How to use the console from the air conditioner: a variety of modes, instructions for use

Usually the universal remote control (remote control) is a small box with LEDs, diagrams and buttons. It works due to the fact that the infrared sensor on it transmits the desired code on the same sensor in another device. With it, for example, you can adjust the volume of the sound, switch the channels, change the power of the work of a device and much more. From the usual, the universal remote control is characterized by the fact that several electrical appliances can be recorded in its scheme. Today we will look at how to configure a universal television.

ON / OFF. turns on and off the air conditioning system.

Heat. Heating Option. It helps bring the room temperature to the set mark. This is usually 30 °. On the remote, under the button will be drawn the sun. The system itself will monitor the temperature state. turn off when the specified parameter is reached and start working again when the specified indicator falls. This button is only present on those models that work in heating mode. Air conditioning can have technical restrictions on the use of this mode at a minus temperature on the street. from.5O to.15 O.

Cool. cooling mode. The minimum temperature of the thermometer 16o. This is the host functional button on the remote. Indicated by a symbol of snowflakes.

DRY. Its functional significance. removal of excessive air humidity in the room by a small increase in temperature. Excess moisture in the air at low temperatures leads to dampness, and at high temperatures. to rubber. Both the phenomenon. uncomfortable and causes health problems and in the long run. with furniture. Therefore, the drying of the air using the DRY button is required at the slightest signs of air convergence.

Fan, Fan Speed, Speed ​​- Air conditioner blowing speed. With it, you can change the speed of movement of air flows on smooth, medium intensity and fast. Enabled as an additional feature on all modes of operation of the air conditioning system.

AUTO. Enabling and maintaining automatic mode. Temperature adjustment occurs on a comfortable level of 22-24 degrees.

Swing, Air Flow, Air Direction. This button allows you to change the position of the curtains and thereby direct the air flow of the specified temperature in the required direction.

Temp with arrows up / down or buttons and with it adjust the temperature regime. Each press is a step in one degree.

Mode. The mode selection button. When you click on it, you can choose the right mode of operation of the air conditioner.

How to set up a universal remote

TURBO, JET, JET COOL, POWERFUL, HI POWER. Automatic fan switching on the speed that will provide the most fast cooling.

CLOCK. Shows the exhibited time. Installed by temperature arrow.

TIME ON (OFF). Running and disabling the air conditioning system in time (check that you set the time clock). When you set the time of inclusion and disconnection, the last temperature and mode settings are used. If you re-press this button, the timer will be disabled. Time can be configured using the temperature arrows.

Timer. Timer switching / shutdown. Property program your air conditioner at a time when you need to heat or cool the room. You can set the time when it turns off.

SET. With it, you can set the timer and the GOOD SLEEP mode.

Cancel. Cancels Timer and Good Sleep Modes.

Settings. This system settings.

Single User. Reduces energy consumption in COOL mode.

Supplement by codes to a universal console for CT-6018 air conditioners

Alpari 0002, 0022, 0470, 0520, 0534
Beko 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Chigo 0002, 0012, 0013, 0489, 0515, 0520, 0534
CH, Cooperhunter 0017, 0037, 0309, 0310, 0311, 0314, 0316, 0428, 0482
Daewoo 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Dekker 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Delfa 0260, 0261, 0282, 0297, 0298, 029, 0302, 0400, 0401, 0449, 0451, 0453, 0454, 0481, 0488. 0599
Eurofan 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Idea 0002, 0371, 0470, 0520. 0534
Honda 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Hpc 0002, 0534, 0012, 0017,0037. 0013, 0011, 0021, 0025, 0371, 0470, 0520
Kaiser 0222, 0260-0261, 0453-0454, 0488
Liberton 0297, 0298, 0299, 0451, 0599, 0400, 0401, 0302, 0449, 0481
Midea 0222, 0260-0261, 0282, 0453-0454, 0488, 0456, 0457, 0489
Mirta 0297, 0298, 0299, 0451, 0599, 0400, 0401, 0302, 0449, 0481
Mizushi 0297, 0298, 0299, 0451, 0599, 0400, 0401, 0302, 0449, 0481
Orion 0002, 0534, 0371, 0470, 0520
Rainford 046, 071
Saturn 0297, 0298, 0299, 0451, 0599, 0400, 0401,0302, 0449, 0481
Sensei 0262, 0456, 0457, 0489
Supra 0311, 0310, 0309, 0311, 0314, 0436
Suzuki 0002, 0534, 0371, 0470, 0520
Tosot 0311, 0310, 0309, 0310, 0311, 0313, 0314, 0017, 0037, 0316, 0436
Vestfrost 0002, 0534, 0297, 0298, 0299, 0300, 0371, 0400, 0401, 0449, 0302, 0470, 0481, 0520
Wild Wind 0222, 0260-0261, 0282, 0453-0454, 0488, 0456, 0457, 0489
Winia 0481

