A couple of tips, how to wash the slab from fat and nagar

Any hostess is sooner or later faced with the problem of pollution of the kitchen furnace and she has to decide how to wash the plate from the old fat and nagar. Indeed, it is almost impossible to cook food without blurring with the hob. Water always splashes out of the pan, splashes of fat fly from pan, the pieces of products fall on the furnace and burn. To clean the kitchen device, you can buy chemicals or benefit from people.

Do not start to wash the surface of the plate to its full cooling. This is fraught with burns. And if your oven is gas, then hot burners can damage the desktop covers that you put them. Always protect the skin with rubber gloves.

How to quickly clean the surface of the slab from fat and nagar

Probably, you first ask the question than to cleaned the slab?

I want to say that for cleaning the plate you can, in principle, use any detergents, but not abrasive, so as not to damage the enamel.

I have long refused chemistry and use for cleaning both the plates and dishes. Simple folk remedies: soda and vinegar.

It does not matter how to clean, you just need to keep in mind, whatever the tool you are used, none, even the super efficient, which is advertised, will not start acting instantly. There are no such miracles, because any means must first join the reaction with fat and nagar, fat particles are split gradually. So do not rush to rub immediately, wait a little while the fat will dissolve, and then only remains slightly lost and wash the surface. Still it happens fast enough.

So. First of all, remove the grille and burners from the slab and clean it from the proposed tools for its surface.

In addition to a cup of food soda and water in a cup, we apply this cleaner to the surface of the plate with a sponge. In those places where particularly strong pollution: Nagar and dried fat, usually it happens around the burner, we apply more.

We leave for 5 minutes, wipe the wet sponge. Strongly contaminated places are a little three, it does not need special efforts. Then wipe the plate with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

In severe cases, when the stove remained dirty for several days (it is not about us at all, but still), Cashitz from the water and soda we leave for a longer time. for 15-20 minutes or just repeat the cleaning procedure again.

So simple and quickly can be cleaned with a plate from Nagara and Fat Soda. I always use exactly in this way.

Vinegar and Soda

On the surface of the plate spray some vinegar (ordinary table, 6 or 9 percent). Quite a little bit, it is not necessary to shine. Help him with a sponge camsoring all over the surface of the plate.

Sodep soda from above. Vinegar with soda will come into the reaction and start hissing. After the reaction is over, you can wait a few more minutes and clean and wash the plate.

After cleaning the plate with vinegar, it shines and sparkles a completely stunning way! The plate surface even creaks if you spend my finger.

The only drawback of this method for me is to wear gloves! And they are not always at hand, and not really I love to work in gloves.

So for the daily cleaning of the slab, I use it just soda, and during general cleaning already soda and vinegar.

Methods of cleaning Nagara

Consider the main methods of removal of pollution and oscalin from the product surface.

Make a reservation at once that this way is unlikely to be able to remove serious solar pollution. This is a good preventive measure, and if you resort to it regularly, you can avoid big problems.

  • lumpy soap (can be replaced with a dishwashing agent);
  • hot water;
  • rigid brush;
  • Deep pelvis or bastard.

To get started, soda the soap lump on a large grater. Place the product in the pelvis, add soap and fill with hot water so that its level completely covered the subject. Leave for a few hours, preferably at night. After time, take the brush and start cleaning the design. Then rinse with water and wipe dry.

If you use a dishwashing agent, add 1-2 st. L. detergent.

Soap solution blends fresh pollution

This method is the most popular from the hosts. Ideal for cleaning products from cast iron.

Mix 3-4 st. L. Soda with water temperature water temperature. Deliver a consistency of thick casher. Apply the resulting tool on the metal surface and leave for a couple of hours so that the soda is well penetrated into pollution. Take the brush and start cleaning the product. Then rinse the object under running water, thoroughly washing the remains of soda and soot.

Soda is an excellent abrasive tool who can effectively clean the product from burnt pollution

Hot water to remove fatty Okalin

Unlike the previous method, this method is not suitable for cleaning iron cleaning. However, steel structures can be cleaned without fears.

To begin with, heat the oven to the maximum temperature. Next, place the product in the baking sheet and fill with water. Put the container in the oven and leave for a while. You will see how pollution will be separated from the bars of the lattice and islands to swim in the water. Remove the baking sheet and fully cool the subject. Then take a sponge and wipe the product, removing the remnants of Nagara. If traces of Okalin remained on the metal surface, use the brush.

Boiling water will melt fat and make it easy and quickly cleanproof pollution


This method is ideal for cleaning of lattices from any metal.

How to Trim Brisket Fat

Add to 1 cup of water 10 grams of boras and 1-2 drops of ammonia. Now swing the sponge in the resulting composition and wipe contaminated areas. At the end of the procedure, rinse the product under running water and wipe dry. Please note that cleaning is needed in a well-ventilated room and necessarily putting gloves.

You can also use pure ammonia alcohol, without impurities of other components. To do this, just put the product into a dense roomy package and pour inward 2-3. L. Nasharya. After which you should tie or stick the package and leave for the night. Neutro need to be brushed with a brush and rinse with plenty of water.


Cleaning this tool is best to spend with open windows, on the balcony or on the street.

Place the lattice in the baking sheet and completely pour the vinegar. Leave for a couple of hours. After time, rinse the product with plenty of water using a rag to remove the remnants of the soot, and wipe the dry.

