Faithful refrigerator production technologies is “Samsung know Frost”. It is also called the defrost of windy type.

Any refrigerator “Samsung know Frost” is equipped with an evaporator, which is made from a cold creation chamber into the rear wall housing.

The kit includes an additional fan. According to the operating instructions, the refrigerator “Samsung know NU FROST” implies continuous circulation of cold air in cameras.

Chilled masses enroll in the chambers. This includes special channels that contains the refrigerator “Samsung Nou Frost“. The instruction of the device suggests that moisture does not settle on the walls. It accumulates in the form of Inea in the coldest area, which is evaporator.

SAMSUNG Know Frost refrigerators compressor, according to the instructions, it turns off from time to time, and the layer of Inea hipshes. This happens with a small heater.

The “Know Frost” system has both freezing and refrigeration compartments. The presented technology will allow cleaning inside the refrigerator offices just a year. This greatly saves user time.

How to set up the temperature in the refrigerator Samsung

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Samsung refrigerators deserve confidence among consumers due to reliability, silentness and efficiency. Special attention attracted temperature indicators of devices. Manufacturers independently determine which temperature should be in the refrigerator Samsung. This is due to multiple studies and tests.

However, each refrigerator and freezer have regulators that allow you to adjust the cold in reasonable limits. Next Instruction How to set the temperature in the refrigerator Samsung two-chamber and NOU Frost.

Depending on the model and type, the temperature modes of the refrigerator cameras differ significantly and decrease from the top to the bottom. The main cabinet camera is set to 3. This indicator varies up to 2 degrees.

The average temperature of the freezer. about 18 degrees of frost. Here the adjustment limits are noticeably wider. In addition, in many models there are freshness zones, where 5-7 degrees are the norm. accurate information about these parameters gives an instruction attached to a specific model.

Interesting: Samsung technology made it possible to achieve a result when the temperature in one chamber will not be varied by more than 0.3 degrees, regardless of its volume.

Adjustment is made from the control panel, which is associated with sensors inside the aggregate.

Step-by-step instructions, how to defrost the refrigerator Samsung No Frost with your own hands

Samsung Refrigerators have gained popularity due to the large useful volume of chambers, built-in super-surgery and multi-threaded cooling modes.

All modern models are equipped with a dry defrost system NO Frost.

What advantages gives the user this technology, how to spend defrost, you will learn from this material.

Disadvantages of “Know Frost

There are several flaws from the presented technology.

  • The internal environment is dry than in conventional drip units. Products in the open form quickly dry.
  • Built-in equipment takes part of the camera volume.
  • High noise level.
  • Increased electricity costs.
  • The refrigerator “Samsung Know Frost” is more expensive than the drip option, which is associated with the complex models design.

To prevent the heat drying, you must comply with their correct storage. The corresponding packaging solves this problem.

Malfunctions associated with temperature modes

SAMSUNG refrigerator operation may be accompanied by the following situation: flashing temperature indicator on the display or control panel itself. The unit is functioning and does not reveal explicit breakdowns. What to do in such a situation will tell the instruction.

The temperature rose more than 3 degrees. Cause. often opened door at high ambient temperature. To eliminate, it is necessary to close the door and give the refrigerator to enter the normal mode (2-3 hours);

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Not set temperature regime. Make installation according to the instructions;

How to set a temperature in the refrigerator Samsung with a drip defrosting system

Depending on the model and type, the temperature in the closet and the freezer is different. If you change the temperatures in the freezer, the parameters are also in the closet. Adjustment is carried out using the buttons that are configured by the indications of temperature sensors located:

Sensor task Transfer the measured parameters into the Samsung refrigerator electronic control system. Temperature control is carried out on the display. In each case, configuring a specific model, you need to be guided by the instruction for setting the temperature of the refrigerator.

Before changing the temperature, it is necessary to give time to the thermostat adopt the environmental parameters. After that, turn on the Samsung refrigerator, give to work to provide the parameters displayed in the factory settings. You can check the compliance of the electronic table readings using a glass of water installed in the center of the refrigerator and thermometer. Normally, if water shows 4 degrees. Samsung lays the set temperature in a cold cabinet 1. 5 0 C, in the freezer, the regulation range is wider than in the refrigerator, from.13 to 20 0 s.

