Tomato juice at home for the winter. 10 step-by-step recipes

The secret of making a delicious tomato juice is the right choice of tomatoes. Be sure to choose only ripe and juicy fruits of red. The total mass of tomatoes should not be more than 30 kg so that you can have time to prepare tomatoes in one day.

How to prepare tomato juice for the winter at home

Well, that they are ready to start cooking a delicious and natural juice. Starting I decided with a classic cooking version. This is the recipe and uses my family from year to year.

The whole secret and love for this drink is easy to prepare. And one more plus, when the tomato is very much need to let them in the case. Here, if you have such a situation, I propose to start a business.

From this number of ingredients will be released 3 liters of finished juice

If, as a result, you wish to get a salty drink. Then 1 liter of juice lay, 1 h.Sugar spoon and 2 h.Spoons of salt.

We wash the main ingredient. tomatoes. After cutting every fruit into two parts and remove the fruits on both sides. Then cut into the middle size. You can fade, our task so that a piece break into the hole of the juicer.

By the way, in this case, the tomato varieties can be absolutely different, no accent on a certain form we do. I want to please you that in this case it is great and overwhelmed vegetables. Just a big request, be sure to clean up. At any will go, I do not advise you to count. This may affect not only taste, but also on storage.


Now when tomatoes are prepared can be processed to the next process. We prepare the juicer, you can use a meat grinder. And gently skip the whole mass of the sawn.

The resulting juice is poured into a saucepan, it is advisable to use deep dishes. So, during cooking on the surface, foam will be formed, and it is possible to even raise, if you do not remove it during.

juice, tomato, juicer

We put the tomato mixture on the middle fire and bring to a boil. Add salt and sugar, you can taste. Literally in a couple of minutes, foam will begin to appear. Be sure to remove it with a spoon.

Continue cooking juice for 15-20 minutes. Periodically you can mix. In case the tomatoes boil strongly, gas must be reduced to the minimum.

Ready juice remove from fire. In the prepared banks spread the drink. Do it is extremely neat.

If you are planning to save juice to the spring, and cook it for the winter. Then the glass container must be sterilized. Similarly, we do with lids.

Remember Old Babushkin Council? To the bank during the filling of hot juice did not crack, it should be put in it a tablespoon. Easy and easy, but this action will be secure from additional work.

Spilled drink tightly closed or roll around with covers. I turn over the bottom and remove the warm place under the blanket. Store in this state until full cooling.

After you can remove the finished juice in the pantry or in the cellar. This dish is achieved sweetly, if this option does not suit, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar.

Although for example, my mom since childhood loves tomatoes with sugar. Therefore, the tastes are different, to adjust the recipe for yourself will still have.

Step-by-step recipe for tomato juice with flesh through a meat grinder

If there is no blender, nor juicers, we will help us out of the old good meat grinder. With her and special nozzles, we will prepare natural and stunning juice. At the same time, we do not even need to additionally use a sieve. The nozzle function will do everything herself.

I wash tomatoes thoroughly and cut out the deformed pieces of peel and fruits. Depending on the size of tomatoes, cut them on halves, quarters and so on.

In order to get a puree, I miss the sliced ​​tomatoes through a meat grinder with a special nozzle to produce juice. Look at the photo below how it is done. With this device, solid mass will be filtered. And in a separate container, we will get the clean pulp of tomatoes. If there is no such nozzle, do not be mistaken. Just twist the standard way, and the resulting mass will sell through the sieve.

In a ready-made puree, I add salt to my liking. Mixing and put on a slow fire before boiling. In the process of cooking, I will definitely remove the resulting foam and boil 10-15 minutes. If you like sweet juice, you can add sugar. As much as you like.

I remove from fire and spill on sterilized containers.

So that the bank does not burst, let the ordinary spoon stick to it.

And immediately surpass for sterile covers. I turn the banks to watch the air cover does not miss. Everything is fine. I bite them in an inverted form under the blanket until a complete cooling.

