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How to turn on the air conditioner warm air? Heating Activation Guide

Agree, the heating system in our homes is not perfect, and often heated the premises are worthwhile. Not all air conditioners owners know that the equipment can be used not only for air cooling, but also to warm it. In this article we will tell you in detail how to include warm air on the air conditioner.

You will also learn the principle of operation of the air conditioner in heating mode, the rules of operation of the equipment, the advantages and disadvantages of its use in winter. As a bonus, we will tell you what to do if, after all manipulations, the air indoors does not heat up.

How effective is the air conditioner in heating mode

In fact, the effectiveness of heating abilities in air conditioners is not the highest. This is due to the fact that there is no inside the heating elements. That is, without going into the physics of the heating process, the air conditioner simply distinguishes the heat of compressed freon from the external block into the inner.

And if, with a plus external temperature, the air conditioner warms it more or less efficient, then low temperatures significantly reduce the efficiency of the device. Sometimes manufacturers even indicate the minimum allowable external temperature to start heating. Most often no less than.5ºС. That is, the period of applying the heating function of the air conditioner. autumn or spring, when the heating season has not yet begun, or has already ended, and it’s rather cool on the street.

Air conditioners: General information and classification

Man’s health, its performance and quality of life depends on the state of its environment. So that external cataclysms have a smaller impact on us, we create our own comfortable microclimate in rooms where we sleep, live, work.

Creation, application and improvement of the air conditioner. the answer of mankind nature, its way of protection.

The composition of the window and portable monoblocks includes only one block in which all elements of the device are concentrated, allowing it to perform its functions

Most modern models of this device are well acquainted:

In turn, Split systems consisting of outdoor and internal blocks are divided into:

  • Nasty. This option is most often used in offices and in residential premises.
  • Column. Looks like powerful columns, are used in conference rooms, restaurants and hotel halls for supplying air to the ceiling space with its subsequent distribution.
  • Ceiling. Air flow from them directed along the ceiling or wall. Consist of an internal unit and air duct systems for flow distribution. These are predominantly cassette options installed in the attic or hidden over the system of suspended ceilings.

Multisystems are used to handle large objects. They are characterized by the presence of one common outdoor unit and several internal, associated with the general outer, and located in various premises.

We are accustomed to seeing wall split systems, although the model range of these devices is very wide, for example, there looks like cassette air conditioners that are mounted in a largest store ceiling or warehouse

The main characteristics that distinguish one model from the other:

  • Power consumption;
  • performance;
  • Acoustic Comfort;
  • Set of functions laid in model: cooling, heating, air ionization, drainage, cleaning, and so.

for models of different brands depend not only on the characteristics listed, but also from the device’s class.

The familiar wall split system consists of two blocks and is equipped with a remote control, with which its functions are controlled by

All models can be divided into three classes:

  • Budget. Simple in management, sufficiently noisy, but affordable devices that do not have a number of non-critical functions: protection against improper operation, for example; This class is mainly represented by commodity stamps of domestic, Chinese and Korean manufacturers, including LG models and SAMSUNG air conditioners.
  • Middle class. Still noisy, but reliable products, characterized by increased durability, the presence of control functions and the average price range. These include Toshiba and Delonghi products.
  • Elite. Cheap these devices will not call anywhere, but all the best qualities are focused on them: high efficiency, durability, silent work, reliability, the possibility of self-diagnosis and all levels of protection. This, for example, Panasonic products Split Otaikin.
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Regardless of which class you can attribute a really modern air conditioner, it should be:

  • Equipped with remote control;
  • not only cool, but heated and dry the air;
  • work in ventilation mode;
  • maintain the settings in automatic mode;
  • have a timer on and off.

By the way, cooling and heating. two sides of the same process occurring in the split system.

Gree air conditioning: how to enable heating

Set up the necessary operations to the equipment is not enough enough, it is worth understanding the instructions and clearly comply with the requirements. This is the first and most important thing that you should remember the brand and model of the system. There are a large number of different split systems that have similar principles of operation and management. Today in the open access there is information on how to enable heating is enough just to enter in any search engine “Gree air conditioning how to turn on heat”

An important feature of MIDEA equipment is the ability to maintain a stable air temperature, which must comply with all valid standards and allowed used technical equipment in normal mode for it. In the process of work, the cool air can arrive at first, but after a while it will begin to warm up. Therefore, those who do not know the peculiarities of the device may think about failure. You can control the air conditioner using the remote or manually.