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Переключение единиц измерения температуры

Для переключения индикации на пульте для кондиционера с градус Фаренгейта на градус Цельсия необходимо зажать одновременно две кнопки “Temp” и “Temp-“. Подождать 3 секунды. Когда значение поменяется отпустить кнопки.

Brand The code
ALPIN 0252, 0253, 1788, 3325
AUCMA 0288-0296, 0462, 2337, 3534
AUX 0297-0300, 0451, 0474, 0475, 2860, 3370
BANSHEN 0264, 1288, 3848
BOERKA 0383, 0434, 0436, 0437, 3967
CARRIER 0203-0209, 0456-0458, 0482-0486, 0563-0565
CHANGHONG 0301-0308, 1325, 2353, 3982
CHIGO 0379-0382, 0489, 0515,1916, 2940
CHOFU 0184-0187, 1721, 3771
CHUNLAN 0345-0350, 0450, 0453, 3932
CORONA 0155-0163, 0459, 2206
CONROWA 0377, 1913, 3961
CONSUL 0463, 0975, 2511
Daewoo 0203-0209, 0406, 2256, 3990
Daikin 0171-0183, 0566, 0577, 2220, 3758
Doctor 0221, 0449, 2497, 3850
DONGBAO 0355-0361, 2403, 3430
DONGXINBAO 0413, 2461, 3997
Electrolux 0216-0220, 0569, 1753, 3802
Fedders 0498, 0499, 0528
Freshtech 0277, 0519, 0520, 1813, 3349
Fujitsu 0127-0137, 0464, 0552-0554, 1158, 3720
Funai 0430, 0481, 1966, 3502
Galanz 0371, 0372, 0521, 1395, 2933, 3956
GENERAL 0639, 1152, 2180, 3711
Glee 0398, 0399, 2446, 3983
Goldstar 0201, 0466-0469, 2515
GREE 0309-0316, 0482, 0512, 0513
Haier 0266-0272, 0453-0455, 3852
Hisense 0332-0335, 0517, 1869, 2895, 3917
Hitachi 0118-0126, 1148, 2679, 3709
Huabao 0336-0344, 1879, 3409, 3926
Huake 0408, 1432, 2765, 3992
Huaamei 0402, 0460-0465, 1997, 3533
Hualing 0317-0325, 0452, 2500, 3906
Huifeng 0370, 0882, 2420, 3954
Huikang 0368, 0441-0443, 2416, 3514
Hyundai 0202, 0433, 0480, 1226, 2250
JDC 0373, 0440, 1397, 3000
Jinda 0414, 1950, 2536
Jinsong 0389-0391, 0446-0448, 3462
Jonson 0245, 0492, 2028, 3829
Kangli 0374, 0375, 2935, 3958
Kelon 0282-0287, 0473, 0485-0488
Klimatair 0225, 0226, 0452, 1988, 3810
Kolin 0416-0418, 1952, 2465, 3539
Konka 0397, 0457-0459, 2507, 3981
LG 0197-2000, 0514, 2050, 3730
Liangyu 0233, 0451, 1257, 3523
Little Duck 0527, 0532, 1556, 2070
Loren-Sebo 0255, 0471, 0472, 1496, 3543
Macquay 0234-0237, 0465, 2283, 3820
MICOM 0415, 1439, 2463
Midea 0260-0265, 0526, 1284, 2310
Mitsubishi 0001-0045, 0476-0479, 0522, 0523, 0568, 0582, 3628
Noritz 0431, 1455b 2468
Panasonic 0138-0154, 0483, 0490-0492, 2019, 3738
National 0138-0154, 0483, 0490-0492, 2019, 3738
Panda 0378, 0890, 1405
Philco 0210, 0211, 0487, 0488, 3795
Photon 0421-0423, 2507, 3593
Raybo 0362-0367, 1387, 2925
Rowa 0369, 0438, 0439, 0494, 0527, 0531, 1975, 3510
Sabro 0435, 0506-0508, 2483, 3579
Saijo Denki 0212-0215, 1238, 3285
Sampo 0424-0426, 1448, 3497
Samsung 0188-0196, 0516, 0518, 2239, 3772
Sanyo 0046-0095, 0559, 0529, 0530, 1090, 3678
Sasuki 0254, 0470, 2006, 3838
Shangling 0384-0388, 0444, 0445, 3969
Sharp 0096-0106, 0525, 1633, 2150, 2656
Shinco 0351-0354, 0454-0456, 2912
Shuanglu 0376, 0404-0407, 0480, 3476
Shuaikang 0288, 0800, 1311
Songge 0428, 0429, 1965, 2988
Sova 0409, 0410, 2457, 3482
Summer 0427, 1963, 2485, 3499
Sundurg 0257, 0505, 1793, 3841
SWAN 0434, 0477, 0516, 0524, 0946, 1556
Tadiran 0246-0251, 2295, 3833
Tatung 0419, 0420, 1955, 2979
Tcl 0273-0281, 0476, 0493, 0570, 1299, 3347
Teco 0256, 0473-0475, 1280
Tiandi 0415, 0927, 1538, 3999
Toshiba 0107-0117, 0479, 0561, 0562, 1647, 3181
TRANE 0227-0232, 0739, 2276
Uni-air 0222-0224, 0450, 3522
Weili 0393-0396, 2442, 3979
Whirlpool 0164-0170, 0502, 2038, 3752
Winia 0481, 0550, 1505, 3553
Xileng 0411, 0412, 2460, 3995
Xinle 0400, 0401, 2960, 3985
Yangzi (Yair) 0403, 1427, 3475
Yinyan 0258, 0259, 0326-0331, 0478, 2888
York 0107, 0238-0243, 0573, 2287, 3312
Zhen 0639, 1164, 2176, 3200