Acetic acid effectively dissolve pollution, and you can easily clean the product

Cleaning with calcination

We want to immediately note that this method is only suitable for cleaning cast iron elements. For all other metals, such a procedure is contraindicated.

Carrying can be carried out at home or on an open fire. Tell how to carry out cleaning at home, using a kitchen stove:

  • First, be sure to turn on the hood and open the windows in the kitchen. This measure is necessary because when combustion of fat will be distinguished by a rather unpleasant smell.
  • Burn the burner and place the lattice over fire.
  • Periodically change its position to dissolve the whole surface.
  • Continue to hide until fat fails. Detect it you can when you see that soot will be separated from the metal surface.
  • Now leave the item to a complete cooling, then wipe with a damp cloth, removing all the remnants of pollution.

If you want to clean the cast iron on nature, it’s still easier. Divide the fire and place the grille in it. You do not need to rotate, pollution will fight well and so. Leave an hour, then cool and wipe.

The steam generator can easily cope with fatty skills and you do not have to make efforts. We recommend using a replaceable nozzle with a narrow nozzle and brush at the end. Slowly move, carefully working out every section of a jet of steam. Upon completion of the procedure, wipe the lattice with a rag, removing the residues of the soot.

Steam cleaner is quite useful in the farm thing. With it, you can easily clean and disinfect surface

Also in business stores it is possible to easily find cleaning products with a note “Antizir” and special melamine sponges. Separately, we will not talk about them, since the compositions can be varied, as a result of which they will differ and methods for their use. Use the above funds, guided by instructions that provided manufacturers.

Soaking lattice before cleaning

Initial soaking greatly facilitates the removal of the solar wave. In a hot water basin, dissolve enough dishwashing liquid and lower the product for several hours. Instead of detergent, the nutritional soda is suitable, spinning well blooms.

Effective ways to clean pans from Nagara

Soaking does not sound for cast iron, since long-term contact with water of this metal leads to rust. But enameled rods or stainless steel can be left in water for the night.

After fat is mocking, it follows the main stage. cleaning from the mud with a brush using folk or specialized means.

Primary means for washing a glass-ceramic plate

Wash the cooking panel available to the means that are in the kitchen at each mistress. Such substances are characterized by efficiency, but their use implies compliance with certain rules.

Lemon juice and food soda

Clear dried spots on the glass-ceramic cooking panel will help the food soda. However, the powder has abrasive properties, so do not apply it directly to the surface, but use for cooking cleaning paste.

wash, slab, nagar
  • Mix the food soda in the container and warm water before the formation of homogeneous castice.
  • Apply a mixture for burnt pollution, leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Clean the place of pollution with kitchen sponge.
  • Carefully drain the traces of soda and dirt to avoid the appearance of white divorces.

Food soda will help carefully and effectively clean the glass-ceramic coating, not leaving scratches and damage

If after cleaning the stain left, repeat the manipulation, but leave the soda paste for 30 minutes. After expiration, apply a little lemon juice on the surface. Chemical reaction between alkali and acid will destroy pollution, which will make it easier for their elimination.


Clear the traces of the burnt fluid, remove the divorces and return the surface of the glitter will help the ammonia alcohol.

  • In the tank with a spray gun, pour 250 ml of distilled water and 50 ml of alcohol.
  • Fold well a bottle for connecting components.
  • Uniformly spray the remedy on the surface and leave for 8-10 minutes.
  • Wipe the slab with a soft towel.


For cleaning and disinfection of the glass-ceramic plate, a spray bottle fill with water and cutlery in equal proportions. Shake the container and spray the solution on the panel. After a couple of minutes, wipe the glass with a soft cloth.

Programmes will help effectively clean the glass-ceramic surface from fat, nagar and other contaminants. When working with the compositions, it is clearly followed by the specified recommendations and follow the contact time of the active substances with the panel

Olive oil

Herbal oil Oliva will help to cope with serious pollution.

  • Moisten a small flap of fabric in olive oil.
  • Attach the “compress” to the pollution site for half an hour.
  • Softened spot remove with a sponge or scraper.
  • Wash the surface with detergent, and then wipe it to shine.

After cleaning the glass-ceramic surface, wipe it with a microfiber napkin moistened in vegetable oil. This will create a protective film that will facilitate everyday care and will save from serious pollution.

What is recommended to clean the glass-ceramic household slab.

  • Napkins and sponges. Among new products. Melamine sponge. Special development combining a cleansing device and cleaning agent. As the basis, the melamine resin stands, after wetting the purchasing spongy state.
  • Cleaning products having a paste-shaped texture.
  • Dry napkins.

Important! Cleaning products for ceramic glass should not contain abrasive particles capable of scratching the surface.

See the hardware of the children’s 12 kV. M., a photo.

How to clean the burner of the gas stove

Clean the burner of the gas stove sometimes it is more difficult than laundering its surface. Often, the ranking broth burns on them, and such pollution is incomprehensible than to be cleaned to achieve a good result. How to wash the burners from the plate?

  • It is best to remove the burners, by the way, it will be easier to clean the gas stove from Nagara, after which it will soak them in the solution of soap and water or other detergent;
  • When the burners lie down a little in the agent, it will be easy to remove contamination with a sponge;
  • Now they can be rinsed and thoroughly dry with cloth.

As can be seen, the problem, how to clean the burner of the gas stove from Nagar, is not too complicated, unless not to forget to carry out this procedure on a regular basis, and not from time to time.

Look in the video placed below, how to clean the stove from pollution with food soda and vinegar:

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wash, slab, nagar

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