To turn on the Midea air conditioner on the heating function, it is standing on the control panel to find the “Heat” button and press it until the picture is appeared on the display with the Sun. After that you need to set the required temperature. You can simplify this process, programming the remote control in advance to use the ON button and directing it directly to the display. Other drawings may occur depending on the settings parameters, which are described in detail in the instructions for the device.

How to turn on air conditioning for heat from the remote and without, instruction of split systems of different brands

As new technologies are used, air conditioners can not only cool the air, but also heated it, if necessary. This became possible due to the launch of the reverse process of evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant, relatively used in traditional split systems intended exclusively for cooling.

So, when moving from liquid into a gaseous state, the substance takes the heat, and in the room it becomes cool. In the reverse case, the energy is allocated, which allows you to apply this property for heating.

This is how many manufacturers of climate techniques are used in the creation of Winter-Summer Split Systems, thanks to which you can maintain a given comfortable temperature for almost all year round, with the exception of severe frosts. And how to turn on the air conditioner to heat. in the material further.

Based on the characteristics of climatic systems, it is possible to turn on the air conditioner at a temperature not lower. 5 ° C. However, now many manufacturers produce products that can significantly increase this threshold to.15 ° C and even.25 ° C. True, such air conditioners are equipped with additional systems, which significantly increases their cost.

The usual air conditioning system is capable of converting 1kW of electrical energy in 3 kW thermal under normal working conditions. To what temperatures it is advisable to use the device for heating, it will help to understand the correction coefficient (QC), which shows the consumption ratio and energy ratio.

When the temperature outside the window falls below 5 ° C, the efficiency decreases significantly, and the QC is obtained equal to one (that is, 1kW of thermal energy is performed during power consumption of 1kW). So, for.10 ° C The correction coefficient is already 0.9.

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Thus, the device becomes not appropriate from an economic point of view.

turn, gree, conditioner

Also at very low temperatures there may be a number of damage, which will result in the breakdown of the entire system. For example, the refrigerant will not have time to evaporate in heat exchanger, which is covered in the cold and loses power. Condensate will be drained into the compressor, as the drainage system will freeze, which is fraught with the possibility of hydroudar. Therefore, it is important to know at what temperatures is allowed to operate the air conditioner.

Important! For lubrication of parts in the compressor, special oil is used, which at low temperatures has the property to stick, thereby blocking the operation of some nodes. Excessive friction of elements ultimately leads to the failure of the compressor.

Enable Heating Mode

Considering the above, air conditioning is advisable to use to heat the room solely in the offseason. until the launch of centralized heating. And to configure the device to warm air, you need to set the necessary mode of operation. To begin with, check whether the heating mode is provided in a particular model, and to what temperature it is possible. such information is indicated in the instructions.

On the air conditioner itself or on the control panel, warm air is indicated, as a rule, “Sun” or “Heat” value (Heat). Next, several simple manipulations should be done:

  • turn on air conditioning;
  • Set the desired mode using the “Mode” function. most often enough to press this button several times to switch to the feed air, but in some models the modes have already been made separately, then simply press the corresponding Saths character or the word “Heat” ;
  • With the help of “” or “-” signs set the desired room temperature.

Gree mini split How to turn on heat mode

On a note! If the “MODE” functions are not on the control panel, then you need to go to “Settings” and find the required mode there.

All of the above is relevant for models without a control panel. The necessary buttons must be deposited on the air conditioner housing. With their help, you can also adjust the operation of the device for heating.

What climate technique allows heating in winter

To navigate which air conditioners can be heated, and to what ambient temperatures they allow operation, it is convenient to use the classification shown in the table below.

Minimum temperature indicators Brand and Model Split Systems
from.5 ° C to.9 ° C Whirlpool AMD 311; Ballu BSLI-07HN1 / EE / EU; ELECTROLUX EACS / I-07HSL / N3; LG PM-09SP; Leberg LBS / LBU-LOK08; Saturn (Saturn) ST-18TLHR / BIO and DR.
from.10 ° С.14 ° C Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C; Samsung AR09MSPX; Cooperhunter Inverter CH-S09FTXG; Panasonic CS / CU-BE20TKE; General Climate GC / GU-EAF09HRN1I DR.
-15 ° C to.20 ° C MIDEA MSMB-09HRFN1-Q ION; GREE SMART GWH09QB-K3DNB6G; LG UU-24W; Kentatsu KSGBA21HZAN1 / KSRBA21HZAN1 /.20; Dantex RK-18UHM3N
less.20 ° C Cooperhunter Supreme CH-S09FTXAM2S; Mitsubishi Electric Puhz-SHW80VHA 71 m²; Electrolux Viking EACS / I-12HVI / N3 and DR.

