Washing Blankets in a washing machine

We regularly erase bedding, but often forget about pillows and blankets. In the meantime, these items also need care, because they accumulate dust, sweat and particles of the skin. People who are used to eat in bed, often spill tea, coffee and other drinks. If you use synthetic bedding, the air flow to the blanket is practically absent, because of which the filler should be careful. Clean the blanket optimally every 3-4 months. Not excessive and systematic airing in the fresh air.

Can I wash in a washing machine

Before answering this question, clarify what product is we talking about. Depending on the method of manufacturing a blanket from natural wool, there are:

  • Quiet. In this case, the wool blast layer is placed in a tissue case and lines are laid on it at a certain distance. often uses for squares or rhombuses, but there may be other more complex patterns. Thanks to the technology of fibers, they do not shift during operation and not knocked in Komny. Such a woolen blanket in a washing machine was not allowed.
  • Allocal. In this case, the PLAID or blanket is a homogeneous cloth. To determine how it is better to wash it, you can only after careful reading information on the label. As a rule, explanations are given in the form of symbols indicating the temperature of water and using detergents. At the same time, the composition of the fibers, of which the blanket is made: the presence of synthetic or artificial threads. If only 100% wool is based on, then the product can be handed.
  • Fur. These volumetric and fluffy blankets and blankets are made by wetting the villi in the entire base. They look beautiful, but do not tolerate wet processing. They need to be given in dry cleaning, and if it is not possible, to wash with a dry way at home. About how to produce it right. slightly lower.

Deciding with the type of product and the composition of the fibers, of which it is done, proceed directly to the washing process. There are several methods for this.

Varieties of sheep blankets

The answer to the question of the product depends on the question of the question “Is it possible to wash a blanket from sheep wool”. There are two types of products:

Here, the woolen filler is laid inside a sturdy fabric cover. The whole surface is simple or stitched on a sewing machine. And cassettes are a common canvas connecting individual volumetric elements. This is the most reliable and durable type of blankets.

Sewing such products with different density: from light summer options to all-season and warm for harsh winter.

Since these models fasten the filler with a cover, wool is not knocked down with lumps and does not move from one place to another. For them, you can safely use machine wash, not afraid of “losing” your favorite warm blanket.

How to easily wash king size heavy double bed blanket in washing machine. How to dryclean blanket.

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  • Open models (allocal or bike, fur)

Most often they go like a variation of plaid or bedspread. Such blankets are bilateral or one-sided with the basis of satin, or polyester, and the second side is decorative fur.

For these models, more careful care is required.

Important! Allocate are erased exclusively by “hands”. And for the fur, only dry cleaning is provided!


Before washing it is better to take a blanket and get rid of dust and dirt particles. Erase the product at a temperature of 30 ° C. Manual washing the blankets are recommended in the bathroom, otherwise you cannot thoroughly wash off all pollution and rinse the material. Wine vinegar spoon will help save soft fabric. Add it last time when ringed linen.

Wash in a machine gun allowed only quilted blankets from sheep wool. To do this, set the washing machine to the delicate mode or special mode for wool products. Blankets are better not to squeeze and leave the machine on “without press” mode. Do not forget about the extra rinse.

How to wipe down a down blanket?

A dying blanket can also be washed, but before this it is necessary to read the label.

wash, woolen, blanket, washing

How to wash a down blanket:

  • The fact is that some of them are recommended to be erased exclusively with their hands at a temperature of 30 degrees. Sometimes it is not recommended to wash at all, but you need dry cleaning.
  • In this case, you will have to take the blanket in dry cleaning. If on the label it is indicated that the blanket can be washed in the car, and it is perfectly placed in there, fold it into a roll and place it in the drum. Remember that the Pooh has a property to be bored, so it’s best to put a few tennis balls in the drum to the drum, which will pick the product in the process of rotation of the drum.
  • It will prevent fluffing. Be sure to use a liquid detergent. No synthetic washing powder speech is not. It dissolves poorly, forms a large amount of foam, and may damage the delicate structure of the pen.

Washing in the car

Machine wash

Before starting to wash blankets from sheep wool, you need to correctly evaluate its weight and sizes.

If it fits without problems in the drum and does not take more than 2/3 of the free space in it, and the maximum loading of the machine is at least 6-7 kg, then you can not be afraid for damage.

Instructions for automatic washing blankets from sheep wool:

Download the product in the drum of the washing machine;

wash, woolen, blanket, washing

You can wash the machine with a quilting blanket, but before placing it in the drum, you need to make sure that the manufacturer allows such a processing method.

How to wash in a washing machine machine: on what mode, temperature?

Getting Started with Machine Washing, you need to consider the features of the care of a specific product. The unified instruction on use involves the passage of the following steps:

Place the prepared product in a washing machine.

Do not leave a wet blanket in the drum of the washing machine after the end of the cycle. The longer it is in a crumpled state, the higher the likelihood that the filler will bet.


If experienced hostesses know how to wash a woolen blanket, then newcomers need to be reminded of several nuances of the operation. So that the product from the wool does not fall and did not fall, it should be washed in cool or warm water. Maximum 30 ° C.

Important moment! It is necessary to avoid a strong temperature difference when washing and rinsing. It is desirable that it is the same, otherwise the fibers will somehow, and the thing will sit down.

Washing manually performed in several stages:

  • Pour into the bath water, pour the detergent
  • Soak blanket for 10-15 minutes. It is not recommended longer to keep it, because a strong swelling harms woolen fibers;
  • Fat the product on both sides, trying not to injure material. Do not stand too intensively rub it with hands or brushes.
  • Crawling blanket in several waters until the foam is completely disappeared.

To refresh the paints and soften the wool, in the last rinse can be added 1-2. L. White vinegar. Next. to drain the water, leaving the blanket in the bathroom or placing on the lattice installed on flights.