Useful Tips: How to Email Cashmere at home

Cashmere. incredibly soft and lightweight woolen or half-walled thread. This is a kind of synonym for weightlessness and exceptional tenderness. The threads are based the finest underflood from the mountain goats, which are bred in Mongolia, where strong temperature differences are noted (in summer and 40 ° C, in the winter to.50 ° С).

The material is very expensive and needs specifically when operating. Therefore, before you get such nothesive clothing, it would be nice to study the peculiarities of the care of the capricious web. You need to know how to choose a cashmere sweater, sha or coat, dry, stroke and save things. About all these nuances. further in the article.

It is interesting: Wearing cashmere has a beneficial effect on the joints and the spine. This material is amazing warm. due to low thermal conductivity.

How to wash a fluff handkerchief: basic rules

Pooh. Material Capricious, and his cleansing is not easy. It reacts poorly to mechanical exposure, water and detergents, so it is necessary to expose this procedure. In addition, it is worth considering a few more product handling rules:

  • Peculiarity. Pooh is extremely hygroscopic, and therefore it has a very good property to absorb a variety of odors. In view of this, it is desirable to avoid places in which the handkerchief may be soaked in smoke and resins.
  • Only hand wash. Despite modern models of washing machines, the fluff requires such a delicate relationship that it is better to rely only on her tender fingers.
  • Temperature. It will have to observe strictly, otherwise the thing hopelessly spoil.
  • Training. Before cleaning the product is always carefully combed so that there are no floods.
  • Spin and drying. You can not expose the gentle canvas mechanical anneal. The most correct way is natural (water flows from the product itself), and the handkerchief is finally dried in the straightened state on the fabric absorbing moisture.

Nuances washing Orenburg handkerchiefs

When washing the goat from goat fluff, experienced hostesses enjoy gels. Their fragrance interrupts the specific smell of the product:

  • The remedy is poured into warm water and lowered into the solution of the shawl. Leave thing for an hour and gently erase.
  • With the penultimate rinse, fifty grams of vinegar add to water.
  • During the last rinse, the gel air conditioner is poured for products from the fluff.
  • In the solution, the shawl is left for an hour.

Next, the palatine is getting carefully put into the grid and dried on the frame or towel.


wash, fluff, washing, machine

List of washingal, ideal suitable for wool handkerchiefs

Before conducting the procedure, select a suitable cleaning agent. It is recommended to stop your choice on components designed specifically for washing delicate things or wool products.

  • Lask. one of the popular and effective options. Suitable for washing delicate and capricious materials. Returns the product natural softness, contributes to the elimination of pollution and does not have a negative effect on dyes.
  • K2R got widespread recognition. Active ingredients penetrate deep into, actively eliminate pollution. The big advantage is the gentle effect on the internal structure of the material.
  • Woolite eliminates surface and internal contaminants, does not violate the natural structure of fibers. Returns the product softness and does not harm dyes.

Alternative to expensive detergents can serve a baby soap.

How to dry the scarf after washing

You need to dry the product as cautious, like washing:

  • After you got a scarf from the water, let it drag. There are special grids that are put on the bath and the product is spread.
  • When most moisture goes, the product should be decomposed strictly horizontally on sheets or a large towel. In order not to spoil the shape, you can pinch the angles shawl to the corners of a towel with a pin.
  • If you do not have a special grid that stretches the product to full drying, it can be left on a towel. But in this case, periodically change it to dry.
  • Wait for complete drying and handkerchief again you can use.

Preparatory stage

The first important point is the preliminary preparation of a scarlet for washing. To fluff off, carefully treat the canvas massage brush. Better if it is not with metallic, but with wooden teeth. Try to walk only on the upper layer, not assigated loops of the product.

Second step. correctly pick up the detergent. Better to stay on the gel-like composition for silk and wool. An ordinary hair shampoo is also suitable. Washing powder in this case is not recommended. Between the fibers, small grains may remain, which not completely dissolved in water. It will make wool more tough. White shawl can also yellow.

Necessary knowledge of delicate things

The traditional and unique material for knitted thin openwork rims becomes the fluff of thoroughbred rods derived in the Urals (or their angora conifers). This is a very easy, gentle and soft raw material, usually gray or white colors. Canvas gets thin but warm. The handkerchief requires special, careful care, otherwise it can:

wash, fluff, washing, machine
  • deform, stretching and losing geometry;
  • sit down repeatedly decreased in size;
  • roll over, forming unsightly spools;
  • break, drop, lose the original color;
  • Buy unpleasant, animal smell

How to store a flip scarf?

Pooh, from which 70-80% consists of shawl or web, absorbs odors, is affected by moth. After you have folded a handkerchief or shawl need to decide how you keep it. Chief Council. Do not add it to things, not to crush, but to store in neatly folded form.

Methods are several, all tested by our family personally:

one.Glass jar. The most convenient way, since it does not require the use of special means of moth. Suitable only for thin scarves, web or palatins. Gently rolled in a tight roll, the product is stacked in a 3-liter jar and closes by a caproic lid.

Wooden chest. To protect against moth, put a natural protective agent. lavender, geranium, orange peel, chestnuts or collapse of fragile herbs (wormwood, chamomile, carnation). Not migrant, put the product in the chest, close the lid tightly.

Natural fabric bag. Place the product as well as in a wooden box, put a remedy for moths.

Vacuum. This is the most modern way. It turned out to be convenient because it is not necessary to put the remedy for moth. Package comfortably hang in a wardrobe. Best suited for chalee. Minimize Shal. so that she completely filled the package. Do not pull the air from the package. Handmade product is less than the factory.

Remember, the service life of the real down handkerchief is very large, but only with proper and careful care. Observe our uncomplicated recommendations and wear down products with pleasure!