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How to squeeze the cherry juice in the juicer?

It is possible to squeeze the juice from cherries with a bone with a special kitchen combine that has a juicer function. Most often this is part of a meat grinder having an elongated mesh nozzle. Pure fruits fall asleep into the device.

squeeze, cherry, juice, juicer

At the same time, it is impossible to just take and drive a cherry through the juicer. bones interfere. You will have to either first extract them, which is very vigorously, or acquire a screw juicer that is more expensive, but it works much slower and will not suit the universal device in the kitchen.

Cherry juice

Healthy food and drink is an important element in the life of every person, and if you prepared a culinary masterpiece with your own hands, it is twice delicious, and in two useful. Cherry juice is one of these masterpieces, fragrant, delicious, useful and simply magnificent, this drink contains a breathtakingly large amount of vitamins, microelements and minerals that are so necessary to human body.

1 Prepare Yagoda.

Take a juicy ripe, burgundy or black cherry beat and remove spoiled, fed or pressed berries. After throwing the cherry into the colander, rinse thoroughly under the jet of cold running water from various kinds of pollution and put into a deep bowl. Little caterpillars live in cherry. In order to be confident that your juice without caterpillar meat in a bowl with cherries pour running water so that it would cover the fruit on top of 2 fingers. And leave to stand 10. 15 minutes if there are caterpillar in cherry, they will pop up. After all this process, throw off the cherry back to the colander, once again rinse it under running water, remove a bone from each berry with a pin and put it in a deep saucepan.

2 Connect the cherry with sugar.

Put the cherry sukram and let it brew for 35. 40 minutes and let juice. Of course, you can choose a simpler way to prepare cherries, simply by filling it with a fork, and it will quickly allocate juice, but in this case your drink will not be crystal clear even after several filtering processes.

3 Cooking cherry juice.

After 35-40 minutes, your saucepan will be half filled with natural cherry juice and at the same time all berries will remain almost safe, which will help you in the further preparation of sweet cherry nectar. Now the acidic natural cherry juice must be diluted, otherwise it will be too concentrated, and this is not very desirable for people with increased acidity or for children, since the acid can not only affect the human body, but also negatively affects the delicate walls of the human stomach what can lead to ulcer. Therefore, add the desired amount of pure distilled water to the pan. Mix the resulting mass with a tablespoon and put a saucepan, on the stove included on the average level. When the fluid boils down the plate temperature to the smallest level. Boil the drink for 20 minutes, during this time the cherry will release all the juice, after retaining the container, with a plate helping yourself with a kitchen towel, and give a drink a little cool. Now take a two-liter glass decanter and install a sieve with a very small mesh on its surface. Pour the cooled juice with a pan in a decanter through a sieve if his cleanliness did not satisfy you, repeat the filtering, if after reloading you still achieve the consistency of crystal purity, filter the juice through the sterile gauze, folded at 2-3 times. Give juice to completely cool pour yourself a portion into a glass and tast.

4 feed cherry juice.

Cherry juice is served room temperature for children and at will be cold for adults. Its like any kind of compotes are served in decraronts, next to which clashes, vases with ice and a saucer with fresh fruits so that guests can complement the juice fresh aroma and taste of fruits. The perfect vitamin drink which is enriched with vitamin C and other useful substances. Enjoy and be healthy! Bon appetit!

Tips for recipe

-. This type of juice can be preserved, after you prepared the juice as it is indicated in the recipe, strain it with hot through a small sieve so many times as you consider you need. After transfer it back to the pan, bring to a boil and burst into clean, dry sterilized cans, then block the cans with sterilized metal covers with a keys for conservation. Turn the jars with the juice of the neck down, put on the floor and cover the woolen blanket, so that there is no cracks. Enjoy the workpiece within 2. 3 days and after putting jars with juice in the dark, cool well ventilated place. In winter, this juice will serve you a huge service, filling your body with vitamins.

-. Cherry juice can be combined by adding other berries, such as cherry, currants, raspberries, blackberries and many others. Having processed the second type of berry in the same way as described in the first step of this recipe, connect them with cherries, pour sugar, allow you to put the juice and then proceed by the recipe.

How to Make Cherry Juice without Removing the Pits

-. You can aromatize your cherry juice, adding vanilla sugar to it, it will be very pleasant aroma. On the above number of ingredients, 10 grams of vanilla sugar, which must be connected with cherries during cooking.

-. Cherry syrup can be prepared from the cherry juice, which is very well combined with desserts. Make it very simple, strain the juice into the second deep bowl and boil it to thickening on the smallest heat. This process will leave about 25. 30 minutes.

Preparation Description:

Cherry juice. This is the case when the cooking recipe is very primitive, and the result is always fantastic, because the cherry juice is delicious and in itself, and is an excellent ingredient for various culinary masterpieces.

Remove bones from cherries. It is advisable to choose the sweetest cherries, slightly surpasses. Then the juice is sweet, you do not need to add sugar. Cherries without seeds, without fruits and other nonsenses load in the juicer.

Juicer makes his business. In the cherry puree, which remains in the juicer, add half of the water and squeeze the juice again. The second half of water is diluted already squeezed juice.

Actually, juice is ready. If you drink or use it immediately. That’s all ready. However, you can try to immediately freeze the cherry juice. Then he practically does not lose its useful substances, and in winter, with his help, you can prepare some sauce.

