Modes of operation of the air conditioner, description, translation into Russian, features

Fan, Cool, Dry, Heat. Translation into Russian for air conditioner of all modes. What is the names on the buttons and the display of the console, how the functions of the air conditioner work. Full description of pros, minuses and application of each mode.

In the article, we collected not only accurate names, but also analogues of different models. Even if they perform one function (for example, HOLD and LOCK). If something is incomprehensible to you. you can ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Switching air conditioner to heat

Air conditioners should be operated with a clear observance of the most necessary norms. this action will provide extension of the service life to the maximum, and also eliminates the owners of climate equipment from the need for expensive and frequent repairs, which, as a rule, is carried out with the replacement of expensive parts such as compressor or control board.

To install the air conditioner to heat (heating) you need:

1 Option:

1) We look into the remote, there is the “Mode” button (some remotes it is hidden with a lid).

2) We click on the “Mode” button until the Sun icon or the “Heat” inscription will not be on the scoreboard.

4) When changing modes, hold the console towards the air conditioner so that it takes the signals as you set up and published the sound confirmation signal.

It is also possible to produce all of the above settings on the remote and after that sending the remote control to the air conditioner to press the “ON” button.

6) In the heat mode, the fan of the indoor unit turns on not immediately!

How To Turn Your Fan Into An Airconditioner AC

Option 2:

1) We look into the console, the “MODE” buttons, but there is a button over which characters: “Snowflake”, “Fan”, “Droplet”, “Sun”.

3) exhibit the temperature above the room. (Example in the room 20 degrees. put 25 or 27).

4) Also as in 1 version include air conditioning, should be squeaked with the characteristic sound in all in different ways. When the wired remote is usually silent, but light bulbs light up on the air conditioner when turned on.

5) Walk to drink tea if you don’t want to just wait five minutes.

3 Option:

You are not displayed on the remote, not “Heat”, not the “Sun” icon, but other modes are displayed.

This suggests that your air conditioner is not able to bring warmth to your home. It only works for cold.

4 Option:

You are sure that the air conditioner is a cold-cold, and not just cold.

You have done all the operations above.

Air conditioning is turned on, heat mode is set, the temperature was raised above approximately 30s., The air conditioner squeaked or light bulbs on the inner block.

Heat conditioner does not give, and is already on 30-60 minutes.

I’m sorry, but you need to repair the air conditioner.

Before installing the air conditioner, it is required to study in detail the instructions in which it is indicated how best to produce these actions, as well as how to include air conditioning for heat. Specialists advise not to save on such responsible actions as installation, but to trust professionals. But with elementary functions, you need to understand yourself.

How to enable air conditioner for heating without a remote

Many models of split systems have an active control panel on the inner block. It can be sensory or ordinary, in the form of buttons. Sometimes it is hidden under the plastic lid.

If the buttons or the control sensor are not visible, you need to open the front air conditioner cover. To do this, find in its lower part on the right and left of the deepening or protrusions under the fingers and pull on yourself and up (see. a photo).

After the control panel is visible, it may not turn out the ON / OFF button on it. To turn on the air conditioner without a remote, you need to use the hidden button. It is located on the panel, to the right of the air filter. It can be marked as “on / off” or “auto”.

To enable it you will need a conventional handle. Depending on the diameter of the hole, reach the button or writing or by the opposite side. In order to turn off the air conditioner. do the same procedure.

Recommendations for use

There are special rules on the basis of which the air conditioner is operated at home.

  • It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the external block, especially the lattices at the entrance.
  • All windows and doors to the outside should be closed when the split system turns on. Such measures allow not to overload the product.
  • You can not use air conditioning constantly during the day.
  • Timely maintenance increases the duration of good work split installation.
  • When clogging by the dust of the dust of the internal unit filters, users can independently remove, rinse them and dry in a natural way without the use of a hair dryer so as not to damage the delicate grid.
turn, conditioner, dantex

To fulfill these recommendations, carefully read the instruction that is designed for each model of the air conditioner.

Air Conditioners and Split Systems DanTex: reviews, instructions for the control panel

The Chinese production brand DanTex went to the Russian climate technology market relatively recently. The product range includes inverter air conditioners, traditional split systems, floor equipment and mobile installations. It is possible to choose a model for power and set of functions. To do this, you need to get acquainted in detail with Dantex products.

Wall-mounted models

Modern Dantex Split System. Optimal Choice for Residential or Office Room. The company has developed several series, differing not only by technical capabilities and operational qualities, but also design. Also taken into account the determining consumer parameter. prices.

