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If a dishwasher appeared in the house, the hostess is better to immediately deal with what funds will be required for its proper functioning. You will need to buy not only dishwashing powder, but also a special salt. As well as where to fall asleep in the dishwasher Bosch.

  • Why do you need salt dishwasher
  • How to choose to choose
  • How much to rap
  • Where to fall asleep in PMM “BOSCH”
  • How to add
  • Exhibit a rigging parameter
  • Where to pour the rinser
  • Does salt need when washing tablets

We use a dishwasher correctly

So, you bought a car and ready for the first time to trust her wash dishes, and maybe you have been using it for a long time, but sometimes you are unhappy with the result? All sorts of forums are trying to make questions about what to do if the dishwasher (hereinafter, we will sometimes call the PMF. for brevity) works bad. does not wash the dishes or leaves white divorces on it. In most cases, the problem is not at all in the device, but in incorrect use. What is the correct operation of dishwashers?

Choose detergents for the machine

First, let’s deal with the question of choosing detergents, because they can be used to spoil and significantly improve the work of PMM. There is a whole group of detergents that are needed at different times, in different purposes and in different doses.

  • Salt. allows you to mitigate hard water, dissolve calcium, thereby preventing the coating of the machine itself from the inside and the dishes with a lime bloody. How often fall asleep salt in dishwasher? It depends on the frequency of its operation and the rigidity of water, which in all regions is different. You need to focus on the salt indicator on the control panel: if it is lit, it’s time to fix your assistant. Salt sold in a pack weighing 1 kg, on average 1 pack. Enough for half a year.
  • Powder, gel, pills. this is the actual means for washing. Of course, without them it is not necessary, but sometimes they can not use, for example, in rinsing mode, when the dishes need only to refresh. And without funds you can wash Vegetables. For example, potato.
  • The rinser. it flavors the dishes, prevents the formation of divorces and helps to completely dry the dishes.
  • Degreaser. does not allow fat particles to settle on the details of the machine.
  • Antynakipa. qualitatively removes lime bloom, extending the service life of technology. Used not constantly, and about once a quarter.

And now more about some nuances.

Each of the listed detergents need to be enjoyed correctly, to clearly dose and apply in accordance with the instructions.

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The required amount of salt can be defined in three ways:

  • Use manually water rigidity and put the data obtained to the storage device;
  • Clarify information in the local water volokanal, and put them in memory of the car;
  • Machines with automatic sensor themselves evaluate the rigidity at each water fence and in accordance with these information take the desired amount of salt.

Salt refueling into an ion exchanger with a funnel that is included in the kit.

  • Before the first launch, water is poured inside, and after. a large amount of salt is poured (1000 grams.). In the future, only smash the detergent, and the water does not add;
  • Do not use the cook salt!

Almost all modern models are equipped with a sensor indicating the need to refuel ion exchanger. Salt consumption depends not from the number of washing cycles, but from the consumption of water spent behind the program in liters.

As for detergents, it should be borne here that the powder consumption is also monitored by special sensors (if this function is provided in the machine). If it is not, you will have to load the “on the eye” powder, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Powder can only be covered in a dry tray;
  • Powder is more efficient than tablets, as it is better dissolved, suitable for short programs, in addition, it is more economically spent, since the amount of powder can be controlled by themselves.

As for the tablets, they will help wash the dishes only when installing long cycles, as they do not have time to dissolve in short programs. In addition, each type of tablets is designed for certain water hardness indicators.

Some manufacturers indicate that when applying tablets, the water rigidity value in the program must be reduced. Tablets of the type “3 in 1”, “4 in 1” and t.D.

Consist of several multi-colored layers, each of which performs its function: washing, water softener, rinse and T.D.

By the way about the rinse. As we said, it is needed for crystal shine and better drying. It is also spent on the dispenser, that is, it is necessary to fill a liquid to the very edge, but using the regulator you can determine the consumption of funds for each washing.

  • Keep in mind that due to the improper proportion of the rinse and salt on the dishes there will be spots.
  • First, try to wash the dishes with the rinse at the value 4;
  • If the dishes remain wet, then increase the dose of funds;
  • If the dishes are well dried, but spots appear, reduce the rinse level;
  • In principle, the rinser is not required to use, in contrast to salt and washing.

Properly load dishes

With funds figured out, proceed to download. Poor-quality washing. this is 85% of cases a sign that the dishes were put into it wrong, and not a signal about the problems with dishwasher.

