Important designer techniques that will help bring order in the bathroom

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As a rule, many standard bedside tables / lockers and the necessary plumbing are installed in their tiny bathroom, without thinking about the organization of storage sites in the bathroom. After all, everyone has the same excuse: “How can I store something there, because there is no place to turn around in it?!”. But not everything is lost, there are very interesting options that everyone can implement in their bathroom, it is worth only to show resourcefulness and have a desire.

The bathroom is, perhaps, one of the most difficult places in the house where you can organize storage systems. After all, the task is complicated not so much by the dimensions of the square itself, how much is a huge number of small items that must be placed so that they do not interfere and not cluttered the existing shelves, but at the same time they were always at hand. In this review, we picked up a few ingenious ideas that will show you hidden opportunities and inspire the creation of ideal storage sites in your abode.

Compact multi-storey storage systems

Wooden shelves stylishly decorate the interior of the bathroom and provide additional storage systems.

One of the simplest and most affordable designs with such characteristics. a shelf. In the modern market, a variety of this type of goods is huge, they can be metal and wooden, glass and plastic or even on wheels.

Designers and NOVATE specialists.RU advise for this purpose to use the usual stepladder, which is dusting on the balcony or in the garage waiting for the following repair, because it fully meets the characteristics of the shelf.

On their open shelves, you can add whatever, starting with bulk bath towels, which always occupy a lot of space, and ending with detergents.

So that everything is located as possible, and a large number of all sorts of boxes and jars did not create a feeling of mess and chaos, it is better to place small and medium supplies in drawers or baskets. At the same time, group detergents for purpose, and the containers themselves would be nice to sign for ease of use, if there are several family members in your apartments.

Such a move will save you from extra problems (when the husband makes the head of shampoo for a cat), cleaning (if the child put the gel not where he took) and unnecessary questions (where, which lies and for what purposes can be used).

If your bathroom has a niche. then their inner part, even the most narrow, can be used as open shelves, because there will also fit a lot of useful things.

In order not to create chaos when storing a large number of items and things, they are better to put them in boxes or containers.

As organizers for storing small items, you can use cutlery and a variety of tanks.

In order not to create chaos, minor items and jars are better stored in organizers, and this Council concerns any storage systems. And in their quality you can use any capacity and various items, up to the dining rooms of devices and banal canned cans.

Providing vertical area of ​​the bathroom

As a rule, on the vertical square, we pay attention only in the case of the installation of a mirror above the washbasin or an angular shelf in the bathroom for the placement of shampoos and all sorts of gels. Well, the rest of the walls remain absolutely not involved.

After all, open shelves will fit perfectly on these areas. which may be single (if there is very little space) or multi-storey. Such shelves have a variety of shape and made from various materials: metal, plastic, wood, glass.

As of the same purpose, attached cabinets with open shelves and closing doors are used. Such a variety will help to choose the desired design, depending on the possibilities of the room and your preferences, the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it and adhere to the safety techniques when they are installed and secured. After all, not one sharp angle should not impede free movement and interfere with head slopes, as well as to have sufficient points of the support, so as not to collapse under the weight of objects.

Remember the convenience of all family members

If you live alone, try to make it in the bathroom it was convenient to all. Suppose you need a hair dryer every day, but no one uses them anymore. Then when choosing a place where to store a hairdryer in the bathroom, choose it in such a way that other family members do not have to constantly move your thing in search of their. To do this, group gadgets and cosmetics by category: On a convenient place for everyone, put something that everyone uses, and for personal belongings of each family member, highlight a separate space. Then to look for the need will be much faster, and it becomes easier to maintain order, because each will have their own “area of ​​responsibility”.

Hair dryers are divided into subspecies: portable structures and with holder.

It is worth staying in the first form. Portable are easy to use, they are mobile and compact.

The last species is distinguished by the location in a certain place. Bathroom. perfect for its use.

With the right approach, the device and the stand for a hair dryer in the bathroom will become a bright accessory, which attracts the main attention.

Take into account the shape, sizes that will be combined with similar characteristics of the holder.

All these moments should be found out in advance. With ignorance of some technical characteristics of the device, you can seek help from consultants.

