How to learn how to sew a double needle

Structurally, the double needle consists of the following items:

  • Two standard sewing needles designed for a lines on the household machine.
  • Hull holder. Most often it is made of plastic. This element bonds double needles into a single design.
  • Flask. Designed for installation of double needles in a sewing machine needle holder.

How to use the Twin needle with Brother sewing machine

Double needle can be used in any sewing machines with zigzag function. In their paw and the needle plate there is an oblong slot needed for the free move of two needles.

Double needle.

who are familiar to each of us who works (or rests, it also happens) behind the sewing machine, but only fixed in one holder and with just one flask for two.

  • Thickening (flask). Behind the columns are Lysk (flat part of the flask), which when installing a double needle in a sewing machine needle holder, must necessarily rotate strictly back.
  • Double needle housing. With this part two, almost ordinary needles are soldered in one double.
  • Kernel.
  • Long groove.
  • Short groove.
  • Ushko.
  • Top.

The most famous and popular dual needles are produced by SCMETZ, Hemline, Prym, Singer and T.D.

double, needle

At the time of writing the article produced four types of double needles.

  • Universal). Some universal double needles are served as embroidered.
  • For knitted canvases (Stretch).
  • Metallized threads for work (Metallic).
  • For denim fabrics (Jeans).

Different types of double needles are designed to work with different materials. Therefore, the needles spread among themselves:

  • Dimensions (the thickness of the rods of the needle and the distance between the needles);
  • Body color (holder);
  • Shape of the tips of the needle;
  • The sizes of the ear of the needles.

With all these differences and the “the same” double needles we will meet throughout the article.

Double needles manufacture such sizes: 1.6 mm, 2, 2.5, 3, 4. As well as double needles with a particularly large distance between the needles. 6 and 8 mm.

The most numerous. universal double needles (7 different sizes).

As with the ordinary needle, the size of the double needle is also determined by the thickness of the rod.

The thinnest double needles. for elastic fabrics. have number 75. Number (size) double needle 80. for sewing metallized thread. 0, 90, 100 These are universal (embroidery) needles. Denim needles. have size 100.

As for the housing of the double needle. Cases There are several colors: blue, blue, white, red (orange), yellow. Some manufacturers make double needles in the housings of only two colors. For example: red and blue. Others, for the same materials, in other colors: Blue, red (orange), white, yellow.

So the orientation on the color of the housing of the double needle, as on the sign of belonging to a particular needle group. false path. Another thing is that on the double needle housing manufacturers leave us to consumers “important message”, about the distance between the needles of one double needle (1st digit) and about its size (through the layer (oblique line) 2nd digit).

There is no special paw of a sewing machine for working with double needles. Just install and operate a double needle only on those sewing machines that run a zigzag line. This means:

and 2) on the working surface of the sewing machine, namely on the needle plate

Enhanced slits for needle movements to the parties from the center.

How to insert a double needle in the sewing machine?

  • Using the sewing machine wheelchair, the needle holder must be installed in the extreme top position.
  • Then you need to lower the paw of the sewing machine.
  • After that, holding the usual needle (if it is there) with your left hand, right weakening the fastening screw and take it out of the needle holder.
  • Double needle turn the flat side of the flask from myself,

Insert so in the place of the previous one (if it was there), while the needle of the edge of the flask does not touch the limiter.

How to fix the thread into a double needle?

For sewing double needle, two coils of thread will need. To get a neat and smooth line of a double needle, threads on both coils should be the same (quality, thickness). But the color can be different (according to the model, optional).

Even, threads from both coils must “go out” at the same speed. To ensure such synchronicity in their work, it may be necessary to even hide threads into two identical bobbins (or small coils), in order to both simultaneously fit on one pin for a coil with threads.

To perform a lines with a double needle, two top threads are refilled in the sewing machine just as only one of them would be refilled.

