How to use hair dryer: instruction, review, reviews

Hair dryer, in which, instead of ordinary nozzles, a rotating brush is installed (they are also called “hair dryer”, “hairdryer“), accelerates laying. This is a broching comb, reliating a handle with a motor and a control panel. The hairdryer with a rotating nozzle allows you to make laying one hand. You simply do not need a special comb. hair dry, while at the same time taking the right form.

Cloichen Hair Dryer Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline with Conditions and Hub

Hair dryer can replace the curling, hair curlers, iron and brashing. It safely lays hair of any type, not traumating them. This is a fast process, which means a reduction in the thermal exposure time. If the device is chosen correctly, it is professional and ergonomic, you will not have difficulty with drying. how to use a hair dryer, you will figure out quickly: our advice will help and selected video.

  • Beautiful, fast laying even hard, thick hair. You can align strands, put the tips, smooth out a young “gun”. Strands will be shiny, they will look greatly.
  • Safe laying. In professional brushes, power and air flow temperature are adjustable. Hair dryer does not curse hair, it will not provoke the scalp burn burn. It is recommended to dry in advance strands so as not to overlay them and do not spoil the electrical appliance.
  • The convenience of use. Most of these phenomena work if you hold the power button pressed. This allows you to control the device and quickly turn it off if you need. Air flow is easy to send to the required side.

The most popular hair dryers

One of the best is considered to be Philips, Babyliss, Braun, Rowenta, Remington. Each of the manufacturers has its own characteristics. Philips became the leader in the domestic market. He proven himself as a manufacturer of reliable technology from environmental materials.

  • Philips HP 8665 has a coating of ceramics, a brush from a natural material, as well as two nozzles of different sizes. The device is also equipped with ionization and cold blowing features. Hair dryer. not less than 1000 W.
  • Babyliss 2736. This manufacturer has little known from the Russian consumer, but at the same time its products are actively buying elite beauty salons. This model has a set of four nozzles, ionization and cold air processing function. But, unfortunately, the hairdryer works only at one speed.
  • Braun Satin Hair AS530 MN. One of the most sought-after models from the manufacturer. How to use Brown’s Hairdryer? The device is equipped with at least three rotation modes and three speeds, and the kit includes 6 brushes of nozzles, which allows you to raise fantasies and perform a wide variety of styling. Despite the low weight, the model has a good power up to 1000 W. Hair dryer also features overheating protection function.
  • Rowenta sa9320. This model has two temperature and speed modes, and there is also a function of blowing with cold air and 2 types of ionization. How to use the hair dryer “Roven CA9320”? It is easy, since the kit also includes 3 nozzles that are spinning, which allows you to make complex styling and align hair. How to use the rotating brush Hair dryer “Roven”? Clean, wet hair with small strands wound on the nozzle. Moving from the top, stacked the hair in the opposite sides.
  • Rowenta Brush Activ. The device is equipped with the ionization function, which gives the laying glossy shine, without the use of additional funds. And also it has a slight weight, which facilitates the process of creating hairstyles. How to use the on-line ACTIV brush? This can be read about it in the previous paragraph. The device is equipped with a pair of brushes with a polar diameter, which are designed to create a root volume and are suitable for hair of different lengths.
  • Remington AS 1220. The device has a ceramic coating and all kinds of functions. It has sufficient power and travel case.
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How to lay hair with a hairdryer without harm to strands

See how to lay a hairdryer short hair:

Hairdryer: rating of the best 2021

Stayler owners constantly publish new reviews about acquired models, on the basis of which we made up top 10 leaders of sympathy.

Rowenta CF 8361

Powerful and functional hairdryer from an advanced manufacturer for hairdressers. Its kit includes 2 brush nozzles, diffuser and hub, as well as a flat brush with plastic teeth. Standard temperature and speed modes are complemented by ionization and cold blowing feature. Among the advantages marked by the owners. a long (180 cm) rotating cord.

Babyliss AS551E

A distinctive feature of this model intended for the average hair length is the presence of a heat grid with a diameter of 3.5 cm and brush with natural bristles. Both nozzles rotate automatically. Also a hairdryer brush has built-in automatic shutdown modes when overheating, ionization and cold blowing function.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush

This one of the most convenient and functional models among styllers. Nozzles with a diameter of 3 and 5 cm are coated with natural bristles and rotate automatically in two directions. In addition to the five main modes there is a function of ionization, shooting a static charge with hair.

hairdryer, brush, short, hair

Braun AS 530

With this hairdryer, you can create a quick laying of curls, due to the presence of a steam and a special diffuser brush, fix the curls with a cold jet, as well as create a vertical twist with a narrow round toothed curling. The length of the cord is as many as 2 m, which allows you to do without extenders.

Rowenta CF 9110

Optimal gentle model for daily use on medium length hair. The brush is made of artificial bristles, and its automatically rotating housing is covered with ceramics, which allows you to dry daily and laying curls, not traumating them. This brand is repeatedly falling into the top of the user’s choice, due to high quality and reliability.

Remington AS7051

Qualitative representative of the average price segment of the hairdryer, which deserved the status of “Choice of Buyers”. The model is equipped with a concentrator and three nozzles in which the bristles are removed. Modes are complemented by a cold blowing function for locking curls. All devices are stored in a special convenient portable case.