To do this, there are juice for portion packages for freezing and send to the freezer. When you need juice. defrost naturally (do not even think to defrost in the microwave!) And use.

Some recommendations for receiving

All types of beverages described above are better to apply, dividing the daily dose by 3 receptions. During the day it is not recommended to use more than 250 ml of medication, otherwise allergy may develop.

When used against the constipation or to normalize the opening of the intestine, the juices should be diluted with water in a 1: 9 ratio. If this is not done, it is possible to develop the stomach ulcers. Per day you can drink no more than 0.15 l. The course of therapy lasts not more than 6 days.

The drink from carrots and beet root roots well cleans the liver. Dose. no more than 0.18 l per day. This amount is separated by 3 receptions of 60 ml. Fresh recommended to drink before meals. Before use, you must consult a doctor for the possible presence of contraindications.

This mixture can be applied with hypertension. Drink diluted with water in equal volumes. Drink 2 times a day 0.1 l 30 minutes before meals.

A mixture of beetroot, apple and carrot juices are used to stimulate immunity. Initial dose. 60 ml per day. It is gradually increased to 0.15 liters per day.

To strengthen the heart muscle after a heart attack, it is recommended to drink a mixture of beets with honey. Dose. 50 ml of beet juice with 5 g of honey per day.

From the resulting casket and a beet drink is preparing, which can be complemented by other vegetables and fruits. For example, you can cook extremely useful carrot-beetscent Fresh.

Requirements for the choice of vegetable

In the peel beets contain a sufficiently large amount of useful substances. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to young roots, since they have a thin skin, which can not be considered. Overripe vegetables are better not to take, otherwise the taste will be tart.

Preparation of bottles

Conservation tanks necessarily sterilize. For this, filled bottles are put in a boiling liquid for 10-15 minutes. You can also pre-put the glass containers in the heated oven and to withstand them there for 20 minutes.

Cherry-apple juice

The billet of such a juice is quite easy. It does not require long cooking and does not have many stages of manufacture. Apple juice used when cooking, gives a drink nice rich taste. In addition, it is possible to replace the juice of apples on sugar syrup.

Cooking method:

  • Cherry berries rinse in cool water and extort from bones and tails.
  • Sell ​​them through the nozzle of the meat grinder.
  • Mix one part of the cherry juice and two parts of apple or cherry juice and sugar syrup in equal amounts. In the case of the use of sugar syrup, it is pre-cooking, mixing three hundred sugar grams and eight hundred milliliters of water.
  • The resulting mixture to pour into enameled dishes and, putting on fire, bring to a boil.
  • Juice pour into banks and put them in the oven for pasteurization. It is necessary to take into account the ratio of the size of the bank and the sterilization time: the semi-linette is left in the heated oven for ten minutes, liter for fifteen, and three-liter for twenty-five.
  • Cover the cans with a lid and roll.

Cooking process

Prepare cherry juice with bones follows several stages. First, ordinary water is poured into a large enameled pan, and then bring it to a boil. Surrounding sugar-sand in dishes, it is waiting for its complete dissolution. After that, the resulting syrup is spilled by banks, where the berries were laid in advance.

Filling the containers to the shoulders, they are covered with covers and leave in this position for 20-35 minutes. After the color of the water change and becomes dark red, the banks are closed with a special cover with fine holes and pour all juice back to the container. Having tried the drink to taste, I additionally add sugar to it (if necessary). In this form, the syrup is adjusted to a boil and spill on banks again. This time the capacity is immediately rolled, turn the bottom up and closed with a thick blanket.

In this form, the cherry drink is withstanding about 3 days, after which they are removed into the refrigerator or underground.

View 2. Auger juicer

So the electric screw apparatus is arranged.

Juicer for grapes with bones and other berries with small seeds should be powerful enough to be controlled with solid berries.

A screw car in this sense will be the best option. Such a juicer is similar to a meat grinder. However, she has two actions. ready-made drink and squeezes. They are placed from various sides, based on the model of the device.

Bookmark berries. Washing fruits are stacked in the upper bootable capacity.

Such a pusher can grind the berries of any hardness along with rigid bones, leather and flesh

  • from the tank of berries pushed by hand inside the device;
  • There they are crushed by rotating around their Schneck axis (the shaft with spiral blades);

Filtration Kashitsa. Pressed juice flows through the groove in one direction, and the squeezes. to another.

Auger juicers can squeeze and fruits with large bones. Just to remove them in advance. To such berries include:

Auger devices are manual and electric type. Electric much more productive, since its shaft turns not a user with a handle, but an electric drive. Does it makes it at a speed of 60-80 rpm.

Some companies producing meat grinders attach to them an additional nozzle. If you put it on the device, then it can work like a juicer.

Tips for cooking

Sokalok. an indispensable assistant in the hot season of conservation! Makes it possible to recycle berries and fruits in large quantities, significantly saving time and strength. Impact principle. steam pasteurization. And what can be said about the benefits of juices prepared with its help? The answer to the question depends on what to make a comparison. Freshly squeezed juice is definitely useful. But compared to most of the packaged store analogues, the home billet is quite safer and more reliable. The range of models of the focus is designed for every taste and wallet. Perhaps the time has come to get a useful adaptation?!