The next day you can remove for winter storage in the basement.

How to cook tomato juice without sterilization on a simple recipe

Do not want to bother on the sterilization of cans or simply there is no extra time? No problem. You can always do without this stage, if you cook for this recipe. Drink will be with a pleasant taste, perfectly balanced composition.

We prepare tomatoes: Well my and cut large slices.

We skip the tomatoes through the juicer or meat grinder (you need to pre-remove the skin, pulling the vegetables with boiling water).

We send juice into a saucepan, bring to a boil and cook for 5-10 minutes.

Spill tomato juice on well washed banks and ride.

Turn over all banks on the lids, we wrap and give it to cool completely, and then we remove it.

My daughter often prepares for this recipe. She always gives him preference due to the simplicity of the preparation and lack of “problems”.

The billet of the tomato juice “Fingers lice” for the winter

Next, the recipe in which everything is perfect: taste, consistency, fragrance. You can cook through the meat grinder or use the juicer.

  • Make any convenient way to juice.
  • Put on the stove, when boiling, be sure to remove all the foam.
  • Pour fragrant pepper, salt and sugar by recipe.
  • Peel all together five minutes.
  • Pour into sterile banks, roll.

You can preserve tomato not only with fragrant pepper, but also use the usual black or sweet paprika, they will give their special taste.

Delicious tomato juice for the winter at home. simple recipe

I will say right away that I took the classic preparation recipe, using Girlian salt proportions towards the drink. Although you can add a little more if you like the ambigue. And if you like sweetness in taste, or if the tomatoes are acidized, it’s easy to fix, put sugar. As you can see, everything is simple as twice two.

Well, now, go to reading if questions remained.

  • Tomatoes ripe
  • Salt. proportions such, 1 liter of juice goes 0.5 st.l salt or a little more, look at your taste
  • Sugar. optional if the tomatoes are acidic (in principle it is not needed)

Ripe tomatoes wash in water. Cut the deformed parts if there are. If the fruits are big, then remove them. I often twist together with them, it turns out even more useful). And the taste is special. But, I advise you to cut them, because it will be more correct and safer for storage.

Important! If tomatoes are rather large, then pre-charge them to pieces to work more convenient to work with them later.

Prepare now to the juicer. Well rinse the cup and all other parts before cooking. Alternately load the fruits into the desired compartment so that the electrical appliance makes its work.

Juice will be in a matter of minutes, it is fresh. All unnecessary particles (cake) will be in another reservoir, you can subsequently be prepared by Adzhik.

Next, tomato nectar Place from the cup into the pan, while measure the amount of liquid obtained. Since it is very important.

On 1 liter of juice take 0.5 st.l salts without a slide or take a small slide. Stir and try to taste. If it came out sour, then make sugar sand at your discretion.

Tomato nectar should be in moderation thick and pleasant to taste. After all, it will be driving it later, so let him bring one pleasure from the first throat to the last.

For interesting taste you can put the carnation, bay leaf or black pepper peas and even chopped greens. Experimental!

Banks and lids Sterilize in advance convenient way for you. I boil covers in water, and sterilize cans using a multicooker steamer console.

So, the juice boil and give him to pour 1-2 minutes. You can immediately remove the foam at will, and if you leave it, then nothing terrible will happen, she will still fall in the bank.

Then pour it hot by sterile jars. Tightly tighten with covers or use a special download machine, depending on which covers you have.

Remember that the bank does not burst in the filling process you need to put a kitchen metal device under it, such as a knife.

Turn over the workpiece by the other side to check the tightness and give the tomato yummy to cool to room temperature. Store in a cool place, for example, a cellar or refrigerator will fit perfectly. Help yourself!

As you see tomato juice, cooked at home turned out not only delicious, but also very useful. After all, all skins and seeds were missed together with the pulp through the juicer, which means all the vitamins will be saved in one bank. Great!