How to set up a universal remote control system

Often, it happens that you have lost or broke the console to air conditioning.

We must go to the store and buy a universal console for air conditioning.

universal, remote, control, system

After buying, you joyfully include a remote and UPS. nothing happens, air conditioning does not respond to commands from the remote. Certainly. His (remote) must first be programmed! In a universal console, the tables of commands of different models and air conditioners are stored.

Therefore, before use you need to activate (select) the desired set of commands that matches your air conditioner. How to do it will be described below. On the example of the “KT-9018E” remote.

So actually instruction on the Universal Console KT-9018E:

Install batteries into the console observing polarity.

Find your device code in the code table:

There are many codes for each brand air conditioner. First try the first code in the group if after that the remote does not control the device or performs not all functions try the next, and so until you find the code in which the remote control will manage your air conditioning. For example, for AUCMA air conditioner, you enter the code 0288 if the air conditioner does not respond, enter the code 0229 and TD.

Press the SELECT button and the code on the remote control is blinking once. Enter the 4x digit code you need. For example 0288. Press the 0 button, on the display it will stop flashing the remaining three digits will flash, then 2, the remaining two digits will flash, then 8, one digit flashes and finally the last figure 8. All four digits of 4 digit code stopped blinking the code introduced.

The remote control is programmed, and the digital buttons of the remote control now work as usual and perform original functions. The remote is ready to work, you can control your air conditioner.

After your air conditioner is enabled, make sure the remote controls the air conditioner normally.

