family.

  • Availability of additional options and capabilities that extend the functionality of the device: steaming and microwave oven, self-cleaning and heating of ready-made dishes, cooling fan and thermositeous and t.D.

With telescopic guides, it is convenient to download dishes and get ready-made dishes.

clock, brass, bosch

Lists best

In the ranking of the top 10 Bosch oven presented Popular models. They have a lot of similar parameters, but also there are differences. All devices are manufactured in Germany and are distinguished by high quality, a good set of functions. Therefore, I propose to familiarize yourself with two models that differ in the following parameters:

Of the simpler models of Bosch electrical stoves, it is worth highlighting HBG634BB1. The oven has a good combination of price and quality. It contains 13 options with different variations of heating TEN and inclusion of convection, as well as additional: preparation of pizza, long-term extinguishing, careful defrost, temperature support and heated dishes.

In such a cabinet, dishes will always get fragrant, juicy and will not burn. And all thanks to the technology of 4-d, that is, the uniform distribution of hot air throughout the chamber. Because of the large volume and this technology, you can always cook 2-3 dishes at the same time, which is very convenient waiting for guests.

Cleaning in this electric oven catalytic only at the rear wall. That is, thanks to a special coating during high temperatures, a chemical response with rigids that fell to enamel. He splits and you will only stay a wet cloth.

Bosch Best Electric Difficult Cabinet with Pyrolytic Cleaning

In the ranking participated several models with pyrolytic cleaning, but the most functional and at the same time inexpensive oven is HBG6750S1. It contains everything necessary: ​​13 programs that can be combined with each other, and additional options.

Defrosting products will help you make meat or fish. Temperature support in the chamber of the brass cabinet is necessary if you prepared the dishes in advance, and before the arrival of guests for a few more hours. In this case, the temperature will be supported so that you can file hot to the table.

There is also heated dishes required in many situations:

  • The finished dish is slower than cooling and it is relevant for large feasures;
  • Biscuit or omelet will not fall;
  • Taste quality finished foods are preserved longer.

Electric oven Bosch has pyrolytic cleaning. That is, you exempt it from all the elements (lattices, babysitters, guides) and put self-cleaning. For 2 hours it warms up to 500 degrees. It remains to wait, when the chamber of the brass cabinet will cool and walk along the surface with a napkin, collecting the nagar.

Lower range has telescopic guides. They allow smoothly and easily to push the baking tray for the entire length. Therefore, you do not burn and not a tip baking sheet. If desired, in the Bosch service center, you can order guides for the upper shelves.