How to adjust the temperature within the allowed sector, written in the SAMSUNG refrigerator instructions, use the Wizard advice on video from practical experience. To change the mode, you can use the COOLING POWER, FRIDGE buttons and display or manual thermostat. Do not seek to set the minimum temperature, it increases power consumed.

Adjusting the temperature of refrigerators of different brands

Many models are equipped with independent temperature regulators for refrigeration and freezer:

  • Samsung. FRIDGE button is designed to adjust the temperature in the common chamber from 1 to 7 ⁰С, the freezer in the interval from.14 BE.25 ⁰s. There is an option accelerated freezing, which is included at 72 hours. After turning off, the temperature in the chamber returns to the previously predetermined value.
  • Bosh. Management system is similar to Samsung. Added a function of super cooling, it starts automatically after laying a fresh batch in the freezer, which prevents defrosting adjacent.
  • Indezit. Regulation is carried out by a mechanical lever in 5 modes, where the 1st corresponds to a higher temperature, 5th. low.
  • LG. The latest models are equipped with 2 independent temperature switching devices: in the common chamber. manual, in the freezer. electronic in the form of a touchscreen located directly on the outside of the door.
  • Stinol. Setup is performed by 2 regulators with 5 modes. The unit is equipped with an independent system of super cooling.
  • Atlant. Manual control is installed, the switch is moved by dial with 7 divisions: 1. maximum, 7. minimum.

Attention! In many units, automatic ice defrosting. This option provides uninterrupted equipment.

Reset the temperature in the refrigerator using the regulator

The process of resetting modes depends on the type of control device:

  • Mechanical thermostat. By default, the arrow on the switch knob is installed at the middle level. The dial is a scale (the division in the common chamber corresponds to 3 degrees, in the freezer. 6 degrees), where on the one hand the word “warmer” is written, on the other. “colder”. Turn to one division in the direction of the inscription “warmer” corresponds to the minimum increase in temperature, in the direction of the inscription “Coldier”. the minimum decrease.
  • Touch adjustment. Supported temperature ranges are reflected in the digital form panel, the user must simply select the desired option.

At what distance from the battery you can put a refrigerator

Setting the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer

New Refrigerator The controller is configured to the middle mode in the cooling or freezing chamber.

If the quality of cooling and freezing does not suit, it is necessary:

  • Turn the handle towards lowering the temperature, but only one division.
  • In 5-6 hours to evaluate the result.
  • If necessary, continue adjustment, modes change sequentially, without sharp jumps.

Having received the desired mode in the chamber, it is recommended to mark the position of the regulator using a felt-meter or handle.

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In the case of sensory control, the temperature interval is selected from the values ​​indicated on the panel.

Advice! It is not recommended to make changes sharply, jumps. It should be followed by a sequential, smooth transition from one mode to another.

Preventive measures to prevent breakdowns

Compliance with simple recommendations will allow refrigerators with the system “Know Frost” to serve for a long time and trouble-free.

  • You should not defrost such aggregates manually: it is allowed to do the auto-earth once a year for washing and cleaning the device and its details.
  • The separation of the drip type is deflated only in one chamber.
  • If you need to clean the unit in the included state, it is best to do this with a non-jar of weather, otherwise the superheated refrigerator will break.
  • Wash the device should without using abrasive chemicals. sufficient solution of soda and water. After the procedure, the surface is wiped with a clean damp cloth. All stains that appeared should be removed immediately.
  • The rear surface should also be cleaned from dust and dirt. they can enter other parts and device nodes.
  • Products are stored in packages and packages.
  • You can not use the device outdoors and allow it to fall under the jet of water (for example, rain).
  • The refrigerator should stand away from direct sunlight and thermal sources.

SAMSUNG two-chamber refrigerators with “Nou Frost” system. one of the most sought-after consumer models. Reliable, economical and silent models have won popularity due to their skills to independently set the required temperature. Good care and timely serving of two-chamber refrigerators from Samsung will increase the service life of the devices and prevent faults and breakdowns.