In case you do not know which brand is your air conditioning, or the brands of your air conditioner are not in the list of codes, try finding the desired code as follows:

Direct the console to your air conditioner so that he can take the console commands. Press and hold the SELECT button within 5 seconds and release. The console has moved to the automatic code search mode, it continuously sends commands, turning out all the available codes, starting from 0001. In this case, the codes on the display of the console flash and increase. When the device takes the command from the console, the characteristic signal will be distributed (BIP), which makes the air conditioner, executing the command sent from the remote control. At this point, press any remote control button to stop the code scanning process and check whether the remote control is controlled by your air conditioning

If the remote control does not fulfill all the functions, run the code for searching the code again, and so until you find the code in which the remote control will control your air conditioner correctly.

Winter. Accordingly, you can use the Intelligent Heat feature Press it and the air conditioner will immediately begin to heat the room. In both modes, the air conditioner will begin to heat or cool the room to a comfortable temperature, automatically adjusting the power of the blowing and the position of the flap, while you can manually set the necessary temperature using the “” or “-” buttons of these two functions are especially convenient for children and older people.

Press the “TIME” button the clock signal on the display will fail

Press the “TIME” button again to fix the value.

You can program your air conditioner turning on the timer only when it is turned off.

Press the “TMR” button on the display the timer signal display and climb the clock

Using the TIME / CODE buttons “” or “-” Set the desired power on the air conditioner.

Time flashes and stop flashing in 5 seconds. The display displays the current time and time of the Timer.

You can program your air conditioner shutdown timer only when it is turned on.

Click on the “TMR” button on the display signal and clock display.

Using the TIME / CODE buttons “” or “-” set the desired shutdown time of the decembering.

Time flashes and stop flashing in 5 seconds. The display shows the current time and time of the shutdown timer. Installation completed.

If you click the Timer ON / OFF button while the timer installation time blinks, the timer will be deleted.

After installing the timer, you need to position the remote. To signal from it to be accepted by the device, otherwise the air conditioner will not work at the appointed time.

After the timer is completed, you can view the installation by clicking the TIMER ON / OFF button, while the timer time appears on the screen and will blink, through 5 there will be a time of the timer.

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How to set up a universal remote control system

How to turn on air conditioning in heating mode?

Remote control. Purpose buttons

Display Remote Control

If the batteries are discharged, such an icon appears on the remote control display if this appears

Icon, replace batteries. For remote control, you need two 1,5V AAA batteries.

Storage of the remote control

If you do not use a remote control for a long time, remove the batteries from the remote control

The main type of work is determined by the mode of operation, which can be selected by pressing the Mode button.

Each time you press the MODE button, the mode will change in this order Auto (Auto), Cool (Cooling), Dry (Drying), Fan (Fan) and Heat (Heating).

Auto (auto) In automatic mode, air conditioner will automatically set the temperature of 24 ° C. The fan speed is automatically installed, depending on the room temperature.

Cool (Cooling). In Cool mode (Cooling) Air conditioning will cool your room. You must not forget to set the temperature and the speed of rotation of the fan.

DRY (dry drying) Air conditioning in Dry mode (drying) acts as a desiccant by removing moisture from the room. DRY mode (drying) makes the air fresh in a wet climate.

Fan (fan) can be selected to ventilate the room. FAN mode (fan) will be useful for refreshment of stagnant indoor air.

Heat (heating) Air conditioning can heat your room.

After inclusion on heating, the air conditioner will begin to feed warm air in 5 ~ 7 minutes. The delay is needed to prevent cold air supply while the air conditioner is heated.

Since the air conditioner heats the room by obtaining thermal energy from the outer (outdoor) air, its heating capacity may decrease if the outdoor temperature is below 0 ° C.

Airflow direction adjustment

How to adjust vertical air flow?

Press the AIR SWING button on the remote control (Loan position).

The indicator of a constant change in the direction of air flow will turn on, and the guides will start constantly rotating up and down, providing air circulation.

Press the AIR SWING button on the remote control again to fix the direction of air flow in the current direction.

Adjusting horizontal air flow

Move the pin lever to the left or right to

Fix the direction of the air flow in the permanent you need

TURBO function is used to quickly and efficiently cool the room.