Device parameters

If you are determined with the view of the hair dryer in favor of the wall, then consider the number of the following parameters:


  • The quality and final result hairstyles significantly depend on the model of the hair dryer, so define with tasks, functions and select the appropriate device;
  • depending on the thickness of your hair, take into account the power level. The necessary, optimal range is 200. 220 W. For very thick hair, a suitable hairdryer is needed, but the price will be higher than the usual model;
  • Temperature modes. To date, the hair dryers are distinguished by different temperature modes with hot, cold, or warm air action. Depending on the type of your hair, you can choose the desired hairdryer;
  • speeds that has a hairdryer;
  • nozzles that help create additional hairstyles, or effects;
  • Outlets in the bathroom for a hair dryer. One of the first moments, you must do yourself, or call a specialist for such a job, if there are no sockets in your room initially;

For the perfect choice of high-quality, good hair dryer, which will serve a long time, it is worth considering a number of important factors and characteristics.

When location in the bathroom, these nuances are added only.

But despite this, the use of a hairdryer in the bathroom is a convenient and comfortable solution to hair care.

The holder is made individually, and a hairdryer can become a highlight in your interior.

Where do you store hair dryer, curl and TP.?

Hello everyone) wondered here where people keep such things.I have it lies either on the windowsill in the bedroom, they are wide, or on the washer in the kitchen. I use a hairdryer every day, and I see no reason to clean him somewhere.But Bardak is created.when you look at the string.Looks Tell me ideas. (Cabinet and chest of drawers are clogged with things, the Feno is exactly there there will be no place there).

Of course in the dresser. Things from the chest put on, throw out part.

Hair dryer hangs near the shell in the bathroom, actually where we are having hair.

Store where they use them. in the bathroom. Lying in a basket that stands in the cabinet under the sink.

In the bathroom, in the lower drawer.

store, hairdryer, curl, bathroom

In the dresser in the bathroom. Very comfortably

In the hinged locker, in the case. Hair Dryer. I use the styler rarely. lies in the bedroom, in the dresser.

In the cabinet in the bathroom, together with cosmetics and care products.

In the bathroom. hair dryer in the stand on the wall, brushes in the drawer under the sink

Storage of hair dryers, bad. reactive hostesses.

In the bathroom at the knee level made two hooks, one for a hair dryer, the second for the curl. She is the disagreens of both there are loops to hang. That’s all.

Hook next to a mirror, for a hair dryer. No curls.

On a basket for dirty linen, there is a small wicker basket with a lid, in which a hairdryer is lying, flock, iron, a few combs, clips for laying.

I have ordinary hooks on the bilateral scotch, which you can join anywhere. On one hair dryer, on another iron

In the bathroom next to a mirror hairdryer, in the hallway near the mirror of irons. Pretty well me in the morning there and here son moves.

store, hairdryer, curl, bathroom

In the bathroom you can not store hair dryers. Humidity there. It is bad for a hair dryer

Hairdryer, calculus, curlers. in the drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom. No curls.

I have a fabric strip with large s in the cabinet in the hallway, in the upper s. umbrellas, hairdryer, lower arms, even lower.Sneakers, spoon for shoes. (in the “non-season” mittens-wear wool remove :))

Fissure strip with large s,

What size strip? And is it possible to see the photo, I will grate

A row of 4 steel hooks, to the right of the sink, on the two robes hang, on two. hairdryer and my machine for haircuting beard. No curls.Condurates lie on the edge of the styramineshki, under sockets (it is necessary to make a narrow penalty for them, between the typewriter and the wall, the hands do not reach)

I have a fabric box from Ikea in a wall cabinet. There is a hairdryer hairdryer from 3 parts (hairdryer nozzles), Comb Round big and mousse for laying. When I go dry. I take the whole box.

In a mirror cabinet over a sink, such as such.

Hairdryer I have small, without nozzles, occupies exactly one inner shelf of three.

Share, please secret, how to insert pictures in Комментарии и мнения владельцев? Or is it just a paid ekkout has such an option?

In Ikeev’s suspended cells that are attached to the bar. There’s an epilator and small bags.

hairdryer one hanging on a hook in the bathroom. Since the hook is thick, and the loop on the sneezer is small, the “adapter” serves as a link from the children’s designer. chains. Such are sold in stores for Babiks to play, collecting and teeth sharpened.

At the level of 1 m from the floor, hooks behind the washing machine, there and hang 2 hairdryers of different, no curls. wires just winding tightly, nothing falls. When there were no hooks yet, kept in an open basket of a rounded without a cover, on the shelf above the heated towel rail.