Dewal 03-150 Air-Dream

Budget and high quality model with ceramic coating, natural bristles and ionization function. On the case there is an inclusion indicator on the network. Connecting to the network is carried out using a long (270 cm) of a rotating power cord. Suitable for daily use and for creating more complex solemn hairstyles.

Vitek VT-2510

Convenient and practical hairdryer for universal use on medium hair. The package includes a concentrator, comb and a round brush-brush with a ceramic base. Standard thermal modes are supplemented with cold blowing. There is an indication of the connection to the power supply and auto power connection when overheating.

Polaris PHS 1033

Simple, reliable and practical model of medium power for daily use. Hairdryer Brush is equipped with 2 round brushes with plastic teeth (for pulling and curling curls) and a hub for drying. Finished strands are fixed with a cold jet.

Scarlett SC-HAS7399

Comfortable and inexpensive wireless road variant. Despite the budget class and the minimum functional set, the hairdryer of this model is equipped with an automatic shutdown function during overheating and has a cold blowing mode encountered in more high-quality modifications. Such a model is optimally suitable for a short-length holder.

Bosch PhD5980

Bosch PhD 5980 BRILLIANTCARE HAIRTYPE, has 2 independent speed and temperature controls and provides the ability to create styling of completely different types. Using this hair dryer, you will always be on top!

  • The power of the hair dryer is 2200 W. This is an indisputable advantage over competitors.
  • The model is equipped with a removable air intake grid, which ensures the convenience of cleaning the hair dryer.
  • Concentrator nozzle and allow the air flow targeted.
  • Diffuser with a large number of long “fingers” creates a volume of hairstyles even on thin hair.
  • The ionization function makes hair lighter combed, reduces their static charge, contributes to the preservation of the epithelium when laying.
  • TURBO button makes airflow more powerful.
  • The cold blowing button improves hairstyle. TURBO button includes fast most powerful airflow.
  • Buttons Turbo and cold blowing are located on the back of the handle, which is convenient to use.
  • Flexible cord and comfortable.
  • Hairdryer is equipped with a loop hanger.
  • Hair dryer is quite large (204x295x100 mm), it is hard to keep it in hand (720g.).
  • The handle does not fold.
  • The nozzle diffuser that gives the volume of hair does not work very much if the hair is thick and heavy.
  • With a nozzle. diffuser model looks giant.
  • Speed ​​and temperature of the hair dryer switches hard.
  • Power cord short. 180cm.
  • In general, consumers celebrate a stylish, unusual design and proper combination of price and quality.

Unpacking and equipment of a hairdryer of this series in the video below:

Types of hair dryers

Any hair dryers can be divided into several types:

    Household. The technique has an average power, intended only for individual use.

Household hairdryer can work at one temperature or support switching

Professional hair dryers usually support ionization and cold blowing

Road hair dryers are folding

There are also a hairdryer. Externally, such a device looks like a round hairbrush, it allows you to unravel strands simultaneously with drying.

Fen-brushes are used for laying and soft straightening

What to choose: hairdryer or hairdryer?

Pluses of a fane

  • the ability to quickly make any laying using various types of nozzles and comb;
  • Save time: Hair is dry in just a few minutes;
  • Compactness: Hair dryer can be taken with you on a business trip or country trip.

Cons of a hair dryer

  • Any hair dryer spoils hair;
  • Frequent use of hot air makes shine and health hair;
  • Because of the hair dryer, the head of the head can be too dry, which causes the appearance of dandruff. Especially often this happens if the drying of the hair is carried out at maximum power.

Pluses of a hairdryer

  • Allows you to “tighten” curly, fluffy hair;
  • smoothes the surface of the hair, giving them an additional shine;
  • With some skill allows you to create large curls.

Double brush

  • The range of styling, which can be made with it, are somewhat limited;
  • Frequent use of a hairdryer can cause damage and cross-section of hair;
  • Qualitative models have a rather high cost;
  • Fen-brushes have a rather large size, so it will be problematic to take it on the trip.

Philips HP8664

PHILIPS HP8664 / 00.Clove of this multifunctional styler is made of natural bristles, thanks to which the hair remains soft and obedient after each laying procedure. The device has a special CARE function, with which you can customize the optimum air temperature for your hair. The built-in ionization system will also prevent the emergence of hair electricalization, since the anions neutralize static electricity and improve the condition and appearance of the hair.

Due to the soft heat that emits a special ceramic element in the infrared range, the hair is dried from the inside and are not exposed to a hazardous stream of hot air. The effectiveness of the action of the device does not decrease and the laying is securely fixed. Using a round brush, the diameter of which reaches 50 millimeters you can create an additional volume without pouring hair or achieve light natural curls. The brush is recommended to be used on wet hair, then the result from laying will be really excellent. A special brush of smaller diameter (30 millimeters) will help create small curls without loss of glitter and smooth hair. The bristles on all brushes is endowed with the accuracy of the drawing, which will prevent the confusion of strands and ensure the hair perfect smoothness.

hairdryer, brush, short, hair

Multifunctional stailer will help to its owner even in creating complex hairstyles, without the use of additional means for laying. You can use the device every day without fear that your hair will lose their shine and lose strength.