How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

The lime raid is the “killer” of washing machines, because due to the formation of the “shell” on the “Automatants”, the maintenance. To eliminate scale, you can use a variety of means, including those that are available at each kitchen. Today it will be about lemonic acid.

The washing process involves the use of hot water, the heating of which is carried out by means of Tan. The heating element becomes a victim of lime deposits. This is explained by poor water quality containing in salt, mineral impurities (calcium and magnesium carbonates). Under the influence of high temperature, these substances have a property of settlement on a TEN, which is why durable crust appears on the surface of the heating element. Its presence increases the duration of water heating, which inevitably leads to increased consumption of electricity.

To determine the presence of scale, optionally call the masters. Diagnose lime taxes can be visually using a flashlight to illuminate, because the TEN is visible through the holes of the drum. There are other signs indicating the emergence of the problem:

  • Strong vibration;
  • Bad quality washing Even when the dose of powder increases;
  • When working the unit is very noise;
  • Water is slowly heated;
  • There was an unpleasant smell;
  • White things after washing acquire yellow or gray shade.
citric, acid, washing, machine

Important! Too hard water reduces the effectiveness of washing!

Why clean the washing machine

The most important elements of the washing machine are hidden inside the case. One of them is a TEN (tubular electric heater; sometimes you can meet the erroneous spelling. “Ten”), it is a metal tube and is necessary for water heating. The heating element is constantly in contact with water and with time is covered with solid deposits.

TEN. an important element of the washing machine, and it is he who is most susceptible to the formation of scale

Even in soft water there are substances that in time form scatter on the age. In the water, medium or high sediment stiffness accumulates faster, especially when washing using high temperatures. So, the tougher water used for washing, and the more often the “boiling” or “whitening” mode is used, the higher the risk of formation of plaque.

Than dangerous scale? In the process of washing the TEN heats up and transmits heat energy to water that enters the car. When the metal tubes are covered with a raid, the heat transfer is worsening, and instead of water, the parts of the machine are overheated. Over time, this leads to breakage.

It should be noted that the advertised means do not clean the elements of the machine from scale, but perform the prophylactic function, softening water. Therefore, if the bloom has already been formed, either a specialist or a strong cleansing agent, for example, lemon acid will be able to cope with it at home.

How does lemon acid act on scale

Lemonic acid enjoys fame even in industry. If we talk briefly, the acid acts as a reagent when entering into a reaction with water salts, as a result, the latter turn into soluble elements. Acetates and chlorides obtained by the results of this reaction destroy the reservoir. After which it is easy to go down, leaning out with water. The only nuance. the destruction stems unevenly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Cleaning the aggregate of citric acid has its positive and negative points that should be known in advance.

Experiment. Citric Acid. in a Washing Machine

The advantages include:

Effective purification of the drum and a bean from scale as a result of a chemical reaction;

  • an aggressive effect of acid on rubber elements. seals;
  • Specific smell may be present;
  • Acid can damage the elements of the Tan;
  • salts that are extended from heating elements can score.

Additional recommendations

Many users are interested in whether there are alternatives to citric acid. Yes, they are, but this is not at all lemon juice. All that you will achieve, if you brush the machine in this way. it is to get rid of the unpleasant smell if he was. The acid containing lemon juice does not solve the scale on the tane, its concentration is too low.

At the same time, it is not necessary to dilute with citric acid powder, as this substance, on the contrary, is very concentrated. If it seems to you that not all thickens, it is better to repeat the procedure, but not to fall asleep too much powder.

Advantages and disadvantages

The properties of citric acid allow splitting of mineral deposits. However, this tool was initially not provided for cleaning household appliances, therefore, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Limonka. an effective means against pollution and scale

For many years of citric acid, for many years in a row, is used to clean the washing machines with a heating element, thanks to the following qualities:

  • Low cost. This budget tool can be purchased in almost any grocery store in large quantities. In addition, it will not be necessary to spend too much “lemon”.
  • Easy use. With the use of powder, every person will cope with such cleaning, special knowledge and experience do not need.
  • Efficiency. Lemon powder dissolves quickly, and then washed off, does not leave traces on the internal elements of the device. Nevertheless, even if the grains remain in the drum, they will definitely not be able to damage clothes during washing.
  • Security. Lemonic acid does not apply to the category of caustic components and is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, so it does not damage the TEN and the inner filling of the washing machine. However, the tool is safe for materials only subject to the rules of use (we will tell about them below).
  • Elimination of odors. When using sour powder, you can even get rid of the solar smells in the drum.

Lemon acid when entering the plumbing does not spoil the environment

Of the negative aspects of the use of powder, the following can be distinguished:

  • In the case of the use of the means in too large quantities, the likelihood of damage to rubber seals, thin metal of the heating element. In addition, rubber hoses can suffer. Complete the situation of boiling water during cleaning.
  • Not in all cases “lemon” can cope with a thick layer of scale, so you still have to use chemistry.
  • After the procedure, things can acquire a specific citrus smell, which will seem enjoyable not every person.

Powder can destroy the integrity of rubber

citric, acid, washing, machine

Learn how to remove the elastic band from the drum washing machine with your own hands, in a special article on our portal.

How cleaning is carried out

So, the washing machine to the responsible event was prepared, citric acid too. What to do next how to clean the washing machine without the risk of damage to its details?

  • Initially, citric acid falls asleep in the specified quantity. You can pour it instead of powder, in a special tray, or immediately in the drum. Experts and just experienced users recommend to fall asleep funds in the tray. Then citric acid will pass through all the details and elements of the washing machine, destroying the limestick and mold in its path. Yes, and the tray itself, which often accumulates solid sediments of the washing powder, clean. You can rinse it and separately, but so faster and easier.
  • Set any washing program, most importantly. so that the water temperature with it is at least 60 degrees. If the typewriter on your memory never was not cleaned, you can install the highest temperature. usually it is 90 degrees. What mode at the same time will be selected. cotton, digestion or any other. no matter. The main thing is that the program is complete, that is, it turned on and soaking, and rinsing, and spin.
  • Nothing more needs. The machine will work, erase and clean yourself from lime complications and other accumulating garbage. If your unit is not connected directly to the sewage, you can see what water will be flicking after the first stage of washing, and what. at the end, after pressing.

Perhaps you will want after completing the cleaning of the washing machine again to turn it on it on the “rinse” mode. It won’t hurt. then you can be sure that from her details will be able to certainly any garbage remnants and slices of lime.

citric, acid, washing, machine

Do not forget to open the door and turn the rubber gasket and drum again. Do not close it immediately again. let it venture and dry finally. It is recommended to leave the washing machine open for the whole night.

Cleaning reviews

Citric acid in the desired quantity can be bought at any store for several dozen.

Cleaning procedure may even be implemented.

And lemon acid, and formed after dissolving scale calcium citrate are harmless to health.

With the constant use of the washing machine, inside it, a raid is formed on different parts, contamination accumulates, raid is formed. All this negatively reflects on the quality of the machine and the duration of its operation. Therefore, it is important to monitor its condition. Lemon acid in order to prevent or fix the situation allows you to solve a similar problem.