  • Clean the dishes from food residues;
  • We fold the dishes tightly and compactly, but so that it does not interfere with the rotation of the rumseed irriments, the opening of the dispenser, free passage and water flow. In many PMM sections can be rearranged to accommodate vases and enemy;
  • We fall asleep powder or put the tablet if you need. add a rinser and salt;
  • Select the appropriate program, run. If you forgot something to put, you can open the door and report to dishes, the car will resume work in a few seconds.
  • Glasses, dishes made of fragile glass are placed at the top. It is important that she does not touch the walls. But the dishes with the greatest pollution are placed down, because here are the strongest water jets;
  • It will correctly download the dishwasher completely, and only then make an inclusion;
  • You can put a small batch of dishes after lunch in the tray and close the lid. so the utensil does not dry, waiting for the next party. And it is better to select half loading mode;
  • The most contaminated surfaces should be unfolded down, so that the bowls, pots and so on turn over the bottom.

The first device and the principle of its work

The very first sample of the dishwasher from 1880 had to be given manually by means of a handle. Already in further versions, the engine was attached, but the technique helped wash the dishes with a terrible rumble (and could break the cup). The inventive reader of Josephine Corane patented it in 1893, giving the beginning of the first industrial development.

The model for serial release was represented by the German brand Miele (mile). The modernized technique had quite a nice species, was something similar to the cylinder and rode in the kitchen on three wheels.

The principle of the dishwasher. a mixture of purity and ecology. At the same time, the device works almost inappropriately (noise level ranges from 43 to 65 dB) and consumes little resources. a maximum of 2.8 kW / hour. There is another plus that is trying to adhere to all manufacturers. the safety of natural resources. That is why samples from the last lines consume less water and electrical indicators: about fourteen sets of dishes can be washed only in eleven liters of water.

Such indicators will not be equal to the spent resources manually.

But still, how works in practice dishwasher from the inside? What’s happening?

Completion of work

Like when loading, unloading dishes is also subordinate to several simple rules. As soon as the car finished the process and reported this on its display, do not rush to open the door, give the dishes time to cool for at least 10 minutes.

First roll out and remove the dishes from the bottom tray. The second tray is unloaded, if there are 3 in the car, and then the most uppermost. This is due to the fact that there may be a little moisture in the tray, which will be drained when pulling out and spatrate the dishes at the lower level.

Principles and features of loading dishes in the dishwasher

Dishwasher easily solves the problem of the mountain dirty dishes. It seems, there is nothing easier, download cutlery, plates, mugs, pots, add detergent, select the appropriate mode and run the wash process.

But the new owners of such an assistant can not always quickly and correctly cope with such a task. Often the dishes, after the completion of the washing cycle, it remains not completely washed.

What is it, poor-quality dishwashers or the consumer mistakes allowed?

In order for the dishwasher effectively coped with its task, it is necessary to competently approach the issue. You need to know how to load the dishes in the dishwasher.

Pre-training dishwasher

Before loading dishes in the dishwasher, you must get the filter, remove all the garbage from it and rinse under running water. Ideally, it is necessary to do it before / after each session washing, no dependence on what kind of dishwashers you have, be it Bosch, Siemens, Aeg, Electrolux or other firm, this procedure is mandatory for all.

Ensure clean and in free rotation of sprayers and sprinklers. These parts of the dishwasher are also not rarely clogged by food residues.

Check the availability of salt in the output for it on the bottom of the dishwasher. It must be with each wash cycle, even if combined tablets are used as detergent. After preparing the dishwasher, you can start loading dishes.

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Do you need to pre-prepare dishes for download?

That the result justifies expectations before how to load dishes in the dishwasher, you need to clean it from food residues.

This will not only save the filtering system from pollution, but also contributes to high-quality wash.

Even the models from the leading Bosch manufacturer may not cope with the task if the consumer does not comply with the standard rules for the preparation of the dishes for washing.

Clean the plates and pans using a sponge, spoons or silicone blades.

The main thing is that in the process of washing there is no small bones from fruits, grains of corn or fruit of legumes and dried food.

Small particles can clog not only filters, but also other parts of the device, which is fraught with repair. And the dried food often remains on plates and saucepan, even after the completion of the washing cycle.

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Loading and placement of mugs, glasses, glasses

In most dishwashers, the top tray is assigned to them. Such dishes need to be loaded only upside down. This provision will allow washed the inner part, and the water will freely drain down. While the horizontal position will not allow rinse mugs and cups from the inside.

Glasses, wine glasses and other glass dishes need to be put upside down. In some models on the top tray there is a special folding plastic compartment with cells, designed just for fragile parts of glass utensils. If necessary, you can place small coffee or tea cups.

Where to place various plates and bowls

For this kitchen utensils are intended average compartment. But if there is a place in the upper office, saucers and small plates can be loaded into it. Also up should be put and dishes made of plastic. Since the dishwasher heating element is located below, and in the process of washing, containers and glasses from this material may be deformed or melt.

wash, dishes, bosch, dishwasher

All other plates are mostly laid in the largest branch. We are raised in this way. sent towards the center and lean forward, as water is sprayed from the center.