Well, now I want to demonstrate the video, where I show how I independently prepare the red vitamin juice, which reminds everything always summer in winter, in a couple of minutes. Delight your relatives and loved ones!

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P.S turns out to be fresh tomato juice can still be freeze, for this use plastic cups, and if the place allows you to do so. After all, he is also flawlessly stored, and then it can be added to any dishes.

You may say that it is stupid, but here you can decide, just decided to share what I know. So replenish the luggage of knowledge, suddenly this information will ever be useful.

Tomato juice for the winter with a meat grinder

Tomato juice for the winter is a popular workpiece, performed. elementary. Bright red and sour-sweet juice are added to the boors and harcho, cabbage and meatballs, meat and fish. It is recommended and drinking: it is very helpful and rich in vitamin drink for health.

To prepare it at home, do not necessarily use time-consuming technology, kitchen gadgets. juicer or food processor. I will share a successful and proven personal experience how to prepare tomato juice with a conventional meat grinder.

Tomato juice with meat grinders: YouTube / Delicious corner

Before starting the process, prepare the following devices:

  • colander or ordinary sieve;
  • medical gauze (better rinse it in advance in water without soap to discourage a specific pharmacy odor);
  • enamelled bowl;
  • Pan for 3-5 liters.

How to make tomato juice stages? I propose to divide the process:

At the start, so that tomato juice is tasty and thick, pay special attention to the raw materials. My advice is:

juice, tomato, juicer
  • Select the most ripe tomatoes for juice;
  • At the permeared or slightly pitched fruits, cut off unnecessary;
  • rinse well and dry tomatoes on a paper towel;
  • Large and medium fruits cut into two or four parts.

Wipe your mashed potatoes through a colander: YouTube / Delicious Corner

The main stage is aimed at cooking juice tomato for winter homogeneous and tasty. I propose to implement the idea like this:

  • Install the meat grinder and skip the whole tomato mass through it;
  • Pour the finished puree from tomatoes in the pan and put on the fire of average intensity;
  • Bring to a boil and tailor on a small heat for 30 minutes;
  • In a sieve or colander, put a rolled in a few layers of gauze and pour juice with portions, turning it into a clean capacity;
  • Thick, knead the big spoon or clean hands, gradually turning into a homogeneous puree;
  • Washing a saucepan, pour into her puree and boil again;
  • Boiling mass Swells, add spices and sweeten.

Boil Tomato Mashed: YouTube / Tasty Corner

Hot product immediately and carefully encounter, tomato juice at home is better kept in coolness and darkness.

The feature of this option is such that it is done only with the addition of salt. Optionally, you can add sugar, bay leaf, carnation to taste. Some I know even add Bulgarian pepper and garlic, and then they also dislike everything on the juicer. In my opinion it is already more vegetable juice.

Some additional heat treatment, sterilization does not require this option, since the jars are taken clean and already prepared. Let’s proceed, and these step-by-step photos you only help.

Cut the tomatoes on the slices and place them in a special juicer container, make juice.

Then put this red mixture to boil on the stove. After boiling, there should be 10 minutes, salt and mix well.

Important! Do not forget to interfere, to stand out less foam on the surface. And the situation, as with milk can happen, she will “run away”. Boil on low heat, but to bullball.

After 10 minutes have passed, take sterilized jars and covers and burst gently in them.

Important! Pour juice slowly, first raise quite a bit to scream a jar and it has become hot, got used to such a temperature.

Tighten the twist so that nothing run out of under covers.

Turn over to the top, shook and let cool to room temperature.

Everything is stored for a very long time, the taste is simply awesome and dear, just super! Such a workpiece must you like and you, and your family will be completely satisfied. Bon appetit.

Well, that’s friends, here is such home juice you can do yourself, without much more effort. If you like this note, share it on social networks, subscribe to a group in contact and as they say before new meetings! Everyone so far, of a lucky day and fruitful work!