As mentioned above, it is best to include a climate system for heating in the off-season with a soft climate: early spring or late autumn, the code is no longer there are no big frosts. And in the case of budget models, heating is possible only at the positive temperatures.

Important! It is worth keeping in mind that the manufacturer, indicating the minimum temperature value for heating, implies the critical level. In this mode, the technique will not work for a long time, since excessive loads are fraught with a rapid way out of system.

Therefore, a unambiguous answer to the question is whether it is possible to include air conditioning in winter to heating, no. It all depends on the specific model and winter temperatures.

If the switch did not happen

After heating on the remote or body of the air conditioner, heating was set for 3-5 minutes. If even after 10 minutes of waiting, nothing happened, it means that for some reason heating does not happen.

You should once again go to the modes and do the necessary actions, while you need to closely monitor the technique to react to the specified commands. after pressing there must be a sound or light signal.

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If the system does not respond, perhaps on the control panel of the batteries, or he broke. Then it is necessary to replace the batteries either entirely go.

Possible breakdowns

Each user should know that using a split-system for heating is necessary according to the instructions. The main reasons for frequent breakdowns are incorrect use of the device and non-compliance with temperature regime. Often situations occur when after pressing the necessary buttons and the choice of the desired mode does not go. Reasons for this can be a lot and they must be checked. There are such phenomena such phenomena:

  • Batteries do not work in the control panel;
  • The sensor reacts poorly to the device;
  • There are violations in the operation of software supply;
  • Strong breakdown of conditioner.

The most common cause of the device breakdown becomes a malfunction of the battery in the remote control, so many believe that they slipped marriage. Allow the problem is very simple, just change them to new and run the device again.

If the problem lies in the sensor malfunction, then in this case it will not be solved independently. It is best to pass the warranty device or call the masters. If the air conditioner warranty is still valid, then the air conditioner must change to a new or replace sensory equipment.

All this makes it clear that there are problems that urgently need to decide until the device has completely broken. Therefore, it is better not to try to repair the device yourself, but contact the service center.

When the technique completely ceases to work if it was not used, or often rebooted, with such problems, repair will cost it somehow, and it is better to think about buying a new air conditioner.

Inverter models of air conditioners

Inverter air conditioners can be used all year round. Their distinctive feature is the way to manage the compressor. With a decrease in temperature, the performance is reduced to the required indicator by changing the speed of rotation of the electric motor.

Energy Efficiency Coefficient inverter Air Conditioner. 5. This means that you will receive 5 kW heat, spending 1 kW of electricity.

Disadvantages of inverter air conditioning systems:

Permanent equipment operation (without periodic inclusions / shutdowns) saves up to 30% of electricity.

Important functions

Modern models perform a large number of functions, except standard heating and cooling. To properly configure the system, you need to initially deal with all the capabilities, or rather with air conditioners.

This mode of operation of the air conditioner, as cooling is the main function of the air conditioner, as most users buy it precisely with this purpose. You can adjust the optimum temperature using the remote control (“Cool” button or a snowflake pattern).

How to turn on air conditioning for heat? The heating function allows you to increase the room temperature. In the cold season, when the heating indoors does not pay the proper effect, as the way it is necessary to have air conditioning with the air heating function (“HOT” or a drawing in the form of the sun).

Reducing air humidity. Helps to get rid of excess moisture indoors. Usually indicated by the “Dry” button or a drop pattern. Maintain the necessary humidity is very important, since the amount of breeding and the spread of malicious bacteria depends on the amount of water in the air.

Air cleaning. Dust, dirt and other substances that take air can fall into the premises, which make it difficult to breathe. Air conditioning provides circulation and cleaning.

It has the name on the remote control “FAN” or a picture in the form of a fan.

Autonomous mode allows you to save electricity and creates acceptable conditions for a person. Set this mode only after the previously listed.