In the native box stands on the shelf with cosmetics and jewelry in the closet. I do not have a puffer. Only in his daughter, she does not remove her at all, it stands on her table, constantly ready for use))

Hair dryer with all the nozzles in his own handbag. Crying in a closet with other trifles, in a retractable box. However, probably, you need to throw it out, I still do not use it.

Full order: 10 Lifehas for smart storage of all sorts of little things

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It is impossible to achieve order in the interior without smart storage of all sorts of little things. How to organize everything so that small things do not interfere with and did not spoil the beautiful space? There are a lot of interesting ways to do it and we looked at some of them!

Textile s for storing covers, spices and other kitchen trifles

Textile s are easy to make with their own hands, it is easy enough, it does not require special costs and hides behind the cabinet door. It can be placed in it a variety of little things that usually litter space. bags with spices, openers, small covers, coasters under hot.

Tennis Ball, like a key holder, letters and handles

The tennis ball will be found in almost every home, children and pets love to play with such a toy, but when he gets his interest in him just lies without. Then it is worth paying attention to him and make an original organizer from it. To do this, you only need to make a small incision in it, which will then fit the keys to the apartment, the ballpoint pen, a small towel, important letters or bills for utilities, which should always be in mind.

Magnetic Holder for Bar and Manicure Tool

Girls always have a huge number of trifles who require special organizers. For example, hairpins, invisible and tweezers, which are incurred somewhere falling, falling for the furniture and are lost. So that this does not occur sufficiently fix on the wall magnetic holder and the problem will be solved!

So as not to lose a single nail

Approximately the same situation with nails, which are always lying to get lost. To prevent this prevention, you need to collect nails into small transparent banks, the covers are equipped with small magnets, and then fasten the jars on one of the walls of the mounted cabinet.

Storage of electrical wires

Modern person cannot present his life without household appliances, computer, tablet and phone. And complete with all these items there are various wires. Sometimes a lot accumulates them, they are confused and a feeling of chaos. In order to avoid this, you will need to make a practical organizer for storing electrical wires. To do this, the box (even from under shoes) and flexible cardboard.

Saving place in the bathroom

If you do not want to clutter a small bathroom with additional shelves, but you need to store shampoos somewhere, then the following idea comes to the rescue. It will take several vacuum suckers on the tile and stationery gum.

Home Office Home Office

Many young people today work at home, so it is extremely important that the home office is comfortable. You can achieve this thanks to convenient storage systems. For example, as this small mesh, on which a lot of all sorts of trifles are placed.

Storage towels above the door

Sometimes it’s hard to find in the bathroom place for storing towels and other little things. Therefore, it is worth considering all possible options and pay attention to the space above the door, it often remainsless, and in vain!

Economical storage of toilet paper

In order not to borrow the walls of a small bathroom with organizers for toilet paper, it is possible to place it right on the drain kernel of the toilet bowl.

Storage Spanish and Hair Iron

Where to store a fluff or iron? This question is asked many women. Make a stylish organizer for these items can be from a conventional stationery paper tray. It looks concise and stylish!

How to make it yourself?

If you have minimal creative abilities, the creation of a hard hat for a hair dryer will not take you a lot of effort and time. Making this option with your own hands, you will create an original and exclusive device with excellent functional qualities.

One of the most popular ideas is the use of standard PVC pipes. It is worth noting that due to the unique form of these elements, they can be used not only for the storage of the hair dryer, but also for other functional devices. Perhaps the next simple master class will inspire you to creativity.

All you need to do is choose a place to install the holder. Pipe can be fixed on the wall or install on any free surface.

But it is worth understanding that PVC products are not too attractive. In this case, you can show fantasy and decorate a homemade holder in accordance with your own preferences. But do not forget about the interior features of the bathroom.

Consumer reviews on Holders for Hair Dryer

The holder perfectly fit into the bathroom with other accessories from the same Luxia series of the Czech manufacturer. The only significant disadvantage of dear, like all accessories of this type. True, when you do repair, on the background of total costs it looks not so expensive.


Fastening on velcro disgusting, do not hold on the wall, although I hung in accordance with the instructions. Most likely on the weight of the hair dryer they are not calculated. After the holder with a hairdryer fell several times from the wall, no longer began to take attempts to hang it back.

https: // www.Ozon.RU / Reviews / 5801810 /

Thanks for those who finally came up with this product. And thanks to those who came up with this fastener. I coped myself without a husband. If you follow the instructions, everything is done easily and just. It lasts perfectly, the hairdryer is heavy enough, but there are no problems! I advise!