Of course, all sewing machines are arranged in different ways. They have a different design, they are “stuck” with different number of options and T.D. and T.P. And refueling the threads: that the top is that the bottom is also somewhat different. However, all sewing machines have:

How to choose a double needle?

Before buying, you need to make sure that the width of the double needle is less than the maximum width of the zigzag on your car. In addition to packaging, the size of the needle is indicated on the plastic lock.

We recommend to give preference for products of such well-known and reliable brands like Schmetz and Organ.

Choose correct between needles! Knowing the maximum width of the line (from 4 to 9 mm.), you can calculate the maximum distance between the needles.

From the maximum stitch width, take away the distance between the needles. We get Max. The width of the lines that can be used when sewing a dual needle.

For example, the width of the stitch from the machine is 7 mm. Distance between needles 2 mm, 7. 2 = 5 mm. So we can make decorative lines or zigzag, but the stitch width does not have to exceed 5 mm. But before starting to sew, it is still better to check whether you set the value correctly. To do this, turning the handplay wheel, slowly position one element of the drawing, if the needle does not hurt the paw, you can safely start sewing.

Old sewing machines (for example, Podolsk) have only a narrow needle hole for a straight line, so it is impossible to sew a double needle on them!

How to install a double needle?

Be sure to read the instructions for your car to take into account all the nuances of the installation.

The double needle is installed in the sewing machine as well as the usual (flat cut back). Depending on the design of the machine, the second coil holder is installed or raised. The thread of each needle is filled separately, spending them on one way. If the machine has only one niteenser, the second thread does not trade in it, but leave free.

For a double line, a universal foot for a zigzag line is used, open paws for satin lines or applications are also suitable.

In some modern machines, before work, you must install the appropriate mode. The switch of the mechanical machines must be on a straight line.

When installing a double needle, it is impossible to use a nitrate! The refueling process occurs only manually.

Sewing Tips Double Needle

We offer some useful tips to help perform a double line as much as possible:

How to fill a double needle in the sewing machine

It is necessary to work only with the original tool, because due to the use of a fake machine can break. Cannot apply deformed needles. They can quickly break and damage. For such needles do not need to use a nitenadevator.

  • Insert a double needle;
  • Install the top thread for the left needle;
  • Manually insert the upper thread in the ear left needle;
  • Thread need to be traded in front;
  • Insert the rod for the second coil on the bobbin shaft;
  • Put the coil and insert the upper thread;
  • Start sewing a product.

The process of refueling the threads is the same as in the case of the rest of the needles. In case the seamstress beginner and does not really understand this process, you must first see several master classes, read the benefits, and then start using the machine.

For high-grade materials, a double needle “Hemline” is suitable

It is ideal for decorative tissue tanks with double-sided stretch (biielastic fabrics, lycra), especially for those that contain a luxury gum used in bathing suits and underwear. Specially elongated needle prevents passing stitches. It is recommended to use reduced speed when working. Buy double needle

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How to fix a double needle

When sewing a double needle, two top and one bottom thread are involved.

The lower thread is refilled in the bobbin as well as when sewing a universal needle.

The top threads are taken from different coils, one of the threads refuel into the right needle, the other. in the left.

Possible problems

There are a number of frequent problems associated with such a device in the sewing machine.

One thread slipping and why it can break

Check if the threads are correctly filled, whether they are the same thick, didn’t have a needle. Helps adjusting the same tension between the threads.

Loosen the lower thread, as a rule, the problem is caused by the inappropriate tension.

The needle breaks in several cases: if the machine is sent to the line, the machine shifts to the side, then sew a double needle on this machine, most likely it will not work.

The cause of the breakdown can be the incorrectly selected tool, as well as the inappropriate distance between its ends.

Not sew

The problem most often appears in the inconsistency of the instrument and material: for example, a needle intended for knitwear is quite difficult to flash jeans. For more dense material, it is better to pick up the appropriate number. It is also possible that the interaction of the shuttle mechanism is broken. In this case, it is better to apply to repair.