Large diameter dishes are located on the edges of smaller. in the middle to be opened with water access to the top tray.

Properly upload objects at a sufficient distance from each other, so the operation of the car will be more efficient, and the dishes are cleaned.

Correct loading of cutlery

For them there is a removable tray. Knives are loaded with blades down. Spoons and forks are placed in the special basket cells handle down. Correctly alternate them. Large cutlery that can block the operation of sprinklers, it is better to place in the top department of the machine in a horizontal position. You can not wash in a dishwasher dishes with wooden elements.

In modern models of Bosch and Siemens brand models, for cutlery, a special top compartment is provided for horizontal location.

The principle of loading pans, pan and other kitchen utensils

All large dishes is loaded in the main compartment. It is properly washed separately from fragile glass and plastic products. Because for the utensils used for cooking: a saucepan, pan, quay, scenery, the intensive washing mode is better suited for high temperature.

Flat containers. babes, pans are located sideways, and pans and buckets, bottom to top. Removable handles. be sure to remove. If such elements are not disconnected, then the dishes are located so that the protruding parts do not hurt the walls of the dishwasher and did not interfere with the work of sprinklers.

Half, blades and other similar kitchen utensils, can also be loaded into the dishwasher, or in the basket or in the top tray.

General advice

  • Fragile glassware should not touch each other, so that in the process of washing it is not damaged;
  • Do not download the dishwasher to the maximum.

As an output, it is worth noting that the dishwasher was well aware of dishes, the consumer should know how to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

General algorithm of work

Dishwashers of popular brands like Bosch, Siemens, Samsung work according to a single principle, although algorithms and programs may differ. When you first turn on the new disadvantage, you need to hold a test start to make sure the connection is correct and remove factory contaminants.

Regardless of the price segment, the manufacturer or dimensions of the PMM, there is a single algorithm of work, which can be divided into steps:

Depending the selected program, the washing process may include such steps:

  • Preliminary soaking. it is necessary for very dirty dishes with silent food particles.
  • Washing.
  • Rinsing. Wash the means and removal of divorces.
  • Drying ferry or condensate to give brilliance and eliminate heights.

Preparatory stage

At this stage, all the dishes are cleaned with a sponge or napkin from large pollution and is installed in special internal compartments

It is important to load a dishwasher correctly, carefully distributed and securing everything that is easy to be afraid, sharp and small. in the top, plates. in the middle tray and large dishes. in the lower office


This feature is optional, can be programmed in a separate mode and is designed to soak especially contaminated dishes with dried food residues. The function is useful if you copy the dishes during the day and turn on the technique, for example, at night. During the day, food particles are lying, wash without soaking them more difficult. Such an option will effectively clean all the dishes even with complex pollution.


The main and long-lasting stage, in which the water of the desired pressure under pressure is disseminated inside the compartment, and the dissolved detergent removes all the dirt. It is repeated for the cycle several times, then the water remains are removed through the drain hose.

The average duration of the sink. from 1.5 to 2 hours. Express mode is laid in 20 minutes, which affects the quality of washing, but it allows you to quickly refreshing too dirty dishes, well, or in case you need to do it quickly. On long cycles, the process can take up to 3 hours.


Upon completion of the main process, the car drains the remnants of dirty water and through sprayers distributes clean water with solid air conditioning in the compartment to remove detergent residues, elimination of divorces, heights.


The final stage, where under the action of hot bulk air or condensate evaporates an extra moisture from the surface of the dishes.

Control panel and modes

The location of the dishwasher control panel depends on the type of device. A built-in model of the button and indicators are on the door of the door. Detached machines have a panel on the front of the case.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

In most cases, the user is able to understand the symbol value on the buttons intuitive. If there is a problem with this, you can always find a refinement in the instructions.

Bosch offers customers a wide variety of models with a variety of modes and high functionality. When choosing a program, you should navigate the number of dishes and the degree of pollution. As a rule, the car is equipped with such modes as:

The more intensive washing, the more water consumption and electricity. The use of multi-step processing comprising pre-soaking, washing, several rinsing and drying, justified only for full loading of the machine very fatty dishes. For everyday use, the standard program will suit.

Delicate modes include for items made of thin glass, or in case of joint loading of dishes made from various materials.

An important value is the presence of several types of drying. PMM average price segment is equipped with condensation drying, its action is based on the creation of high temperature in the chamber. Dear models are equipped with a powerful fan, it is provided with rapid drying of dishes without divorces.

What problems can be eliminated yourself

Repair high-intelligent technique follows professionals. However, to fix a number of non-critical uses by users by themselves.

Before connecting, it is necessary to check the correctness of the hoses, the quality of the fastener, the sealing of the joints and the integrity of the power supply. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the equipment attachment to the drain is directly directly or through the siphon.

In this case, the voltage in the outlet must comply with the data specified in the instructions.

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