Overview of the model range of wall household air conditioners on the series:

  • Corso New. Budget version of the climate system. Features. carbon filter and silver ions. Turbo mode as quickly cool or heats up the room. Cost. from 14850
  • Plasma. The series also applies to a budget version. Advantage. Completed Multifunctional Remote D / U. Price. 16500
  • Vega. Advantage. the presence of a plasma generator for enrichment of oxygen by negative ions. This scheme works both cooling and heated. Cost. from 15900
  • Moon Inverter. The inverter in the outer block in aggregate with ECO technology provides the maximum level of comfort. Additionally installed several air filtration systems. Price. from 26700
  • Vega Multi. Multi Split Systems are designed for installation in two separate rooms. The series does not differ from the standard VEGA model, with the exception of two internal blocks. Multisplit cost. from 32970

Reliable Japanese compressors make it possible to include a heat system in a wide range. This feature is convenient in the cold season. It is important to take into account restrictions on the operation. the minimum temperature on the street.

Advantage. Unified Remote Control For DanTex. It can be purchased separately and configured under the parameters of the specific model. Management intuitive, simple settings.

Mobile air conditioning

To create comfortable living conditions in premises with non-permanent people’s stay, the manufacturer offers reliable mobile air conditioning. Until recently, the manufacture of precision monoblocks of the N series was established. However, they decided to refuse, as the design did not meet modern requirements. Instead, you can buy a model SOHO

  • Minimum electricity consumption. up to 1.35 kW at a capacity of 3.5 kW;
  • Blinds are automatically closed after the cessation of functioning, which reduces the risk of pollution;
  • The buyer can take advantage of the restart function;
  • Simple conditioner setting, several modes of operation.

Also provides for the possibility of disassembling the body for cleaning the mechanisms from dust and dirt. Condensate is assembled in a special tank, the alarm indicates the degree of filling it.

Capacity Filling Minimal. This is ensured by the design feature. condensate first falls on the heat exchanger, evaporates, and the residue flows into the container.

Ceiling climatic systems

To solve non-standard tasks to ensure optimal conditions, outdoor or column air conditioning was developed and launched. Constructively and on the characteristics it is close to the classic split system. The difference lies in the distribution of air flow from the inner block. At the same time, the installation of the air conditioner DANTEX outdoor type is not of great complexity.

  • There are two additional air flow. along and down;
  • On the evaporator tubes there is a network of grooves that allowed to reduce the cost of electricity;
  • Blinds of the wide-angle form evenly distribute warm and cold streams throughout the volume of the room;
  • Availability of night mode of operation. a significant reduction in noise.

This series is also equipped with Japanese compressors. It provides a high degree of reliability of the system.

Dismantling and transferring an internal unit to another room should only be performed by specialists. Alone to do these activities is prohibited. the likelihood of violation of the integrity of feed and return highways.

Comparison of technical characteristics

In addition to household air conditioners, the company produces industrial and semi-industrial. cassette, columns and ceiling. For commercial premises, the optimal choice will be channel models. For their choice it is necessary to carry out complex calculations. Therefore, for comparison of the series, only home systems will be selected.

It is advised to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the selection:

  • air conditioning type. floor, mobile or split system;
  • Rated cooling / heating power;
  • Indicator of electricity consumed;
  • Functional features. the number of modes, the minimum temperature change step;
  • price.

The table shows the most popular models.

Model RK 12SEG RK 07ENT2 RK 09Seg
Cooling, kW 3,23 2,052 2.63
Heating, kw 3,51 2.25 2,82
Air consumption 550 480 400
MIN Temperature Outdoor -10 ° C -7 ° C -7 ° C
Price, 23600 15320 17200

It is noteworthy that the average noise level of the internal unit does not exceed 38 dB values ​​even at maximum power. Also in some systems there is a night mode, during which productivity is lower than the nominal, but the air conditioner‘s work is practically not heard.

Instructions to the control panel and air conditioners DANTEX

To change the parameters of the work, several control panels were developed. wired and wireless. The first is recommended to be used to control from another room, the second. to control the air conditioner directly in the room. It remains the opportunity to use two types of console simultaneously.

Enable heating mode

Some model of air conditioners. inverter air conditioners. can heat the room even in winter, with sufficiently low minus temperatures.

When the heating mode is turned on at the beginning for 3

5 minutes can work fan to prevent cold air supply while air conditioning warms up. Since the air conditioner heats the room by producing thermal energy from the outer air, its heating capacity may decrease if the outdoor temperature is extremely low. Use an additional heating device in combination with air conditioning, if you feel that the air conditioner is not enough enough.

In HEAT mode, the air conditioner will heat the room. You can set the temperature and speed of rotation of the fan to feel the operation of the heating device in the cold season.