Press the TURBO button on the remote control in Cool mode (Cooling).

The TURBO function indicator (Turbo) appears on the remote control display. The air conditioner will work in the TURBO function (turbo) for 30 minutes. To disable the function, click the TURBO button (Turbo) again.

The TURBO function (turbo) is valid only in Cool mode (cooling).

By pressing the MODE button when the TURBO function (Turbo) is valid, you will cancel this feature.

Set the temperature / fan speed under the action of this function it is impossible.

To provide a comfortable sleep, the air conditioner provides a comfortable sleep feature (Good Sleep). This mode in turn consists of three modes: Fall Asleep, Sound Sleep (strong

Used in cooling mode / heating

Press / Good Sleep / on the remote control.

Press the TIME UP button or Time Down (Time Back) to set the time.

Press the SET button to activate the function.

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How to set up a universal control panel to air conditioner

As a rule, when the control panel is lost or breakup, the air conditioner is impossible. Buy new console to a specific model of air conditioner is not always.

Therefore, the purchase of a universal remote control is the only way out. With this remote, you can control any air conditioning. To do this, you need to configure the console under your air conditioner model.

The principle of setting up all the consoles is the same and consists in the water of the desired code in the memory of the console. As a rule, an instruction is attached to the console, in which there is a code table for different models of air conditioners. There are two modes for adjusting the remote. This is automatic and manual mode.

Automatic mode can be used if you do not know which air conditioner you have or in the code table there is no device model. To configure in the search mode, you need to take the remote control and send to the air conditioner. Find the “SELECT” button on the console, press and hold it within 5 seconds, then release it.

The remote control will automatically send commands to air conditioning and sort out all available codes. At the same time on the display of the console codes will flash and change. As soon as the correct code appears, you will hear the beep from your device and the air conditioner will turn on. At this point, you must click on any button on the remote, the process of scanning codes will be stopped.

Check the operation of the air conditioner with this code. If commands are executed not correctly or some functions do not work, start the car search for codes again until you find the code at which your air conditioner will work correctly.

Setting in manual mode takes less time. Find code in the code table under your air conditioner model, there may be several. Press the “SELECT” button, while the code on the remote display should blink once. Using the number buttons, enter the code into the console memory and press the “ENTER” button, the console is programmed.

Check how the commands are executed. If you do not correctly work the air conditioner, try entering the rest of the codes. You can also go through the codes using the “TEMP” and “TEMP-” buttons.

After entering the correct code, the air conditioner control panel is ready for operation. All major functions will be available to you. From the console you can select the mode of operation of the air conditioner. It is cold, heat, ventilation, automatic mode. You can set the desired temperature, adjust the fan speed and select the direction of air flow.

Common mistakes and questions about the work of UP

Often, users face the problem of unlocking universal consoles or the absence of a reaction to any of the connection methods. If you did not check the device for maximum functionality in the store, then you must do it at home if synchronization with household appliances failed.

If you do not have skills, do not blame the remote yourself, and even more the TV

Battery malfunction. the most popular problem

Due to the long stay in the battery store in the console, you could leak over time or spontaneously discharge. In this case, you will have to replace them with a full-fledged nutrition resource.

If you plan to replace the native remote with a mobile application, then download it only from official sources

Cause in the design features of the console

To determine whether the remote control is supplied to the TV receiver, it is necessary to evaluate the efficiency of IR radiation. For convenience, you can use a simple digital camera: hover the console at the moment when one of the buttons on it is shed. If the light is not reacting, then the replacement of the remote control is required. Universal Type Console You can manage a satellite console, but there may be your synchronization nuances here

Secondary factors

Influence the normal functionality of the universal console can and foreign objects that can be near TV. For example, placing microwaves, radio receivers, Wi-Fi-routers are unacceptable, since these devices make radio signals in the form of waves that can be perceived by the infrared emitter. Due to this, the signal from the remote will be lost and do not reach the receiver itself. Yandex.Stori. a large market in which you can choose an application with specific functions: for TV, air conditioning, console