FAN mode, translation into Russian in air conditioner

Among the air conditioner switches can be found option “Fan Speed”. If you translate this word into Russian, we will get the “fan speed”. The function can also be called simply as “Fan”, which is equivalent to the word “fan”. When this mode is selected, the valve rotation speed can be changed in the unit. If you increase the speed of rotation, the air conditioner will cool and heat the room faster. The fan often changes the speed of rotation, as its work is automated. Speed ​​is calculated from the difference between the set temperature and temperature in the room. The speed can be fixed precisely using the button with the designation “FAN”. As a rule, you can choose three or four rotational speeds.

After turning on the “FAN” ventilation in the device, the so-called “shaft” is activated (it is the same fan, it is drum with blades), located in the inner block. Air is closed from the room, filtered and replaced again. At the same time, the temperature of the air layers are mixed and the whole room (apartment) has a uniform “degree”. It is convenient when, for example, in the San nodes are cooler than in residential rooms (or vice versa).

The same option is relevant when, for example, a person is sick. air temperature flow can refresh it. Cold flow can only harm. If you have small children, this feature can also save. Knowing what means ventilation mode in air conditioners, it is easier to figure out how and when to use it. The mode includes in the following cases:

  • When the air stood in the room. it felt that there is a hot air near the batteries, and the corridors do not reach the heat (or cold depending on the needs). The floor gathered cold air, and the ceiling was warmer, for the comfort of a person, the temperature is better to align;
  • The room has an unpleasant smell or dampness. eliminated by turning on the shaft. At the same time, air is driven through the available filters (coal, catechin, plasma, bactericidal and others);
  • When in the room is the optimal temperature and just want to be under the stream of air (not cold and not hot);
  • In the room there are sick people or small children, which cold air is contraindicated, and the flow of room temperature will not harm.

Tips on how to competently use the air conditioner

“Who has a remote control from the air conditioner, the main office”. This rubber stroke has long become an office folklore. But whether everyone knows how to use them to correctly so that the technique serve in good by all indoors?

So often happens: by purchasing complex equipment, we rather begin to press on all sorts of buttons, set it up for the Nativity, and the idea that you need to get acquainted with the instruction, usually visits when the technique fails. Our review is precisely for those who are not used to driving themselves reading instructions. After reading it, everyone can easily control the remote control and set the necessary parameters.

Manufacturers of climate techniques, anticipating the expectations of their buyers, sometimes create air conditioners and split systems, but at the same time, any super suites remain very concise and easy to use, with a standard set of buttons required for the desired settings.

The most important button of the remote control. MODE. Select mode.

When you press this button, the air conditioner is adjusted to different air supply modes: one press is automatic mode;

Two Pages. Cooling Cooling Cooling. Quickly or slowly. it all depends on the specified parameters (about it. farther);

Another press of the MODE button translates into DRY mode. drainage. Air conditioning goes to slow, average speed;

Another press of the MODE button and FAN mode, in which the air conditioner starts to work quietly, in a slightly slow pace than in the previous mode.

Turbo mode Enhances the operation of the air conditioner above the listed modes in the MODE button. In addition to automatic regime.

TEMP- Press up or down, the temperature of heating or cooling is set.

turn, conditioner, dantex

FAN- selects the speed of rotation of the fan (3-4 different levels of speed), feeding freshness and coolness. Does not work with automatic mode.

Swing. Direction of horizontal damper. One Pressing Swing Button.The damper swings up and down constantly, when repeated presses, locks its position. In some models of split systems, you can adjust the direction of vertical dampers, if this function is not, then they will have to be adjusted manually by sending the air flow in the right direction.

Quolet- This function allows you to dispel the flow of cold air much stronger, excluding the direct flow in the way in the indoors of people.

Auto Clean- useful button for disinfection and drainage of air conditioning parts. It is necessary to give air conditioning from time to time in this mode at least a couple of hours. Then you can not be afraid of the appearance of fungi and other troubles in the technique.

OK and Cancel- confirmation buttons and cancel settings.

Smart Saver. allows you to hold the temperature at a certain mark. Air conditioning reaches a given temperature and stops working. When the temperature in the room starts to change, the air conditioner will turn on again.

Good Sleep. In this mode, the cold air will be facing the ceiling and will not interfere with sleep.

Sleep. sleeping mode. Within two hours each hour the temperature rises on one degree, then it rests on the achieved, and after 6 hours the air conditioner is turned off.

ECO. button is responsible for power saving mode. Air conditioning begins to work on low revs.

Clock Shows the time exposed. You need to set time using temperature arrows.

On Timer- include timer.

Time Up- button to add time when setting the timer;

OFF TIMER- Turn off the timer;

Time Down- Time Reduction Button, when setting the air conditioner timer to shut down.

Many models of modern split systems are equipped with an electronic display, which shows the information about the specified settings in the panel of the internal unit. If there is no display, the settings can be controlled using the remote control. During pressing each button, the internal unit of the air conditioner will publish a characteristic sound, thus reacting to the console command. If “PIP” did not sound, then the button must be pressed again.